LSBM101 Marketing Principles and Practice in British Airways

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Organization Selected : British Airways
Question :

There are certain questions which full fill the requirement of the brief will are given below:

  • Introduce the airline industry and the importance of marketing in the industry.
  • Explain the concepts of marketing and terminology applicable to Air Canada or British airways.
  • Enlist the marketing strategies and programs that helped Air Canada in order to attain its objective.
  • Define marketing concepts and principles used in Air Canada or British airway's daily operations.
  • Produce a mind map or poster to explain the relationship between marketing and other business units within the company.
  • Make valid conclusions and recommendations.
Answer :


Marketing within business is very essential factor which is directly connected to sales and growth and development of the company. This is related to how an organisation is promoting and advertising it's services and products to customers. Marketing is a discipline which includes actions that are undertaken by a company for drawing customers and maintaining relationships with them. This also includes networking with present as well as past clients. The company considered in this report is British Airways. This is a flag carrier airline of UK and the headquarters of this company are located in Waterside, Harmondsworth. This is one of the largest airlines within UK. There is huge development in the aviation industry since years. The demand of travelling has resulted in the growth of airlines industry (Bernstein, and Johnson, 2019). The British Airways has completed more than 100 years of service. There are lot of changes and developments since the start of business. The following report is in the form of report. It includes key marketing concepts and terminology that is applicable to British Airways. It also includes marketing strategies and programs that help in attainment of organisational objectives.


Marketing concepts

Marketing is the process of selling and purchasing goods and services of a company and make contribution in running the business of an organisation. It can be an activity of trading products and services of the firm by following different conceptions of marketing for the success of the business. There are several marketing concepts which are considered by British Airways in its business, some of them are mentioned as beneath:

Marketing concept- It indicates to a theory that companies ought to break down the demands of their consumers and after that put on choices to satisfy those demands, better than the resistance (Birdir, Dalgic, and Birdir, 2018). In context of British Airways, the advertising thought based after setting investigation to distinguish business industry shard, their size and their needs. To satisfy the market needs, the promoting team settles on choices regarding the controllable parameters of the promoting mixture.

Elements of marketing process- The activity of marketing is waste conception that is an important component which is required for the growth of a company. In British Airways, the management of the company consisted several actions and activities in its marketing process and designing of products, setting prices, developing strategies, promotional and advertisement activities. All the marketing activities are combined in four key factors of marketing process that are mentioned as beneath:

Research- It refers to the process of investigation which is conduct by the administration of British Airways, before launching the product and services at marketplace. It is conduct by the company to monitor the current situation of the market that how will it create the effect upon the products and services of the company. It will also help the respective company in getting information about customers needs, preferences, business opportunities, market threats and internal & external condition of the marketplace.

Strategy- It indicates to the plan of actions which are devise by the administration of British Airways to effectively running the business and marketing of the products and services which are produced by it. The management of the company can devise the formulation of strategies on the basis of SWOT analysis of the firm. In the respective company, the firm can design different plan of action with the purpose of beat the rivalry in the market, getting customer attention, increase customer base, maximise productive, increase profit margins and market share and success of growth for the organisation.

Planning- It is another effective component and help in getting information about the actual goals and objectives of the company. In British Airways, the management of the firm can do market planning in context of prediction of gross sales, fiscal necessitates, abstraction plan of action, personal necessities and several other criteria that organisation deprivations to accomplish in upcoming time.

Tactics- It refer to those short term plans and strategies which are used by British Airways to overcome short period of time issues and problems like maximise market share, high profitability etc (Camilleri, 2018). These kind of plans also devise by the company to accomplish short term objectives and convert those plans in to actions. The company also frame promotional tactics in context of reduction of monetary value, discounts and offers etc.

Marketing strategy

There are a number of marketing strategies adopted within British Airways for sustaining in market for longer period. The market strategy for this company are mentioned below -

Market analysis in market strategy – There are various political events that take place in European Unions, US elections, Brexit, rise of militant groups, US elections, etc. affects the business operations within market. There is decrease in fuel prices and this results in increase of short haul in flight. This is supplemented by the regional transportation.

Customer analysis in marketing strategy – The target customers of British Airways are between the age of 20- 50 years (Marketing Strategy of British Airways, 2019). Also, frequent fliers are the potential customers of this organisation. The global premium airlines have customers and most of it are from corporate world or from upper or middle income group. The satisfaction level of customers is monitored by this organisation by using research techniques and surveys (Kim, 2018). This is done in order to mitigate risk of losing clients and managing new customer acquisition cost.

Promotional strategy – British Airways has given various offers to customers during the time of festivals (Blank, 2018.). The individuals travelling in gold and silver class are provided free upgrades.

Problems faced by British Airways - After the incidence of World trade centre there was development of fear in travellers. Due to this there was less travelling of individuals. Another problem is increase in crude oil prices and this has resulted in economic downfall because of the which aviation industry was affected badly (Sangeetha, and Kumaran, 2018). This Airways organisation faced a lot of problem due to this increase in oil pricing.

