Is constant advertising persuading people to buy the products they don't really want

Research Project Outline

Aim- The main aim of the research project is to study the role of advertising in persuading people to buy the products they don't really want.


  • To examine the different types of the advertisement strategies
  • To analyze the advertisement strategies used by the companies to persuade the decision making process of the consumers
  • To identify the impact of advertisements on the mindset of consumers Objectives

Research Methodology- It is very much necessary to use the proper research methodologies while doing the research so that it can match with the aim of the project and could also help the researchers and the scholars to understand the core of the project very easily. In this particular project, inductive approach will be used (Hughes, 2014). Because it fits the nature of the report and also it observe the people and their nature before coming to a conclusion. Further the qualitative approach will be used in this particular report and in that thematic analysis will be done that will be based on the objectives of the report. Secondary data will also be used from the various sources like books, journals, newspaper articles, etc. Design of the research will be descriptive and also the interpretivism philosophy will be used.

Future Scope- There has been great dispute over this issue that the advertisements are persuading the people the people to purchase the products that they really don’t want because of the increasing cases and the fooling of the people because of all these things (Lacoste, 2010). Companies use different strategies to instigate people and they get caught in those strategies and spent their money on some of the things without even looking at the quality and need of the product which they are buying. Research proposal will be very beneficial for the scholars and the academics to understand the role of parenting and laws.

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Factors that contributes towards the research project selection

The main aim of the research project is to study to study the role of advertising in persuading people to buy the products they don't really want. There were many factors that contribute towards this particular research aim like the increasing number of cases, dispute over many researches in the form of yes and no regarding the role of advertising in fooling the people or providing the benefits to them. It is fact that advertisements are very much necessary for the companies but they are making the wrong use of it by forcing the people to purchaser the products which are not really necessary for them. They create advertisements and market the products in such a manner that customers have to purchase them (Sprott, 2004). Companies have understood the psychology of the people and they are making full office of it by selling the wrong products. People are also not paying attention and they are just following the other people who purchase the products.

Review Literature

Advertisements generally mean the promotion of goods, services, companies and the ideas by an identified sponsor. They are considered as a part of the company’s overall promotional strategies (Kumar, 2009). It involves a process where a message is designed in such a manner that it can promote the product for the company and can increase its sales. The main aim of the advertisements is to increase the sale for the company by instigating the people to purchase the products by all means.

It is a great saying that all the advertisers are called as salespeople and there is a reason why salespeople are called as salespeople and not the checkout clerks. The main and the most important motive of the advertising is to demonstrate in each and every ad that all the consumers will have an important and interesting offer and a great reason to buy that product. Advertising is the most important thing for each and every company as it helps them to sell the product. If a product is well advertised then people will easily be aware of this product and it will help the company to increase the sales (Lee, 2002). Many of the companies try to create a very well marketed ad, as it becomes easier for consumers to understand all the benefits of the product and where to find that product and it is the psychology of the people also that people would love to save time and money instead of trying every kind of the product.

Most of the companies try to use the different ways to sell the identity of the products for example all the makeup and beauty products are targeted to women by saying that they prevent aging and other things which is not possible practically, etc. All the slogans like it are the real thing coke by coca cola or because I’m worth it by L’Oreal and other slogans helps the customers to identify the products (Perks, 2010). When customers see the Nike Symbol they know that it is the best athletic wear company and that’s why many big stars are associated with the company. So company try to create an ad in such a way that it tell people to purchase the product even they don’t really need it. All these repetitive symbols lead the customer to ballyhoo and it gets them in such a manner that they forget the quality of the product and focus only on the Brand.

Advertisement also plays some of the positive role as it helps all the health care organizations or social activists groups to encourage the people to donate some of the money so that some voluntary work can be done. But it has been a very big question for long time that is it the good way to ask someone help by broadcasting or others ads? Many of the companies try to create very persuading advertisement for the products by telling many benefits and offers which affects the consumers psychologically and instigates them to purchase the products. There are number of the advertisements which are exposed to the people on the daily basis and all of them have increased from the last decade (Paswan, 2000). Advertisements are everywhere, at the service station, at cinema, in washrooms or during the sports events, etc. Some of the companies have even explored the possibility of putting ads into space that people can see from the earth. It can be said clearly that people are obsessed with the advertisements. Companies have only one aim that how to persuade people to buy the product.

