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Information technology is associated to the hardware and software that businesses utilises to control and operate a range of business processes. This report is based on three assessment; first is about understanding how to reference & cite sources using MD Word, second is using Excel document it will present “my annual budget” and in third it will cover presentation of how to use MS Power point.

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How to reference and cite sources correctly

Referencing and citation depends on type of work one is writing. It has been determined that if your sources are very crucial to your ideas then it should show author and work in that sentence that introduces citation. Although if citing the source is only to make a minor point, then you may take into consideration using parenthetical references, endnotes or footnotes. If a person is citing a source for the first time, then mentioning some of these things is always considered a good idea such as; author's name, title, genre(article, book or webpage). Moreover, if the source is important to your work then summarise its importance and major ideas (Avgerou and eds., 2017). Furthermore, it has been discovered that there are range of referencing styles in which one of the most popular is Harvard system; the remainder of the article deals with the Harvard referencing system.

In Word document, citation can be easily added while writing a document where you need to cite the sources like; research paper. In addition, it can be added in range of formats such as; APA,Chicago-style, GOST, Harvard, etc.

To add a new citation and source to a document:-


Given above illustration is an example to show how to do references correctly using Word document. On the Reference tab, further in citation & bibliography click to the arrow next to the style. Then chose the style that you want to utilise for citing based on your writing. Citation or referencing includes:

Author or authors :- include the name of the author where possible. It involves first name followed by initials, and surname. If there are more than three names available then only first author name is cited and make use of abbreviation 'et al' which means 'and all'. For example Jack A, Davies B, Jenk C and for more than three it will be Jones A et al. Moreover, there are cases where the name of author is does not mentioned then it will make use of title of the webpage (Dean and Intermec IP Corp, 2016).

Date of Publications :- the year of publication is included & use dates in brackets and if using Harvard then brackets will not come.

Publisher information :- the publisher name and location should be mentioned, usually relevant for books.

Page numbers :- further, if a specific part of the book is to be referred then page numbers are included using pp. 22 or pp. 123-125 to show multiple pages.

URL and Date accessed :- it is essential to mention full URL of the page.

  • Afterwards, to add source information on MS Word document, click on Add New Source, then click create source dialogues box, then next to type of source, choose the type of source you want to cite, eg. Book or website.
  • To add place holder, click Add New Placeholder in order to create a citation & fill the source data.
  • Below is the image showing Edit source Dialogue box, where you can make changes as per you requirement. 





Author Name. Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.

Journal article

Author name. “Article title.” Journal title Volume number. Issue number (year): Article page number.


Author name. “Title of Page/work.” Title of Website. Publisher of site. Date of publication. Date of access.

APA referencing style is most often used in the social as well as behavioural science (Levy, 2014). Moreover, in 1929 the first style rule were published, The American Psychological Association has introduced 6 editions of Publication Manual. Furthermore, Harvard referencing style also known as author date style is a transmitted statement for any referencing style that make use of in-text citations including an author & date. Therefore, instance the APA referencing style is a type of Harvard referencing.

Microsoft word is consisted of many automatic characteristics that can assist to write an academic paper or report. Moreover, among these you can keep a list of sources & citations to automatically create a bibliography at the end of the report.


My Annual House Budget

A person's house budget is a finance plan that allots the future personal income towards expenses, savings & debt repayment. Expected income to expenses & intended savings is distributed in a budget. Further, there are range of tools available to calculate this house budget. With the emergence of high use of computer technology generating budget has become very easy to calculate rather than using paper & pencil to recalculate and rewrite again and again (Schwalbe, 2015).

Pencil and paper, can be used to create a house budget with an option of using a calculator. These types of budgets are organised in a file format. Next comes the spreadsheet software, which is an interactive computer application used for analysing and storage of data in form of table. In addition, the program operates on data which is entered in cells or table. Money management software is referred to a written software to money management that categorises past expenditures & display monthly reports that utilised for budgeting future months.

Making budget using a spreadsheet, with date shifting generally offer a detailed view of an annual income and expenses plan. Moreover, to create a budget plan in a good way & manage it while using a spreadsheet that provides date shifting, it to set the present month a few months prior the current month along the cycle of 12-Month. Therefore, in this way prior expenditures & outcomes can be seen while making or adjusting the budgeting plan (Smith and eds., 2016).



How to use MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentation works like slide shows, in order to convey a message an individual creates a power point by breaking it down into slides. PowerPoint is a computer based program that enables to make & show slides to support a presentation. Text, graphics and multi-media can be combined to develop a professional presentation. Moreover, power-point has become very popular in recent years, which widely used by lecturers, companies or Universities. Therefore, using power-point can enhance the clarity of presentation and will assist you to demonstrate the message to audiences. While opening power point, you will see some themes & templates. Theme refers to a slide design that involves matching colours, fonts, special effects etc. (Wagner, Beimborn and Weitzel, 2014).

Choose a theme.

  • On the File tab of the Ribbon, click on New, then select an appropriate theme. Then preview of various theme will appear including different colours to choose.
  • Click Create after selecting it. Given below is an example in a form of illustration.


Insert a new slide.

  • There will be a button on top left corner namely Home tab, click it then select new slide option, choose slide layout.


Save your presentation

  • Click on the File tab, select Save.
  • Choose a folder to save it.
  • In the box write the name of the file, and then choose save (Wu, Straub and Liang, 2015).


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The overall report concluded that, MS Word, Spreadsheet and PowerPoint document are the popular programs of computer that can be used in making presentation, making household budget and citing correct references.

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