7P's and STP

The marketing mix of British Airways

The marketing mix of British Airways evaluates and analyses the company and organisation and this covers various aspects including product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, process and people (Liu, 2019). The marketing mix of British Airways is listed below -

Product – The British Airways is the flagship airline carrier that is based out of UK. This company offers high quality service to clients and customers. This aviation organisation offers transport from one place to another by flight (British Airways Marketing Mix, 2019). The British Fleet includes Boeing 777s, 747s and 787s. The services offered by this company are integrated with high quality (McLachlan, James, and Hampson, 2018). The various services offered in flight of this organisation include beds, screens, main meal courses, cabins, extra spaces, etc. The services offered are differentiated into long haul as well as short haul which is duration of flight.

Price – the main aim of this company is to ensure that every individual can afford ticket prices and this has pricing policy which gives reasonable value to customers and clients. This organisation has fixed different price for premium, economy and business class (Rybakov, 2018). If the flights are booked early then the pricing is much affordable. It is using differentiation pricing strategy. This company offers discounts for customers that have frequent flier miles and they have to ensure that they are earning a sizeable profit for effective functioning.

Place – There are approximately more than 400 destinations with a fleet of 273 aircraft that consists of Boring 777s, 747s and 787s. The headquarters of this company are located in Waterside airport, London. This airline has approximately 40% of the slots at the Heathrow airport. This airlines has tied up with airport authorities for conducting smooth operations. The way in which services are operated are through phone applications and websites. The customers can check different information like arrival departure, features of flights, etc. through website.

Promotion – There is huge competition within airline industry and hence organisations must ensure that they are adopting right type of marketing strategy to capture more customers. The promotions of British Airways are very classy and have sophistication. All customers travelling through the flights of this company find it easy to book tickets online on website or mobile application. This company has sponsor various sporting, cultural and charitable events across the world. This has also promoted the brand by film naming “Planes”.

People – This company is owned by CEO naming Willie Walsh and he manages all the top level management activities. This is followed by management board that includes engineering, strategy, finance, sales and marketing and customer unites. There is existence of operations team and customer management which includes communications, flight operations, engineering operations, operation team and customer management. It also has other departments such as safety, legal and investments (Pateli, and Lioukas, 2019). There are approximately 4000 employees working in this organisation and 15000 cabin crew, 5500 engineers and 3600 pilots are present within this airline organisation (O’Brien, 2019). There are tough tests for pilots and simulations for selecting and induction into British Airways. The cabin crew of this company is selected from hospitality institutes and they undergo rigorous training.

Process - There is a nee ticketing service used by this airlines i.e. e-ticketing. This system is made in Germany as well as Britain. This has a cargo service that offers delivery for perishable and dangerous pets, goods, funerals and scheduled services. The various processes included in this organisation are booking of tickets, entering the flight, arriving at the airport, utilising and experiencing the services offered in flight, getting boarding pass, etc.

Physical evidence – The British Airways is about the experiences that this company has to offer for their customers and the way in which customers perceive brand (Pásková, Hruška, and Zelenka, 2018). This is intangible concept of business and thus, this is the way in which service is offered. In context of British Airways, this company offers various services like designing of lounges, attendant's behaviour, design of cabin, ambience of flights, etc.

Segmentation, targeting and promotion of British Airways

This is defined as the way by which British Airways segments, targets and positions product within markets. The segmentation includes dividing population into groups as per various characteristics of the customers. Targeting means the selection of groups that are feasible for the company to market it's services and products. This airways organisation is providing services to various individuals which are classified on the basis of three type of classes i.e. premium economy, economy, first class and executive class (Stuart, 2018). The STP of British Airways services is mentioned in the following table -

An appropriate and effective market segmentation, targeting and positioning is important as these are important for success of any business. There is no product or service which can be valued equally by all individuals of population due to the difference amongst the population members in different levels (Tzvetkova, 2018). For achieving the long term goal of the company, it is important for British Airways to focus on enhancing value perception of the services of the target customers. In British Airways, the service value is increasing from top level and marketing management by maintaining strategic customer relationships in relation to different segments and application of creativity and innovation in various business processes. 


From the above discussion, it is analysed that effective marketing of an organisation is important for development and growth of any organisation. The sales objective of any company are related to the manner in which it does marketing campaigns and activities. The marketing mix of any organisation is effective as it provides information about how a company can do marketing and product is advertised to customers effectively. A strong and effective marketing strategy is important for every company so that they can achieve organisational goals within specified time frame.


From the above analysis, it is recommended that British Airways is having a strong and effective marketing strategy. This is helpful in managing all business operations in an effective manner. For this company to sustain successful, it is essential that it should find out new strategy for attracting the potential customers for using services given by this company. It is necessary that British Airways must conduct all business operations in an ethical manner so that there are no conflicts and fights within workplace. Also this company must do marketing mix analysis in proper manner so that new strategies and plans are made effectively within the company. 

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