Advertisements have become hallmarks of the modern capitalism that fuels the economy by motivating the buyers to purchase the products and supporting the sellers to sell the product. Advertisement is used in the conjunction with some of the other promotional tools, like the personal selling, public relations, etc. and it has become the heart of the market strategy for almost all the companies. Advertisements influence the people by the mean of education, persuasion and the reassurance (Shimp, 2008). It also influences the complete shopping experience by making the shopping simpler and also by moderating the prices of the advertised products.

Advertisements have become the effective way of communicating the information about the products and the services to the large number of the people together in a very quick way. All this information plays a very big role in educating the people about the different brands, their functions, and features, how they work, what they cost and where they can be purchased. The main thing is that, all this report comes directly from the manufacturer which is more likely to be the secondhand reports to verifiable and reliable (Schiffman, 2005). It helps the buyers to choose the products which can satisfy all their needs and wants.

Company’s tries to use the different creative techniques like the direct brand comparisons which tell the people that one product is better than the product of the other company and it will help the consumers in improving their lives and delivering all the benefits that they want. All these things motivate the people to take all the immediate actions like trying a new brand, redeeming a coupon and requesting for more of the information. By creating the attention towards the different uses of the products, advertising encourages the people to purchase all the things in the bigger volumes or more frequently than they actually use (Johnson, 2013). It has also been seen that before any buyer completes his or her purchase, advertising helps them to confirm that what they are taking is right for them or not. Even after the transaction made for the product, advertising plays a very big role in reminding the customers that they have spent their money on the right choice. This particular reassurance effect of the advertisements is very much necessary when the product is very costly and risky. It helps the consumers in eliminating the psychological discomfort, which is also called as the buyer’s remorse.

In many of the products categories like the airlines, cars, and etc advertisements get engaged in the direct price competition. It reduces all the marketing and the distribution expenses over the time by keeping the people informed, motivating them to buy and encouraging the high volume and the repetitive purchase. Advertisements have become very cost efficient from the personal selling and the customized tools because it can influence millions of the people in very less time (Ramesh, 2009). Every brand has some strategies which are made according to the audience they are targeting. Mostly the companies try to persuade the young people as they are very easy to capture and they provide great income to the company.

There are many techniques use by the companies to persuade the customers to buy the products. First thing that company do is comparing their products with the products of the competitors so that people can know that extra advantages they will get after purchasing a particular product. Then they try to show all the reviews given by the customers about a particular product so that people can be motivated further to purchase the product. Then they show that the product is very scar and if the people will not purchase early it will get finished and they will not be able to take the advantage. This increases a sense of motivation in the mind of people towards the products. Companies try to show various pictures and videos to encourage the people even more to purchase the products (Joseph, 2007). Other than this many of the companies are making an alliances with the other companies in which some of the company sell their products or the services and they provider a coupon of the discount or an exciting offer of the other product of the company and it tell people to purchase or use the product so that they can avail the coupon. So like this, companies are persuading the people psychologically to purchase the products even if the people don’t want to buy that product.

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However advertisements are not only responsible for this dilemma, people are also responsible. They don’t think that will that product be useful, is it worthy for their money, will it benefit them, etc. People just run towards the offers that are announced by the companies and spent their money in purchasing those. Because of all these things many of the companies sell their foul materials by introducing good offers and people become fools very easily (Lee, 2005). Companies normally introduce the option for sale where they try to persuade people by reducing the prices of the products by 50% and people without thinking purchase products due to less price even if they want it or not. It has become very much necessary for the people to understand the role of advertisements. They should understand that there are many companies and all of them will try to sell their products anyhow by creating some good advertisements, offers, etc. They should properly investigate about the product so that they can know the quality of the product, will it really fulfill their needs, etc so that they can spend their money on the valuable things and not on some of the crap things. Advertisements are becoming the web for the company to sell the products and people are getting caught in this web and are spending lots of money without thinking (Lantos, 2010). It is necessary for people to come out of this web in order to make their money count.

Research project specification

The whole research project revolves around the role of advertisements in instigating the people to purchase the products whether it is necessary or not. In this particular report, qualitative technique will be applied so that the core of the research aim can be understood (Munkejord, 2009). In the qualitative technique thematic analysis will be used and with that semi structure interviews will also be used as they provide great flexibility to the researcher. Non probabilistic purposive sampling will also be used because it helps the researcher to select the perfect sample for the study. Inductive approach will be used as it helps in observing the people before deriving the hypothesis and conclusions. Further descriptive approach will be used to analyze all the problems in detail. In the report secondary data will also be used with the help of magazines, journals, etc.

