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In order to implement new plan, business develop their effectiveness to attain overall growth. With this regard, different activities implemented that are important and measure success at workplace (Cook, 2017). As results, sustainable strategy for the future consider as well. In this context, present report based on the Amazon which is online shopping website of the world. They provide different types of products and services on it to deal with several customers. For gaining insight information, report covers social media that assists to attain competence to make competitive advantages. Furthermore, it includes social media which used as internet marketing tool that impact to attain profitability in the world.

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Main Body

1a. Social media as core competence to attain competitive advantages with examples

Internet consists important role which determines essential part to make successful results. Hence, social media defines important role that helps to make business plan and bring success and many advantages (Kimmel and Kitchen, 2014). Social media is powerful tool for Amazon which develop competitive advantages in following manner:

Market to the business: After consider business, manager need to set their operations and functions to carry competition. With using social media, they can drive message in the public. Hence, it assists to promote brand that businesses implement to create several advantages. For example, website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Present professionally to send message for customers, peers, manager, etc. Social media can effectively used to promote loyalty incentives, etc. (Littlewood, Bick and Treen, 2017).

Relate with customers: With the help of the social media tools, Amazon also create place where customers can interact regularly with different people. It helps to generate visibility in the business to make systematic work performances. This is because, regular interaction with customers keep engaged them towards the business so that loyalty feeling could be foster deeply. For instance, the company provide answer for question of customer about their products and services (Vernuccio, 2014).

Attract quality staff: In order to implement social media tools in the business, every enterprise get benefits to winning place to work through promote their operations with social media. It creates positive representation that encourage current employees with network (Hatter, 2018). Hence, it can be stated that social media encourage and connect professional business that increase exposure and recruit high quality candidates in the business. For example, implement Facebook, Instagram, etc. to attract right and qualified candidates.

Resolve problem: In order to look upon the customers complaints, Amazon can develop their understanding and create positive representation with social media accounts. It assists to encourage current employees with network and promote business as well. It could be easier to take responses from customers towards the complaints. Therefore, social media website assist to wins loyal customers in chosen enterprise. For instance, in product description some times customers provide their feedback as complaints which need to solve to attain systematic work performances (Killian and McManus, 2015).

1b. Key social media platforms which used as effective internet marketing tools with examples

Social media platform consider effective results to operate systematic functioning in the business. In this way, different marketing strategies implemented which bring consistency and sales with social media advertisement. Further, it is also used as internet marketing tools that assists to focus on the increasing conversation and sales with low cost of acquisition (Godey, Manthiou and Singh, 2016). With this regard, following are certain social media platform implemented that used as internet marketing tools:

  • Facebook: Facebook is the tool which generally used by more than 2 billion every day. It hosts quarter of the world which provide advertisement with different opportunity. Therefore, every enterprise can easily reach virtually every person easily. It can be used as the E-commerce which campaign to the Ebooks, product coupons, etc. It leads to nurtured and target new people which could be introduced through brand and products. In the selected business, this tool consider operations with advanced targeting as compare to other advertisement platforms (Hudson, Huang and Madden, 2016). Therefore, it includes job description, interests, past activity, etc. In addition to this, pricing is widely consideration that used as the several factors which helps to target different customers towards the business with budget. Main core part implement in this tool setting up with advertisement, setting targeting and re-targeting. It includes several kinds of activities that considered to build brand awareness and teach people for the products and services (Christodoulides, Siamagka and Michaelidou, 2015).
  • Instagram: Instagram is another social media tool that is used to focus on the acquisition on the social advertisement. It boasts more than 500 million active users and create commands on highest audience engagement rates. It helps to develop systematic learning and know about the enterprise (Broekemier, Chau and Seshadri, 2015). It includes image, video, etc. elements that consider selling of products which visually appealing to incorporate media into the campaigns. It assists to perform social media channels with different range of the products and services. Different characteristics align with the target audience with the best advertisement choice for the organisation. In order to focus on the Instagram advertisement, tactics considered implement list and engaged several people in it (Du, Yalcinkaya and Bstieler, 2016). Custom image of people can be consider which is real because stock picture not work on Instagram. For example, need to consider irresistible so that visual nature takes impulse buying at next level. It is also driven to connect with niche audience. Main example which taken on Instagram is advertisement action which come from Spearmint LOVE. It gets successful results with providing growth and touching single line code.

