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Question :

This assessment will cover certain questions which are like:

  • What are the characteristics of socio-economic and geographical for tourism areas and destinations?
  • What is the insight for impact on tourism in the natural world and on society?
Answer :


Globalisation has enhanced the interconnectivity amongst the different countries which has promoted the popular tourism activities. Global tourism is the recreational activity that involve tourist to travel, spend and explore new places in order to make their trip worthy (Booyens, 2016). Most of the countries like US, Britain, Dubai plans to invest the huge amount to attract the tourist and increase the foreign investments. Along with that travel and tourism industry has become one of the most evolving industries that offer immense services to the tourist like accommodation, entertainment, transportation, food and beverages. Thus, this leads the increase involvement of different countries to cater the needs of different travelling packages like solo trips or business trips to enhance the global tourism amongst different parts of the country. This report cover topics like negative impact of the tourism on economy of different countries. Along with that preparation of tourism situation analysis are covered in this report.

Assessment 1

Explore the problem associated with the tourism within different countries

Travel and tourism is the world's largest emerging industry which has boost up the economic growth of country by attracting tourism and increasing the number of job creation. This basically brings prosperity within the region and enhances the employment rate within local region. It basically widens up the demand for local craft as well as food and help to preserve different geographical area like villages or emerging economies of Asian market. The fund generated via global tourism can be used by the country to enhance its infrastructure, transportation as well as communication system otherwise it can act as a major constraint to carry out smooth functioning (Liang and Bao, 2015). However, the local authorities as well as company needs to only promote the sustainable tourism otherwise it may leads to disastrous consequences within the functioning of an economy. For instance, if the tourism company crosses or does not abide by the legal as well as ethical barriers then it may leads to the massive destruction and adversely affect the functioning of an environment. Along with this there are more negative impact associated with the global tourism that need to be taken care for the systematic performance of firm (Henderson, 2016). The major negative cause of the increase in tourism is Air pollution which can be via road, air or sea. In case of developed countries like France experiences huge global tourism due to the tourism attraction places like Eiffel tower and Louvre museum it attract the wide percentage of tourism. But it leads to increase in transportation via airways which cause both air pollution as well as carbon emission. Further, each year large number of tourist travel to reach the particular place that pollute the air of local as well as global area. According to the statistic over 60% of the people prefer air travel as well as even if the other vehicles like buses are used then tourist ensure that they get the air conditioned vehicle which is further the major cause to pollute the air (What Are The Negative Effects Of Tourism On The Environment?. 2019). Further, even United Kingdom is facing the environment concern such as increase in air-plane emission, overcrowded city as well as foul beaches due to the increasing traffic of global tourism. This has lead to the damage and somewhat adversely affected the overall economy due to hefty emission of carbon like global tourism is responsible for the 5% emission of green house gases (Environmental damage due to tourism. 2019).

As in comparisons to the other industries this travel sector is expanding rapidly due to which most of the local residences are switching their work and affect the Cultural perspective. This has affect the traditional job like farming as well as fishing where more hard work is requires and less profitability is gained. Although the people think and make decision to switch with the self interest or motive but in long term this can cause the unsuitability and affect the functioning of whole economy. Moreover, tourism industry also affects the aquatic ecosystem due to the shortage of water. There are various regions that do not have appropriate sewage facility so due to the new construction or revamp the existing hotels, restaurant as well as cafe in order to invite the tourism can pollutes the water-bodies. Like, Goa which is the state of India experiences huge tourism because of its beaches but now it is widely experienced the shortage of water due to which unnecessary wastage done by people (Negative impacts of tourism on India, 2018). Hence, large pollution can affect the lives of both flora and fauna that affect the human health adversely.

