GoGlobal Management Information Systems for Business


Management information system is broad term used and applied for three resources i.e., people, information and technology. All these resources are required for the effective management of resources as well these are from inside as well outside of company out of these priority is given to the people (Storey,2016). In simple term it can be said that it is an computer based system which gives information for judgement making on planning, organising and controlling the operations of the firm. Apart from this, there is some importance also of MIS in company such as: to control the creation and growth of records, decrease operation cost, enhance efficiency and productivity, safeguard vital information, support better management decision making and so on.

This assignment is based on GoGlobal Limited which is software industry organisation founded in  1982. They are serving their products and services worldwide and products are application publishing software.  Its headquarter is in Santa Cruz, California, United Kingdom. Below mention report explain management information system along with their role, importance and need in GoGlobal Limited. It also enlighten, impact of internet technology, e-commerce and social media on traditional business models. Along with this relationship within information system and decision making is also analysed. Moreover, several other things related to management information system is mention below.


Role of information systems and technology

Management information system:

The management information systems (MIS) is the processed database of effective financial data and information managed  and this will help in conducting specific program in that manner which can help in producing daily report by operating each management activity of an organisation. This information system can be used by an organisation for obtaining important information in the form of report from the system in an convenient manner. . Along with this, the main motive of MIS is to provide company manager views regarding company's performance, also higher authority can control or monitor whole organisation at international level. GoGlobal Limited also work on improving their management information systems and used various new mobile technologies for relocate their business at global in the form of e-business. The MIS receive data from organisation units and functions for dealing with external customers. In addition to this, there are various information which are collected by computer and also check it in regular period of time. The company routine report are run and programmed on the basis of equal interval and display some functions which develop in developing system that can be used by company manager and the main duty of manager is to check all connected systems in the  network of  (MIS).

It is the study of technology, people, organisation and making relationship among them. MIS experts assist company for taking maximum benefits from investment is being carried out on  personnel, business procedures and techniques (Willcocks, 2013). It is people oriented   where all functions and operations should be undertaken by people. GoGlobal limited using such information system at each level of business operations for collecting, gathering, processing to carry out regular operations in better manner. 

Businesses use information systems in the context of global:

Management information system are used by businesses in the international level so they can  perform each function and operation of company in proper manner. Globalisation affect information system in various factors such as usage of internet by common people in all over the world. The information system will play an essential role in the context of global level of the GoGlobal limited. As it will make easier and simpler while interaction among different nations, continents and places. There are various use of information systems which are take by businesses in the global context that are described as follows:

  • Making appropriate communication – With the help of this information technology, the instant message, emails and video conferences are possible for the businesses. This will help them in connecting with people on a global area people and make strong relation with customers of a business.
  • Globalisation and cultural gap – The businesses use information system in the context of global where they are bring out geographical, linguistic and cultural boundaries. With the assistance of this, GoGlobal limited can easily share data and information, communication, knowledge and relation between various nations, cultural and languages in easy manner and assures that tasks and operations are fulfilled.
  • Creation of new types of jobs – The business are use this information system for making new job opportunities in the external locations. There are various job opportunities which are provided for people in the global context such as system analyser, hardware and software developers, computer programmers and web designers.

Role of information systems in developing business strategy:

An organisation need to develop and make appropriate strategy with the help of information systems in proper manner. The business adopting various strategy which has been used in effective information system in an organisation (Ahi and Searcy,2013). Information system assist firm for making adequate usage of data and information, reduces work pressure and help the compliance with different compulsory rules and regulations. There are various roles of information system in making effective business strategy that are described as under:

  • Information storage and analysis – There are various organisation which manage the data and information in the form of hard copy format. With the using of management information system, firm make use of comprehensive data base which can combine with all imaginable piece of information and data regarding the company. This will play role in developing strategies and policies for the business through this the company can easily run whole business in better manner. Such systems are totally integrated with data and information from different methods whether it is internal and external of the firm.
  • Help in developing decisions – The company mainly depend upon accuracy of their strategic plans. GoGlobal limited management team using information system for making plans and develop appropriate decisions for an organisation. Along with this, businesses adopting information system for evaluating effective information with all major sources involves information from external references like Reuters or Bloomberg that will help in giving accurate information in the common economy.
  • Assist with business processes – Information system help businesses in making number of value added system within an organisation. The firm need to adopt such information system which define business procedures and eliminate required issues in current activities and functions in proper manner. In addition to this, information system adding control to employees procedures and make sure that users with relevant rights can perform various tasks.

