Customer satisfaction is one of the most innovative tools to achieve in this competitive place in order to gain more financial and non-financial power in the market place. Further, quality services from organization and that of employees would enable the enterprise to attract more and more customer and retain them for longer period of time. The following study would elaborate about the critical condition of the Imperial Hotel which is comprises of efficient physical and human resource but are poor towards construction of strategic planning and utilization of resources. The hotel is one of the major chains of international brand of UK and attracts tourist and international customers from relevant sources. The enterprise is unable to pay attention towards the customers in an appropriate way and that of staffs members are inefficient towards handling the issues and managing the demands of the customers. Moreover, complete re-modification of human resource planning and marketing platform is required for changing the overall criticalness imperial hotel.

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Assessment of planning

In order to change the overall condition of imperial hotel, alteration in management and leadership style is needed with quality employees and efficient managers (Batinic, 2016). Moreover, creation of planning to support the poor condition of the hotel is mentioned below:

Understanding of customer perspective

Since the operations of the enterprise are to provide quality services to the customers, it is necessary for the professionals and other employees of the hotel to understand the perspective of the customers or buyers in an appropriate way. In order to achieve this vision, understanding the feedbacks form filled by customers or buyers would enable the enterprise to analyze or evaluate the issues or problems of the customers (Batinic, 2016). Customer’s perspective would open all the gates to grab the opportunities or financial benefits and overcome the issues or challenges arising from significant sources. Complaints of customers should be dissolved rapidly and delay in delivering services to the customers should be reduced to minimum to gain pack trust and faith of the customers.

Motivation techniques

Firstly, the inefficient professional or employees should be terminated to create a positive working environment afterwards which employee motivational techniques should be implemented to direct them appropriately and keep the path of the enterprise towards positive and profitable sources (Card, 2013). Providing financial and non-financial benefits is the primary medium to enhance the curiosity and encouragement level of the employees or professionals and align their actions with the betterment of the hotel. Further, proper training and coaching should be provided regarding how to greet customers and satisfy them on personal level. This would change the poor satisfaction level of the customers in a fruitful manner.


Apart from guiding the customer to fill the feedback form, managers of imperial hotel should also conduct survey after regular intervals to understand the actual requirements of the market and perform accordingly (Card, 2013).

The above planning would enhance the guar percentage of the hotel and enhance the performance of the imperial hotel in a fruitful manner.

Assessment of core reasons

The reasons behind changing the management and leadership style are to keep the validity of the enterprise active in the field of competition or challenge. Further, apart from poor performance of the enterprise in terms of performance and credibility, following are the major reasons behind the re-modifying the business parameters fully (Chakravarti, 2010).


Continuation of the current performance and credibility of the imperial hotel would soon end his run in the market place and chances of liquidation or termination of this hotel would have been increased or enhanced. The enterprise is poor in deriving customer satisfaction and matching up with the requirements of the market place in an appropriate manner.

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Apart from existence, the level of competition of the market place is enhancing after every regular intervals which keep the enterprises on their toes and demand lot more credibility and efficiency while performing the activities and operations (Chakravarti, 2010). Strategic planning of the hotel should be re-designed with more effectiveness and realistic approach to change the situation and implement more stability in terms of performance and customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction

While the above mentioned reasons are more beneficial for the enterprise, customer satisfaction is necessary to gain competitive advantage and become more credible while implementing changes of the market environment. Proper collaboration of human resource and customer satisfaction would create most effective path for the enterprise to follow and achieve the respective mission and vision (Doswell and Nailon, 2012).

Betterment of employees

Employees or staff members of the enterprise expect productive training and talent development in return of hard efforts put in for achieving the respective financial and non-financial goals or targets. Betterment of employees is one of the moral obligations of imperial hotel proper achievement of which would enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market place.

Moreover, achieving the vision is the only core reason behind paying attention towards customers, employees and other business parameters (Doswell and Nailon, 2012).

Assessment of interconnection

It should be the responsibility of the enterprise to share cordial relationship with the employees and that of customers to remain stable in long run and keep the performance of business accurate even under critical conditions. All the goals, objectives, targets, and planning of the enterprise should be interconnected with each other either directly or indirectly. Customer satisfaction is interconnected with enhancement of performance of imperial hotel in the market place, while skill development of employees is interconnected towards dissolving the queries of the customers and other buyers in a more innovative way (Hall, 2017). Managers and supervisor of imperial hotel should be more careful towards concluding the underneath impact of these relationship and create strategic planning along with implementing actions accordingly.

Further, competition is interconnected with the existence of the enterprise and pushes the limits of the employees or professionals towards becoming more creative and credible while performing the activities or operations. Moreover, justify goals or objectives should be created by the supervisor of imperial hotel in future also to keep the track of the enterprise towards positive or profitable path and remain unaffected from several unknown threats or issues. Thus, formation of interconnection relationship is relevant for framing long-term relationship (Hall, 2017).

