Unit 5 Marketing Essentials Level 6 CBC College


Marketing essentials starts from creating, promoting and ends at delivery of goods and services to the business or customers. Aim of marketing is to understand the needs of customers and according to that products or services will be delivered. Sainsbury is supermarkets 2nd largest chain in UK and is divided into 3 divisions i.e. Sainsbury's Bank, Sainsbury's Argos, Sainsbury's supermarkets Ltd.  The aim is to provide the self-services which will make the customers life easy at low price. The vision is to be most trusted so that everyone love to work and shop. The report contains the duties and responsibilities of a marketing officer and how their responsibilities will contribute to organisations objectives and it also explains the marketing plan for nationwide expansion.

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Part 1

P1 Key duties and responsibilities for the marketing officers:

Marketing officer is a person who communicate marketing message of the company to others.


1) Communication: It plays important role as its main aim is to give marketing message to its customers in an innovative way so that they will attract towards the product or services of the company (Beller, Weiss and Patler, 2017).

2) Marketing Strategies and plans: Officers prepare strategies to increase the sales of the company and it is mainly formed by managers. And also come up with new plans and new activities which matches company’s objectives and delegate the work to team members accordingly.

3) Support department: Support manager in day to day activities and also look after the department. Distribute the work to the team and looking after the department progress and resolve the issues within the department.

4) Customer relationship: Build good customer relationship and it is possible when their will be easy purchase and delivery and if there is any issues then try to resolve them (Betz, 2011).

5) Legal and financial risk: Legal and financial risk are associated with each department. For example if there is any false advertisement is done even though it is not read by the officer. Then also he will be liable for that and case can be done against him so it is a legal risk which is associated to him. Sometimes budget is less and expenses which are made is higher it create financial problems.

6) Evaluation: every marketing activities, plans and campaign is evaluated to find out its effectiveness. Is this plans or strategies are write or wrong or are we going in right direction.

7) Innovative: Come up with new plans and new activities which matches company’s objectives so that it will help in achieving company’s goals and objectives.

8) Supervision: Officers supervise the marketing budget and according to that allot it to different plans or activities and it also supervise the whole department and also supervise the need of marketing in the other departments of the company (Bowhill, 2008).

Structure of marketing department:

1) Vice President Marketing: Vice president is 1st in hierarchy and it creates a bridge between marketing department and upper management. Its main task is to create marketing strategies, products and services. Lastly everyone in the department has to report vice president.

2) Marketing Manager/ Marketing Director: Some companies appoint manager or some appoint directors. Both the post are at same level. They have to carry out the strategies which are formed by vice president. They decide on what type of medium should be used for advertisement, carry out the campaigns to reach the customers (Dibb and Simkin, 2018). And Manager or director has to report to vice president and rest of the employees of the department will report to manager. There will be different manager for different product lines.

3) Product manager

4) Advertising Manager

5) Market researchers: It is not necessary to appoint market researchers but some company appoints. Their work is to find out the competitors and target customers. The information, research which is find out by researchers is used by managers to create programmes. Some times company do not go for full time researchers they go for third party sources.

6) Public Relations: To promote the business company go for free advertisement which is done by the person who is handling public relations. For attracting others towards company submit press release to the media. They are basically media person who deals with media on behalf of company. They schedules interviews of company executives with media (Evans, Jamal and Foxall, 2009).

7) Creative services: People who belongs to designing field come under creative services like graphic designers or web designers. They create brochures and layouts. They also helps in creating brand and help in illustrate the image of the company.

Operations of marketing department:

Operations of marketing includes advertisements, manage social media (accounts and pages), conduct market research to find out target markets, illustrate the brand in a god way so that customers have a good image of the company, should promote good communication as marketing is overall about communication, improving public relations, provide content for search engines are the operations of marketing department.

P2 The roles and responsibilities contribute to wider range of organisational objectives:

Organisational objectives are the objectives which are set by the organisation for they and everyone work towards it accomplish it. Organisational objectives can be of short term or medium term. It helps in designing policies and help in deciding how to allocate resources. Objectives should be clear and ambitious to achieve success in business (Gilmore, 2013). Objectives are necessary as they change mission and vision into the targets which can be measured or which are realistic. Setting objectives will bound employees to firstly understand it and then align their work with objectives.

