Unit 5 Marketing Essentials Level 5 Regent College


Marketing term can be defined as the most paramount and fundamental discipline of a company's administration. It is one of the essential practices that a company use for communication and interaction with large number of people (Wirtz, 2012). This can assist in creating a global and positive recognition of enterprise along with persuade consumer for making purchase decision in efficient manner. Marketing essentials are the undertaken practices that can aid an individual in managing the activities accordingly that helps in development of overall organisation. Undertaken organisation for this assignment is Apple, an American telecommunication enterprise that design, develop and trade online services, computer software and consumer electronic etc. This report will conduct various marketing aspects such as analysing and evaluating the roles and duties of marketing functions associated with achievement of business objectives. This assignment will investigate and compare marketing mix elements to understand various aspects of business with the purpose of business expansion. It will also designing a proper marketing plan carrying entire essential steps of marketing to reach the outcome.

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Task 1

P1 Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

Marketing can be defined as the management study and other relationship exchange activities. This can be termed as few practices, building process, institutions structure through communication along with exchanging offer delivery. This rotated with certain partner values, consumer, clients and society values. In regard of accomplishing the needs and demands of consumer through structure balancing practices of marketplace.

Marketing Concept: As per the concept of marketing, each organisation has to determined their preferences and requirements of several consumer and than manufacture that sort of service equalise to client's choice. Apple is aiming over the marketing concept that assist them increasing their level of profitability (Gertner, 2011). Company render wide services and products to several consumer at global market. Hence this is essential for enterprise to maintain better and effective consumer relations and properly optimise the marketing concept. Here are mentioned major five marketing concepts briefed below:

  • Production Concept: According to it, there are several services that are available in the trade for each and every consumer types so they can make the services and products purchase decision at lower cost.
  • Product Concept: It consist of consumer requirement to those product types that are rendered them full benefits and satisfaction.
  • Selling Concept: It is paramount for each business organisation as this aid in increasing their revenues and income through managing positive supplier and satiate consumer.
  • Marketing Concept: It is very challenging for enterprises which can assist in achieving business objectives in significant manner (Siricharoen, 2013).
  • Societal concept: As per this concept, the services and products are developed to benefits society to increase their standard of living.

Role of Marketing: The enterprise's success largely rely on the activities of marketing that is carried out through an organisation. Due to achieving market success, enterprise organise various practices of marketing which play large role ion the sustainment of enterprise in market along with maximising benefits in more significant ways. Manager of Apple attempt and adopt different tactics and methods for reaching set condition of market and perform their practices. There are various marketing functions of duties and roles of organisation that are associated with the marketing functions.

