Managing Food & Beverage Operations


Managing food and beverage operation are refer to the provision of foods and variety of beverages within the business organization. In this, the international industry of food and beverages provide millions of meals and variety of food services operations in the world. Mainly it includes multitude activities which help in engaging and keeping the inventory of material. In addition of this, now days the food and beverage sector is growing rapidly. The main reason behind this is increasing the use of internet of people (Dopson and Hayes, 2015). As it provide support to food and beverage sector to grow their business in market place. This report is based on the managing food and beverage operation. As it mentioned the type of rating systems of food and beverage outlets, trends that directly affect the whole business of food and beverage business. Legal requirement and regulations are also mentioned in this reports which in important for food and beverage outlets to follow.

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P1 Different type of businesses within the food and beverage industry





Example Employer


Hotel are  commercial body that provide meals, lodging factors to their customers. Mainly, it is based on their size and rating of services like 1 star, 5 star and 7 stats hotels.

In this, the lodging facilities are helps travel sector to engage at great level which directly  contribute in enhancing the food services. 

Its services are more expensive which fail in meeting the customers demands.

Imperial hotel is famous hotel in UK. It was demolished in 1966 and also replaced with new building. It is a 3 star hotel which provide various services to the customers as per their demand.

Fast food centres

This type of sector can be start their business at high and small level. Mainly, it provide dishes, fast food like Burger, Pizza and many more.

The main advantage of this sector is that it provide variety of fast food at affordable cost to customers.

The mar disadvantage of this is that it doest not maintain their food quality best because it operate their business at small level.

Little Chef is a road side restaurant in UK which was founded by entrepreneur Sam Alper in 1958. Mainly, it specialised in the Olympic Breakfast.

Hospital catering services

These sectors provide food in hospital staff and patients that admitted. As the services are provide as per contractual basis.

Mainly, this sector provide quality services to patients in hospitals which contribute in maintaining better focus on the patients treatment. 

Some time poor quality of food products are negatively affect the patients health conditions.

The Pie Man Catering is a famous in UK. It was established in 1984 by Murray Tollemache.  Mainly it provide hospital catering services in various hospitals in UK.

Theme parks

These are the attractive destinations which influence visitors to enjoy their holiday in which food and beverage are also provide at resort.

One the main advantage of this sectors is that it help in increasing the number of people who are stay at theme park for longer period of time (Arendt and Zannini, 2013). It also may contribute in increasing the earning and enjoyment as well.

In this, the food and beverage services are more expensive at parks campus.

Alton Towers is a famous theme park which located in England. As it operated by Merlin Entertainments Group in 1980.  


These sectors are operate their business at big and medium level. It provide variety of food and beverage services to their customers.

Restaurants are play vial role in meeting customers needs by providing them variety of food services at reasonable cost.

This sector operate their business at high level as it directly affect the whole earning of the other catering and hotels as well (Subramaniam and Wareing, 2016).

The Five Fields is famous restaurant in UK which provide food and beverage services to its customers as per their needs and wants.

Prison catering services

These service provider provide their food and beverage services for the prison in jail. It also provide as per contractual basis in market.

One of the main advantage of this sectors is to reduce the burden of Prison in jail at the time of cooked food.

The main disadvantage of this is that the government provide less amount as it leads low quality food items to prisoners in jail.

HM Prison Thameside is a private prison in south-east London. It was established in 2012 with the aim of serving better food and beverage services to prison in Jail.

Contract catering

These are food and beverage provider as per contract basis like in parties, wedding and another events.

It directly contribute in delivering food services as per customers demand and event as well (Pillai and Shayanfar,  2014).

On the other side, it directly affect the hotel and another fast food  sector  earnings.

Eden Caterers is one of the famous catering services which serve food and beverage services at destinations of the customers to provide them better satisfaction.

Culture and heritage food services

It is service service provider of traditional food of various country in other countries.

With the assistance of this, person can easily get their country food in another countries.