Assessment of Peter’s suggestion theories

According to Peter Farnsworth there are multiple problems that are troubling The Imperial Hotel. These are poor performance, high employee turnover ratio, negative working ambience, and poor performance of the staffs. Therefore, the new general manager, Peter has come up with some ideas that may improve the present condition of the hotel. The first problem with the hotel is its low quality of service. The hotel has been graded the lowest of its chain and it has also been degraded by its clients due to poor accommodation and other facilities (Hotel services directory, 2010). The poor coordination amongst the staffs and them being unable to cater properly has only uplifted the customer dissatisfaction. In this context, the manager has thought to ambush the roots of the problem. According to Tajeddini (2010, p.221), a service provider is always needed to view form a customer’s perspective to know their expectations and their demand. Therefore, the planning of Peter is in line with the requirements. In addition to this, the plan to aware the employees are also on the right track for the Imperial Hotel. In addition to this, it will be necessary to train its employees. As the employee turnover ratio is high, it will be best to train and incentivize the employees. In this way, it will be beneficial for the hotel (Hotel services directory, 2010).

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The second problem of the Imperial Hotel is high employee turnover ratio. The ratio is as much as 80%. This problem is more to Hotel Imperial because of the fact that most of the top level employees are leaving the hotel leading to an increase in the cost structure of the hotel. These top level employees have been trained for years and they are at the helm of all the operations. Therefore, this exodus is only bringing in more pain for Peter. This has also inflicted the working condition in the hotel. As the managers are leaving the hotel, their subordinates are facing the difficulties more and more and handling situations are becoming more problematic (Kainthola, 2012). Therefore, Peter has come up with many ideas like incentivizing its employees by retaining them in top positions. Moreover, it will offer lucrative perquisites with pay packages to its employees. Thereby, it is being expected that this will improve the employee retention ratio. However, not only the managers, but also it will be the duty of the organization to train its other employees. As per the words of ÖÄŸüt and Onur TaÅŸ (2012, p.197), from the top level to the last ones, an organization is liable to train all of its employees because their collaboration only will improve its overall performance.

In addition to this, the communication will be another factor that will improve the overall scenario. It is said that employees are only as good as their managers. Therefore, the amiable behavior of the upper level employees will usher in a friendly ambience in the working place. The camaraderie between the high level employees, general manager and low level employees will improve the performance of the hotel (Kainthola, 2012).

The working culture is also somewhat negative for hotel Imperial. It has been found out that there is always immense pressure among the top level to increase the sale volume as well as the profit margin. This pressure is only getting doubled up due to high employee turnover ratio. Therefore, the top level employees are leaving and also the low level employees. The working hours in the hotel are also somewhat problematic. The overtimes are being managed by the employees for more than normal rate due to absence of adequate employee numbers. Therefore, the plan to introduce a proper collaborating culture among the employees is welcomed. In addition to this, the idea of introducing employees in meetings and planning programs will only improve the situation (Mattila, 2014).

Apart from these planning and strategies there are some other problems relating to in-house employees and front-desk employees for hotel Imperial. There inadequate knowledge over information technology, communication gap within the group has increased the problem for the organization.

Evaluation of recommendation

There are several ideas and suggestion has been put forth by the general manager if hotel Imperial, Peter Farnsworth. However, there are some other problems which are associated within the culture of the hotel and these are needed to be uprooted. It has been seen that the top level of organization is always in high pressure to increase the financial performance. Here, a single point that is to be noticed that there are hotels alike Imperial in London, for which the organization is losing its customers (Mattila, 2014). In addition to this, another factor is the high employee turnover ratio. The employees are leaving hotel Imperial because there are other opportunities in the market and there offers are better than that of Imperial. Therefore, the first point or recommendation will be to present the hotel in new avatar to its customers, it can be through decorations, offering new packages and innovating new ideas that will improve the current scenario. However, it will only depend upon efficient marketing. It can come up with new cuisines and even come up with some cultural program to its customers (Nonveiller, Pervan and Gvozdanović, 2010).

However, apart from this, to the point of employee retention, it can be said that the hotel needs to be more resolute on its operational functionalities. It is found out that employees are now doing overtimes which do not have any kind of a cap. Therefore, although they are getting paid, the employees are leaving Imperial because of less free time. In this context, it can be recommended that the hotel needs to hire employees and train them with immediate effect. This will be possible if they poach talents from its rivals. Moreover, introducing online services will also help the hotel improve its position (Nonveiller, Pervan and Gvozdanović, 2010).


In the above, it has been found out that hotel Imperial is having many problems with leaving employees, customer dissatisfaction, high competition and many more. Therefore, its general manager, Peter Farnsworth has come up with ideas that will change the whole scenario. It has been planned to train the employees and retain them with high pay packages and incentives. In addition to this, friendly working culture and proper management of the whole scenario with justifiable approach will improve financial performance of the hotel (Woods, 2013). Apart from this, the hotel an also look forward to usher in new ideas like introducing new cuisines or even loyal cards as per its promotional activities. Moreover, it would be ideal if it come up with a flexible work time schedule for its employees which will improve the employee retention ratio (Woods, 2013).

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