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Organization Selected : WHS
Question :

There are some questions that is needed to answer for completing task.

  • Plan and undertake the audit of the documented framework of WHS management system at company a report in the outcomes to the WHS manager there.
  • Identify the trends and suggest possible actions which needs to address any issues arising from the data.
  • Read the individual assessment and answer the series of questions related to the resources and responsibility case.
Answer :


Workplace safety defined the policies and set of procedures in place take to assure health and safety of workers within company. It includes hazards identification and control according to appropriate government standards and ongoing development and training for staff. The present report is based on WHS management system, it explains the development of plan with timelines for WHS systems documentation audit. This study justifies, appointment arrangements with WHS manager at workplace to discuss plan (Clements, Pawlowski and Manouselis, 2015). Develop audit checklists and define quality system framework that impact on WHS system. Furthermore, it clarifies results of audit in table format, purpose of actions to consider any issues and recommend methods for communicating results to managers and workers.

Developing a plan and timeline for the WHS system documentation system

Workplace health & safety documentation, is system mostly has varied structural elements, it is all about being specific of risk and policies safety management, review of all tasks done and documented control etc. it is the process sets out the stages to be followed for work activities. While developing and creating documentation, consultation with affected employees is essential as it helps to solve work safety and health issues.

The plan for WHS system includes the following:

Section 1: Purpose

It describe the auditing procedures which is used to verify the implementation and evaluate the effectiveness of the WHS. The audit will further evaluate the compliance with all defined WHS policy and procedures or legislation (Eldejany, R., 2018). The audit also evaluate the WHS management system are properly implemented and maintained.

Scope: The procedure clearly outlines the requirement for auditing the implementation of the WHS in an organization.

Section 2: Glossary

Purpose of this process is to:


It means effective and systematic procedure for acquiring audit evidence and measure it objectively to identify extent to which investigation criteria is fulfilled.

Audit criteria-

It means necessity which audit is assessing as chosen from standards, policies, legislation and codes of practice.

Audi tee-

It is referred to the person who conduct audit, auditee means a area being examined in order to analyse situation in workplace.

Audit evidence-

While auditing system auditor keep all records, fact and statements information that in further procedure, all data will be relevant to audit criteria.

Audit findings-

After conducting audit, auditee get outcomes of evaluation against criteria of audit that help in developing plan regarding health and safety at workplace.

Scope of audit-

It refers to the boundaries and extent of audit that help to complete work on time.


The intended aim of this audit is mentioned here, that help to assure workplace safety and health.


A person who are able to conduct an audit is known as auditor with competence to conduct research.

Audit plan-

It defined the clear description of actions and arrangements for the audit, that provide better results at the end of audit.

Section 3: Policy

It refers to all the work health and safety policy that clearly shows that the working area should be safe for workers and also employer are responsible for all the misshapen. Moreover, the WHS plan should be defined for certain time in which company have to make sure that they comply with all the policy and procedure so that it will not affect the working area in negative way.

Section 4: responsibilities

While performing WHS audit, every person have their own roles and responsibilities. Such that the compliance officer will prepare the WHS audit plan and schedule and also prepare the audit, scope and objectives as per criteria. It also ensures the audit which is conduct in accordance with the procedures (Madushika and, 2018). Moreover, another one of Auditor which will comply with different principle of auditing in order to make the business run according to ethical conduct and also leads to fair presentation. In addition to this, the auditor also exercise care in accordance with the importance of task so they they develop best report in front of others that describe entire scenario.

WHS Audit

  • Audit arrangement: Basically this is done on the two parts such that internal audit and external audit. In internal audit, the inspection are done at regular intervals with at east six months and it all depends upon the risk of the work as well as workplace. Through this audit, they make sure that company is compliance with all the code of conduct, WHS legislation and code of practice. Another is external audit that is done by external auditor which is completely depend upon the independent of the business and it is also verifies that the internal audit assessment as well.
  • Audit plan: In this, auditor analyse WHS audit plan which cover three year cycle and also prepare an annual WHS audit schedule which is directly consult with the organization (Brooks and, 2019). It is also done to make sure that there is no conflict between the business.
  • Audit methodology: in this, audit plan is done by analyzing proper scope, objectives and criteria which is based upon the proper WHS procedure. Further, it also observe different audit protocols in which the auditor will review any previously done audit reports for the particular area in order to relate the audit scope. Further, the auditor also request the document which is further present in the initial meeting as well.

Audit plan-


In order to manage workplace safety and health of workers, management will take better actions by considering each point effectively.


Auditor communicate with other stakeholders regards to manage and implement WHS system in workplace.

Setting objective-

Auditor set objective and goal of work and then take action accordingly by measuring all point appropriately.


Follow the rules and regulation according to Health and Safety legislations, comply with it. In order to conduct audit and assure workplace safety risk management plan will developed.


Within 30 days the plan will be implemented effectively after considering all essential aspects.