The main disadvantage of this is its high price of he food products.

Aqua London is also a famous food services provider which provide different food to its customers and restaurants as well.


P2 Different rating system used for food and beverage industry nationally and internationally

Ratings and Grading are played an important role in food and beverage industry to evaluate the overall quality of the products and services. Mainly, ratings are highly based on the the food quality that is offered by the company to its customers. As it allotted by score on the doors and many more. With the help of this, hotels and another food and beverage industry can easily improve their performance level at market place. In addition of this, star rating technique is one of the important and common tool which used by the industry for giving rates as per its food quality (Grekova and et. al., 2014). Mainly, the hotel rating system includes five level which are decided as the act of Food act 2006. This will help hotel industry to analysis their overall performance level.

There are various tools used to rate the food and beverage industry internationally which are explained below:

  • Scores On The Doors: It is a programme that is used to recognize and present good standard of food hygiene. This is a best strategy to rate the standard of food industry internationally. As the drive to consider that customers get satisfied with good scores on doors will result in achievement of excellent incentives and required standard in the market.
  • AA Rosettes: It is a award or a mark given by the association. This is compiled by a aggregation of examiner and the consumer writers who will visit and write up their experience (AbuKhalifeh and Som, 2012). The role of inspector is to look upon the accuracy of cooking and displaying of kitchen skills and accordingly rate them.
  • Michelin Stars: It refers to the award which is given to only those food and beverage industry which have a fine dining system. This tool is used to boost brand image and to render travellers with quality stay and beverage facility.
  • Hotel Stars: This tool is useful in identifying the standard of food and beverage industry. In UK mostly five stars is used by autonomous firm to rate hotels. One star rating is considered as the lowest rating style. Similarly, five stars industry have the highest score providing high standard services.

P3 Current and future trends affecting food and beverage businesses

In modern era, it can be seen that food and beverage industry are turning into a complex situation. It is just because consumers preference in respect to variety of food defines the future of food and beverage industry. Some of the trends which can create a vast impact on food and beverage industry are as follows.

  • Street foods: People have started consuming more of street foods instead of going to some restaurant. This is just because of change in consumer preferences as well as people get street food at reasonable price. This is one of the first reason which have adversely affected food and beverage industry.
  • App based service: Consumers have also started ordering food online with the help of different apps. This is just because people don't have much time to visit up restaurant and consume foods, so app based services are helpful for them as it manages their time schedule. This in turn create a huge impact on food and beverage industry (Ferreira, Maier and Johanson, 2012).
  • Chefs at home: This is also one of the major reason for decrease in value of food and beverage industry. In modern era, people becomes themselves chefs at home with the help of others chefs showing their shows on you tube. This in turn affect the food business enterprise at a large scale.


P4 Professional food and beverage management skills within a food and beverage organization

In a food and beverage organization, it is important to includes professional management skills because it may contributes in enhancing the chances of attaining success at market place (Del Chiappa, Martin and Roman, 2016). In this context, manager of the company is also responsible for following all the professional food and beverage management skills which can be understood by following points:

  • Skills for managing entire task: As a professional manager, it is important for them to having best skills to make alternative ways to manage multiple task. This will directly help in meeting food quality standard in most effective manner.
  • Good communication skills: It is also important for manage to having est communication skills so that they can easily communicate with their customers and workers as well. Along with this leadership skills is also play vital role in leading and guiding workers at workplace. BY this employees can easily perform their task in food and beverage company to attain predetermined goals and objectives (Asaolu, Agorzie and Unam, 2012).
  • Ability to resolve issues and problems: In food and beverage industry, it is important for professional manager to resolve all the issues that occur in food company as it helps in influencing as well as attract customers towards industry food and beverage services. In this context, they also have to provide the excellent level of customers services which may aid in making positive image of the company in-front of customers.
  • Hire train and skilled people: For attaining better outcomes, it is important for professional manager to hire and and recruit capable workers so that they can easily perform task effectively. In addition of this, manager also responsible for providing better training ad development programs to the workers to enhance their skills and knowledge towards the food and beverage services. As it directly contribute in meeting customers exceptions.

