HR7003 Case Study Analysis Level 5 University of East London

Ethical dilemma Case Study


Ethics are considered as the moral principles that helps in providing an idea of the behaviour of an individual (Werle and Jessberger, 2014). It helps in making an analysis between the factors that what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, it can be classified as a set of moral principles that helps in differentiating between what is good and what is not.

Ethical dilemma

An ethical dilemma can be considered as an issue in the decision making and it can be associated within two moral imperatives. It is termed as much complex situation in which the result can be a huge conflict as well between two bodies (Stephen, 2014). Although there are some ways that can be involved in order to solve the dilemma such as sharing with others, take advice from others etc. In an organisation, happening of ethical dilemmas is common enough. So, the situation of ethical dilemma is quite complex because focusing on any one of the factors can term impossible and can cause further conflicts, so preventive measures can be involved.

Solving the dilemma

The issue here is that the advertising campaigns are held regarding providing treatment to bowel cancer only for two months because of the limited financial status. Also, it has been observed that within the two months of the campaigns, there has been analysed a better rate of improvements in the people dealing with bowel cancer. But, for the rest of the months, it has been observed that the overall rate of the people with bowel cancer have been increased. So, this shows the importance and requirement of the adverts for the rest of the months as well so that people do not have to suffer from such issues and can take proper preventions before only to stay protected from this. For resolving the issue, the charity can make some changes in the structure so that they can get a suitable amount of funds so that even if they cannot be able to advert or organise campaigns for 12 months, but for even 9 or 10. The charity can also request to the government to provide some funds so that it can help them to manage the expanding of the campaigns for few more months. It will help them to gain an appropriate number of funds so that they can provide check ups and services for the rest of the months as well, thus helping the people.

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Marketing Research Project

For a successful launching of the eatery, some factors are essential to be considered and these involve an efficient type, size, location etc. It is because this should be ensured before only so that it can help the business in achieving a better rate of popularity as well as productivity (Kadish, Schulhofer and Barkow, 2016). The type of the eatery will be regarding dealing of the fast food. The location that has been decided is in famous and well known malls because gaining the attraction of people there can be much easy. The market segments that has been chosen is the children and youngsters. It is because the youngsters are much prone to the fast food. So, it has been chosen as the market segment. Primary collection of data is considered as the data that is collected for the first time whereas secondary data is classified as the data that has already been gathered by some external body but the same can be further used by the researcher. Primary research methods that can be used for this research may involve surveys, focused groups interviews etc. Secondary methods that can be involved in the research may include online or journals. Primary data will be given more priority because it helps in providing a suitable amount of data. In secondary, there are possibility that the data might be not relevant enough in books or journals.

So, secondary data will be taken also but primary data will be given more priority. Some factors need to be considered while the implementation of the eatery and a well known example of this can be considered as ethical concerns etc. Ethical concerns are factors that needs to be ensured for maintaining a balance between all the operations and services in order to gain a better rate of popularity as well as productivity. These include the factors that the restaurant should properly investigate about the requirements and needs of the people so that on the basis of that only, they can make further changes or modifications in their menu etc. that can be able enough to attract a huge amount of people, thus it can further help the organisation in achieving a higher rate of popularity as well as productivity. On investigating all the concerns, a consent will be properly taken from the government in order to establish the eatery. The Data protection act 1998 can also help in keeping all the information and data confidential so that the personal details of all the employees etc. can stay secure enough and no external body can be able to access it.

Market research : Restaurant case study

Diversity is considered as the situation which involves the composition of various elements. It means various types of people from different backgrounds and processes related to them. Involvement of different types of people in some operation or service is considered as the diversity. Equality is considered as a factor of being equal to everyone. It may include the equalities in gender, race etc. so that the whole economy can move towards progress at a higher rate. There is a huge importance of diversity in the Britain because it is considered as one of the greatest strength of the Britain. One of the current agenda, involvement of diversity in Britain because it will lead to maintain the democracy factor so that everyone will be given an equal amount of equality and respect which will help in maintaining the peace. There are various reasons for which involvement of diversity policy can prove helpful because it will surely help in maximizing the capability of the people and thus will further increase the morale of people as well (Anderson and Anderson, 2014). So, along with this, it can actually provide much number of benefits to the company. Some other common examples may include it provides enormous number of opportunities for the individuals.

