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Digital technology has led to a dramatic change in business world. It is the changes which assisted enterprise in managing their business activities very smoothly. Like, the mobile technology has made easy communication worldwide which was the most successful tool that helped in establishing international business connections over just call. Further, there was evolution on emails, various applications which reduced the cost of communication etc. However, the revolutionary tool evolved with digital technology is an online service that has just doubled the sales of many enterprises (Drnevich and Croson, 2013). In accordance, it can be said that it offers the tool which helps in developing wealth and options of growth. Digital technology influence business activities as it provide firm different growth opportunities by implementing innovation in existing goods and services. 

The key functions of organisations which are impacted by digital technology are administration where the companies can make use of cloud computing. It is the tool which enables management easy mode of sharing and storing information. Further, for communication there is social media which helps the organisation in connection with worldwide consumers. Communication is the most essential part of business activities as it helps in collaboration and building strong business relationships at global level. Digital technology is a most effective tool as it aid in business storage and distribution, where the firm can manage its stock by making list of things with the help of internet. It is considered as effective because it aims at integrating business resources and requirements.

Apparently, it is beneficial for the business activities because it helps in making optimum utilisation of resources and minimising waste (Bharadwaj, El Sawy and Venkatraman, 2013). On the other hand, tools of digital technology are useful in production department, where product growth and innovation plays as crucial role in managing successful business operations. Thus, in accordance, it can be said that tools of digital technology are helpful for every activity of business and therefore can assist in managing innovating boosting growth.

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“ To explore the impact of digital technology on business activities”


  • To assess impact of digital technology on different business operation.
  • To determine relationship between digital technology and business growth and development.
  • To ascertain advantages and disadvantages of implementing digital technology in organisation.
  • How digital technology impacts different business operation?
  • What is the relationship between digital technology and business growth and development?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of implementing digital technology in an organisation?


Rationale of research

The research is conducted to determine usefulness of digital technology in every function of business. In this study, the motive of researcher is to analyse view point of employees of different organisation over implementation of digital technology. This study will helps scholar in ascertaining risk which comes with technological tools. Further, it will help in collecting different opinions over advanced tools which will understanding appropriate use of technological tolls.  Thus, it is important to conduct this study as it will aid in evaluating different ways of using technological tools in managing successful business functions.

Literature Review

Impact of Digital Technology on Business activities

According to Fitzgerald, Kruschwitz and Welch, 2014, digital technology has created revolution in business world by creating easiest and simplest way of managing organisational functions. Like use of smart phones has established easy way of communication at domestic as well as international level. The entrepreneurs are establishing their start-ups in collaboration with foreign people and had started using safe mode of sharing documentation via e-mails and other applications. Apart from mobile solutions, the author discussed about cloud computing, tool which helps the management in storing necessary information related to firm and its consumers. This advanced technology has assisted the enterprises in managing systematic record of all necessary organisational functions. Similarly, O'Keeffe and Clarke-Pearson, 2011, has stated about implication of digital technology in specific business activities such as in production department where it aid in implementing innovation in existing companies products by studying market with the help social media marketing tools such Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc. Further, the author discussed about effectiveness of social media channels in building public relations and promotion. It is marketing tool which assist in identifying consumers preferences and market trends of global level. On the hand, as per the views of Lai, 2011, it has been argued that digital technology influence business activities, where the scholar stated about small business which can implement the use of advanced technological tool to reduce business cost of recruiting skilled employees for managing accountants, payroll and record keeping. Moreover, organisation implements the use of technological tools to reduce workload of manpower such as manual handling of stock and storages.  It is difficult for the storage team to manual keep a record of stock which leads to waste of resources. Therefore, digital technology has assisted the business work in minimizing waste and consumption of energy and other hand has been focused on making optimum utilisation of resources.

Relationship between digital technology and business growth and development

According to views of Bharadwaj, El Sawy and Venkatraman, 2013, it has been determined that digital technology plays an vital role in companies growth and development as it helps the business in managing safe and secure business function and reducing error. Like in case the sale of any product is decreasing than the firm can implement the use of social media advertising and can share product detail and discounts. Promoting companies products on discounts is the technique which helps the business in boosting sales and managing growth. However, according to author there is strong relation between tools of digital technology and growth of business because the development of firm is based on services provided by them and targeting potential buyers and therefore the tools assist the enterprise in determining market trends and changing consumers taste and preferences which helps serving buyers satisfaction which on the other hand is the key to success. Apparently, as per Oldham and Da Silva, 2015, growth of organisation is based on its management of function and innovation and therefore implanting use of cloud computing tools is technique which aids the enterprises in making safe storage of data at one place without taking risk of losing information. Innovation in goods and services are tonic for growth and development of entity and the advanced technological tools assist the firm in determining need of innovation in products as per competitors and market changes which denotes the actual relationship between digital technology and growth of firm.