P5 legal requirements and regulatory standards to the maintenance and cleaning of equipment

Taking into consideration the safety of health, Food and Health council of UK government made it compulsory for all food industry to strictly follow up the rules and regulations in order to maintain the quality standard of the product (Borges Lopes, Freitas and Sousa, 2015). The operational activities undertaken by food and beverage industry are processing, producing, proper packaging, labelling and distributing to final customers are controlled by the International regulatory bodies. Some of the regulatory bodies controlling this industry are as follows:

World Health Organization: The major purpose of establishing this organization is that, it takes into consideration the health safety of all over the world customers and accordingly ask business to produce product and give services (Giritlioglu, Jones and Avcikurt, 2014).

FAO: The main purpose of this organization is to maintain food quality and standard. It goal is to consider that to decrease the rate of food borne illness and to support improved livelihood and security .

One of the law which explained about the rules and regulation that a food and beverage industry should follow which is explained below:

Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010(FSMA): This act was developed in 2010 so as to regulate and maintain the operation that are being followed up while the foods are grown , harvested and refined. Taking into consideration the increase in level of food borne illness this law was established so as to overcome such issues.


P6 Different operational and marketing technology for food and beverage businesses

Now a days, technology advancement take place in every sector in which food and beverage sector growth is also increased (Bujisic, Hutchinson and Bilgihan, 2014). This is because the use of internet is also increased as per continuous basis as it promote the marketing of the company. In this context, there are some operational and marketing technology which helps in enhancing the overall growth of the food and beverage sector. These can be understood by following points:

  • Operational technology: It is a technology which controls every operational activities which are being undertaken in an organization in order achieve successful growth rate in the market. Some of the operational activities are as follows:
  • Payment technology: This is one of the operational technology used by the food and beverage industry (Alonso and Liu, 2012). This technology has made payment system easier for the customers as they don't have to carry cash in hand, just because the service provider of industry accept credit card payment system.
  • Monitoring of equipment: There are several equipment which need to be monitored on time in order to maintain the quality system of food (Dello Stritto and Schiraldi, 2013). It include monitoring and controlling of fridge temperature and cooking temperature which will help in increasing the productivity and efficiency of food items.
  • Marketing technology: As food and beverages industry are now expanding its roots to capture more number of its consumer they are referring towards the use of technology. Technology play a vital role in marketing any product which can be reached to numerous number of people at the same time.

One way of using this technology is E brochure for any product to become successful it is advised that it should reach to the masses as e brochure is the good way for the same (Mutunga, Minja and Gachanja, 2014). It provides with user static report which enable the person to check the statistics and make his decision accordingly. It provides with the interactive feature that enable the user to change the pages and play video so that he can make himself feel much more attached to the product virtually.

The other way of doing it is Social Media as number of people are connected socially. it helps the industry to get the response of the product virtually and it can help the industry in expanding its product marketing. Many social media sites which uses advertisement can be accessed and can be used to market the product. As there are different tools which industry can use for marketing, some includes Facebook as widely used for marketing the organization can make there social page to promote its products , Twitter which also allow the user to view several advertisement like wise Instagram is also available and lastly Linked in provides you to connect to remaining user for promotion of the product.


P7 Factors that influence the consumers’ decision on which food and beverage outlets

In food and beverage industry, customers needs and wants are change as per continuous basis because they select the outlet as per their needs and financial condition as well (Dauda and Ismaila, 2013). In addition of this, various factors that directly influences customers decision are money availability, comprises needs and so on that change their decision towards the food and beverage outlets. As this can be understood by following table:

Influencing factors Description Costa Coffee C & R Cafe Restaurant Marriott Hotel International Ltd.
Picture of establishments        

Take a 'selfie' of your group outside the restaurant that shows the front of the restaurant and its name in the pictures also

  9/10 8/10/ 9/10
Tariff Board/Menus        

Does the business have a full menu or tariff board at the entrance, or above the counter?