2a. Impact of social media on Amazon

Amazon considers effective results with implement social media tools. In this aspect, they are able to gather important sources that consider operations in global environment. Successful results of the company has been depends on its social media tools. Therefore, implications consist as the enormous with smart leaders and investors. These implications consider advantages to perform marketing functions (Taneja and Toombs, 2014).

Invest in commerce, divest the traditional retailers

In order to firstly implement investment in Amazon, it is important to identify competitors as well. In May 2016, market value of the chosen business has been compare with the Wal-Mart so that it consider as the largest retailer with Amazon. The chosen business has growth and high profitability as compare to other and their worth was around $332 and Wal-Mart has $216. In this aspect, it has been seen that other competitor adopt brick and mortar sales which was shrinking so that Amazon make themselves as market leader to promote effective functions. From last three years, it has been seen that Amazon continuously grows from 2014. It got profitability up to 128%. It assists to put investment in Amazon because it is leader in term of e-commerce which created great return. Furthermore, contrasting value of the business also develop continuously which decline traditional retailers. Amazon get effect which can be a cause due to Sears Holding, etc. Number of retailers are also getting effect in the entire work performance so that brick and mortar retail industry slowly shutting down. JCPenney consider almost 140 stores Macy closing 100 stores around 15% because it prepares for bankrupt. In addition to this Kohl also planning to shrink size so that it creates reflect lower sales.

Vastly too much space

It can be create impact on the real estate. Online sales come over the 11% of all holidays in 2016. Therefore, Amazon accounts develop with 40% of all sales so that stores are more goes anywhere to develop effectiveness. Historically prime retail real estate considered valuable results in 2007 because there are many people thought Sears real estate (Dolan and, 2017). It is the apparent the Amazon effect which has left America with effective consideration which requires in store front. Stand without anybody consider alternative use of building so that Malls and shopping centres go  begging as the traffic drops. It means that investment in retail estate is not considered with REITs.

Along with this, operating cash flow generally increasing around 7% within the twelve months. As compare to previous month, the chosen business also getting several benefits to work on the systematic performance with ascertain free cash flow. Therefore, principles repayment decreased in twelve months ended. Less finance lease principles on the assets that is needed to decrease outflow and develop effective results as well (Wang, Pauleen and Zhang, 2016). In the 2017, net sales generally develop around 38% in forth quarter which could be compare with other records as well. Operating income increases 38% so that favourable results could be considered within the business environment. In 2017, 30,000 new employees recruited in the business so that effectiveness will be developing continuously with business development activities. Hence, there are 1200 unique brands seeing that consider strong responses to make effective results. Hence, following points are highlighted:

