H/508/0525 Marketing Communication Unit 2 Level 5


Marketing communication is a main part of marketing mix and it is complex and fundamental part of marketing efforts of an organisation. Firm adopts the various medium to exchange an informations regarding their services or products to consumers. It has two different objectives one is develop as well as sustain demand of goods and other is shorten sales cycle. Sometimes, it is difficult for some business organisations to promote its services in context to enhance more profit as well as sales (Ab Hamid, Akhir and Cheng, 2013). Dacia is a car manufacturer organisation and takes name from historic region which constituted Romania present day. This organisation was established in year 1966 and has been subsidiary of French Car manufactures of Renault since year 1999. This firm is largest exporter of the car in Romania. In this given report mentions about various methods of marketing communications and also contemporary external and internal factors which are impacting on decision making of board of directors. Marketing communication strategy and understand components of the communication process before the planning of international marketing campaign will be discussed in given report. Effectiveness of the NIKE marketing communication strategy at the time of Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games will be mention under this.

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Different methods of marketing communications and contemporary internal / external factors

Marketing communication is adopted through different organisations to convey the messages regarding goods as well as brands directly or indirectly to consumers with an intention to influence them for buy. Dacia is a car manufacturer international organisation which is at the top position in Romania and subsidiary of French car producer since 1999. The plants of Dacia care manufacture are in Arges, Mioveni country. The manufacture capacity of this organisation is 350,000 vehicles in per year and it is segmented in many sections like painting, bodywork, chassis, assembly etc (Almeidaet and al., 2012). Under this the marketer uses various marketing communication related tools in order to create awarenesses of brand between existing consumers to increasing brand image so that customers can take the better decisions regarding purchasing. Dacia firm uses the effective method of the marketing communication which can profit benefits to firm in a better manner. Better marketing communication is helpful in taking better decision regarding firm. There are different methods of marketing communication mention below as above:

Public Relation- It is practice of spread information among the organisation or person. It is traditional method of the marketing communication and it includes getting the other people to talk regarding firm. It is essential for the marketing manager of an organisation to execute strategy in effective or proper manner (Belch and et. al., 2014). It is proper promotional strategy which help in bring growth related opportunities and also gain competitive benefits for firm. It is a profession of developing as well as maintaining better reputation of different public of firm with the help of publicity and some other non- paid channels of communication.

Personal selling- Under this, business firm use persons in order to sell goods after face- to- face meeting with consumers. It is viable to impact customers to spend their money in exchange of services or goods. Seller promotes goods by their appearance, knowledge and attitude of product knowledge. Its main motive to encourage as well as inform consumers to trail or purchase services or products. In addition to achieve monthly target, managers of an organisation are having effective opportunities to utilise this kind of techniques through offering discounts to consumers.

Direct marketing- With technology intent, firms make use of the mobile phones, emails, fax in order to communicate directly with perspective consumers without including third pay. Under this, organisation direct sell its goods to consumers (Castronovo and Huang, 2012). This method is an advertising form which directly affect on sales. Its main focus to convey the correct message with users. Dacia organisation uses this strategy to communicate with consumers and increase sales.

Among all these marketing communication methods, Dacia organistaion uses direct marketing in order to interact with consumers in a better manner and uses the various way to communication these are emails, fax, messages from mobile phones and many other different ways.

Internal and external analysis of Dacia business firm

To determine the various facts or impacts on firm, it is necessary for Dacia organisation to do external and internal analysis and under these consist PESTLE and SWOT. These two factors influence on the process of decision making of an organisation and also increase productivity of firm in an effective manner.

SWOT Analysis


  • Improvement in environmental standards.
  • Restoration of industrial plants.
  • The consumer base of this organisation is strong because it it most popular brand (Mihart, 2012).
  • It provides cars on cheap and affordable cost as comparison to other auto mobiles industry.
  • It has various options and manufacture cars for working class persons to rich.
  • It has strong presence in international market.


  • This organisation has less penetration in the Asian market.
  • High cost included in training.
  • Increased switching cost from supplier to the another.
  • Options in car is small as comparison to the other brand.
  • In year 2007, unexpected strikes which cause losses of 30 million dollars.


  • It can open its new showrooms.
  • It has an opportunity to enhance its market.
  • There is a need to Dacia organisation to adopt advanced technology.


  • High competition in auto mobile brands at market place.
  • Political instability
  • Booming of second hand auto mobile market.
  • Fluctuation in currency.

PESTLE analysis of Dacia organisation

It is strategic tool of business which is used through a company to evaluate, discover and also organize macro- economic factors which affect on business (Kotaben and Helsen, 2014).