Yes, all are having tariff broad above the counter.

8/10 9/10 7/10
EPOS System        

Does the business have an EPOS system?

Yes 6/10 5/10 9/10

What manufacturer's name appears on the system terminal?

  8/10 6/10 7/10

Does the system look easy for the staff to use?

Yes, all the systems are easy to access for staff members.

7/10 8/10 8/10
Card Reader        
Is there a credit card payment facility? Yes 7/10 7/10 8/10
Does it take contactless payments? Yes 6/10 7/10 7/10
Will it accept Apple pay, Google pay, Samsung pay and similar applications? Yes 9/10 8/10 7/10
Product Display        
Are products Managing Food & Beverage operations displayed in a logical order? Yes 6/10 7/10 9/10
Are they attractively displayed? Yes 6/10 5/10 8/10
Do they look delicious? Yes 8/10 8/10 7/10
Purchase Boosts        
What does the business do to encourage customers to purchase and tempt them to spend more? Business offer various discounts and offers to their customers on special meals. 7/10 9/10 8/10
Are all items individually priced? Yes 6/10 8/10 9/10
Are there impulse purchase items near the till? Yes 9/10 7/10 9/10
Do members of staff up sell? Yes, by fun and games staff up sales. 8/10 8/10 9/10

P8 Strategies used in a range of food and beverage outlets to attract and build loyal customer

Food and beverage outlets are use various strategies to invite large number of customers towards its offering. With the assistance of this the can easily build loyal customers within the industry (Manzouri and et. at., 2013). In addition of this overall profit is highly based in the customers so that it is important for industry to use effective strategies which can be understood by following points:

Strategies Description Costa Coffee C & R Cafe Restaurant Marriott Hotel International Ltd.
Posters and Advertisements        

Are there posters and advertisements?

 Yes, poster and advertisement is important in inviting customers. 7/10 8/10 8/10
What are they promoting?  It promote brand image of the company.  6/10 9/10 8/10 
Are they appealing and likely to succeed? Yes, it help in inviting loyal customers. 6/10 9/10 7/10
Write down four or more typical items and their prices?  It offer four type of typical items like coffee in different prices.  7/10 9/10 10/10
Do the prices represents good value for money? In this outlets are change high price as per brand name. 9/10 8/10 4/10
Are there any special offers, discounts and meals? Yes, they are offer special discounts to their customers to influence them and attaining loyal customers base. 6/10 7/10 7/10
Repeat Business        
What is the business doing to encourage customers to return? Business serve special offers to its customers on special meal to encourage their customers. 8/10 7/10 9/10
Are there loyalty cards available? Yes, loyalty cards are provide to regular customers. 5/10 7/10 7/10
Do staff encourage customers to return? Yes 9/10 8/10 8/10
Are there any advertisements promoting forthcoming events or soon to be launched products? Yes, some advertisement are there that relate with embrace of big event. 5/10 6/10 8/10
Other observations        
What else have you noticed, that is relevant to the operation of the business, during your visit? I noticed that, they have to provide their food and beverage services to customers as per their culture, family that directly influence to them towards the particular food. 4/10 6/10 8/10
Websites/Advertising (Before or after your visit, go to the company's website and look at this)        
Is it inspiring, informative and professional? No 6/10 9/10 8/10
Does it provide all the information that customers might need? Yes 9/10 8/10 7/10
Do they advertise their business in any other way? Yes 7/10 8/10 9/10

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From the above mentioned report, it has been concluded that food and beverage business are played a vital role in enlarging the overall profitability margins. Along with this, the information towards the customers needs and wants is also help in ensuring their loyalty towards the company products and services. This will directly contribute in inviting new and potential customers by providing them quality food products as per affordable cost. On the other side, development in technologies is also may contribute in improving the quality of food products within the operational and managerial level as well.

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