Impact Of Organisational Change Towards Employee Performances


1.1 Background

With the help of organisational change, every business gets success and growth. Therefore, it assists to allow new skills, explore new opportunities and implement creativity that develop more benefits. In order to make more growth and progress in IT sector, it is very important to make changes with advanced technological tools. It is more important to acknowledge and carry out productive results in the business. It is more profitable and successful to connect business results. Furthermore, it is also helpful to reduce project failure so that employees will be able to increase their effective results and outcomes to manage systematic work performances (Wagstaff, Gilmore and Thelwell, 2016). Partnership activities also carry that are more profitable to boost effective results at workplace. Organisational change is one of the important elements that make successful results and increase opportunities to maintain effective results at workplace.

Hence, business implements it to develop more successful operations and functions. There are so many enterprises exist that make organisational change to develop more effective concentration on employee’s performances. Every IT sector business is able to create their successful path to attain proper functioning. Key success factor of this industry also develops organisational values that define complete results in a systematic manner at workplace. In this industry, strength also develops continuously to deliver innovative capabilities and ideas. With the help of new business structure, every enterprise considers success and solutions in three kinds of services such as consulting and system integration, business operations services and products with platform to develop more success.

IT industry also requires capable and skilled employees so that successful results will be developed continually. Certain elements also concerning to make future growth so that number of risks and uncertainties also reduce with more earning. IT services also develop ability to manage the future growth and to deal with intense competition to implement effective advantages to manage cost as well. It helps to increase ability to attract and retain skilled professionals to make proper segmentation. In order to increase international operations, organisational changes are also needed which help to create proper network and successful integrate potential acquisitions to make strategic results. Organisational change considers new ideas which help to increase commitment and successful results to operate systematic results (Guerci, Radaelli and Shani, 2015). Technology is the main tool that assists to attain competitive advantages. Without change, business leaders are unable to attain their successful results. Therefore, technology also helps to make more contacts to learn more quickly and represent changes to develop successful results.

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1.2 Rationale of the present study

In order to conduct present study, there are so many benefits that could be considered. In this way, skilled employees recruited with make changes in the business. Therefore, it will help to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements easily. As per evolve customers’ needs change, demand and develop successfully so that different types of products and services will be develop to open new opportunities to meet IT sector needs. Furthermore, importance of employee’s performance with changes in organisational aspects (Bisharat, Obeidat and Mukattash, 2016). Economy also impacts in terms of positive and negative perspectives so that it consider expansion to involve new facilities. Moreover, study also helps to DXC Technology Malaysia to make important changes for their employees. Study assists to evaluate the capabilities to fill gap in between required skills and respond to growth as well.

In addition to this, present study also helps to make several changes with employee’s performance so that researcher create systematic work performances. Potential outcomes also successfully develop that help to save time and cost with ascertain IT sector results. With the help of proper investigation, study also develops successfully to operate significant outcomes. On the basis of new activities, it can be stated that present research study to explore new functions and operations.

1.3 Company overview

DXC Technology Malaysia is leading in IT services that help several clients to make changes and innovative results in the business. Furthermore, they also concentrate on accelerating change that assists to deliver new outcomes and develop more values. There are different kinds of services at the best possible price will be deliver. It ascertains innovate activities at lowering cost to get standardisation, integration and economies of scale. New enterprise system also implement at workplace to support and maintain strong relationship with several customers. Apart from this, there are several partners are also existed with whom DXC Technology Malaysia work such as HCL, DELL, hp, Lenovo, etc.

1.4 Aim and objectives

In order to conduct present research, work will be done on analysis organisational change towards employees performances. In this context, following aim and objectives develop to investigate effective results:

Aim: “To analyse the impact of organisational change towards employee’s performance in IT sector – A Case Study on DXC Technology Malaysia”


  • To understand the concept of organisational change in IT sector
  • To explore the importance of employee’s performance in DXC Technology Malaysia
  • To implement the relationship between organisational change and employees performances in IT sector
  • To recommend ways through which changes could be maintained to increase employee’s performance in DXC Technology Malaysia

1.5 Research questions

  • What do you understand the concept of organisational change in IT sector?
  • What is the importance of employee’s performance in DXC Technology, Malaysia?
  • How to implement relationship in between organisational change and employee’s performance in IT sector?
  • What are the recommendation will be implemented to maintain organisational change and increase employee’s performance?

1.6 Analysis and framework

In order to consider the present study, there are different kinds of data collected from resources to find useful results in business. All resources are authentic so that researcher will develop their understanding to focus on different perspectives. Present study focuses on qualitative approach to analyse data and gather relevant sources at workplace. Along with this, data and information gathered from primary and secondary both kinds of sources so that systematic work performance develop to attain more desired results. In order to collect primary data, researcher considers questionnaire which undertakes certain questions from the respondents. Furthermore, secondary information is also gathered from relevant sources such as journals, books, articles, magazines, etc. In order to consider primary data analysis develop with assessment of impact of organisational change on employees performances. Hence, primary and secondary both kinds of data ascertain in the present research to consider relevant work. With the help of this research, analysis develops successfully which assists to conduct proper study with qualitative approach (Bisharat, Obeidat and Mukattash, 2016). It helps to design effective work performance to investigate creative results.

Furthermore, secondary information also helps to focus on business accomplishment to attain overall growth and creative work performances in the business. On the basis of primary and secondary information, it can be stated that IT sector considers important role in order to share their ideas and views that make innovative results. With the help of values and creativity, industry gets more successful outcomes. It also helps to concentrate on considering relevant information in the business (Ramdhani, Ramdhani and Ainisyifa, 2017).

1.7 Significant of the present study

In order to conduct present study, there are several benefits occur. In this way, researcher is able to communicate successful program to focus on IT sector implementation. Implement changes for employees performances also develop successful results that assists to meet with innovative characteristics and activities. On the basis of customer values and attraction, it can be depicted that DXC Technology Malaysia needs to cope up with new features. As results, they can easily concentrate on provide relevant work performances in the business. It impacts positively and ascertained results to grow significant advantages. Present study assists to conduct successful program which implemented with database and effective information at workplace (Pinzone, Guerci and Redman, 2016). With the help of present study, different ways are also provided to satisfy different business requirements. Innovative products and services help to meet with the systematic results. Following are certain significance could be seen at present research study:

  • Present study useful to implement certain organisational changes that are beneficial to maintain employee’s performance in a systematic manner. It improves the performance of IT sector to cope up with systematic work performance. Improvement in employee’s abilities and capabilities also ascertain which is useful for the selected business. It improves understanding level which is needed to make creativity (Iqbal, Nadeem and Zaheer, 2015).
  • Furthermore, advance technology also helps to improve systematic work performances that implement to understand creative ideas and opinion towards IT sector. Organisational changes are also implemented to increase the skills and capabilities of workers to make changes in environment. On the basis of creativity, it can be stated that performance level also develop successfully. Study assists to make new things and development program for different kinds of organisations.
  • In addition to this, IT sector brings several innovations and creativity so that it is important to focus on business analysis and implement more creative results with research. Furthermore, DXC Technology Malaysia also able to maintain their effectiveness through they will easily facilitate different kinds of customer services. Awareness program regarding employees skills and capabilities also develop to make expansion in future growth. It helps to facilitate and increase successful customer’s services in the business (Srivastava and Dhar, 2016).
  • On the basis of skills and knowledge, it can be stated that results and performance will be developed continuously. Hence, organisational changes consider important role to make creative work performance in the chosen business environment.

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