1) Marketing strategies: Strategies are essential for expanding any business so it is formed according to the organisational objectives so that the objectives will be merged with objectives of the companies which will help in attaining them.

2) New plans and activities: Officers come up with new plans and activities that they can fulfil the objective of   beat the competition and can stand out in the market. For that market researchers are appointed to research market and products of the competitors so that they can make the plans and policies which will help them beating the competition.

3) Evaluation: evaluation of plans and strategies is done so that it can be find out that it is made according to the organisations objectives or not (Hooley, Saunders and Piercy, 2009). Or if it is not able to complete the objectives of organisation then required changes are made.

4) Retaining in the market is also the main objective of any organisation for that you have to come with the thought of attracting customers towards your products and services to achieve this company should Come up with new marketing schemes like offers, advertisement etc.

5) For achieving the object of expanding in the market company needs to have good relation with customers and have to come up with new plans and strategies. For developing good relations with customer they have to come up with easy production and sales. Have to resolve the problems faced by the customers.

6) Good brand name and increased trust are the objectives of any organisation and to accomplish this objective officer should supervise the staff and department and their work too. If company is having good relations with customers it will automatically increase trust of customers for the company and for improved brand name one have to come up with new plans with good quality services (Luther, 2011).

7) Proper Communication is also an objective of every organisation and it also play a vital role in marketing as main work in marketing is to communicate with the customers and tell the customers about our services and products it will improve the communication between company and customers.

8) Budgeting is also a biggest objective of every company. Budgeting is also done by marketing officers for marketing department and according to that it distribute it among the different strategies and it contribute to the Budgeting objective of the organisation.

9) Every organisations objective is to understand the customers. And marketing also do the same they first of all understand the customers and their needs and after that sales the product or services which will satisfy their needs.

10) Operational objectives are also part of objectives which is related to day to day objectives and marketing officers also follow the responsibility of examining the each activity followed by the marketing department so it is contributing to the operational objectives of the company.

11) For good sales team, for research of products and target markets company will require qualified staff and to obtain the skilled and qualified staff marketing has to work closely with Human Resource.

12) To meet the budget for marketing department marketing has to closely work with the financial department of the company. And if marketing strategies will result in revenue generation then they can be issued more amount for strategies, promotions.

13) To find out that the products are made according to the quality required by the customers for that marketing department has to coordinate with production department so that they can deliver the product which will satisfy the need of the customers. 

Task 2

P3 Marketing Mix:

Marketing mix is a marketing tool which is used by companies to influences the customers to buy their products. It involves a variety of factors that are essential for successful operations and services. Some very well known and common examples of this considers the price, place, promotions etc. of the products and services of Sainsbury. So, the marketing mix of Sainsbury is discussed as under :

Marketing mix includes 7P'S which are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Processes, and Physical evidence.

1) Product Mix: It involves planning for providing the product which will fit in requirement of the customers. ASDA came up with the unique products because of which it opened 600th store and it reached its arms in retail, online as well as in doorstep delivery whereas SAINSBURY also came up with new products but it differentiated it from others as its products were organic, low fat and more than that 20% product were from its own brand. So, it can be considered as a better move if Sainsbury involves some product or service that is essential as per the current requirements and trends in the market place. Also, the company can take feedbacks from the customers that what are their current needs and requirements, so on the basis of that, they can be able to make any further implementations in their processing of the operations (Dibb and Simkin, 2016).  

2) Price: It means good value for the money. Customer wants good quality even it is not cheap. ASDA go for a huge sell of products at low price strategy and offers many discount which result in growth so its strategy was a success whereas SAINSBURY go for “Value for money” which increased the quality and it resulted in retaining the customers so it resulted in growth in very short term. Pricing of an organization also means a lot. Sainsbury can ensure to make involvement of the pricing in a way that it can seem affordable enough but it is important to consider the fact here is that along with the pricing of the products, the company should also ensure to provide a standard quality as well. this will help Sainsbury to achieve a great range of popularity as well as productivity.