Advantages and disadvantages of implementing digital technology in an organisation

Drnevich and Croson, 2013, has stated that implementing digital technology in business is beneficial for overall functions as it assist in improving communication that is necessary for exchanging meaningful information. Moreover, according to scholar it encourages innovation and creativity nit only in goods and services but also in working practices which aid in minimizing energy consumption, waste etc. and helps in reducing cost functions. Apart from this, use of digital technology is considered as effective because it improvises working of Human Resource like with the help of Bio metric system the management is able to keep appropriate record of employee’s attendance and tools like CCTC help in monitoring every action of workplace. Nevertheless, Oldham and Da Silva, 2015, has argued on limitation of digital technology like it demands high maintenance cost which reduced cost efficiency of business. In addition, it make employees lazy by reducing their manual work and also make workers dependent on technology even for minor work such as, tracking of inventory, calculations of sales etc. Hence, according to view of author it can be said that regardless of limitation Digital technology is the technique which helps the business in managing successful business operations.

Research Methodology

Research methodology is the critical part of study as it determines a different tool which helps making investigation process systematic and smooth. It helps in deriving every necessary step which is required to make research effective and efficient (Vujaklija, Hren and Marušić, 2010).   Methodology tools is the essential part of research process because it will help the scholar in identifying best data collection and analysis method as per aim which is to analyse impact of digital technology on business activities.

Research Philosophy

Research philosophy is base of study as it helps the scholar in developing critical understanding over research aims and objective. There are different types of philosophy such as descriptive, explanatory, exploratory etc. (Seddon, Calvert and Yang, 2010) Thus in this research the scholar will implement the use of exploratory research where the individual will explore different opinion in interview over impact of digital technology on business activities research.

Research approach

Research approach is the tool which helps in establishing systematic way of conducting study. There are two types of approaches that is inductive and deductive where in inductive approach, the person aims at making logical representation of collected data on the basis of observation of study (Meskendahl, 2010). However, in deductive approach the individuals analyses information with the help of different theories and models. Thus, in this researcher will implement the use of inductive approach where the person will focus on framing assumption on the basis of observation.

Data collection

Data collection is base for research as it helps the researcher in collecting appropriate information as per topic. There are two types of data collection method that is primary and secondary where in primary data collection, scholar aims at collecting information through interview, focus group, survey etc, (Geerts, 2011) On the other hand secondary information is gathered through governmental publication, newspaper, articles, magazines etc.  Thus, in this study the researcher will implement the use of primary data collection process where the individual will conduct interview.

Data Analysis

Data analysis in study is the part where the scholar aims at outlining important information which is been collected through data collection process. There are two methods of data analysis that is qualitative and quantitative where in quantitative the individual is able to analyse information with the help of numerical and mathematical tools (Gale, Heath and Redwood, 2013). However, in qualitative analysis the person is able to analyse information in theoretical formal with the help of themes. Thus, in this study the scholar will implement the use of qualitative analysis to evaluate opinion and information given by respondents.


Sampling is choosing appropriate respondents from the large group of population. It is the critical part of investigation because in this the researcher is liable to assure that when sampling no person is biased and all the participants have equal chance of getting selected. There are different types of sampling methods such as stratified, cluster, random etc. In this study, the scholar will implement the use of random sampling, where the sample will be of 20 employees from four different organisations.

Ethical considerations

Ethical consideration is the most important and essential part of research process as in this, it is the responsibility of researcher to ensure data collection and sampling is ethical where there is no chance of getting biased results. Apart from this, another duty of scholar when conducting survey is to ensure that feelings and emotions of no employee and organisation is harmed (Miller, Birch and Jessop, 2012).

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Research Limitation

There are few research limitation which can hinder effectiveness of study which are as follows:

  • Small sample size can lead to bias results.
  • Lack of time management due to primary data collection process through interview.
  • Misunderstanding at the time data analysis because of different types of opinions of employees. 


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