  • Information System Management: In order to support marketing and promotional activities, accumulation of practices, marketing strategies studies and survey that is associated with the needs and demands of consumer are conveyed by Apple (Desai, 2013). These data and information aid manager and authorities of organisation in creating more authorised decision-making linked to the alternative amount decrement, services, destination choice of public, new trends etc.
  • Distribution: This practice of product and services of distribution of their places contain distinct equipments along with instruments that are optimised for delivering services. This is very essential elements for company as consumer prefer those products and practices that are easy to access and helps in delivering their goods and products. Properly dispersion tools of products and services are required to be used through organisation like Apple for designing as well as improving and establishing a unique recognition in the industry. This is fundamental for a firm to evolve channels that are more developing and are eco-friendly.
  • Price: It can be defined as item value that a consumer will to pay while making purchasing decision. This is fundamental for an organisation like Apple to keep their products rate more moderate so that various consumer could afford through which generation of benefits volume in more adequate manner. In regard of organisation, Apple have high products standard that clients by for presenting their financial status before society, friends and family (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012). Company is rendering best best product quality to their clients and by managing effective strategy of costing, enterprise has proven them best in entire industry as they are serving products quality. In exchange of service, organisation is charging money that association agree in credit and debit card structure. Apple organisation is quite better in determining the cost and it can be considered through an example such as due to high service cost, the organisation can gain their share of market in industry as well as is able in competing rivals in business industry in marketplace.
  • Selling: It can be considered process which consist product delivery of service to consumer in return on non-monetary and monetary values. In regard of coordinating process of selling effectively, division of marketing takes several techniques and tactics in order to opt the more buyer and consumer attention as well as raise the sales number. In regard of Apple, this should be undertaken through organisation which are compatible through serving invented and innovated client's services and products. Hence, it can be considered that marketing has major role in trading Apple's products and services through effectively establish it in the marketplace.
  • Promotion: It can be defined as the awareness and information dissemination procedure through which an organisation inform and persuade consumer, target audience and potential buyer to reaching targetted consumer in more significant manner. There are various technologies and tools that referred enterprise can opt for fascinating the buyers and people such as division of marketing of entire enterprise who are opting the television as their major advertisement (Jones and Rowley, 2011). Apple keep launching and update their technologies and services and have various competitors in marketplace. This is role of marketing division to opt suitable and most effective techniques for achieving the market attention. Apple nowadays are using online campaign and social media promotion as major methods of promotion by the assistance of marketing.
  • Financing: In an enterprise, finance has major part in the management and coordination of practices to coordinate control and regulate costs. This is fundamental to opt the funds and monetary asset in balanced by to regulate the operations of enterprise effectively along with enlarging business reach internationally (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011). This is essential for marketing manager to make certain while using funds to organise the practices to promote and advertise the necessary information about enterprise's commodities. Through persuading consumer, company can extent the number of sales, revenues amount and overall financial resources of enterprise in significant manner.

Hence, it can affirm from the above notion that this is indispensable for an organisation like Apple to conduct the roles and duties of marketing in order to achieve their major business objectives. This is also required to use accurate methods, tactics and techniques in regard of functioning them in more systematic and disciplined way.

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context

Marketing can be referred as commonly used term opted for merchandising and selling products and services. This covers numerous types of operations associated with the products selling and revenues increment for which designing of marketing plan is conducted. It can state that in order to create more practices of finance, uplift growth and management of brand, marketing can assist vital role in Apple. This is broad term which includes promotion, marketing, sales and other operations that can help in delivering the services in ideal manner. In this report, various function which can assist in maintaining and achieving objectives of business. In today's world, marketing department of an organisation plays a vital role that aid in attaining goals and objectives which are related to sales or promotion (Pike, 2015).

In order to expand business at international or at domestic level as well, it is must for administration to consider all relative aspects that may help firm in promoting goods and services which are being manufactured by company. Apple has introduced various electronic products and does unique sort of promotion of them in order to grab attention of consumers from all over world. Away with, few of roles and responsibilities of marketing section are being interconnected with other subdivisions of enterprise have been comprehended beneath:

Marketing function with operation department: Quality of products and services can be enhanced by considering both of these sections in an appropriate way. Interconnection among managers of these department should be done on a regular basis so that competitive advantages can be gained right on time (Katengeza, Okello and Jambo, 2011). Process which should be followed in this context is that marketing manager grabs the information that are related to consumers perception and then this detailed collected data is being sent to operational department so that to make alterations in goods and services. For an example: Apple has manufactured iPhone, iPad and other electronic products while considering all human needs and requirements and mixed them with some innovations. With the help of this, firm has gathered information in an appropriate manner.

Finance department with marketing function: Funds are being used by firms in order to manufacture products and services, hit their targets in much effective ways and to make strategies through which positive advantages can be gained at marketplace. These two departments, financial and marketing plays a crucial role at workplace. Therefore, it is much needed for supervisors of these two subsections through which it can be stated as manufacturing of products can be done with minimal cost. For an example: Apple's financial department provides appropriate funds in order to do proper research analysis of marketplace.

Marketing department with sales: Sales can be enhanced with the help making various marketing strategies. Therefore, these two department's manager should keep on communicating with each other so that proper analysis of market can be done in order to enhance sales of electronic products and services which are being manufactured by Apple. Example under this can be considered as, when Apple launched brand new iPhone X they did many sort of promotional activities so that to deliver information to consumers in all over world. This scenario directly enhanced their sales of iPhone X.

