Sample on Lead a Diverse Workforce

Introduction To Diverse Workforce

Diverse workforce is the most required factor in present scenario. There are several organizations who are working on work diversity. For the same, the organization requires have leaders who can manage the diverse workforce. The present report is going to depict the purpose of commonwealth and state legislation regulations. In addition to this, the document also consist of certain scenario which are being discussed Magurran, 2013).


The main purpose of commonwealth and state legislation and regulation is to safeguard people form various discriminations. In addition to this, the motive is to maintain equality among the employees at workplace.


1 In this scenario, Voula is being directly discriminated by the interviewer because she is strong enough to manage her architecture course and her husband. Here, equal opportunity act will safeguard her from direct discrimination.

2 In this scenario, Mei is directly discriminated on the basis of gender. The interviewer said being a mother she wont be able to handle the position of personal assistant. Here also equal opportunity act will remain useful to safeguard her position.

3 As per the case study, Susan is indirectly discriminated by her employer because being a mother she has to be with her child. Here, affirmative action act will be helpful for her which will save her form indirect discrimination (Mertens, 2014).

4 This is also a case of direct discrimination because Clare is ready to compensate her time by working extra hours which is not acceptable by the supervisor. Here, equal opportunity act 1984 will remain useful for Clare.

5 This is also a case of direct discrimination because first the manager did not respond well. In addition to this, she has been discriminated on the basis of affirmative action. Because she was unable to come due to child.


There are different business policy and procedures relevant to diversity in the workplace that are given below.

  • Recruitment and selection procedure
  • Equal opportunity policy
  • Dignity at work
  • Heath and safety policy
  • Code of conduct
  • Annual leaves including public holidays
  • Statutory rules on retirement
  • Pay and pension related information to the employees

In workplace, the groups can be formed on the basis of gender, race, culture, age etc. Whereas, in case of gender people of same gender prefer to be in a group at workplace which can affect the work. In addition to this, groups can also be formed on the basis of people with same culture. This can result into affecting the work at the organization (Heyer, Donnelly, Foster and Mcdiarmid, 2014).


There are different strategies, tools and techniques that can be adopted by the organization for diverse workforce which are stated below.

  • Workforce planning
  • Change management
  • Recruitment
  • Competencies
  • Learning and development
  • Leadership
  • employment engagement
  • Employment attractiveness
  • satisfaction with service

There are different positive and negative impacts of race, gender, form of work engagement and flexible work arrangement on workforce engagement. The positive impact is that considering all these factors will assist employees to gain trust factor towards the organization. In context to this, flexible work arrangement will help the employees to make a balance between the personal and professional life. On another hand, the negative impact will be on the organization because it can create leniency factor among the employees towards work.


If a business organization has diverse workforce then it can benefit the business in an effective manner. This will raise the productivity of the company and help in gaining the competitive advantage. In addition to this, diverse workforce will help the firm to bring creativity in the organization's operations. This will also benefit the organization to make its positive brand image in the market. For an instance, job seekers always wish to work with a firm who has divers workforce. This will help the company to recruit skilled and talented employees at their workplace (Heyer, Donnelly, Foster and Mcdiarmid, 2014).


There are different barriers to inclusive engagement like the culture of the workplace which is not in favour of diversity. In addition to this, low managerial confidence can also affect the diversity factor in the organization. The recruitment policies and procedures of the company can also become a barrier for the inclusive engagement. Diversity is a concept which is based on change However, if the employees are provided flexibility in working arrangement then it can affect their performances.


Communication is the process of exchanging ideas and views between two individuals. It is important to send and receive the information in an effective manner so that the motive can be attained. The organization may adopt different communication style such as assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, submissive and manipulative. In order to encourage inclusion the organization needs to adapt assertive communication style. Here, the managers can express their views and ideas to the employees. With the help of this, the motivation level of the employees will get enhanced. This will help the leader and employee both to communicate in an effective manner with each other. Effective exchange of information will help the firm to attain its motive (Heyer, Donnelly, Foster and Mcdiarmid, 2014).


In team activities continuous feedbacks and review process can be done with the help of different tools and techniques. The team leader can conduct a meeting with the members so that feedbacks can be taken. In addition to this, the review process can be attained with the help of daily supervision and monitoring the performance of the employees. This will assist the management to trace the records of the employees on daily basis. For the same, the organization will be needed to make an appropriate plan so that improvements can be done. This will assist the organization to to attain its goals and objectives in effective manner.


In order to analyse the strengths and weakness of an individual's interpersonal skills and attitude, SWOT analysis can be useful for the same. This will help to analyse the strength and weakness of an individual. This leads to offer a chance to improve the current position of an individual. As per my strengths, my communication skills and leadership skills are good. In addition to this, I am good at planning and organizing the things in an appropriate manner. On other hand, my weakness are I ma short tempered and unable to work in pressurising situation. In order to improve my current position for future benefit, it is necessary to improve my weakness so that I can attain my career goals (Heyer, Donnelly, Foster and Mcdiarmid, 2014).

A) The selection and structuring of the team can be done on the basis of four key actions that are given below. With the help of these four factors the organization will be able to select and structure the whole team.