Proposed Research Investigation

In this particular research project many types of the tools, techniques, designs, and philosophies will be used to answer the aim of the project. There are two types of the approaches which are deductive and inductive (McNay, 2007). Deductive is used when the research have to done in the quantitative form as it starts with the theory and then brings out the observations. In this report inductive approach will be applied as it starts with the observation and then comes to a conclusion. In the research design, descriptive approach will be used because it study each objective very deeply and then help the researcher to derive to a particular conclusion and the recommendations. In case of the philosophy, interpretivism philosophy will be considered among the many because it highlights some of the important facts and figures in the report which are important to consider. Qualitative data collection method will be used in which the objectives will be answered through the thematic analysis as well as the observation and semi structured interviews method. Further the data’s will be collected from the secondary and the primary resources but secondary data’s will be on more focus as they help to study and understand the topic in much better way.

Recording and Collection of Data

To study this particular report various types of the secondary data’s were used and it was found that advertisements have great influence over the people. According to Edwards, there are many companies who use the advertisement to fool the people (Edwards, 2008). They introduce very god offers and discounts which attracts the customers and they spent their money to purchase those products even they don’t need it. Some of the companies are also making tie-ups with other companies in which they provide some of the discount coupons to the people which they can only avail after purchasing of the particular product or the service.

According To Wang, it is very necessary for the companies to do the advertisements in order to sell their product but now the companies are attacking the psychology of the customers to sell their products and this situation is getting worse (Wang, 2002). There are many companies in the same industry and they continuously fight with each other to attract the market share and to attract the customers towards their company. To accomplish this role they create advertisements in such a manner that take the attention of the consumers towards them.

Research Evaluation Techniques

There are two techniques which are used by the researchers and that are qualitative and the quantitative technique. Both of these techniques are very important in terms of the research project as quantitative technique helps to study the project with the help of some of the numerical data, facts, etc while the qualitative technique focuses on the theoretical and detail part of the research. In this particular study, more emphasis will be given to the qualitative techniques as it will help the researcher to analyze the problems in a much deeper sense (Mann, 2010). With the help of the qualitative technique method, researcher will able to observe the role of advertisement and the behavior of people in the different situations. These qualitative methods use the inductive approach to form the hypothesis after the observation which helps the research in deriving some of the conclusions, and recommendations.

Analysis of the results in terms of the original research specification

At the beginning of the report, researcher thought that the advertisements do not have much role in persuading the people towards the products of the company but after studying from the various sources, making hypothesis, etc it was found that companies are using the advertisement as a weapon to attack the psychology of the people so that they can persuade them to purchase their products. In this modern era, advertising is situated at every place and some of the new tools like the social media, etc have made the advertising very cheap and it also allows them to reach millions of people in the fraction of minute.

There are many competitors in the market who fight to sell the same product to the public and advertisements help them to create different identity in the mindset of the people which helps them to sell the products. All the companies’ are taking the help of advertisement to create some of the offers which catch the attention of the customers very easily and force them to purchase the products.

Not only the advertisements are responsible but people are responsible for this situation. They do not think before purchasing the product and spend their money foolishly after seeing the offers and following the people. Due to this nature companies are making lots of money and people are getting poor. Not only this, people do not think about the quality of the product, its value, etc they just spend blindly in order to avail the offers which all people are availing. This particular issue is increasing day by day and the day is not far when the advertisements will be the most important function in the company.

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Conclusion and Recommendations

From the report it could be wrapped up that advertisements have great influence over the people and they surely help the company to increase their sales. Companies are spending lots of money in creating the advertisement that can help them to attract the people and can easily increase their market share. By using some of the great techniques like combining one product with other, reducing the price, showing authority, scarcity, etc of the product companies are successfully selling their products to the people. Not only the companies but the people are also responsible for this situation. Most of the people believe that if it is a good brand or an advertisement then the products will also be good. Without thinking anything else and checking the quality need, etc they spend on the product and then suffer latter. Companies are using this weakness as an advantage and they are successfully persuading the people to purchase their products whether they need it or not.

It is very necessary for people to understand the main role of the advertisements and the motive of the companies behind that. They should check the viability of the product first before purchasing and if any company forces the products on the consumers then they can take the action against that company. For the companies, it is recommended to use the correct and the transparent advertisements which do not fool people. They should understand advertisements will definitely increase their sales but after some time when all their claims will get fail then their company’s image will get diminished. So it is necessary to use the advertisement to tell the information about the product and not to attack the psychology of the people.


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