Sales Planning And Operations Samples

Introduction Sales And Operational Planning

Sales And Operational Planning is a coordinated process which involves the prediction of future sales and planning the production process accordingly. It helps business in managing its manufacturing output in an optimum manner so as to meet the present as well as future requirements of customers (Oliva and Watson, 2011). Therefore, it is the key activity for organization which helps company in attaining its sales targets and ensuring the satisfaction to customers. In the present research study, various aspects of sales and operational planning has been studied. In this aspect various companies have been selected in this report to deeply understand the concept of sales and operational planning.

Eviro Cars Ltd support other promotional activities

Personal selling is an important part of promotional mix which assists the business process in reaching its potential customers. Promotion mix is the combination of different variables that are selected by the marketers of Eviro Car Ltd. to target the potential customers and to accomplish the business objectives. However, personal selling is a component of promotion mix which involves direct or one to one communication between customers and sellers (Grimson and Pyke, 2007). Thereafter, various components are included in the promotional mix such as sales promotion, publicity, personal selling and advertisement etc. The role of personal selling in Eviro Car Ltd. is explained as follows:

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  • It assists the organization in targeting potential customers and results in actual sales by persuading the customers.  
  • There is the least wastage of efforts in personal selling as sales personnel selects the target market and concentrates on customers within that segment only.
  • Personal selling generates the awareness among customers about the products and services that are offered by Eviro Car Ltd (Miller, 2012).
  • It is more impelling than advertisement or publicity as it involves direct communication between buyers and sellers.
  • It supports advertising as it explains those attributes and clear those misconceptions which are ignored during advertisement.
  • The sales personnel can modify its message and explain in the language that is understood by the target customers. Therefore, it is more flexible than other mediums.

Personal selling helps in developing better relationship between buyer and seller. This is because, seller makes efforts in understanding the needs of target customers and suggests the ways in which offerings of Eviro Car Ltd. can fulfil them.

Despite of personal selling they may also use some other promotional activities like celebrity endorsement, after sales services, promotion through social media etc. social media marketing is the contemporary trend that is being used by each and every organization. However, with using this advertising and promoting of servicing the cars, maintenance of the vehicles etc.  to the large audiences. Although with the social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. Eviro-cars Ltd. can easily supply the information regarding the car services that they provide to the customers. However, through social media marketing, car dealership can also target various customers section. In addition to this, for promoting the services they also focus on providing after sales services for the product that assist in attracting the large customers to use their services.

The sales team of organization collects the relevant information about the needs and preferences of target customers. This information further helps company in modifying its present offerings. With the help of this, firm becomes aware of the changing tastes and demand of customers and thus, becomes competent to provide better services (Meyr, Wagner and Rohde, 2015). In addition to this, it provides competitive advantage to business over its rivals. Thereafter, business can design new strategies to fulfil the demand and expectations of target consumers in a better way. Personal selling further support other promotional mix elements in many ways. For instance, in the advertisement of Eviro Car Ltd only general information like speed,  price and some specific features of car are explained while through personal selling, sales man can explain other plan like insurance that will be provided by company. Thereafter, the sales executive can detail out the features demonstrated in advertisement in the language understood by the prospective customer.

Decision Making Process In Different Situations Of Eviro

Buyer behaviour is related to various stages that target customers undergo before buying a particular product. Buying decision making process is directly associated with the behaviour of customers. The purchasing decision of customers involve different steps, the description of which is as follows:

Need identification: It is a first step of decision making process in which buyer decides the need that he or she wants to fulfil first. In this step, buyer determines a purchase priority for himself (Kaplan and Norton, 2008). For instance, John wants a 4 seater car for its personal use and it should be fully equipped with new music system, modified features etc.  
Information search: It this step, the customer tries to identify various ways to fulfil its requirements. For example, John will discuss among its co-workers, relatives and peers or on internet about the new cars of various models that are available in the market.

Alternative solution: After gathering information, it is required by the customer to determine various alternatives to select the one which fulfil its needs in the best way (Mentzer, Stank and Esper., 2008). For instance, John will take the help of online medium and will search and analyse various models in terms of price, design, attributes etc.

Purchase decision: After evaluating different alternatives, customers select the best suited available option as per its requirement. For example, John will make his decision on the basis of attributes that he wanted in a car. Thereafter, he will select the best which falls in his budget and have all the required features which he want.

Post purchase evaluation: It is a final step in which buyer after making purchase decision evaluates and matches its satisfaction level with its actual requirements. Here, in our case, John is happy and satisfy with its new Eviro Car (Katz and Green, 2007).

There are different factors that mainly impact and affect the buying decisions of the customers. For instance;

Promotional schemes- one of the major factor that affect the buying decisions of the customers mainly include discount as well as different promotional schemes like car services at the lower price, attractive gift for the customers that purchase second had cars in the give time period etc. thus, all these promotional scheme and activities affect the buying decisions of customers (Factors Affecting Buying Decision of the Customers at the Store, 2015) .

