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Organization Selected : The Body Shop
Question :

Some of the main assessment which are depicted as under:

  • What are the responsibilities and roles which helps in marketing functions.
  • What are the organisational context to manage the responsibilities in Bodyshop.
  • Elaborate marketing mix of Bodyshop.
  • Give the effective marketing plan of Bodyshop.
Answer :


Marketing refers to the different types of activities which is mainly used by firms in order to promote and sale their products at marketplace. Along with marketing includes advertising, selling of overall goods and services in a perfect way. For instance, firms are able to make several goods and services in order to satisfy consumer's needs and wants within short period of time (Rijal and Bhusal, 2019). This assignment is based on Body Shop which is one of the best cosmetic, skin care and perfume company which was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976 along with it is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Further discussion based on interrelation of functional units, 7P'S of marketing mix and at last marketing plan will get covered.


P1 Key roles and responsibilities of marketing function

Marketing concept refers to the strategies which is implemented by firms in order to satisfy all over demand of consumers. It increases overall sales, profit and help firms to beat the competition in a proper manner. Therefore, within current trends consumers want regularly access towards goods and services by which they can feel good and able to achieve its targeted goals and objectives (Othman and et. al., 2019). Therefore, most of the firms are needed to have smart goals by which they can provide those services or goods which consumer's wants. Along with in order to improve future trends firms can improve themselves by using so any unique business aspects and different tools and technologies which can make them perfect in a proper way. Apart from this, trends are changing everyday so that most of the business firms are needed to have so many aspects by which they can achieve its targeted goals. There are different types of responsibilities and roles, that are:

Roles of marketing:

Meet consumer wants and needs: In order to have exist marketplace, marketer are needed to analyse of overall needs and wants of their consumers and they should adopt different strategies to influence individual and personalities positively.

Adapting the right price: Price mainly considered as an critical element within marketing mix. Therefore, marketer has to play such role by which they can generate proper revenue in order to adopt effective changes to reach targeted goals.

Better product offerings: Most of the organisation sell more goods as compare to one product. Therefore, marketer should focus on their overall goods labelling, packaging in order to segmented them properly (Öztürk and Batum,2019). Thus, marketing plays significant role and able to manage product offering.

Responsibilities of marketing:


It is one of the best way to reach customer's goals and know their desire in a proper mode. Therefore, Marketeer has responsibilities to sales its entire goods and services in a perfect manner. With the help of this they can fulfil consumer's desires and needs and able to gain huge profits at marketplace.


In this factor marketer has responsibility to set such kind of price for which customers ca easily pay without thinking too much about product. So that it is an essential aspect for each and every marketer to make effective cost of appropriate product in order to gain good feedback from customers.


This is an essential aspect which fulfil marketers needs and wants, whereas, marketing department has responsibilities to produce such kind of goods and services by which they can get profits in a perfect way (Osungbadegun, 2019). Therefore, they required to have proper financial budget which will helps them to achieve their targeted goals. So that is responsibility to marketer to make every better aspect to satisfy consumer's wants and meet marketing goals.

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing interrelation within organisational context

Interrelation of different functional unit of marketing this can be said that if firm always communicate with each and every department then they are able to get huge profits and sales and satisfy customer's needs and wants as well. Therefore, marketing plays one of the better roles in every organisation which also encourages firm to achieve their targeted goals and objectives. In context with Body Shop they always work in a integrated forms, that are:

Marketing and Human resource department:

Human resource department plays significant role within an organisation. It help firms to recruit and select educated candidates who are able to fulfil firm's needs and wants at marketplace. In reference with, Body Shop HR manager generally make such type of strategies by which they can hire knowledgable candidate who are eligible to fulfil their needs to satisfy consumer's needs and demand. For this they always communicate with marketing department then they both implements on this process and select appropriate person to achieve targeted goals.

Marketing and R&D department:

Research and Development is very helpful function of marketing which is helpful for organisation to achieve appropriate and correct information towards different types of marketing factors to make their business effective (Nunez-Mulder, 2019). In context with Body Shop as they deals with several sorts of beauty products so that manager of this firms is needed to conduct marketing research so that they can get what type of need consumer's have. After focusing on it they communicate with marketing department and develop better ways to gain competitive scenario.

Marketing and Production department:

Production department is more essential for firms to develop several strategies in order to analyse entire demand of customers in a proper way. In reference with Body Shop, production department generally communicate with marketing department in order to achieve targeted goals so that they produce kind of cosmetic products which influence customer's most in a perfect way.

Marketing and Finance department:

Financial department plays significant role in each and every organisation which generally develop effective budget and provide funds to companies to reach their target within competitive scenario (Han, 2019). Herein, Body Shop always take fund from their financial team in which marketing department execute and able to make satisfy goods and services for their customers in an appropriate manner.