IT department and marketing function: Customers viewpoints can raise or decrease a brand name in front of the society. Therefore, it is must for both of these departments to stay interconnected with each other. Using right technology right on time may aid firm in enhancing satisfaction level of consumers and of others as well (Kennedy and Parsons, 2014). By this company influence their customers to buy its products and services. For an example: IT Department brings innovation in electronic products of Apple in order to better serve to consumers of it and try to make whole process easier for them. This information about manufactured products is being given to consumers through doing promotional activities.

Research & Development and marketing Function: Research and development division assist in achieving the business objectives. This is essential functions that aid in understanding and identifying various essential components of organisation helping in the achievement of aims and objectives in significant manner. Marketing function help in carry out different research program through adopting various tactics and techniques in more efficient manner.

Henceforward, considering all the aspects which is being mentioned above may aid Apple in grabbing heavy sort of competitive advantages at both domestic and international level. Along with goodwill and brand image can also be enhanced in an appropriate manner with interconnection of different departments.

Task 2

P3 Compare marketing mix of Apple and Samsung

Marketing mix can be defined as the planning mix of some controllable components of service's marketing plan which consist of components such as products, price, place, promotion etc. This is one of the fundamental essential of marketing which assist in the expansion of organisation along with evaluating various aspects of market. An extended version of marketing mix include three components such as physical evidence, process and people. Apple is one of the largest American telecom company who has various competitors companies that are strongly establishing their enterprises as well (Hamilton, 2011). One of major competitors of Apple is Samsung. Here is mentioned comparison of extended marketing mix of both companies:





The company can be considered as one of the highest rated service on the international market. The company strives to meet their superior convenience of utilise, seamless innovation design and integration. There are various unique features that company provide more better in comparison to their competitors such as internet conductivity, touch screen, navigation, Retina Display, High definition photos and video quality etc. The company has effective chain of products such as Apple Pay, iCloud, Mac Apple Store, iTunes Stores etc.

Samsung wide variety of electronic and telecom products along with more than 6 centre for design globally and 53 bases of global production. The enterprise has more than 34 research and development department for developing a new product division (Jones and Rowley, 2011). Company is a good competitor of Apple in term of products and technologies and have been awarded for designs and products.


Understanding the pricing techniques and quality of their products, Apple opt effective pricing methods while launching a new service or product. Their major smartphones are determined among $650-$950 (Gummesson, 2011). Hence, the organisation has recognition in market for their expensive and high tech products. Enterprise focus over the management of prestige image of services. Enterprise opt premium pricing method, pricing skimming and geographical pricing techniques to dominate and manage their recognition of products.

Considering the market positing and reaching to wide range of buyer, Samsung opt effective strategy of pricing keeping expensive rates to cost to their largest phones and other products along with innovative features, advanced technologies and capabilities. Enterprise prefer to keep competitive pricing methods and product line pricing techniques to to separate their cost of products into different categories. Also they majorly utilise skimming cost technique to accomplish major cost of products.


Organisation being as one of largest and brand recognition of enterprise, company has strong market presence within their online and first party stores. The enterprise offer the consumer opportunities to test the service before making purchase decisions. Their retail stores are more open, large and at well defined and popular areas with assistance of many staff members. But: due to the cause of not opting distributor, Apple has to face absence of their service at several places.

This works on the marketing channels concept, there are various three segments that can aid in managing their products and service availability in the marketplace. The organisation has more sales and dealer of service, distributors and modern retail sellers etc. The company has easy availability of their services through the classification of service retailer that can aid in achieving business objectives (Hagan, 2011).


Apple opt a wide tradition and new media varieties in regard of promoting their services and products. It consist of ads on TV, online ads, Newspaper articles and advertisement, pre-roles etc. the company encourage testing of products to use in their retail stores. The organisation nowadays are using the social media and online marketing campaign drastically in regard of achieving the targetted and potential consumer attention in significant manner. Also the company sponsor and invest in international events with the promotion and marketing purpose.