  • In 2017, more than 5 million people attracted who shipped with prime in all over the world.
  • New paid members has been joined in 2017 so that brand consider effective impact on the business development activities.
  • Best selling products in the 2017 develop in different areas of the world by Amazon. Customers are mainly buying with tens of million of Echo devices in last year. Around 30000 new people recruited so that new devices carried that are 4000 smart tools.
  • In the 1200 unique brands, the company able to considered several products and services. Alexa Voice Services adoption included among the different devices. New integration of the products and services helps to focus on the effective results (Lamberton and Stephen, 2016).
  • The chosen company also determines new tools and developer kits so that it involves Alexa Mobile Accessory with premium so that voice development activities has been implemented. It makes easier for developer to bring Alexa to the more devices.
  • Further, the company hired around 130000 employees from global environment in 2017 which includes acquisition. It is employ more than 17500 veterans and military spouses in the country (Christodoulides, Siamagka and Michaelidou, 2015).
  • Amazon originates their products and services with prime members so that it create systematic work performance in the business environment. This is because, the selected business consider new kind of store for increasing shopping experience.
  • In order to fulfil the objectives of the small and medium size, vision, learning and activities develop continuously. It helps to develop products and services around the world.
  • Prime selection in the other countries also develop local products with 25 million from third party sellers. Therefore, it assists to launch new products such as consumer electronics, home and kitchen ware, etc. (Littlewood, Bick and Treen, 2017).
  • Amazon Web services develop effectiveness with the expansion of infrastructure in 2017. Launching new region in France also consider development of the business and ascertain effective functioning as well.
  • AWS continuously expand their infrastructure in 2017 to serve customers. There are almost 12 zones exist across the four regions such as Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sweden and second GovCloud.

2b. Future of social media and its implications for the business

In order to develop future programs, Amazon determines strategy of advertisement to pay attention. It is big brand which consider advertisement agencies to devise plans to get best results from Google and Facebook. Amazon strategy considered their different specialise operations and functions with e-commerce. The chosen company consider consumer brand with re-evaluation of marketing decisions. As results, it helps to implement systematic retail model in the business to make performance marketing objectives. Negotiation with advertisers assists to make better advertisement so that on social media such as Facebook is the useful platform where Amazon could able to implement their important consideration (Godey, Manthiou and Singh, 2016). Furthermore, real time integration create marketing campaign so that process typically takes traditional methods that assists to create effective program to perform several functions and operations. On TV commercial and coupons, process could be taken to lead with innovations so that global supply chain implemented to enhance revenue and profits to make changes to provide instant results.

Future advertisement products generally involves buying products from online tools such as Amazon Video programs with using X-Ray. Voice also activated in the Alexa platform so that advertisers implement digital assistants with several people. Executives sees that Amazon consider future program to reach towards the shoppers and shifting from traditional advertising channels with different place. It considered small grocery market share which deals in big grocery brand and manufacturer. The company has mission to make themselves as the most customer centric company in Earth by 2021. Therefore, customer centric approach assists to focused on the competitors based results with the technological consideration. It is the most important tool that invent behalf of the something better work. As results, it helps to delight customers to drive and invent new things in the business environment. Amazon consider their operations and functions with their effective mission and vision. In this consideration, they believe to create futuristic vision that assists to make larger role in life (Godey, Manthiou and Singh, 2016).

Unlimited future responses also developed to consider constraints and filled with infrastructure. Their main goal is to build services that can be provide at a time when customers have requires with using smart phones. Outsourcing is also considered important role that create negative impact which could be take from another responses that are entirely different.  The company also implement 3D printers to develop their profitability and performance in effective manner (Littlewood, Bick and Treen, 2017). It is the systematic process in which new technologies determines to make changes in life. Along with this, company also want to increase their employees around 50,000. Therefore, they can easily develop their professional development program and ascertain systematic work performance in the business environment. They consider, any community and their interest in down town urban solution. Consideration approach develop systematic work performance with business development so that powerful corporation seeking to the long term commitment (Christodoulides, Siamagka and Michaelidou, 2015).

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From the above report, it can be concluded that social media play important role to make successful results in the business. In this regard, the company determines their success with implement internet tools. Therefore, it will help to promote effectiveness in the business environment to look upon the creativity. Furthermore, it summarised about the social media tools that assists to attain competitive advantages at workplace. It helps to make creativity in the business and make more profits as well. Moreover, it articulated about the key social media tools that assist to focus on the innovation and systematic work performance in the business environment to develop creativity. Along with this, it discussed about the Amazon strategy which could be develop with the innovations and creativity. They are regularly implemented new functions so that customers could be attracted at workplace. At last, it described about the future development activities that helps to maintain long term targets. 

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