  • organization will be able to select and structure the whole team.
  • Determination of workforce diversity
  • Consideration of desired outcomes
  • Selection of team members
  • Information to the team members

B) The resourcing of the teams can be done with the help of again four step which are defined below.

Assess team needs: Here the leaders of the team requires to be analysing the needs of team members. This will help the leader to provide the resources to the employees for the accomplishment of work.

Provide required training: After analysing the needs and demands of employees, it is the duty of the subordinates to provide concerned training so that their performance can be improved. This will help employees to cope up with the future needs of the company (Heyer, Donnelly, Foster and Mcdiarmid, 2014).

Develop team identity: The team identity can be developed with the help of clarifying the vision and motive of working. This will help the teams to develop good relations with the members.

Give the team time: In order to attain team goals the leader need to give a reasonable amount of time frame so that set goals and objectives can be achieved. This will help the team members to know the requirements of a projects and how to work for them.

Identify the dimensions of workforce diversity

There are different sources of workforce diversity which can be adapted by the business organization. The same are stated below (Whitton, 2012).

Racial & ethical groups: Here the employees with different colours marked as subordinates with different sections. This can result into affecting the performance of the employees in the organization as they are misunderstood and wrong expectations.

Older workers: It is seen that older or experienced employees must be valued in the organization. They are required to offer pension schemes and other benefits so that they can sustained in the organization. It will help them to make them stay in their company.

Gender: There should be no gender discrimination be happened in the organization. This will affect the work of the employees.

Education: This is one of the useful source of workforce diversity in the company. The employees are necessarily to have high level of education so that they must be able to attain organizational goals (Whitton, 2012).

Factor diversity into team plans

The work plans are mainly based on structuring the team and selection of the team. Here, determination of workforce diversity,Consideration of desired outcomes, Selection of team members and information to the team members. Further, resourcing of the team is also done which is based on certain factors. Then the measuring of team performance is conducted (Whitton, 2012).

The diverse workforce has contributed in work plan by accomplishing their roles and duties towards the plan. As per the plan, their work was to attain the team objectives where they used their knowledge and skills and ascertain the goals and objectives. In addition to it, each and every member of the team has played their role ion effective manner.

The objective of the policy and procedure is to provide safety to the employees in the organization. With the help of regulations both the employer and employee are liable for the wrong practices. For an instance, an employer will be punished If discriminatory practices are adapted. On other hand, if employee is not working as per the company norms then he will be liable for punishments (Whitton, 2012).

The diversity in the organization can be maximised with the help of training and development programmes in the company. This will help in enhancing the knowledge level of an individual. In context to this, leadership can also help in benefiting the diversity in the company. Proper guidance and knowledge will be provided by the leader which result into attainment of goals and objectives of the firm.

Engage with diverse workforce

Application of communication process will help the organisation to make the communication better at workplace. The management of the firm needs to adopt the appropriate communication style so that the proper exchange of message and information can be done. This will help the company in attain the operation in an efficacious manner. In addition to this, the language of the employees must be considered in the process. It is seen that different employees come with different backgrounds in the company. It is the duty of the management to set a common platform (Whitton, 2012).

Own bias and assumption can be recognised with the help of non verbal communication such as eye contact, expression and gestures. Non verbal approaches may remain best for the members through which different culture can be understood. It may happen that people with different language may not understood but with the help of non verbal communication this can be done.

Inclusive behaviour has a major focus on enhancing the components of the organization and promote the healthy conflicts in the company. The inclusive culture of the organization offers different ideas to work in an effective manner. With the help of this judgemental attitude is being avoided in the company (Whitton, 2012).

Culture competence can be explained as the the knowledge, awareness and practices that are to be done for the effective functioning of the organization. In addition to this, the major focus of this is make an appropriate interaction between the people of different cultural. However, the cultural competence has the four levels such as organizational culture, professional culture and individual culture competence. However, there are certain benefits of this process are such as cultural awareness, confidence, trust and openness and helps in improving interpersonal skills.

There are certain tools and techniques for applying diversity to the operations like leadership, communication, planning and implementation, conflict resolution skills and communication. Theses tools will remain helpful in uplifting the diversity at workplace. This will assist the company to attain its goals and objectives. In addition to this, the current performance of the employees are enhanced with the help of these tools and techniques. With the adoption of communication the diversity at workplace will be managed it will helps in enhancing the employees concern at workplace (Glenn, 2014).

Support and encourage diverse workforce members

In order to support the employees at workplace, accommodation employees needs will remain helpful. This will result into developing the employees current performance with the help of several factors. The organization needs to make of full use of employees skills and knowledge for the attainment of company operations. In addition to this, it can be done with the help of training and development programmes.

Feedbacks can be taken with the help of group communications and meeting. In addition to this, the management needs to supervise and monitor the work on daily basis. This will help in analysing and taking corrective measure for the improvement of performance (Tryon and Lugardon, 2012).


From the above questions, it can be concluded that workforce diversity is the crucial tool that is implemented in the company. This helps a firm to grow and improve its operations in effective manner.

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