Due to the existence of over-tourism or large number of tourists have negatively affect the quality of life for the local people. There are certain destinations like Chile, Spain and Barcelona that has gained the negative impact on environment due to the effect of immense tourism and solid waste littering. Like, the slopes of Mount Everest as well as Iceland are cluttered due to the increasing existence of tourism. Also the national park of US as well as other regions receives the huge percentage of visitors due to which these regions looks for the various ways to protect the natural treasures. Further, littering tourist spots depicts the irresponsible behaviour of tourists that affect the whole economy and is the major concern for the problem of natural environment. Like, other visiting places Mount Everest is too not free from dumping waste by the trekkers who carry all the necessary belongings like oxygen cylinder, necessary camping equipments as well as food items. Many of them generate huge waste by not using the garbage bags because if the disposable of waste products and plastic bags has immense affected the growth of environment. The Caribbean sea, entertain the interest of tourist by being the part of cruise ships people come there to enjoy and rejuvenate their energy but in the same way they affect the marine lives by disposing the waste in the seas. Similarly, due to the destructive actions of the people the natural resources such as Himalayas as well as Andes are called as 'toilet paper trail' due to the carelessness of people. This is again the necessary concern that is experienced by the environment due to the irresponsible behaviour or attitude of society. Similarly, due to the constant increase in innovation, construction and global tourism has led the has destroyed the Amazon rainforest of Latin America. Although is tough for them to control the number of visitors but the authority makes the necessary precaution to safeguard the environment and preserve the natural resource by opting sustainable tourism methods (The positive and negative effects of tourism on the social-cultural environment of a country, 2019). Apart from taking all the suitable actions there is an immense negative aspect on socio cultural impact due to the promotion of travel and tourism industries. Certainly the infrastructure of the economy gets affected by the heavy traffic which leads to poor sanitation, increase in number of diseases, heavy traffic that somewhat affect the lives of local people within the particular nation. Simply the outsiders can disturb the local culture and affect the native customs and traditions. This directly hampers the morality of nation in terms of carrying forward the activities for sustainable functioning (Perles-Ribes and et. al., 2016).

Travel and tourism activity basically stimulate the interest of traveller to visit the new place which leads to the economic development in terms of enhancing the employment rate, generating the potential income for the people as well as gain the favourable resources such as funds to develop the community effectively. This improvement is essential for both the local resident as well as traveller. On contrary, in the practical or real life situation this global tourism or the situation of overpopulation create the immense pressure on the economy which even restrict the economic growth due to emergence of different issue like, deforestation for construction of hotel, soil erosion, disturbs aquatic life, problem of endangered species. 

Thus, this figure depicts that the geographical regions such as India and China which is the part of Asian market experiences huge pressure on the economy and leads to the sustainable development issue. As here already the percentage of local residence is high so if it further attracts the tourism then it can lead to the immense pressure on the existence of various is flora and fauna species.

Further, the attractive sites such as mountain tops, riversides, beaches, lacks, national part and so on has lead to increase in global tourism which is the major cause of degradation in the ecosystem (Elena and Tatiana, 2015). Thus, the government need to make the effective measure in order to control the physical impact associated with tourism development that includes unsuitable use of the adequate land. Otherwise in long term it can adversely affect the whole environment so over construction and deforestation needs to be controlled for systemic functioning (Iqbal, 2016).

Assessment 2

Based on a particular country prepare tourism situation analysis

France remains the most visited city and numbers of tourists are increasing year by year. Tourism is considered to have one of the most significant contributions in the economy of France as it helps to the balance of payments. Tourism industry in France contributes approx 80 billion Euros in GDP and 30% of the tourism is form foreign visitors. Contribution of tourism towards GDP is approx 10% and this industry helps in providing 3 million jobs in the country. France is ranked fifth in tourist spending and some places like Louvre Museum, The Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles make this place as one of the favourable destination. France is one of the largest countries in Europe Union and is considered once a dominant political and military power in the world. As tourism industry is growing all over the world it also reflects some positive contribution in relation to economic contribution and growth in France. To analyse tourism of France some points are considered over here as follows-

Visitor Market: France is one of the most preferable visitors market globally and French tourist are considered sophisticated travellers. When market of France is analysed then it comes at number 10 in the world in terms of the size of its outbound market and it is placed at ninth position in size of domestic markets (Du, Lew and Ng, 2016). In visitors market it is seen that age group from 25 to 44 is travelling France in highest number. More and more number of the visitors is for their holidays and making their trip again. When tourism market is considered in total then it is recorded that 26% of the tourism is of visitors market consisting of individuals travelling to visit relatives and friends. Together with this it is also seen that 97% of the visitors recommend others to travel this place as this is one of the most attractive city. 

