THL124 Marketing And Business For The Service Sector By Royal National Hotel

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Organization Selected : Royal national hotel
Question :

This assessment will provide some questions which are like:

  • What are the fundamental principles pf marketing and also the application for hospitality tourism in Royal National Hotel.
  • What is the business process and the planning, analysis and implementation for hospitality and tourism in Royal National Hotel?
  • What are the events in relation to business system and marketing.
Answer :


Marketing is the procedure of different activities that adopt by the organisation to promote the buying or selling of a product as well as services. There are consisting of promoting, selling and delivering products to clients or other businesses. The marketing in the service sector mainly based on the relationship as well as value (Kwan and Carlson, 2017). It may be used to market a service or a product. In the hospitality sector marketing plays essential role due to promote services effectively. The report based on the Royal national hotel which is a 3 star hotel that situated at Woburn place, Bloomsbury, Central London. The hotel organised a event of “Christmas Party” to promote their hotel. For this hotel create a marketing plan where mentioned all the strategies, marketing mix and others.

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Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is an operational written document that develop by the any organisation in order to promote their products and services effectively. There are the Royal national hotel create a marketing plan in the context of “Christmas Party” event. Through the event company increase the customer engagement and sales during the promotional period. There are develop effective marketing plan such as:

Overview of the company: The Royal national hotel is one of the largest hotel that situation in the United kingdom. It is 3 star hotel that provides different services to customers. The hotel have about 1630 rooms spread over eight storeys. The activities of the hotel arrange by the Imperial London because they have experience to conduct activities of other hotels. The company wants to promote their hotel in order to increase sales as well as sales. For this purpose organise a event “Christmas Party” to engage with the customers.

Vision and Mission: There are defined the mission as well as mission of the hotel that helps to achieve set goals and objectives.

  • Vision: To become leading hotel in United Kingdom and unique in the hotel industry to fulfil the requirement of the customers on time.
  • Mission: To recognise by effective services and quality product standard and marketing to excellence, originality and future improvement (Anderl, März and Schumann, 2016).

Smart objective: Organise a event in London, 2019 to promote services of hotel to engage with more customers and increase sales.

Market Research: In present time different types of trends are trending in the market that adopt by the hotel regarding to activities. For this required conduct market research by the marketing team that collect all the detailed information about the business. As a result they are collecting all the important information regarding to hospitality industry in order to apply in the Royal National hotel specifically.

  • Primary Research: The particular research based on the primary activities that conduct by the hotel own self and collect all the data and facts regarding to market trends. On the basis of these information they collect all the information about the latest technology and prepare effective strategies for the hotel.
  • Secondary research: According to particular strategy the hotel marketing department conduct research on the basis of exists fact and data that already search by any people. The hotel conduct further search regarding to particular topic and the information in order to know the information about the hospitality industry and which hotel select marketing strategy to engage with the customer and effectively increase the customer engagement.

STP Approach: Marketing as well as sales both are essential factor for the growth and success of any hotel. The STP marketing tool is applied by the organisation to create a digital strategy for content marketing regarding to any new product. This approach mainly focused on the specific segments of the market and provide facilities to right marketing mix and hotel positioning strategy to impress potential customers to get assure about the product (Paul, Mittal and Srivastav, 2016). The Royal Internal Hotel going to organise a event for this apply STP approach to apply best marketing strategy and increase sales. This approach categorised into three elements that are as follows:

Segmentation: It is useful procedure where recognise all the potential customers who afford the price of hotel. Through segmentation technique recognise the need and desire of the target customers according to that provide effective way of supplying and discussing a message for the potential customers. There are potential market categorised into different segmentations and from the segment hotel pick up one or other. The Royal national Hotel will use of demographic segmentation where is mainly focus on the high class people who afford the hotel services.

Targeting: In this strategy consist of select a most suitable market segment that is suitable for the hotel services. The services of hotel is good and also afford by the medium level of people but main target is rich people. The main aim to organise event in the hotel and invited all the rich people to present hotel services and attract to stay in the hotel.

Positioning: The main purpose of this strategy to developing and spreading brand image of a product that supports to meet with the customers expectations and addressing their feedback. For this Royal national hotel use Symbolic Positioning that prepare by the hotel to promote products & services along with aspirational elements of new car and best characteristics of brand that complete expectation of customer (Chahal, Dangwal and Raina, 2016).

Strategy and tactics: There are defined different types of strategies and tactics which is part of the marketing plan and help to business to get success and engage with the customers. When hotel provide the effective services so they are attract for the services and visit at the hotel. As a result it impact on the sales and increase as compare with other hotel. For this required to applied strategies and tactics such as:

Tactics: It is defined as specific action that supports to any organisation for the particular strategy and accomplish the objectives. These tactics are supporting to strategy.

  • Arrange fund: To apply effective strategies in the Royal National hotel required to arrange fund effectively. These funds are supporting to apply different strategies to ready of the sponsor for the events.
  • Proper Scheduling: To organise event required to follow the procedure of the marketing plan that supports to business activities in order to achieve the benefits regarding to business.
  • Sending emails to existing customer and targeted consumers:

Strategy: It is applied by the hotel to increase the sales and attract the customer for the products and services of the Royal national hotel.