Political factor- Under this, business is affected through rules and policies of government and political problems for Dacia firm comes in shape as well as form of legislation. This factor consist political corruption and stability of government and these legislations are changed through political parties. When Dacia firm conduct its business in to other countries then it is necessary to know about the policies and rules of that country.

Economical factor- This factor impact on an economy of country, revenue and profit. It consists stock market trends, taxes, labour costs, inflation and deflation rate etc. (Mihart, 2012). In addition to this, car sector has substantial affect on an economy of every country. In year 2014, in Romania unemployment rate goes down to 6.8% to 8%.

Social factor- The major social factors are impacting auto mobile forms are judgements of societies. The main targets of this firm are middle aged people and families. The main focus of Dacia organisation on customers and their perspectives. In this factor includes population rate, social class, lifestyle, purchasing trends etc. The social behaviours, tends and attitudes affect on target market as well as business firm.

Technological factor- This factor is helpful in expanding business as well as increasing productivity of business. It is necessary that firm should use and implement the better technology which can develop positive impact on business. Dacia organisation made investment in development and research programmes. Technology provides effective opportunities to business.

Legal factors- Dacia organisation is internation business which faces many difficult tasks. It is essential that this organisation should follow all legislations not only its home country but also in host countries. Legal systems of host as well as home both countries can impact on abusiveness of Dacia.

Environmental factors- It consists weather, climate and also eco- friendlinesses of goods and services. Under this, it is necessary that company should transport its goods in a good weather which serve more profit (Nielsen and Thomsen, 2012). Forestry, agriculture and also tourism industries should pay additional attention to all these factors.

Consumer buying process

Process of purchasing decision is the decision making procedure which is used through customers related to the transactions after, during and before purchase of services as well as goods. The process of customer purchasing is helpful in taking better decisions of buying goods to consumers. In this, some steps are given below as above:

Problem recognition- It is a first step and under this organisation should identify requirements of customers and also think regarding satisfy them in a better manner. It is necessary that problems should be related to availability of services and products.

Information search- Under this next stage of consumer buying process, interested customers will try to search information. In addition to this, customers finds information regarding goods either friends, whole seller, families, retailers through evaluating or using. Information can be search through personal sources, public and commercial sources.

Evaluation of alternatives- In this, customers has gathered information regarding certain brands and after getting needed knowledge about goods, it is necessary for consumers to examine different alternatives according to satisfying needs and demands of consumers and the quality of products should be better (Parente and Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014).

Decision of purchase- After examining alternatives, consumer purchases suitable service or goods but there is a little bit chance of postpone buy decision because of some reasons. In this case, there is a need to marketer to search reasons and then try to eliminate them through giving sufficient information to customers or providing them guarantee of goods to them.

Post- purchase decisions- It is a last step and after purchasing or using goods customer will be satisfied or dissatisfied from that. If in case it is not properly satisfied then it will be very disappointed and in case it is satisfied that it will delighted and be happy. So in context to this it is a main duty of marketer to fulfil needs and demands of consumers in an effective manner.


Marketing communication strategy and elements of communication process

Marketing communication is helpful in create brand awareness in which customers translate information of goods in to the perceptions regarding attribute of products and also its position at large market. Marketing communications are media and messages which are used to interact with market. It is a part of promotion (Pauwels, Erguncu and Yildirim, 2013). It is helpful in connect an organisation with consumers. It is the primary duty of manager to develop effective marketing strategy in order to do all marketing related activities in a better or systematic manner.

There are some marketing communication strategies given below:

Know about consumers- It is an effective strategy and in this there is a need to marketer to understand its target audience in a better manner. So, that it can provide better services to consumers for understand their needs and demands in a systematic manner. Under this, to identify needs and tastes of consumers in a better manner, there is a requirement to firm to conduct a proper research which will be helpful in fill any kind of gaps concerning to the demographics, buy patterns and also some of the other insights.

Uncover Unique Selling Proposition- USP is marketing concept which developed for describe patten in order to making the advertisement campaigns more successful. According to this, Dacia should need to develop some unique propositions to consumers which confident them to switch the brands. In context to the given point, main advantages of Unique Selling Proposition is communicate in effective manner, drives sales of services or products. Its major focus on unique issues which solve in a better manner as comparison to any other. It is essential that USP of given firm should be strong (Perkowski, 2010).