Tourism Products: Anything that is offered for attraction, acquisition or consumption is termed as tourism product. Services, personalities, places, organisations and ideas that leads to generate more and more tourism (KC and Thapa Parajuli, 2015). France is a hub of art, architecture, fashion, music, literature and gastronomy. All these are termed as tourism a product that seduces million of travellers all around the world to visit the place. Breathtaking countryside beauty to walking around the museums, hitting unusual locations gives new experiences to visitors. These products attract large number of individuals to visit the place and enjoy each product in reality. Each product is a complete package and gives different experience to visitors and this leads to generate more and more tourism in the country. Together with this great accommodation facilities and beautiful site scenes make each individual attracted towards France and tourism increases to a great extent. Availability of multi-pal tourism products leads to improve tourism industry and a growth in the GDP contribution from tourism industry is recorded to be 1.7% in the year 2018.

Supply and demand: France is one of the most well known countries in terms of tourism. It basically invites over 80 million of tourists each and every year. There is various attraction points that has enhanced the demand amongst people of different countries like UK, Benelux as well as Germany to travel France and make the memorable experience. So it is the responsibility of the tourism companies of France to anticipate market and understand the significant impact of changes due to the market swings caused due to market supply and demand. This help to meet to meet the expectation of international clients (Matching France’s tourist offering with international demand, 2012). Furthermore, almost majority of the international tourist are highly satisfies in terms of staying in France and catering their demand in terms of proper supply of hotels, town visits and availability of various restaurants. This lead the traveller to gain favourable experience and prefer visiting the same place. This is the highly advantageous state for country where the tourism honours the place and builds positive experience with them. Thus as per the changing trend and demand most of the stakeholder gets encouraged if the tourism industry adopts the sustainable methods that maintain the balance and overcome negative impact associated with the adequate functioning.

Tourism characteristics: France is the leading market in terms of tourism within European market. The significant impact on the economy of France is caused by the both domestic as well as international traveller. Due to the changing preferences of people most of the families, friends and souse like to explore the new place. So France has the great destinations which comprises of the historical places, amusement park that satisfy different characteristics of the tourist. Additionally, there are around 39 sites that are the part of UNESCO’s heritage list and is globally ranked at fourth position. The main reason of the top most rank is that the tourism of France is highly customer oriented that meet the characteristics of tourism. For instance, the innovative art gallery of France is the pull factors that attract the immense level of tourism. Along with that the stunning resorts, eye catching architecture, sensational food and beautiful country are dynamic and people oriented.

Tourism experiences: France is one of the most popular countries in terms of attracting the tourist in various destinations. The favourable experiences has significantly contributed to enhance the GDP of an economy, the country experiences 30 % of growth from the international visitor as well as 70% from the spending done from domestic tourism. Along with that the country has the build the pleasant experience of the traveller through green tourism which is generated from the seaside resorts, efforts to maintain the greenery all around the city. This is the useful practice that has significantly promoted as well as protected the remarkable parks as well as garden all around the country. Internet penetration is also the foremost reason that has encourages the tourism to explore the experience of the existing traveller and get the bookings done via online platform (Travel and Tourism in France, 2018). From 2009 to 2013 the internet has penetrated has risen from 71.6% to 81.9% this has consecutively increased the traffic in the booking channel for the France trip.

Tourism trends: tourist trend refer to the attitude, lifestyle as well as characteristics of people that keeps on changing. So it is vital for each and every country to the need to match the tourist trends as it help to satisfy the guest that leads to the positive publicity. Within France about 69% of the people prefer going to France during the time of summer. Also to make their trip tremendous they are ready to spend the immense amount to experience outbound tourism and visit different sites on the basis of their likings. In comparison to the other countries of Europe, most of the people have strongest desire to visit France and spend their holidays suitably.


From the above report it has been determined that the travel and tourism industry is associated with offering various services to the inbound as well as outbound tourism. These services include the hotel facility, food, accommodation and so on that attracts the large traveller to explore the new place. Although it generate revenue and employment for the economy but there are various negative factors associated with tourism like it cause air pollution, climate change, affect the marine development and so on. Thus, it makes it essential that the country need to promote the tourism but adequate measures needs to be take in order to gain the position of sustainable tourism development.

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