Customer treatment- Another factor that affect the buying decisions of customers include the way staff or worker of the Eviro-Cars treated their customers who bring their car and other vehicle for servicing purpose.  Thus, treating customers with respect and warm feeling it will assist in building loyalty among the customers.

Role Of Sales Team Within Overall Marketing Strategy For Eviro Car Ltd.

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The sales team plays a key role in the success of marketing strategy of organization. The sales team is responsible for implementing the marketing strategy that is designed by the management of business enterprise. Different functions of sales team are  elaborated as follows:

Division and study of market: The main function of sales team is to divide the market into different segments after studying various aspects of business environment. The sales team bifurcate the market on the basis of pyschoraphic, behavioral, demographic and demographic segmentation (Jonsson,  Kjellsdotter and Rudberg, 2007 ). Thereafter, the target customers are selected by the team.

Develop strategy: In order to fulfil the needs of target segment in the best possible manner, the sales team develops effective and creative marketing strategy. The need and preferences of target market is considered before developing such strategy. Every individual within team is responsible for attaining the allotted sales target.

Develop alternative strategy: It is also important for the sales team to develop a alternative strategy which will act as a backup plan if the actual strategy fails or cannot be implemented  for some reason (Fildes and, 2009). 

Design marketing plan: The marketing plan is developed by the sales team after considering the business strategy of Evio Car Ltd company. Further, it includes various decisions regarding choice of marketing medium, use of promotional techniques and determining pricing policy. However, it is important for individuals within sales team to coordinate different activities to achieve the objectives in an effective manner.

Result: The competent individuals within sales team will help in enhancing the market reputation of Evio- Car- Ltd company by addressing the demands of each segment to maximum possible extent. The  coordinate team will help in maintaining the sales and demand of to meet the overall goals of company (Chae, 2009). This will improve the current declining sales and operational performance of business.

Information management: It is important for the sales team to communicate the vital information to management. They will also help in preparing customer database and communicate the same to company. For instance, the extent to which sales target has been achieved by the team should be communicated so that, management can measure their performance. However, the overall marketing strategy of Eviro-Cars Ltd should concentrate on developing strong relationship with customers by satisfying their needs and preferences by designing cars according to the specifications mentioned by customers (Chae, 2009). Therefore, the customers will suggest their friends, relatives to buy Eviro-Cars and thus boost the sales of companies product. The increased satisfaction among customers will increase the reputation of company.

Role of ‘team’ of sales people supporting the overall marketing strategy as well as it also has substantial influence on the profitability of the organization. The role of team will mainly focuses on segmenting the whole market place under different section that will be targeted by the Eviro-cars. Therefore, sales team is responsible for selling or promoting the services and product into the classified segment. In order to fulfil the needs of target segment in the best possible manner, the sales team develops effective and creative marketing strategy. As sales team must render services collaboratively so that they may increase the brand image in the market that would result in driving the sales of Enviro-cars in the market.

Sales Plan is effective strategy that will assist Toyota, to frame sales targets, and strategies that will further help in increasing the productivity and profitability of organization. The importance of Sales planning are explained as follows:

  • It will help business identifying the profile of customers
  • It will assist company in determining the target customers and taking effective steps to reach them. 
  • Toyota can set sales goals with the aid of sales planning.
  • It will also assist business enterprise in identifying the sales cycle.

The advantages of buying Hybrid Car

  • The Hybrid car of toyota uses two engine, electric and conventional, therefore, it provide more choices and  benfit to customers.
  • It help in conserving fuel and therefore, it is cost effective. 
  • It emitt less Co2 and therefore, more environment friendly. 
  • They are financialy beneficial as, many banks provide loan at lower interest rate especially on Hybrid Cars.
  • The resale value of Hybrid Car is more as its goodwill is increasing day by day.

Sales Strategy

The  sales strategy is a process through use by an organization to achieve its sales target and increase its profitability. It also help in company in attaining its marketing objectives and generate awareness among public about the products offered by company. However, corporate objectives refers to the overall business goals of Plastic product Ltd (Monk and Wagner, 2012).. For instance, increasing the market share or increasing the profitability are some corporate objectives of business. In present case, the plastic product company is providing plastic teaspoon, knife and cups etc. The corporate objective of company is to increase the profit margin of company by using different sales techniques for selling the plastic products (Kaplan, 2008). The company also want to generate awareness about the plastic products among its new employees so they know what they are selling. Thereafter, business enterprise can use Delphi method to predict the future sales.

However, it is important for company to align its sales strategies with corporate strategies of Plastic product Ltd. Both of these strategies are crucial as they cause direct impact on the performance and productivity of company. The sales strategy involves use of promotional techniques to generate awareness among public. It further involves determination the requirement of sales force needed to accomplish sales target. The sales strategy also involves the use of marketing information for preparing business plan and making important decision that will assist in attaining organizational goals.