Choose marketing mix- Marketing mix is combination of those factors which can controlled through firm in order to influence customers to buy goods as well as services. It is set of the marketing techniques which an organisation uses to achieve its marketing goals. In addition to advancement in the online marketing, there are some methods to interact with consumers. In this present time period, every brand as well as industry is unique, so in this there is not any standard marketing mix which will be work for any person. Social media is an effective or better way to interact with consumers and it fits them , marketing communication objectives and budget.

Client data and manage leads- It is the primary responsibility of an organisation to develop brand in a better way. In context to collect and save data of consumers, it is essential for firm to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It helps in record database of contacts and organize information like for an instance calls, records, emails, contact information and many others to marketing processes and scale sales. It will be assess to understand move of consumers with the help of sales funnel.

Communication is two- way process and it is imparting of information through writing, speaking and also using the pother medium (Petersen, Kushwaha and Kumar, 2015). It is an act of transfer information or data from one place to other. Before doing any marketing campaign in international countries, it is essential for Dacia organisation to understand about the communication process sin a better manner. It will provide advantage to business.

VALS segmentation strategy

VALS is known as lifestyle and values attitude and it is a main method to perform the psycho-graphic segmentation. It is varied from person to person because the lifestyle of every individual is different. Under this, market segmentation is developed to the guide or lead organisations in order to tailoring their services as well as goods in context to appeal people to buy their them. It was established in year 1978 through Arnold Mitchell and social scientist. This was embraced through advertising agencies and also presently offered as goods of the SRI consulting services (Rehman and Ibrahim, 2011).

Push, pull and profile strategies

These three strategies are represent includes 3 Ps. In pull strategy, firm promotes its goods to distributives or retailers in context to force goods sown on distribution channel. It includes taking goods directly to consumers through different means. Its main aim to get products in purchaser hands with the help of advertisement. The second is pull strategy in this includes interacting with end buyers to attract them to the distributor or retailer in context to but goods. Pull strategy is used to fulfil promotional goals of an organisation which are created. This strategy consist motivating the consumers in order to seek brand in active process. It is very costly approach because firm generate demand of consumers though advertisement like for na instance competitions, free samples and coupons (Schüller and Rasticová, 2011). On the other hand profile is the third strategy and it is related to fulling requirements of stakeholders in a better or effective manner. It is helpful in keeping harmonious relationship with the different stakeholders and through using this perception, awareness, goodwill and attitude of firm will be develops.

Process of communication

Communication is dynamic procedure which starts with idea conceptualising through sender to receiver. The different elements of communication process given below as above:

Sender- Sender is that person who start conversation and also have some conceptualised ideas to convey that messages to the other people. This person takes initiative to send message through appropriate channel.

Encoding- Under this, sender starts with a process of encoding where it used non- verbal and certain works like for an instance signs, gestures, symbols and many other methods to convert information in to message. Skills, background, knowledge, perception etc. has more affect on success of message.

Message- After finishing encoding, sender gets messages which intend to convey. It is necessary that message can be oral, non- verbal and written like for an instance sounds, body gestures, silence and many others which triggers response of receive.

Channel- Under this, sender selects an effective methods by which it wants to convey message to recipient. Sit is important that sender should select better channel of communication to interpret message correctly through recipient (Sozinova and Fokina, 2015). Choices of the medium based on an interrelationship among sender and receiver.

Receiver- It is that person for whom sender send message. This person tries to be comprehended in a proper or possible manner so that the main objective of communication can be attained.

Decoding- In this, receiver interprets message of sender and then tries to understand in an effective or efficient manner. If in case receiver understand messages in a better way then it was to intended through sender in systematic way.

Feedback- It is a final step of communication process and it assures that receiver received messages and then interpret in correct manner as intended through sender. It enhanced effectiveness of communication as this permits sender in order to know efficacy of messages. Response of receiver can be non- verbal and verbal.

It is a whole process of communication, so it is essential for Dacia to understand this process and also use it before doing the marketing campaigns at global level. But some times in communication process, some barriers are arise. So, it is essential for Dacia firm to try to minimize all barriers or noise through using effective strategies.

Significance of communication elements in marketing

It is indispensable for entities of business to understand marketing element in a detailed manner before doing plan for different marketing campaigns at global level (Thorson and Moore, 2013). It communication of firm will be better, then it will be helpful in doing all marketing related activities in an effective manner. It is assessable in covering or targeting the more market share. Generally, Dacia firm is functioning at international level as it is necessary for this firm to identity moral, behaviour, beliefs and values of their existing consumers in order to attracting large number of consumers in competitive market. Marketing communication strategies are helpful in gathering reviews or feedback of consumes about quality and features of products in a better manner. If buyers are able to understand importance all marketing components in addition to retain them at market place for long period of time. So, process of communication is very helpful for Dacia business organisation to enhance its profit level as well as sales in a better way.


