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Organization Selected : Harvester restaurant
Question :

There are a few questions that students have to answer in order to finish a task.

  • Explain the concept of the topic and its related issues and population along with that justify the area of enquiry.
  • Justify the PICO strategy in order to search a relevant database.
  • Analyses of the primary research methods used in the company.
  • Give some recommendations and conclusions on the basis of the above study.
Answer :


Customer relation is an important aspect used for managing the interaction between the company and potential clients and customers. The customer experience is defined as the preference, needs and wants of the experience that is faced because of particular product or service. The customer experience is easy for knowing what is the satisfaction level of customers by using the product or service of the organisation. The organisation taken in this report is harvester restaurant. This is a family farmhouse style restaurant chain that is having around 230 outlets across UK. The headquarters of this company are located in Birmingham, UK. The following report includes importance of needs and wants of customers within the service sector organisation. It also includes a customer map for the company and customer touch points. There is also discussion about Strategies for customer service.


P1 Importance of needs of customers in service sector organisation

Its crucial to undertake and understand all specific needs and requirements along with preference of customers. This makes them have a good satisfaction level from all their goods and services provided (Alexander, 2013). Each person needs a different requirement to be full filled which can be from any product 0or service provided to them. Each person has different taste and style of selecting any thing and as per desires change too. Such needs and demands are actually bifurcated in classification mentioned below:

Needs: this can easily be explained by looking upon the basic requirement of each human being which can include many things such as clothes, shelter, food and water especially. These things cannot be avoided by any person as they fall in necessary requirements. These are usually always the things which are either products or services of an individual. Taking in the context of Harvester restaurant Hotel, this has to be included in treating good and making requires results as per the need. All people who stay here have a basic need of having good room services and proper treatment. They render such service as per the required needs of such people and make a difference in culture (Ariffin, and Maghzi, 2012). They have always promoted each product which highlights a need of home feeling and make them relax in a home style relaxation environment.

Wants: these are not always permanent in nature but can be temporary in nature which is present within each individual. This can change as per location as well. It is usually generated from change in environment or the place one lives within. Its very important for Harvester restaurant , to look upon each persons needs and then provide the services as per such needs (Bilgihan, Kandampully, and Zhang, 2016). In the context of Harvester restaurant , they have to offer such things as required due to the vacation or season section of organisation. They need to be done as required in nature. This is a good time for hotel to inure revenue benefits so they releasee some sorts of discounts which will attract several people.

Demands: Every person who visits Harvester restaurant need to consistently ensure he demands and needs of all customers and complete them in a specific period of time. They perform many types of surveys and certain research which helps them in accumulating services in the hotel. Training is given to all employees which will make them perfectly ready for each customer as well as clients.

P2 Factors that affects customer engagement

The need of customer engagement is very easy to encourage individuals in interacting and experiencing such conditions as per the products and services of the company in organisation. A very strong and strategic requirements are required for working in Harvester restaurant . This will ultimately increase the loyalty growth of brand and increase number of people involved in this areas. There are many different ways in which one can do so is mentioned below:

Customer experience: It is very important for the organisation to create and generate good communication with all such experienced values of clients and customers who are related in nature (Blázquez, 2014). Harvester restaurant will provide a good information in giving satisfaction to all customers and attract many people in creating good service at Harvester restaurant .

Humanize the brand: It will create a lot of customer loyalty and shall be experiencing area of interest from customers. If they can just promote the hotel by oral promotion it can increase revenue generation a lot. Hey have huge websites and online portals which help them in creating certain projects and attract more customers towards them.

Promote on social media: its the most effective way to attract many customers and make it possible to understand and create certain differences to render services to customers. Its very important for them to conclude towards the regulations and make it possible in nature. It also helps the people in making certain difference in nature (C. Harris, and Daunt, 2013). It will promite all their service and goods in support and give information to all youngsters and adults.

Personalise customer communication: A personalised communication is very crucial for each organisation, best example for this is sending greetings and wishes on the birthdays of their customers. It makes them feel important in nature. Many of such online greetings will be sent at time of greetings and festivals as per vacations in country.


P3 Create a customer experience map for the organisation

This experience is created for mapping and all such procures which are required for all the people and which shall be identified in nature. They have to many people who feel a lot connected to various products and services of company (Cetin, and Dincer, 2014). Every organisation seeks to grow and develop which will make them attract towards the organisation as per requirement, this will help them in tracking in all the customers and making it very much affordable in nature. Its a very important aspect to follow by all such places and its connected to all the people in nature. In the context of Harvester restaurant , all this is done to satisfy the customers in nature and they have to be fully satisfied in nature. Their are many tools and techniques which are required for spreading certain message in the environment shall be spread to all the people who are sitting all around the world. Some of the most important tools and techniques are mentioned below:

Website: its the most important source which is needed to reach all the members and customers who are present around world. Harvester restaurant share many pictures on daily basis to show how much affection they receive in regards to getting praised by all the customers and clients. They even help in spread in awareness among people and can accompany certain things as required (Garg, Rahman, and Qureshi, 2014). This shall also send various revenue and discount generating offers which can be very helpful in nature.

Telephone: its the basic medium of communicating with any person, or any individual related to such field. They can convince many people by doing so.

Restaurant manager: these are assigned by each person who have the ability to promote and make a good difference in nature. They can maintain certain effects in nature and give good reviews.

Restaurant environment: it should be good and relaxing in nature so the customer can feel comfortable while visiting (Gyung Kim, and Mattila, 2013).