P3 Marketing mix 7P'S

Marketing mix is the combination of so many variables such as product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, people and process. In reference with Body Shop it is necessary for them to differentiate their product from the another one by which they can produce kind of goods through they can get great profits. 7P's of marketing mix are given below:


Body Shop



It is a global organisation that has more than 1,000 products under its business scenario. It always make goods according to different types of skin like oily, sensitive, dry and combination skin (Larsson and Jakobsson, 2019). Along with it makes hair shampoo, conditioner combs etc. Therefore, all these product help people to protect their skin or hair and satisfy them.

It has famous identity within the marketplace. In respect with products division there are different types of goods which is offered by L'oreal at marketplace such as eye-liner, eye shadow, nail polish, remover, lip liner, gloss, facial creams and so on. So all these are available at different size shape and colours.


Body Shop generally target women from the cosmopolitan cities and urban class who are mainly health conscious and generally belong to high income of group (Deepwell, Palmer and Greig, 2019). Therefore, price of products of this firms is hire rather than the other. During the passed months they target men as they are making different types of product for them.

It is one of the leading global brand so that it's products mainly available at different prices. So that it is easy for most of the customers to buy products from this brand.


It has global presence of its products including so many countries like Canada, Belgium, France, Finland and so on. Therefore, it has strong brand image and very helpful for people because they can get every product of this firm in everywhere (Ealy, 2019). Thus, it fulfils customer's requirements perfectly.

It's products are always available globally. They have large number of distribution networks by which they can make effective global presence in a perfect manner. As it has lots of cosmetic stores, retail outlets and so many websites.


Body Shop always used different types of marketing policies in order to promote its overall brand name and image. Therefore, they use advertisement through fashion magazine and social media platforms. Apart from this they also have its own websites to sell their products in a perfect way.

It is an international brand so that they use different types of promotional strategies such as strong slogan, so many different websites, newspapers and so on (Gkaitatzi, 2019). All these influence consumer's most and encourage them to buy products.


In order to make good process of their products they use organic ingredients so that they can provide better products to customers.

This brand use different types of technologies and tools in order to deliver their products in a perfect way. Therefore, this process is easy for them to targeted goals.


They always take feedback from customers because customers are those people who increase brand value and help firm to reach its targeted goals (Heidarzadeh Hanzaee, Sadeghian and Jalalian, 2019).

Employees and customers both are equal for them, with the help of this they can achieve its targeted goals.

Physical evidence

As this is global brand and have good presence across the globe so that they have large number of people who work together to achieve business goals.

As it is one of the leading global brand so that they have good position at marketplace and able to give better services .



P4 Basic marketing plan

Marketing plan refers to the different types of business aspects and approaches which shown in the form of blueprint document in order to gain exact information and policies towards operating business ahead (Rijal and Bhusal, 2019). Therefore, basic marketing plan is based on so many aspects, those are going to be discussed below in context with Body Shop. That are:

Company Overview:

Body Shop is one of the best cosmetic, perfume and skin care organisation which is considered as a subsidiary of Brazilian organisation. It was established in the year of 1976 that includes different types of cosmetic items such as skin care, hair care and so on. Therefore, currently, it has more than 1,000 goods and it sells goods and services globally (Othman and et. al., 2019).

Mission: To bring changes according to the current and future trend in order to maintain its creative balance to satisfying consumer's needs and wants.

Vision: To offer high quality of product along with beauty products in order to satisfy consumers and understand their values.


  • The main aim and objective of Body Shop is to become world's most sustainable and ethical global business through including so many effective aspects like products, packaging, stores and campaigns (Nunez-Mulder, 2019).


Segmentation: According to this step Body Shop is able to segment its overall market on the basis of geographical and psychological which includes age, gender and income of people. So that they can make products accordingly and able to achieve their goals.

Target: After completing segment process they are able to target customers as they mainly focus on urban areas and market so they generally target high class of people in a perfect way.

Position: Through doing all these things done they make effective types of goods and services in a proper way by which they can give great position to their product and make their image better to satisfy customers in a perfect way (Öztürk and Batum, 2019.).

SWOT Analysis:



  • Goods which are sole by Body Shop that all are made from natural ingredients, along with good packaging.
  • Value of this firm reflected all of the aspects which is take care by governmental bodies (Osungbadegun, 2019).
  • Pricing is the major weak point as they always focus on urban areas along with high status of people.
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • By having good image into the world so that they can easily increase its items towards cosmetics.
  • There are so many competitors like Revlon, Sephora and so on.


Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing outlay








Sales publicity






Direct selling












On the basis of above financial budget this can be said that they use different types of pricing strategies for each and every aspect in order to achieve targeted business goals and objectives.


According to the above mentioned report it has been analysed that marketing is one of the main important term in each and every organisation which gives benefits to firms towards providing effective sales and promotional activities. In this assignment there is different types of marketing functions and strategies which helps organisation to achieve their targeted goals. Along with Marketing mix of 7p's always shows the different between firm's product with another firm. By doing all the things in a specific firm, manager has responsibility to focus on those ways by which they can communicate with potential customers and able to increase its sales and revenue as well.

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