There are several promotional activities that can help in achieving their targetted outcome and reaching their potential buyer along with creating a global recognition of enterprise (Which are the 7P's of Marketing?, 2016). Enterprise use social media ads, online campaigns, TV, radio and newspaper advertising that can assist in achieving business objectives.


CEO and company's executive are promoted as the recognition and face of enterprise. Company has managed a technical support group or team (Fazlollahtabar, Aghasi and Forte, 2012). In various stores, enterprise has managed shop floor staff for ensuring whether each consumer are treated and greeted by consumer staff. Apple promote engaging but fun and relaxed culture of enterprise for their consumer and worker.

An organisation is often known by their provided services and quality management of their company that can aid them in achieving business objectives. Samsung has their service centres at each and every major location for rendering more consumer satisfaction. They aim mostly teen concerned with the consumer satisfaction. Enterprise is also rendering more effective rewarding and compensation techniques to achieve their target and manage their human resources.


Online deliver and In-store both options of delivery options are available for consumer. During shipping, release of the iPhone can be more slow. Complaint procedure of enterprise is more easier as company are rendered email, phone and face-to-face activities. They offer both warranty, repair service and buy backs.

The major focus over their services are on consumer demands and requirements. The company provide more different features than their competitor Apple i.e. render a space to keep memory card.

Physical Evidence

Dearth of information has made anticipation and speculation caused by public more accessible. Majorly company;s review are on the other website where company has no control. Though ambience and overall infrastructure of organisation more decent, elegant and pleasing with a great aura.

Enterprise has good physical evidence at their organisation as this can help organisation in achieving their business objectives. Stores are built with great ambience, focusing over the major theme and logo of enterprise (Ebert and Griffin, 2015).

Task 3

P4 Business marketing plan

Marketing plan consist of various practices and marketing activities that is essential to execute within a company in regard of achieving target. This consist of certain phase or stages that are fundamental for an organisation along with environmental evaluation for designing a effective marketing plan. Here are discussed some of those processes in brief:

Executive Summary: Apple is American global technology enterprise considered as largest telecom company which sell, design and evolve consumer software, online service and electronic etc. This report will evaluate proper marketing practices along with major essentials such as environmental analysis, budgeting and tactics etc.

Company Background: Apple can be defined as prospering innovation organisation that has ignited computer revolution in early 90th century. This has reinvented the Macintosh that has become popular among the whole market of telecommunication (Desai, 2013). CEO, Steve Jobs has undertaken the organisation so far that is now recognised as luxury brand of telecom. Primarily, the organisation was incorporated through Ronald Wayne , Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976.

Objectives: Here are discussed some major objectives that can assist them in achieving their determined mission which is discussed as below:

  • To increase the product efficiency and productivity.
  • To emphasise over earning approximate 15% return on their investment
  • To accomplish the set target within 6 month period.

Vision: The vision organisation is to render more modified and innovative products and service which can monitor and direct the whole generation to the advanced and more modified high tech future (Campbell and Martin, 2015).

Mission: Mission of organisation is to render satisfaction to consumer as well as become one largest telecom enterprise.

Current Market Evaluation: It is one of the largest components that can assist in decreasing the enterprise's barriers through analysing various elements and aspects of existing market. Here are mentioned current marketing evaluation of Apple:




· Highly strong recognition of brand.

· High margin benefits on services.

· High productive and innovative sophisticated chain of supply.

· Company is considered as market leader is services and products.

· Financially strong reputation and existence (Clow and James, 2013).

· Loyal and large consumer base.

· Products and services are not priced more competitively.

· Services and products not compatible with other recognition.

· Service range narrower in comparison to rivals.



· Emerging demand for the technology and mobile gadgets.

· Products diversification.

· Make more compatible services.

· Intense hike in competition.

· Emerging costs of manufacture.

· Demise a major loss in the organisation's jobs.

PEST Evaluation



Political Factor

After the period of Brexit, the organisation has face political instability within country that has influenced the business sector as well. Apple has raised their cost to 25% in order to reflect depreciation sharply. Due to some increased taxes amount, the company has also increased the amount of their existing services and products along with their computers.

