Online Campaign Project

Introduction to Online Campaign

According to De Pelsmackeret al.(2010), the online campaign involves proper campaign strategy, both the traditional and digital campaign media, metrics and goals. There should be target audience, creative and innovative concepts and offers, adequate financial budget and the measurement of post-campaign. This particular discourse will discuss and analyze the website of Salford Business School and will provide suitable recommendations in order to improve the search results (University of Salford, 2017). This study will plan an outline ad campaign for promoting this website.

I Scholarship

Avinash(2010) has mentioned that the entire procedure and principles that are involved in the improvement of the integrated marketing communication include consistency, community, cooperation and communication. In order to provide effective recommendations, there is requirement to conduct a thorough and vivid market research for gathering relevant information. After that, the collected data will be analyzed and it will be possible to provide apt recommendations. At first, the primary data will be collected from the website content of Salford Business School and there will be online surveys and interviews of the potential users in order to know various information related to the website. As opined by Stoufferet al.(2013), analyzing the website can be considered as an essential stage of the marketing plan. With the constant development of the modern technology, the website of Salford Business School has been developed in order to provide a thorough information to the users and to know more about their business school.

The website of Salford Business School has 7 pages and it is written in good English for interacting with the users from a different level of education. The website of Salford Business School involves the Home page, About Page, Business Page, Research Page, Global Network Page and the Contact Page. Every page of this website involves something different information of Salford Business School. The management of Salford Business School has engaged potential content writers and graphic designersin order to create and maintain their website. Movshovitz-Attiaset al.(2013) have suggested that website analysis possesses the capability of breaking the actual success of the overall marketing strategy of the organization, similarly, for the case of Salford Business School's website, there is mention of their received awards, their digitization procedure, the pattern of the class, offered courses and the news that are published. At a glance, the vision, mission, goals, objectives and the core competencies will be a clear and transparent picture of the users of the website of Salford Business School. At the About Page, there is mention of the functions of Salford Business School and how they teach, even this particular page has the feedback of the present student of this business school, which provides a view of the teaching process and environment of Salford Business School (University of Salford, 2017). In the Courses page, the offered business, management and accounting courses have been explained.

Salford Business School is present in the social media as the management has truly understood the necessity of using the social media marketing as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can be considered as a great social media platform.

On the other hand, Toufailyet al.(2013) have mentioned that the keyword research can identify the competition benchmark, such as how many organizations are there with the same keyword. From various researches, it has been proved that more than 84% people use the internet for gathering their required information. Even from the various topics, such as internet banking, using social networking sites, using the travel services, reading online magazines or newspaper the searching for information about services and products are very mush popular. Minimum, 80% inhabitants of UK searches for the information about the products and services on daily basis. The major reason of Salford Business School to provide required information on their online website is only because, since 2010, the online advertising has taken the place of the Television. For Salford Business School, the keyword is "Business" and "School" and there are various suggestions come in the search engines with this keyword (University of Salford, 2017). Therefore, it can be understood that Salford Business School encounters a threatening competition.

With the help of Google Analytics, which can be concerned with an outstanding web analytics program that comes in free? This particular web analytic program helps Salford Business Schoolto understand whether their website is performing according to their expectation or not. On the other hand, Google Keyword Planer Tool can be considered as an AdWords tool, which helps the organization to build the campaigns of Search Network(, 2017). Google Keyword Planner Tool also provides enough suggestions for Salford Business School regarding the selection of the keyword. Google Trends provides an idea of the contemporary trends, visualization, and data from the same keywords. The Keyword Destiny Cloud and Website Keyword Suggestions help Salford Business School to identify their competitors using more or less same keywords. From the image, it can be understood the level of competition for Salford Business School Website.

II Analysis

Evaluation of current rank:

In order to get relevant data, it is essential to evaluate and monitor the present rank of the company website (, 2017). There are various websites, such as Open Site Explorer, SEMrush, and numerous other tools, which can detect the Google Rank of Salford Business School and it clearly reveals the fact that how well the website is performing.

It has been reflected that the website of Salford Business School is performing well as it scores 7 out of 10. Still, there are requirements for more improvement of the website in order to attract a large number of potential users. The PR quality of this particular website has been reviewed as very strong and the domain was last updated on 7th June 2016. Even Open Site Explorer provides relevant data regarding the performance of the website in the online domain.