Information systems contribute to achieving competitive advantage:

GoGlobal limited is the application software which allow users to run and access Linux, Windows and UNIX technologies install on the key server. The company will display application user interface on personal computers and various customers techniques are run with various operating systems. The firm gain competitive advantages for providing effective services or facilities in such way where customers gain more beliefs and values than a rival. This is not proper information application that give firm a competitive benefits. In current time period, the company has became aware of the strategic role for play by information systems in achieving a competitive advantages (Nicholas and Steyn,2017). They require to identify and recognise such reports which can be complex or difficult. There are various framework which has been made and this can be used for guide such procedures in better way. The uses of information system help in gaining competitive advantages and also identify such system which can increasing core abilities. Businesses require to evolve and innovate various systems for smoothly run the whole business operations or its functions.

Unique features of e-commerce:

E-commerce define purchasing and selling of company services through electronics like internet or mobile phones. This is that procedure which help in making, creating, profitable and servicing various goods and facilities. The GoGlobal limited also using this technological features for e-commerce to survive in the international level. There are various unique features of e-commerce which are described as under:

  • Interactivity – This technology used in e-commerce that will help in doing customer interactions for developing person as they are active participants in the process of transactions. According to this outcome, this method can adjust on each person experience.
  • Personalisation – In this, information application of e-commerce allow for customisation and personalisation of marketing message to all groups.
  • Information richness – This is that technology which can be used by users to access and use of text message to send and receive some important information and data. This will provide rich experience of information regarding marketing and gaining customer experience.
  • Universal standards – Businesses, government and individual are using one set of applications, internet standards, media through e-commerce features. This will help in clear the interactions. A person seen such standard while shop online, so the procedure of buying items is same on different sites which can be use with the help of e-commerce technologies.
  • Ubiquity – E-commerce features are accessible while connected with any people at any time, any where such as home, office, video game systems through internet connection and effective mobile phone devices.
  • Information density – The use of e-commerce declining the cost price, procedures and communication information. At this time, timelines and accuracy increases which help in making required data and information. 
  • User generating content – In last feature, software network are using e- commerce technologies which allow members, common people, share appropriate content in the external society.

Impact on a business of information technology

Role of information systems and technologies in transforming businesses:

The transformation of business define major changes and without any doubt, information application is the main part which can carry out level of alteration (Huang, And, 2011). The role of management information system and technologies help in transforming business in current period of time. There are various role of information systems and technology in transforming businesses are described as under:

Identification – Information technology is that type of application system which involved in creating, converting and duplication of important data and information. The technology main role in developing digital transformation in various businesses so this is very complex where technology end and begin business.

Effects – In this, business transformation can be positive and negative in each manner. Mobile communication techniques and internet access allow employees to do work from anywhere along with higher adaptability. 

Benefits – In this information technology play an essential role in business transformation which consider major advantages. The company main ability is to share required data and information without geographic constraints change the way in this various businesses communicate with their customers and employees. Search engine technology allow person to access required information and data with unprecedented speed and quality. Various websites launched by company and describe value preposition before taking time.

Speculation – Most of the specialist agree on that transformation of business from using information technology that can be reboust and long term basis. At the time of economic decreases, new technological innovation are developed which transform on regular basis where they are operate the business.

Role of information systems in global e-business:

The management information system assist the higher authorities management in setting necessary goals and targets, strategic planning and evolving business plans and their execution. Along with this, it will play an important role in generating accurate information, communication, issues recognised and help inn making appropriate decisions for the company at global level (Vom Brocke, Seidel and Recker,2012). In the current business environment, information systems are playing a major role in developing and growing the business at larger scale. Companies are making use of these techniques so as to upgrade their functions and activities that are being performed inside the company. Basically, it helps a organisation in becoming more effective and efficient in conducting their work. The same situation is with go global limited because they are also making using information systems so as to maintain the privacy of their information and making it possible to more and more people to access it and share as well.

It is very much important for companies that are surviving outline to make use of an efficient information system so as to sustain in the market for longer period of time. Information system consists of lots of capabilities like they receive the data and store it and also transmit  it across different platforms as well. These kind of data can be in the form of text, audio, video and graphical nature as well. In Go global limited, they can make use of information  system so as to store their information in a proper manner so that it can be used by the company at the later period of time. This will eventually help the company in achieving competitive advantage and develop in a fast manner as well. Eventually, go global limited will be able to effectively manager their data management services and apply innovative software's as well so that all of their activities can be conducted in a proper manner. So, the role played by information system in a global e-business is very crucial and is required to be implemented in a proper manner.