Review sites: while making bookings online, the sites are also reviews so that in case many of such sites are created for better requirement and the comparability as per customers satisfaction is matching or not.

Staff members: they shall be correctly trained and should adore the customers in best way.

Email: this is also a good source to connect to all customers and make it easy for them to communicate for seeking services and goods.

P4 Affect of customer touch points within the organisation

Customer touch points are known as business jargon which are used by the companies for exchanging information and data with customers and clients. It is necessary for hospitality organisations to grab opportunities within market. Their main objective is to earn more profits and money and thus the best solution of this is to increase the level of satisfaction. The companies have to attract more number of customers for maximising the profits and money of the company. In context of Harvester restaurant organisation, it is working effectively for making different customers to be potential ones. The main aim of Harvester restaurant is to analyse the needs and wants of customers and provide them services according to this. It helps in managing the satisfaction factors in an effective manner. Harvester restaurant hotel is analysing good customer touch points for satisfying their customers and guests (Komunda, and Osarenkhoe, 2012). A good relation among customers and the organisation will help in maximising the development of trust and loyalty among customers. In this way, a hospitality sector organisation is able to maximise the number of potential customers. Also this will lead to increase the amount of money earned by the company. The evaluation of customer touch points is important for doing work in an effective manner. The development of good touch points in Harvester restaurant enables improvement of customer relation. This also helps in increasing the level of satisfaction among customers. The main problem faced by Harvester restaurant is that it is not able to provide effective and good services at the time of serving and offering food. The room service provided to customers is also not nice. The housekeeping department of the company was not providing effective services. Another major problem faced by Harvester restaurant organisation is there are some staff members who were not making eye contacts properly and greeting customers in improper manner. This is role of management to provide good services to people (Spiess, and et. al., 2014). Thus, managers and other employees are provided training and development sessions for increasing skills and efficiency of them. This enables Harvester restaurant to efficiently operate and provide good services to customers. In this way, customer experience will flourish. The employees of Harvester restaurant are provided training for speaking in a respectful manner and polite way and not making eye contact with customers. Such trainings are useful for developing soft skills and body language, gestures for customers (Torres, Fu, and Lehto, 2014). The conversation between the manager of Harvester restaurant and customer is given below-

Staff : A very good evening to you madam.

Client : Good evening.

Staff: may I know how can I help you ?

Client: As I want to celebrate my son's birthday, so I want to book dining for 6 hours in your restaurant.

Staff: Madam, basically we are having three type of part arrangements – one is snack party, starters plus meal party and heavy meals and starters with soft drinks. Which type of party you will want to book?

Client: May I know what is the price for starters plus meal party?

Staff: Madam it is £ 500 for 4 hours.

Client: Okay then book party on 26th November from 6 P.M.

Staff: Madam, Can you pay a deposit of just £ 100 bucks for booking. It's compulsory.

Client: Of course, I will do it online and will mail you the receipt.

Staff: Thank you so much Sir. Hope to see you. Stay happy.


P5 Examine how digital technology is used for managing customer experience

Customer relationship consist of practices,planning, strategies & technology which is used by the company to make effective relations with the customers. In this manner, companies easily managed their relationships with the current as well as potential customers. Nowadays, Digital technology plays an essential role in maintaining relation with customers. These are mentioned below:

Feedback – Nowadays, people prefer to read the reviews of others while planning to buy products and services. The judgement of purchasing depends on customers reviews as it help new customers to take effective decision. Feedback sometimes changes the mindset of customers and they change their purchase planning (Yang,, Liu, and Li, 2015). In context to Harvester restaurant , the manager checks the reviews of customers on regular basis and revert them with a motive of making strong relationship with customers. This will help Hotel to reach their potential customers which n turns raise the level of sales.

Direct communication – Customers satisfy when the interaction takes place directly to the company. Many applications such as Facebook, online Websites, Instagram, Whatsapp and many more allows organisations to communicate with their customers conveniently and directly. In context to Harvester restaurant , it has its own website on which 24 hours service is available to customers. In addition to this, they have Facebook page through which they can review the customer experience by seeing their comments and make improvements if required. This further builds customer loyalty and customer base.

Analysis of queries & issues – If companies using new and innovative technology it becomes easy to solve the issues and handle the grievances. Digital technology assist in solving problems of customers in a fastest manner which is beneficial for both the company and the customers. It also saves the time which leads to more efficiency. With reference to Harvester restaurant , they have a team who handle its online portal in order to solve issues of consumers. In addition to this, they contact to customers and handle the issues so that customers remain for long time. This increases its market reputation as well as market share.

Data Collection: In today's world, collecting data of interested customers is easy & convenient. Digital technology assist organisation to gather the data of those customers who are thinking to use the products and services. For instance, if a person search about Hotels on internet, the data is detected as the customers fill the form or enter its phone number. After this, the Hotels contact to these customers and convert its potential customer to actual users. With reference to Harvester restaurant , they advertise pop -ups on Facebook, Instagram or on Whatsapp. In addition to this, the marketing department promote its advertisement n YouTube so that customers are aware about Hotel and the customers who are interested can directly link to its website. This allows company to maintain the customer database and keep them contacting on regular basis. Therefore, it raise the sale & profitability of Harvester restaurant Hotels.


P6 Strategies for customer service

Customer service strategy is defined as planning and developing of effective plans that can help in achieving organisational goals and objectives in specified time frame. A lot of strategies are used by Harvester restaurant to enhance custome

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