The site of Salford Business School is not ranking high only because it’s poor performance in the social networking sites. However, this evaluation of the website has been completed on 5thMay 2017. Even this website is not listed in Yahoo Directory and Google Directory, which can be concerned as its low score in Google Rank. This can be evidenced by the below-mentioned picture:

Keyword evaluation

The 5 keywords for Salford Business School’s website involves “business School”, “management studies”, “Salford”, “MBA” “online master’s program”. Using these above-mentioned keywords, it will be easy for the user to find out the website of Salford Business School and collect relevant information. These keywords have been selected as they are attracting and contains the good phrase. These keywords are straightforward and not the vanity keywords. As opined by Curtyand Zhang(2013), selecting proper keywords for the website of the organization clearly determines the potential content strategy. However, the level of competition for the concerned organization here is high as these mentioned keywords are very famous. Even the competitors of Salford Business School, such as Alliance Manchester Business School use the same keywords for attracting the target users. More or less the competitors of Salford Business School scores in between 5-9 out of 10. Every Search Engine Result Page is unique, even it is different although the same keywords have been used. Similarly, the official website of Salford Business School stores the physical location of the users, their browsing history, search terms and the social settings. The Yahoo search engine results show Salford Business School on the first page.

AIDA + evaluation

The present website of Salford Business School is adequate to create awareness of their offered course of management studies and others. The selection of colors and content are unique, innovative and interesting in order to attract the users. Every 7 pages of the website elaborate specific functions and activities of Salford Business School, which creates more desire to know more about the school among the users. Even the website of Salford Business School offers its users a perfect opportunity to register with them for receiving more relevant information and news related to the courses, placements, and internships. The website of Salford Business School provides the facility of giving feedback after visiting the site, which will help the management of the concerned company to improve their official website as it is an essential part of online marketing. Silverman(2016) has commented that AIDA model helps to evaluate the marketing procedure in a proficient manner.

AIDA model clearly explores the interest of the customers by forming the brand awareness. This model also elaborates the desire of purchasing the product or avail the services of the company. However, the customer service process of Salford Business College is outstanding although, there is the loophole in maintaining the post-purchase communication with the website visitors. Following the AIDA model, all of the offered courses have been presented in a lucrative way in order to create the interest and desire of the website visitors.

III Campaign

After the website analysis of Salford Business School, it is time for making a brief online campaign plan. Toffle (2014) has suggested that an organized and planned online campaign plan always does not require a lot of financial funds and it involves the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The online campaign plan of Salford Business School involve five different factors, for instance, audience, SMART goals, KPI's, content and online advertisement campaign to be considered.

Audience: At first, there should be the selection of the target audience or the user of the website of Salford Business School. According to their preferences, criteria, and demand, the website should be improved. As Salford Business School is located in Greater Manchester of the United Kingdom, therefore, the students, who prefer to study the management and accounts are the target audience of Salford Business School. Even their parents, friends and relatives can be the target audience. However, as Salford Business School offers online MBA programs, therefore, the students outside from the United Kingdom are the target audience for Salford Business School.Adamsand McCorkindale(2013) have mentioned that after deciding the level of competition in the same sector, the organizations have to select their target audience or users.

SMART goals:The establishment of adequate goals and objectives should appropriate for the further success of the official website if Salford Business School. The goals should be very specific about the achievement and should involve the real figures. The goals of the online website of Salford Business School involves SEO as it helps to find the position of the website at proper manner. SEO will also create a seamless and outstanding user experience, which communicates with the users. Even the goals of the online website of Salford Business School involves following the IDEA model in a stringent manner. Royand Crabbe(2015) have mentioned that the website should look like attracting with a proper content management system, information architecture, and performance of the site and the ultimate experiences of the users.

Specific The established goals and objectives are specific enough in order to avoid any kind of confusion and it will help the organization to obtain the predetermined success in an immense manner.
Measurable The established goals of Salford Business School requires proper benchmark and the suitable degrees of success, however, the goals are required to be evaluated and monitored on appropriate scale of the evaluation that is an integral part of the goals.
Achievable The business experts and the online design makers should take charge of the official online website of Salford Business School and plan according to the goals and objectives. Various incidents have revealed the fact that the unachievable goals bring frustration and confusion among the stakeholders of the company.
Realistic The goals are enough realistic to be achieved and the selected goals will be helpful to reflect the mission, vision and core competencies of Salford Business School.
Timely At the end of the 1st year, the adopted goals will be achieved.