Impact of internet technology, e-commerce, and social media on traditional business models:

Digital technology execution has forced business person and entrepreneur to think over the traditional models of business and their execution. The practices of social media, new media, e-commerce and internet technology has impacted widely on the business practices and performance as these has distinct influence on the organisations.  A business model can refer to the overarching plan of an organisation to generate a benefit through trading a products and services. The models of business delivers an outlined plan of company to manufacture a services and products and to trade this.

New media such as e-commerce, internet and social media has widely influence the traditional models of business as the method of performing activities with new media is distinct relatively. For example, marketing through traditional media whereas was promoting one-way communication which nowadays has become more active, interactive and responsive where the organisation can analyse their influence significantly (Demirkan and Delen,2013). On the other hand, previously, trading was a significant task which require certain importance aspects and elements such as retailer, service provider etc. On the other side, e-commerce has made the whole procedure more convenient and easy to operate the business worldwide.

Therefore, it is required to alter those models according to the requirements of present scenario as this can influence in more fundamental manner. In context of Information Technology, the system of MIS is assisted by these digital disruption within an organisation as this can avail numerous benefits such as enhancement in sales, ease in operations, enlargement in benefits and many more. This is paramount for organisations to consider the influence of social media, e-commerce and internet on the business in regard of executing or employing distinct business models within a company for better outcomes. Through the assistance of this, company can achieve their business objectives and attain standard outcomes in more significant form.


Assess the need for and key components of an effective information technology infrastructure

Need of an effective information technology infrastructure – There are several several needs of an effective information system in GoGlobal Limited. Some of them is mention below :-

  • Integrated system – Management information system views company information requirement from system prospect point. It blend database together of all the subsystem of GoGlobal limited system  and with this info exchange integrates the enterprise.
  • Common Databases – In organisation there is requirement of storing data which is possible through management information system. Because in organisation sometimes there is requirement of past data and also for storing present information (Barry,And,  2011). Through MIS it will be easy for every employees to access the data when its required.
  • Avoid redundancies in data storage – In this, information system play important role because it is an integrated system. Through IS unwanted duplication and redundancy is avoid in collecting data and change.

Key components of an effective information technology infrastructure -

  • People – They are the employees of GoGlobal Limited who Use MIS for recording their daily basis business information. Peoples are those who are qualified like accountants, HR manager and so on.
  • Business procedures – It is the process which guide users and other people how to do work in effective manner. Business process it framed by the people who are consultants, users etc.
  • Data – These are the records which is stored through MIS and it can be of past as well present both.
  • Hardware – It is printers, computers, several other networking devices also. As well hardware provide computing power for data processing. This speed up the processing of data into information.
  • Software – There are program which run on hardware as well software is divided into two parts which is named as system software and application software. Where, system software is that which refers operation system such as Ubuntu, Mac OS, Windows and several other. On the other hand, application software is that which is specialized for achieving task of business like banking, point of sale system, payroll program and so on.

Critically examine the reasons for building effective information systems

There are various reasons for building an effectual information system in the organisation is given below :-         

  • To reduce operating cost – In organisation when records are stored in physical place there is requirement of record keeper to whom salary will be paid, space in office for putting files as well some other staff members also for keeping its record. For all such situations MIS play important role in GoGlobal Limited it reduce all these cost which occur for keeping records.
  • To improve efficiency and productivity – Through management information system company update its records system for enhancing information retrieval (Greenberg,2017). With the assistance of MIS there is no requirement of spending time on missing or misfiled because it is non-productive approach.
  • To safeguard vital information – Every organisation have some important data and information whether it can be public or private. Important data and information of GoGlobal Limited is safe and secure because of Management information system.
  • To support better management decision – In company there is requirement of past information and data which is stored by the MIS in company. When it is required manager and executive easily excess it and take decision on their basis.

