HR7003 Business Report B.N. Foray Structure Level 5 University of East London


Human resource management is an approach where strategic methods and effective skills of management are used to resolve disputes within organisation (WU and, 2010). This helps for business to gain business leverage in competitive advantage. The company taken here in is B.N. Foray which is a global organisation in food sector. It has several employees and its objective is to render healthy food services at a reasonable price. In this present report, various issues faced by this organisation is discussed along with a proposal by which these issues can be resolved.

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Outline of the primary HRM issues in B.N. Foray

Conflicts among employees:This is an internal conflict emphasising on issues which are threatening relation with supplier and A line manager is seeking help to resolve it. Another issue revolving here, is given by team leader, accusing miles for leaving company in critical condition. This has become an urgent issue which needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Another issue in logistics is that joe has always been very much concerned, about health and safety of employees at B.N. Foray. She is facing many problems in her team regarding issues which are related to her team members and concern related to issues between her and Miles. The conversation is not being completed and has arisen to affect their working relationship.

Inefficiency of employees: Many inappropriate issue and conflicts are arising in the logistics. There is lack of integration in the work as the work force is not clear with their roles and responsibilities at the regional level which is resulting into conflicts at operational level employees. People were not given correct guidance due to which the employees were unable to get trained. People working in same zones were not even promoted in different sectors. This started to make employees ineffective in nature and could not perform with their full capacity in working. HR practices were not followed properly and repercussions were faced by the employees of organisation.

High employee turnover: The employees working in that company were doing same work since years. They were not shifted from one sector to other. This was not challenging and created employee dissatisfaction. Also those working under Mark were pressurize to perform well and were not treated well which further increases turnover of team members.

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Proposal to optimize the delivery of HR Processes at B.N. Foray.

HRM processes are the strategies which can help an organisation to resolve their HR issues (Pudelko, Reiche and Carr, 2015). B.N. Foray is an organisation which is facing numerous issues and processes to resolve them are mentioned below:

Organise workshops: This will be done by organising workshops where employees will learn about advantages of developing a healthy work environment. They will also get information about the key disadvantages of getting involve in conflict or promoting negative workplace environment.

Fun at work activities– Organisation will organise ''fun activities'' under the program''fun at work'' on weekly basis. They will refresh mind of employees and it will provide them with opportunity of interacting with other workers and senior managers.

Training and development seminars– Employees of this organization are not satisfied with their job as they think that there is no scope for their personal and professional development. By conducting training and development seminars, skills of employees will be developed and they will start to get satisfy. This process will help in reducing high employee turnover of this company.


HRM processes



Conflicts among employees

Conducting workshops

8 months

2000 pounds

Lack of employee engagement

Conducting weekly activities

3 months

18000 pounds

High employee turnover

Training and development seminars

11 months

5000 pounds

Want to Join the Circles of


Plan including outline costings, responsibilities

In the above discussion different issues that are faced by B.N.Foray are identified along with a proposal of how they can be resolved. Planning for the application of proposal is done here which will help in achieving the desired results of the proposal.

Conflicts among the employees– The most important problem to be resolved is to develop better relation among the work force as it is a primary requirement for getting the effective work done by employees. In order to deal with this issue Chief People Officer of B.N. Foray can apply the Situational theory of leadership (Lăzăroiu, G., 2015). Conducting the seminars for same will add total cost to the firm but it is an investment as this will help in bring a positive change in future working. 2000 pounds is budgeted for this step and it should be given care that the estimated cost do not exceed.

According to this leader of the refereed to organisation can act according to the present demand of the condition. Solution that is best and most acceptable for the work force should be made so that sentiments of no employees gets affected. Leaders here has to do close analyses of the situation so that they can change their leading style and only those who are capable of doing same are successful leaders. This theory gives different styles to be adopted by leader like being participative, adopting delegation, selling or telling the work force what to do (McCleskey, 2014).

Inefficiency of employees was the another problem that is faced in the firm and need quick action. For same Goal setting theory of motivation can be used. It is a positive approach which is supported with feedback. As the employees are not performing to their full capacity this practice will help in influencing the work force to test their own calibre (Locke and Latham, 2012). According to this model the leaders must ensure that they maintain clarity in goals for each department so that their vison is clear and everyone work in the same path (Demetriou and Schmitz-Sciborski, 2011). Thereafter, challenging goals must be set against the employees so that they do maximum capacity utilisation of their capabilities. Commitment should be taken from the work force so that they are made accountable for the work which is allotted to them and this will further raise feeling of responsibility in them.

Continuous Feedback must be given to those who are engage in particular projects as this way those who are working can get to know on time that weather they are on the right path or not and if required corrective actions can be taken. Lastly, this theory suggests that there should be realistic expectations from the results and it should be in accordance to the complexity of the task. Expecting beyond the possibilities hurt the sentiments of those involve in work and demotivates them. It is the responsibility of HR director of B.N. Foray to ensure that during the weekly activities application of this theory is done so that it can be identified that how successful it is to achieve the desired results. cost will incure in making the arrangemnts for the activites which is estimated to eighteen thousand pounds.

Lastly, High employee turnover is found as a result of work pressure and arrogant behaviour of the management. Equity theory of motivation can be applied against this problem. It is successful way through which equality in the performance and reward is maintained so that no one in the business feel unrecognised. There are situations in the business where although some employees are giving their full efforts but are not appreciated because of few who are not dedicated towards the job. Equity theory says that the level of motivation in an individual is directly related to the level of equality and fairness maintained by the management. It is found that those who are most appreciated or awarded for good giving good results are most motivated and gives their full efforts in future too (Lynch, McCormack and McCance, 2011). With the application of same in the business those employees who are performing under pressure and are not happy with the job will also develop a positive perception towards the management that if they will cooperate then they will also get the incentives in kind or cash in return. HR director of B.N. Foray should see that evaluation of every individual performance is done so that accordingly they can be rewarded at the end.

Risk register







Of risk


Addition of expenditure on total cost of the firm


There are chances that application of theories is not done well and hence this way the expected results will not be achieved.


While conducting the seminars and weekly activities close monitoring should be keep on how the application of theories is done and quick steps should be taken if any deviation is found.

Deviation of management from more priority work


When additional activities are planned in between it affects the routine job. This may add more responsibility for the management and they may fail to give proper attention on their core operations.


Proper planning and delegation of authority should be done well in advance so that no one is over pressurise with the work.


From the above repot this can be summarised that human resource is one of the crucial asset of the company and need to be managed in the most appropriate manner. Any issue among them can effect much to the total business performance. There are range of theories which can be applied in their context like of the motivation leadership etc. which can help in resolving the problems. Proper planning for applying these models should be done so that the expected outcomes can be achieved. Lastly, risk register is made which is very much helpful in determine the possible failures which will further help in taking the required actions in advance.


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