When there will be a huge amount of opportunities for people, it is obvious that the company can make involvement of all the possible features that can help the company, thus the organisation can be able to achieve a higher rate of popularity as well as productivity. The case of Qbic hotel inspired me a lot because it started as a very small business but continuous efforts by the management of the hotel made it possible to achieve all their targets at a much faster rate. Also, the hotel follows all the laws and legislations properly as there is no sort of racism or discrimination in the hotel. As per the Equality act 2010, it says that there should be no sort of racism or discrimination in the health and social care whether it is on the basis of colour, race, gender etc. it is not allowed because this can actually throw a very negative impact on the mental ability of the person (Lunagariya, Pate and Heilman, 2016). Some practical steps the business will take includes the fact that the eatery will make sure to take proper feedbacks from the customers that what is their requirement, what they want. It is because what matters is the fact that the food items etc. are being liked by the people. This factor will help in increasing the productivity rate of the company.

Criminal Law

As it has still not proven that Lu Yin is actually involved in any of such cases, but she has been charged. Although the police does not have proof that they can accuse her but they are still not sure that she was involved in the credit card fraud case. She is not able to have an efficient conversation because she can speak some English but she actually understands her own language only. She has been suspected for fraud case without any evidence. So, as per the laws made by the government of UK, this can come under unfair means. It is because they do not have any proof or evidence against her that she is actually engaged in the fraud case of the credit card. On providing advice to her, on interview with the police, she can confront the police and ask for any proof against her. It is because as she has not done anything, so there might be a huge possibility that there will be no proof against her. So, on having a session with the police, she can have a proper talk with the police ans also stay patient enough is very important because losing the patience in such a situation can actually make the situation more complex. So, by this way, the whole situation can be controlled and there might be the possibility that police will understand and the situation can get better. There have been observed various situations when the innocent have to pay the penalties, so for resolving such types of issues and complexities only, the government has initiated various policies so that the innocent one does not have to pay any sort of penalty.

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Problem solving accounting analysis

As Lisa has opened a gym, so the basic assets she will be requiring includes premises, savings, an efficient cost etc. It is because currently, she has rented a place for opening the gym but this seems much costly to her. So, for avoiding extra expenses etc., she can do a one time investment that she can buy a place of their own where they can set up all according by their own. Also, it is just one time investment (Bardach and Patashnik, 2015). They do not have to pay any extra expenses etc. So, purchasing a place for the gym is one of the best ideas that they can take. Also, they can try to make involvement of factors that can seem affordable enough for customers as well. It is because for covering up the cost of the place, they cannot increase the amount for the customers. The amount should be specific enough that every customer can be able to afford it easily. She purchases all the stuff such as protein shakes, drinks etc. from a wholesaler and supplies the same to the clients. She also wants to deal with the selling of boxing equipments, but she does not have a personal room there where she can lock them after the sessions. So, for resolving this issue also, purchasing a place self can be considered as an efficient options so that they can easily arrange every room and hall according to the requirements. As Lisa has made an opportunity to the customers that they can take the products on credit. This can act as a drawback because due to this fact, she has to face a huge amount of losses. Many customers have taken the products but have not paid yet. So, this is putting Lisa into losses. So, for resolving the issue, Lisa can make sure to exclude the criteria for taking products on credit. Also, the company can block the customers from taking any further product who have not paid the amount till now. This will help Lisa to get some better situation so that she can be able enough to gain a higher rate of popularity as well as productivity. This will also help her to stay prevented from any sort of financial issue in the future.

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