3) Place: It means product should be available at a place where it is easily available to customers. ASDA follow the concept of simple and fresh store and it followed niche techniques to earn high profits whereas SAINSBURY is having convenience stores other than supermarkets and 45 convenience stores provide 24*7 services. Sainsbury can also make sure to provide their services where they seem is the requirement and people cannot have it. At such area or place, Sainsbury can also be able to gain a huge amount of attraction of the people. This will, in turn help Sainsbury to achieve all their objectives and goals at a much faster time.

4) Promotion: Promotion mix is used to make aware the customers about the products. ASDA comes under Walmart group and because of that it made a perception in customer’s mind that ASDA is only about price for that it adopted CBY to show that it is also about quality. CBY was also launched to understand the customer need very shortly. It also launched its new logo for promotion (Lancaster and Massingham, 2017). Whereas SAINSBURY came up with 2 strategies i.e. ATL and BTL to increase brand name and also had the celebrity promotion and also following live for less promotion. Also, there are enormous number of ways by which Sainsbury can make the promotion of their products and services. Some very common and well known examples include by means of social media marketing, by advertisements etc. So, Sainsbury can make sure to promote a variety of their products and services by such means and this will help the company to achieve all their objectives and targets at a much faster rate.

5) People: People are equally important as the products and services which a company offers as both are the part of business. ASDA go for training and development for technical skills and providing learning about how to be friendly to the people who are associated with delivery whereas SAINSBURY also provide training but recently it introduced apprenticeship  for bakers. So, Sainsbury can make sure to involve a variety of skilled and talented people that can help the company to achieve all their targets.

6) Processes:  Sainsbury can make sure to involve some process that can be able enough to gain the attention of people to a huge extent (Lancaster and Massingham, 2017). A very common example of this can be considered as the fact that the company can make involvement of online shopping facilities such as applications etc. It can seem beneficial enough as it will help the customers who do not want to go to the store because of any reasons etc. also, this can be termed as a feasible option for the customers of Sainsbury.  Also, along with this, Sainsbury can make some modifications in the pricing process etc. as well. As they can set the pricing in the medium range o that everyone can afford it. Making some sort of improvements or modifications in the processing and the operations can actually seem to be a very efficient option for the Sainsbury, thus it can also help them in achieving the popularity as well as productivity at higher rates.

7) Physical Evidence: Every service has something tangible even though some of its part paid intangible. The way, functions and operations are being represented means a lot. So, for Sainsbury as well, it has developed and implemented various strategies and techniques to market its services and products. This is considered as a well strategy that Sainsbury can make use of because the way of presenting the products and services to the customers is termed as a very essential factor for achieving the competitive advantage. 

P4 Marketing plan:

Marketing plan is written documents that involves business activities which help in attaining the marketing objectives within a stimulated time. It is flexible and it is a formal structure. To achieve the goals marketing plan is very necessary.


Marketing strategy

Time frame


Sainsbury can ensure the fact that they involve only those products that seems impressive enough for the customers.

2 days


Also, for pricing, Sainsbury can implement a medium range, which cannot be termed as either high or too low. Thus it will help both the customers as well as the company.

2 days


Through a variety of factors, Sainsbury can make sure to promote their products and services. Whether it is through the means of social networking websites etc., it can promote their products by these means.

4-5 days

Physical evidence

Sainsbury can ensure taking proper feedbacks from people that what are the changes they want so that the company can focus on that and it can further help them in achieving all their objective and goals.  

2-3 days


It can be concluded from the report that there are enormous number of marketing function that play a very important role. So, in the same way, Sainsbury also focuses on some of these elements in order to gain a huge number of satisfied customers, which can further help them in achieving higher rate of productivity as well as popularity. All the aspects of marketing mix have been used as well. Various strategies and techniques can be involved by Sainsbury in order to compete with the other brands in the market place. Marketing plan for the same has also been included in the report. Visit Instant Assignment Help Australia for more assignment writing help Australia.

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