Why Recruitment And Selection Process

The recruitment and selection refers to process of attracting and selecting individuals towards a vacant job in an organization. It involves selection of right person for the right job at the right time (Friend and Jessop, 2013). The importance of recruitment and selection process is explained as follows:

Finding the competent candidates: This process assist in finding appropriate person for the vacant job in Plastic product company at right time. The HR manager can take help of online job websites, or recruitment agency or give advertisement about the vacant job to find the suitable candidates for company (Monk and Wagner, 2012). For instance; by identifying the competent personnel plastic products Ltd. They can effective render services within the organization. However, if sales manager find out incompetent personnel than it may result in affecting the process of Plastic Products Ltd.

Selecting competent candidates: With the help of selection process, company can select the best suited candidate for the vacant job. This also help Plastic product Ltd company in increasing quality of its human inventory by employing best person for its job. Further, it will improve the productivity of company as the work will be performed by individual who is competent in performing it.

Communication of organizational goals: The selection and recruitment process assures that candidate Plastic product company wants to appoint is not only good in learning and technical skills but also possess identical values as shared by company (Ngai,  Law and Wat, 2008). Thereafter, the manager can explain the organizational goals, mission and vision of company, so individual is well aware of his duties and responsibilities within Plastic product company. For instance, sales manager after selecting the appropriate candidate they should communicate the different goals ad aims of the organization so that they may render proper services within the catering industry.

Long term benefits: After selecting the competent candidate for business operations, organization can ensure that candidate helps enterprise in attaining its overall stated goals. Thereafter, experienced candidate is a key asset for Plastic product Ltd, so proper steps should be taken to sustain employees within company. The human assets will further help firm in making business productive and profitable on a long term basis.

Build market image: The success in appointing competent candidate for vacant job in Plastic product company assures that different task within the company will be performed properly by the hired candidate (Van Weele, 2009). This will further help in increasing the market image of company. It will lead to increase in respect among other employees too, as company is performing its functions perfectly. The positive attitude will result in increase in quality of products of Plastic product company and enhance the productivity of company  (Katz and Green, 2007).

Furthermore, the successful recruitment and selection process will help company in improving its overall performance. The task will be performed by the candidate best suited for performing the particular task. This will further result in performance of work in best and effective manner. The recruitment of efficient sales force will also help in increasing the sales of Plastic Product Ltd as they will be able to persuade customers to purchase the companies product (Oliva and Watson, 2011). The recruitment process will help in selecting candidate who is best in different aspects like, communication skills, knowledge, presentation skills etc. Therefore, the selected candidate will be able to increase the sales of Plastic product company by understanding the needs of customers and communicating how their product fulfill their needs.

However, it can be said that remuneration and training are best tool used for motivating employee. The increasing remuneration will motivate employee to work hard for the growth and success of Plastic product Ltd as the increasing profitability of company will have positive impact on the income of employee. In addition to this aspect, training will motivate employee to perform the assigned task in a effective and innovative manner (Tracy, 2014). This will further lead to career growth and development. Further, the company can adopt suitable theory that will help in increasing the motivation level of employee through the remuneration.

According to the reinforcement theory, management of company can use rewards  to support the behaviour company wants from its employee like, timely completion of work targets, punctuality etc. In addition to this, punishment can be used to discourage the negative or unwanted behavior like, unpunctuality, high absenteeism. Eviro-Cars Ltd can use monetary rewards to reinforce the behaviour company wants from employee (Ngai,  Law and Wat, 2008). 

Thereafter, company can use Expectancy theory which states that increased employee motivation is outcome of fulfilment of different goals of individuals. For instance, one employee can be motivated through monetary rewards while other may be motivated by enhancing career opportunities through proper training and development. Therefore, different motivational tools can be used to increase motivation among employees.

In addition to this aspect, Maslow theory of need can be used. According to this theory, individuals are motivated if their needs are fulfilled. In this theory, the needs of individual are arranged in chronological order therefore the fulfilment of lowest level needs motivate towards highest level needs (Mcleod, 2007). Therefore, the different needs are, physiological, safety, social, esteem and self actualization.  Further, various needs are explained following with the diagram.

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From the aforementioned report it has been identified that sales planning play a major role in the attainment of organizational goals in effective manner. With the help of sales planning company can increase its sales output and meet the demands of its prospective customers. Further, it has been identified that sales team play a strong role in the marketing strategy of Eviro Car Ltd. Thereafter, it can be concluded that concept of Hybrid Car by Toyota is innovative and will help in increasing the sales of company. Furthermore, Plastic product company should develop strategies which align with the corporate objectives of company to get fruitful outcomes. Thereafter, Currys can boost its sales by using trade exhibitions and international trade channels.


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