Effectiveness of NIKE marketing communications strategy

NIKE is multinational corporation engaged in design, production, marketing and sales of apparel, services, accessories, footwear and equipments in all over the world. This firm is one of the biggest supplier of apparel and athletic shoes and also producer of the sports equipments. In Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Nike company sponsored the USA company. Nike organisation will regular sponsor Olympic Committee of United States. Sponsorship extensiomn involves giving apparel and footwear for Athletes of America at 2018 in Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang and Olympics.

In context to monitor effectiveness of the marketing communication strategies, management of Nike organisation used different techniques or tools. With the help of these strategies, company can analyse its activities in a right direction in easy manner (Valos and et. al., 2016). Every strategy have their won weaknesses as well as strengths. Through adopting these marketing strategies, firm can get success and growth at workplace. In context to this, there are some tools which help in measuring effectiveness of the marketing communication strategies given below as above:

Online surveys- In NIKE business firm managers conduct the online surveys to know about response of consumers towards particular goods. Under this entities of business are communicate with the consumers on channels of social media as well as web portals on which buyers give their suggestions or feedbacks for any type of improvement in existing services or goods to firm. On the basis of all suggestions, company make changes in its potential goods and try to give something unique. The main motive of online surveys to collect necessary information or data which company wants to be access (Vernuccio and Ceccotti, 2015). Online surveys can minimizes cost of the research which is spend through an NIKE organisation. With the help of this relationship among seller and buyer will be improve and firm will retain at market place for long period of time. Through online surveys, consumers can tell about their opinions and viewpoints regarding products and services. This component shows efficiency and effectiveness of consumer service of firm.

Judge quality of content- This tool is used through NIKE organisation to monitor and control its effectiveness of all marketing strategies. There is a requirement to manager of create accurate content so from this they can interact information for external and internal environment. In context to this, if content will be of good quality then it will be assess in accomplishing desired objectives or aims in a systematic or effective manner.

Set benchmarks- Under this, there is no particular standard for examining effectiveness of the marketing related communication strategies (Kotabe and Helsen, 2014). So, it is essential for manager of NIKE company to set the various benchmarks in context to determine same. With the help of this, firm can enhance its abilities or qualities and deal with any kind of issue in an effective manner. So, in addition to this benchmark is a better tool to measuring the efficiency of marketing communication strategies and through benchmarking quality of information will be good.

Encourage employee engagement – Consumers are an internal part of the marketing related strategies and it is necessary for manager to motivate employees to work together in order to attain its aims and objectives with in a specific period of time. Under this, employee engagement is necessary because in this all employees come together in specific activity. It is helpful in making better relationship among staff members and it will assess for managers in the process of decision making of firm.

Apart from it, there is other tool used through NIKE firm to evaluate efficiency of marketing communication strategies and that is Ansoff matrix. It is strategic planning tools which gives better framework to assess senior managers, executives and also marketers to devise effective strategies for the future development. Ansoff matrix is mention below as above:

Market Penetration- It is adopted as effective strategy when company has current goods and also requirements of development strategy for current market. In this, the business firm continuously tries to growth by using its current offering of services or products. Firm tries to enhance its market share in existing market (Ab Hamid, Akhir and Cheng, 2013). It can be accomplished through selling of more goods to existing consumers or searching new at existing market place. Under this, firm seeks to enhanced sales for existing goods in current market with the help of attractive promotion.

Market Development- Under this strategy, company tries to expands its business in to the new markets such as countries, geographic etc. through using its current offerings. Some examples of this strategy consist large footwear firms such as Reebok, Nike and Adidas which have began entering in to the global markets for expansion.

Product development- Under this, firm tries to develop new services or goods by targeting current markets in order to accomplish targets. This kind of strategy many need development of the new competencies and need to business firm to create change goods.

Diversification strategy- Under this, firm introduce new goods in the new market. This type of strategy can be in the form of related and unrelated diversification.

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It has been concluded from the above given report that marketing communication is helpful in making whole marketing operations as well as activities better. Under this, Dacia firm analyses its external as well as internal factors to reduce the negative affect on marketing activities. In this mention report studied about different methods of marketing communication to interact with consumers in a proper manner. PESTLE and SWOT analysis of Dacia organisation will also be studied in given report. The manager of given firm applied different pestle analysis tehniques or tools for monitoring as well as controlling the efficiency of marketing campaigns. In mention assignment studied about process of communication in a systematic manner.

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