Latest technology: In present time people wants to latest technology that attract them for particular place. In the event when Royal national hotel can provide products and services to customer through advance technology so they impress with this and invite to again come in the hotel (Kienzler and Kowalkowski, 2017). In present time digital technology help in the promotion of the products and services and for this use of the different distribution channels.

Develop effective relation with customers: To promote the hotel require to create effective relation with the customers and time to time send mails and greeting regarding to provide effective services. It shows that hotel provide effective services to the customers.

Marketing Mix: It is a set of actions or tactics that apply to promote its brand and products in the target market. Marketing mix supports to keep right product at right place to analysis the combination of the place. It is defined as the difficult part is doing as well as required to know every aspects regarding to marketing plan. To organise a event require to focus on the every aspects that discuss in the marketing mix in the context of The royal national hotel (Snyder and et. al, 2016).

Price: In present time competition increase day by day that impact on the price level of the hotel. For this require to set competitive based pricing strategy because of data about the competitors is easily available who are already conduct business activities in the hotel industry. The Royal national hotel connect with different type of people around the people. It is essentially to categorise the market segment according to income of the people such as high scale, mid scale and luxury and set price accordingly. So mainly pricing strategy depended on the hotel brand as we as targeting of people. When people arrive at the event so know the piece of the product that provide by the hotel.

Place: It is 3 star hotel that situated in UK and conduct activities in few countries. To sell out the products to customer hotel apply two marketing channels. First channel is directly connect with the customer and sell out the product second, sells to whole seller then various retailers that located at the all over the country. The Royal national hotel adopt the intensive marketing strategy where consist of different retailers as possible. The hotel follow the Omni distribution system to connect with the offline as well as online stores.

Promotion: To promote their products and services most of the hotel select word of mount strategy which is good for the hotel and effectively present in front of the customers. It seems quite effective due to have different competitors already in the market that provide competition of the people. The Royal national hotel use different types of distribution channel that promote for the products as well as services. It is advantageous to meet with the large group of people and use online channels for the marketing and social media application like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Tseng, 2016). They are also using personal selling and different sales method after analysis the particular budget for the certain period of time.

Product: The Royal national hotel, sell out the product in different categories where each of these serves as separate product lines. In shorter period of time it become 3 star hotel that provides many product service to their customers. It is tourism sector company that represent the goods and services to potential customer. For this purpose they furnished proper and adequate information about the presented goods and services to target the customers. Through these products Royal national hotel fulfil the expectations of the customers.

Process: The Royal national hotel assure about the products as well as services that provide by the hotel to their specific customers and al ways available for the services. To connect with the customer establish a system which is notify the issues of the customer and also observe the inventory levels are low or high. Through the system they understand where is required to apply the improvement. The hotel actively involved in the market research activities to analysis the market trends and understand the client requirement according to that apply modification to become leading hotel at the after organise the event.

Physical Evidence: The Royal national hotel can sell out the products in different packaging style that attract to customers. When people arrive in the event that time give them return gift in different packaging style. On the basis of the packaging people easily identify the Royal National hotel. The hotel have online website that is user friendly and enables clients allows customers to view its products on high quality images as per the different angles (Khizar, Rehmat and Naz, 2016).

People: A hotel have different types of departments to conduct the activities, for this require to many people for working like sales team, marketing team, finance team. Every people plays significant role and according to job role get the training for operate hotel activities effectively. Some people are working into the service department where people provide the services to customer regarding to hotel activities. If client face any problem regarding to product and services so they are contact with service department. The Royal national hotel guide to customer after know the problem and getting the issues resolved.

Marketing Budget: To organise an event require to marketing budget where mention all the expenses that mention in the budget. It made all the expenses that will be mentioned for the future activities. Having a budget is essential for all the expenses that essential procedure of the marketing. There are mentioned the marketing budget:

Marketing Budget


1 year

2 year

3 year

4 year

5 year

Initial money



















Marketing Outlay


1 year

2 year

3 year

4 year

5 year







Sales publicity






Direct selling












Monitoring and Controlling: It is last step of the marketing plan where monitor and control technique which are necessary for all the tasks as well as activities. Through this technique assure about the plan and complete in specific period of time. There are consisting of prompt monitoring of schedules, controlling costs, quality assurance and performance evaluation by accurate reporting and comparison of overall efficiency with scheduled performance. Through proper controlling supports to provide scope and time to apply correct action and fulfil the requirement as per the performance and objects of the hotel. Through monitoring of the activities hotel know that where is required to apply all the necessary techniques and according to that take necessary steps (Charter and Polonsky, 2017.).. The Royal internal hotel can control those activities which is not suitable for the event.

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As per the above assignment it has been concluded that in present time competition increase day by day. For this required to prepared effective marketing plan where mention all that strategies, tactics, approach that required to get success in the present time. The Hotel organise a event and invite to rich people who have no idea about the hotel and present the effective services of the hotel effectively. According to this plan it is analysed that company get success through event if properly follow the plan. Company get the objective of increase sales and customer engagement for longer period of time.

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