KPI's: Loyolaet al.(2015) have observed that the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)can be concerned as an essential measurable value, which demonstrates the efficiency of an organization while achieving its predetermined major business objectives or goals. Similarly, here, Salford Business School use effective KPIs in order to evaluate the success of reaching the set targets in an accurate manner. There should be KPI software, which will monitor and evaluate the goals of the online website of Salford Business School. With the proper KPI, the position of the concerned website can be increased and it can make the business of Salford Business School profitable than before. However, the KPI should be reviewed on monthly basis. The KPI will provide suitable guidance required for meeting the SMART goals of Salford Business School. KPI reports should be produced on Dashboards as it is a perfect tool. Although the monitoring and evaluating procedure through KPI has become obsolete with the constant changes and advancement in the technology, still it will be helpful for Salford Business School in order to reach its SMART goals in a vast manner.

Content: The present content of the website of Salford Business School is informal. Every page has been written in an uninteresting way and therefore, maybe the rank of this particular site on Google Rank is 7 out of 10. The higher authority of Salford Business School should engage a potential and efficient website content writer in order to write interesting, attractive and creative content for the website. As Salford Business College is an academic organization, therefore, the language of the content should be formal yet attractive. Curtyand Zhang (2013) have observed that the constant development can be concerned as an important strategy of the online marketing. The new content should reflect the mission, vision and goals and objectives of Salford Business School. This particular business school should improve the existing content of the online website in order to enhance the sales revenue, better consumers, and the lower cost. The new content of the website should be very useful and should maximize the scope of the marketing. An effective content should involve outstanding quality, cost time and enough scope for further success. The content of the website should be risk-free and innovative and it should determine the strategies of Salford Business School. The content of the site provides apt values to the different level as the websitevisitors focuses on what comes at a glance. Therefore, the content should be the short and to-the-point for attracting a large number of the users. However, the existing keywords for the website are perfect and it does not require any kind pf changes. However, some sections of the website, such as research and Global Network should be renamed. There should be an inclusion of more videos of the passed out students of Salford Business School, which will reflect the teaching sessions, classrooms, placements and internships of Salford Business School in the proper manner.

Online ad campaign: The higher authority of Salford Business School has planned to provide US$10,000 for the online advertisement campaign in order to promote the official website of this college. However, the website has been changed in certain places with newly added video, designs and unique content. Therefore, there should be an effective online campaign for advertising and promote the website of Salford Business School. The higher authority should choose the social media platform, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Snapchat, Flickr and Google Plus over the traditional media, for instance, television, magazine, and newspaper for the advertisements(Silverman, 2016).However, for completing the online ad campaign, only Facebook and Twitter have been chosen because of the budget issue. The online ad campaign should target making new keywords, such as “online MBA degree” and “MBA Programs”. The advertisement should focus on the online facility of achieving the MBA degree as it is a great opportunity for the working individuals. The ad should also involve how the new MBA program of Salford Business School saves time and money. There should be also mention of any kind of scholarships available for the bachelor’s and master’s degree. The ad campaign should mention the received awards of Salford Business School as the brand reputation attract numerous website visitors. However, the online ad campaign should mention the free counseling procedure of the concerned business school. It is noteworthy to mention here that the ad campaign should be completed after a thorough evaluation of the existing competition. SWOT analysis will help the website designers to identify the position of the other competitors in Google Rank and then initiate the online ad campaign.

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On the completion of this study, it can be stated that the creativity is required while analyzing a website. With the constant technologies, the website of Salford Business School should be developed with more information, relevant videos, and other sections. It is the potentiality of the digital marketing strategy while completing the online ad campaign for promoting the website of the concerned organization. The digital presence of Salford Business School in various social media platform has been explained. The major focus of the website is on making a good content with relevant images and video in order to attract the target audience. Even this study clearly explores how the website of Salford Business School follow the contemporary trends and online marketing strategies in their practices. However, there is still room for improvement by the possible application of the above campaign policies.


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