Social Factor

Consumer's behaviour in term of using smartphones and technologies are changing aggressively that is causing tablets Unique Selling Point. The service user are more preferring Phablet and number of people using smartphones has been increased drastically (Asaduzzaman, Hossain and Rahman, 2014).

Technological Factor

Due to competition in marketplace and advancement of technological gadgets and activities are increasing more and more everyday. I phone trade as competitors, smartphones may render more versatility, features and adaptability.

Economical Factor

Sterling of Pound plunged to their lowest for next 31years against the currency rates of Dollar. The volatility increment in some economical along with the financial markets and currency meant downfall in sales in one as well as two in 2016.

Marketing Strategies: This is essential to opt proper marketing strategies in order to achieve the proper outcome and effective result in more efficient manner. Hence, in order to support the efforts of enterprise, the company can use STP and Portor's growth strategies in order to achieve the outcome in efficient manner.

  • STP: In order to reach certain potential consumer, the company can utilise segmentation methods. Apple has eliminated their targetted consumer within demographic, behavioural and psychographic segments. The major target of company is upper middle and elite class of people to deliver their products. On the other hand, the organisation has been targetting more business person to delivering their service. Apple has great and very strong positioning in market as a largest, best and luxury telecom company.
  • Porter's growth strategies: This is valuable and more effective growth strategy that provide intensive support and growth opportunities to company in more fundamental way. This consist of four determinants which can help in understanding the environment and condition of market before launching a proper marketing plan. Product Development is one of the major and intensive strategy which help organisation in growing and achieving huge market share. Market penetration, on the other side, is second significant plan which can help in recent growth and current selling of product in larger market. Market development is least significant growth strategy as this is similar to market penetration strategy. At last, Apple provide diversified services and product range that can help the in achieving their business objectives and satisfying wide requirement range.

Tactics: The organisation will opt integrated market communication techniques and tools in regard of attaining the determined marketplace as well as targetted audience group in more significant manner. Apple can also carry out 7P's model in order to expand and grow the grounds of their business. This can widen their reach and enlarge enterprise's scope in more efficient and effective manner. 7P's are more attractive and better medium as this can help in meeting the determined outcome in more significant manner which is more suitable for Apple while developing a marketing essential case.

Implementation: Execution of plan in the next phase of developing a marketing plan which require to undertake numerous resources such as human resource, physical resources, financial resources etc.

Control: Controlling the conducted activities is fundamental in regard of understanding the major essential of plan and considering the final outcome in more significant manner. For monitoring and shaping the Apple's marketing plan, the company will set marketing objectives, performance standard, compare the outcome with standard one and then make alternations in action accordingly.

Budget: The company has determined to invest more than a quarter of their earned revenues in research and development along with designing proper marketing plan for their provided services and products (Berkowitz, 2016). In regard of this, the company has set to spend $50m budget for designing, developing and properly executing the marketing plan.

Evaluation: In order to evaluate the outcome, Apple will conduct practices, track records and document each and every result or outcome out of performed activities in more significant manner.

Review: It is essential element of an organisation to review their conducted activities as well as manage their performance accordingly. Apple will analyse responses of consumer and worker to modify the upcoming marketing strategies.

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It can affirm from the above discussed report that in order to achieve business objectives and meet the set target of enterprise, this is fundamental for enterprise to coordinate proper marketing practices in their company. This go through proper business and environment analysis and various major essential practices that is indispensable to manage. Marketing functions are associated with various functions and practices of organisation helping them in meeting their outcome of business in more significant manner. This not only help in sales and promotion of enterprise product but also helps in managing personnel, financial division and other organisational operations. Through coordinating marketing mix evaluation, enterprise can overview, analyse and expand their business in more effective manner. Hence, this report also analyse that a company need to prepare a proper marketing plan in regard of managing, promoting and launching to operate in best and efficient manner. Hence, this report summarise that marketing is a set of practices that can help in achieving business aims and objectives of enterprise.

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