Evaluate the impact of key emerging information technologies on business performance

 In information technology new trends are coming day by day these gives their wide impact on performance of company (Hammer,2015). Emerging technologies are Cloud Computing, Mobile application and so on as well their impact is mention below :-

  • Cloud computing and its impact on performance of business – It is the emerging trend Of IT which gives wide impact on company i.e., information technology infrastructure cost of the GoGlobal Limited reduce.  Moreover, through cloud computing it is easy for the company to transfer information and data to each and every employees. Apart from this, through it software and hardware maintenance is easier because installation on each computer is not required.
  • Mobile Application and its impact on business – This is an another emerging trend in information technology and it become more success since its introduction. These are designed to run on smartphone, mobile devices, tablets etc. all such emerging information technology assist GoGlobal Limited because through all these company can easily share information with their employees when they are at home. Even staff members can do their work by sitting out of the office location also.

Above mention new information technology is giving their wide impact on working of GoGlobal Limited because through this they are easily managing their work. Apart from this, with the assistance of these IT technology respective given organisation easy transfer their data from one person to another.

Evaluate how key information systems can improve business performance

This has been found that information system is improving the current performance of business of GoGlobal organisation by helping them in many ways. Some of the contribution are discussed below :

  • It helps in taking accurate decisions since essential facts and figures of competitors are being easily traced by utilising suitable digital tools (Scheer,2012). Therefore, manager is able to decide what should be implemented by them in order to give strong competition to rivals.
  • It assist in developing innovational and unique products or services. This in turn strength the customer base by seeking attention of large number of customers towards such merchandises. But it is to be noted that mentioned organisation has to sell those facilities at affordable prices. Through this, each section of society either it is poor or rich can enjoy facilities offered by them.
  • Mentioned firm can store their any kind of data safely and securely by using databases. These information can't be accessed by unknown person since password or permission of accessing such information is provided to admin. Hence, those data will remain safe from various intruders and hackers. No one use that without permission of administration of GoGlobal. Thereby offering the venture a protecting cover from several web crimes. 

Analyse the relationship between information systems and decision making

Information technology is related with decision making of company because through MIS GoGlobal Limited store their past and present data which can be required anytime. It can be required by manager and other executive staff members for making decisions (Lin and Lu,2011).  I the enterprise several judgements of present done on the basis of past data and information. Their is an another relation also by accessing information system company identify that which technology is used by them in the past. Through which what results is gained by them so in present they use some another technologies for doing the same work. So that compare to past better outcomes can be gained by them in future.

In simple words it can be said that, with the assistance of past data better decisions can be made by the given enterprise in present. Apart from this there are several new technologies related to MIS is coming they are also helping in decision making process of the GoGlobal Limited.           

Explain how to manage information systems projects

There are various kinds of IT projects Chiu are related to technology such as Software development & implementation, hardware installations (e.g., servers, desktop computers, or telephony systems), network system upgrades and data management. Thus, all of these projects are helpful to business but required to be managed in correct manner (Järveläinen,2012). GoGlobal Limited Company can adopt conduct certain IT projects and mange them by using several practices which are given below:

Initiation: This step includes to determine goal of project and then manger assigned with particular contract  and then project charter will created and the team for the same is recruited properly. GoGlobal Limited Company is required to identify objective for specific IT project and then select group for that to complete the same successfully.

Planning: The planning is essential to be made before starting practical working on them because it includes blur print or required or effective strategies that facilitates to put efforts in correct direction. A plan of action will provide support to fulfil steps in right sequence which are helpful to gain desired objectives.

Execution: The project team can execute particular IT project in an appropriate manner which render support to put efforts in sufficient amount and complete tasks step-by-step in an appropriate manner. GoGlobal Limited Company is required to follow planning and then they can generate deliverables of project successfully.

Monitoring and controlling: This refers to observe and analyse impacts of performance and measure standards of working of employees in proper way. This tasks of manager of  GoGlobal Limited Company in which they have to monitors and controls certain activities. Thus, it includes work for time, cost, scope, quality, risk, and other factors of the project.

Closing: This can be described as to the end phase of whole process of managing particular project in which it will get completed, approved and deliver to desired person.

The above mentioned steps are necessary to be followed by the given company in order to manage several IT projects properly to gain required benefits..

