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The performance management is a systematic process which helps the organizations in measuring the strategies adopted by it. Thereby it aids the management in planning of a process and monitoring it so as to measure and make a review of performance against the set criteria. This ensures productivity, better efficiency and also higher effectiveness in the work performance. The present report has laid a focus on the performance management system where significance of analysing a job has been discussed (Morrow Jr, MoodDisch & Kang, 2015). Further, on this basis, an ideal job has been created along with required skills and abilities needed in that particular job. Apart from this, there is a discussion over the results that this performance management exerts on employees and on the organisation as a whole. In addition to this, the report will talk about connection between employee development and its outcome in positive and negative sense.

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Importance of job analysis

The job analysis is an important task which is executed by business firms as it furnishes with a number of information vital for company (Taticchi, Tonelli & Cagnazzo, 2010, pp.4-18). It is a procedure which involves a number of activities like collecting, recording and generating all information into a meaningful data so as to retrieve significant matter from it. These data are processed which provides the information about different skills, knowledge, job related roles and responsibilities etc. so that a person can be recruited and can be allotted the work accordingly. In addition to this, it also gives information about the required experience, qualifications and other characteristics which are helpful in identifying the persons who can execute the tasks relayed to that job efficiently. Zairi, (2012) has stated that a job analysis has an important role in the recruitment process, evaluating jobs and performance as well as in designing compensation packages or training plans. Many of the business institutes use the job analysis tools at the time of recruitment and selection process so that a right person can be selected for right job by matching his skills, educational qualifications etc. has argued that the role of job analysis is much more vital in analysing the performance of individuals. Here, the major work is to set some standard for performances so that actual performance of staff can be measured against it (Aguinis, 2009). Thus, the enterprise can easily decide upon that the determined goal has been achieved or not. On other hand, the job analysis is also important for assessing the need for training. If the actual outcome does not match with the fixed standard, it shows the need of arranging training activities for workers. According to Sundaresan & De Donatoand Pescapè, (2011, pp. 134-145), job analysis is helpful in deciding upon the wages for employees. The work which involves more complexities and challenges are paid at higher level while those jobs which are of routine nature and requires less proficiencies are paid at comparatively lower level. In addition to this, there is a need of job redesigning which can also be done through this process only.

The job role of a general manager in any organisation is full of different complex tasks and responsibilities that require a large amount of experience, high level of educational qualifications and skill sets that can help a person in managing a number of activities within a company. The major tasks that are generally supposed to be fulfilled by a general manager are supervising all different operations of business daily, creating sound policies and strategies for firm, arranging for good level of recruitment and selection process, taking care of staff and their grievances, reporting about corporate affairs to the board of directors and other higher officials and evaluating performance of workers (Franco-Santos, Lucianetti & Bourne, 2012, pp.79-119). To do all these works, general manager requires a set of skills that compose of high technical skills, leadership ability, problem solving skill, quick and right decision making ability, good interpersonal and motivation skills etc.

Measuring behaviour and results

The performance analysis is designed within an organisation so as to make improvements within company for all those areas where the performance is lacking. Thus, it is a process which exerts a high concentration on the outcomes that are gained through performances. Often, this higher focus may result into unethical behaviours among the employees as well. There are a number of reasons behind this. Performance management systems that do not sort definitive employee endeavor to the organizational objectives are not true performance management systems (Aguinis, 2013). From the results which are exhibited by the performance management shows different areas in which the company is doing good along with those in which results are not up to the mark. Thus, the managers create a pressure among staff for working hard which can help in improving the performances. They give deadlines for attainment of which they start unethical practices and make a compromise with the quality of work (Bititci, Garengo & Nudurupati, 2012, pp. 305-327). Apart from this, in many enterprises, there is a culture that all those workers who are able to meet set standard of work within given deadlines are rewarded. Thus, other workers also place their personal goals over organisational goals so as to achieve the target and attain target to get rewards. Moreover, many of the service provider companies use to supply false information to the customers so as to present themselves better than others which is a completely unethical practice. Thus, more focus laid on results often leads to unethical behaviours.

Competencies/ Performance level High Average Poor
Technical skills *    
Decision making ability   *  
Problem solving skills   *  
Interpersonal skill     *

As per the competencies of general manager in ABC Ltd. the ratings have been done on the basis of his performance. The technical skills are high as he is able to handle different software, its proper use in generating significant information and development of reports. The decision making ability is average as the decision based on expansion or developments are slower and less effective. While, the problem solving skill is also average where conflicts of employees has been managed at a slower rate. The interpersonal skills are poor as he has less communication with its peers and other subordinates.

Employee development

The development of employees with the help of different strategies demonstrate a number of results within a organisation. Through proper development of employees in all perspectives help in generation of sound environment (Taticchi, Tonelli & Cagnazzo, 2010, pp.4-18). For all types of business entities, it is very necessary to involve motivation as a significant task in the organisational work. There are some positive as well as some negative impact of such development. The work of development is done through motivation which if goes in right way, help in giving job satisfaction to the workers. A satisfied worker helps in managing all his tasks more efficiently. Besides this, the commitment towards the work increases and morale also boosts. In addition to this, the managers can get the insight of their subordinates at the time of appraisals. This will also help in maintaining a productive relationship between managers and their subordinates. Along with this, they will get to know each worker's participation and contribution towards the enterprise (Aguinis, 2013). Thus, the performance level goes top a higher level giving more satisfaction to the workers.

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However, there can be a negative outcome as well from this development, if the motivation process goes wrong. There can be a high level of turnover within staff as they may feel dissatisfied in the job (Muchiri, Pintelon & Martin, 2011, pp.295-302). Some of the workers may feel complexed from other workers who are getting better incentives as a result of their performance. Hence, this marks a negative outcome of the employee development within organisation.

The above report has talked about performance management system in which major importance of job analysis for an organisation has been demonstrated. The report concludes that Many of the business institutes use the job analysis tools at the time of recruitment and selection process so that a right person can be selected for right job by matching his skills, educational qualifications etc. Further, it has been demonstrated that higher focus on outcomes may result into unethical behaviours among the employees as well. In addition to this, the report has articulated that there are some positive as well as some negative impact of employees development.

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