Arrange appointment with WHS manager at workplace

To make effective discussion about WHS plan, auditor arrange meeting with workplace health and safety manager which is quite essential before implementing plan. The appointment is held at workplace within desirable time limits. The most essential part of arranging appointment is determining whether it is actually necessary. Through appointment with WHS manager, person is able to discuss plan, take actions in order to implement it for enhancing workplace safety and health. The role of manager is to monitor health and safety hazards and risk in workplace, to manage standards in work area effectively. The plan will be discussed with assessor also which is essential for getting results in systematic manner. Assessor is local government official who identifies value of WHS system for workers (Meeker-O’Connell and, 2015). Their role is to assess applicants performance and work related knowledge in different of tasks to assure that competence meets requirements of WHS standards and learning objectives. The timing of meeting will be depended on organizer and discussion process with WHS manager.

Quality system framework defined as formalized system that documents procedures, processes and accountabilities for achieving quality of objectives and policies. This systems impact on WHS system effectively, as it help to improve processes of work, reduce waste, lower costs, engaging staff and identifying training opportunities. It helps to analyse the quality of environment around workplace, set of strategies, regulations, processes and plans that workers uses to manage, control and assure quality. Through the use of this framework, people are able to integrate procedures, catering systematic method for enhancing and maintaining their quality of work provision. It effects workplace health and safety system positively as it help to monitor, supervise and report any hazard that impact on staff performance and health.

Audit checklist and check it with workplace WHS manager and assessor

Audit checklist focus on three audit segments such as operations, management and finance. Checklists for internal quality measure is composed of set of many questions derived from WHS system and any procedure documentation prepared by organization (Tõnurist, 2015). Points covered in checklist that are:


Time limit

Compliance with workplace health and safety legislation.

7 days

Identification of risk and control hazards.

4 days

Targets and objectives as well as how and when they will be gained.

3 days

Effective risk management plan.

4 days

Effective repay to work of injured employees.

7 days

Apply Code of practices

3 days

Claim management

2 days


After developing the audit checklist company check it with assessor because it help to strengthen plan more effectively. By checking audit checklists company assure that plan will be implemented systematically. It also discussed with workplace WHS manager in order to get their opinion as well. Discussion with workplace health and safety manager is quite beneficial for firm, it helps to acquire expert opinions and knowledge regarding plan.

The above elements in checklist clearly measure WHS system in line with company quality system framework. With the help of audit checklist manager is capable to check each and every thing about worker safety, it allows them to evaluate the effectiveness of WHS legislation, policies and procedure before implementing in workplace for workers safety. Through this procedure WHS manager reduce risk of hazard and control effectively before creating difficult situation. By implementing policies and legislations in checklist company assure employees about safety quality that increase their morale and enhance productivity better than before. Checklists is used as information base for planning current as well as future audit, it assures that capable evidence is acquired, audit scope is followed and check consistent audit approach.

Audit using documents provided by manager

After developing audit checklists, auditor conduct audit by using documents provided by WHS manager in order to find positive results and measure risk or hazard at workplace that impact on ability and productivity of staff. With the help of documents auditor conduct the best and systematic audit, it is independent and systematic audit examine current workplace situations and analyse the requirement of WHS system to manage efficiency of staff by reducing risk. Auditor conduct official inspection of company workplace environment without any disturbance in order to make plan (Woodrow and Guest, 2014). It is one of the best procedure of reviewing different policies within HR and other area of company. It helps to determine areas that need improvement and development that support in growth and success of business within marketplace. Documents provided by manager plays vital role while audit, it will help to evaluate level of risk for health and safety problems at work area. While conducting investigation, auditor determine weakness and strengths in safety process of company, asses whether safety process is legally or illegally compliant and compare current practice and documentation against legal obligations as well as best practice. By undertaking the audit with documents, auditor increase level of security to assure regulatory compliance, they can give the best advice to organization in relation to implementing WHS management system in workplace. The manager want to increase productivity of staff and prevent them from health risk and hazard, by preparing checklist auditor conduct audit and after analysing the whole things they can easily update older process to comply with modifications in health and safety regulations.

Results of audit in form of tables



Developing plan

With the help of developing plan mentioned above company can take correct steps towards implementing WHS management system within workplace in order to assure workers safety and health.

Measure risk

Audit help to measure the current risk and hazards occur in workplace that impact on its abilities the most, but after analysing the environment, company comply with WHS legislation that create positive environment in work area.

Discus with manager and assessor

Through discussion auditor get more opinion from senior management and give their advise to them for implementing plan effectively.


The main purpose of workplace audit is to address hazard and risk of security breach that might become obvious (Dill and, 2018). Security breach is unauthorized access of data on networks, devices and other things, getting around security on those servers, ultimately resulting in data or information leakage. With this purpose auditor prepare plan for reducing risk of security breach, it allow them to secure personal data of workers while they do job in organization since for so long.

By conducting in depth audit, company will assure that identification of hazard and risk for each of stages will be included in making changes at workplace.

In order to make effective communication with manager and workers as part of report, auditor recommended to use different types of communication methods such as face to face, memos, fax and traditional mail (Nammi and, 2015).


From above, it has been concluded that development of plan for WHS system documentation audit allow company to gain more knowledge it. Appointment give chance to communicate with workplace safety and security manager and assessor and take their opinions for improving it better than before. Furthermore, audit provide better results as it support to measure risk and by using face to face and other communication methods auditor discuss findings with manager effectively.

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