Assess the challenges to developing global information systems

There are several challenges which is faced during developing global information system are mention below :-

  • There are several legal and political contract which is given by the government of different nation related to developing global information system. These political contract is the major issue faced by the GoGlobal Limited.
  • Cultural and communication barriers because every country have different languages and culture which is followed by the citizens who are living their (Giannakis and Louis,2011). For developing information system at national level there is requirement of communication in this major challenges which is faced by GoGlobal Limited is language and tradition of people.  
  • At global level when information technology is developing there is several restriction on hardware purchased and imposed because every government have their own laws and legislations. Such laws gives their major restrictions import and export.
  • Their are several emerging Technology now a days because of that many of the people are facing in developing their information system at global level. Apart from this every nation have their different technology.
  • Restriction on data process and communication because these involves important information related to the organisation. Challenges faced in developing global information system in it is that they face issues related to the security.

Explain how a business can develop structures for global information support systems

For developing information system at global level structure followed by company is that GoGlobal Limited Form several Information system department in the company which assist them in managing their work in better manner at international level.

Thus, for enhancing business there is requirement of forming proper structure. So that activities of company can be managed in better manner.

Analyse the implications of ethical and social issues for managing information systems

There are some specific ethical and social issues for management information systems are as follows -

Information rights and obligations

It consists of protecting the individual information about the organization which they should prevent from the seekers as they can misuse the information (Ptak and Schragenheim,2016). Privacy is the major factor of this because all the organization should keep their data confidential form others.

Internet challenges to privacy

As internet is the main source to steal the information through computers so it become essential to monitor, capture and store the data with the most suitable encryption keys. 

Assess the security risks faced by information systems

Information system helps to reduce works load and manage business activities in effective manner. In GoGlobal Limited company, management implement several advance equipment in order to provide adequate services to customers. Access of information system is also considering several security risk that requires to identify properly. These conflicts are require to identify properly in order to resolve them for better opportunities. There are major security risk in information systems are determine below as -

Physical security risk – While an organisation adopt advance technology in their business process through the implementation of information system they requires to manage infrastructure and funds in order to reduce physical risk (Laisheng and Zhengxia, 2011). These risk of resources can reduce efficiency and effectiveness of work. These risk can be determine as more expensive which are hard to manage easily.

Insider threats – These risk can harm processing system of advance equipments. For this, GoGlobal Limited company requires to install quality software in order to getting effective solution of security risk. These insider threat are require to identify properly in order to gather timely solution easily.

Brand risk – These approaches are based on information system security issues that require to identify in order to gathering better solution. These activities can reduce brand image of information system as well as target organisation.

Evaluate tools and technologies for the protection of information systems security

As computer and there digital devices have an essential to business and commerce, which also, increasingly becomes a target to Go Global limited company. The basic concepts of information system security that which help in guiding to mitigate its security threats. ISS is a process and methodology that involved to keep information confidential, assuring and so on. Risk assessment must be performed to determine what information they needed which is a biggest risk. If there is a lack of systematic process and standardized language will not able to be effective nor sustainable (Lim, NEXTLABS Inc, 2013). There are various tools and techniques which assist in protecting the information system security, these are briefly described as follows:

  • Identify management and authentication: Tools for authentication are used to accomplish by identifying factors such as something to know about specific topic, something they have about an information or something they have such as biometric , eye-scan, fingerprint or four digit PIN which can decoded by the user only. For a more specific way to authenticate users to do multi-factor authentication. 
  • Access control: Once user has been authenticated, the next phase is to ensure that only access an information resources which is an appropriated manner. This can be done through a use of access control. It is determines which users are able to read, add or delete information. ACL are simple to understand and maintain there position related to company's requirement. This allows the administrators to manage Go Global limited and roles separately. Only users are capabilities are allowed to perform different function.
  • Encryption: This is a process which is used to transit information over the internet or from some external media such as DVD, pen drive, floppy disk, hard disk and many more. In this case, even with proper authentication and access control is possible for an unauthorised person to get access to the data of Go Global limited company (Jeng  and Dunk,2013). Encryption is a process of encoding data upon transmission or storage through which only authorized individual can read it. This encoding is completed by a computer program, who encodes the plain text that needs to be transferred; recipient receives and decodes it which is also known as decryption. Both the parties share the encryption key, enabling them to encode and decode each other's messages.

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From the above assignment it has been analysed that, Management information system is important for every type of organisation because it help in storing data and information related to past and present. It also assist manager and other executive employees for taking several decisions related to future. Apart from this by implementing MIS in the organisation there are several benefits which is gained by GoGlobal Limited are Improve productivity and efficiency, safe important info and data, and several other.  Apart from this, development of global information system and its impact is explained in the assignment. Along with the  structure also which is formed by the enterprise for framing international Information system.

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