Case Study on Requirement Practices

Identify major stakeholders activities for the system of interest

A system is defined as combination of different interacting elements that combines together for forming a system. System expedites for providing solution for business problems that are faced in enterprise (Blanchard and Fabrycky, 2011). Different resources are combined together in an organized manner so that specific functions can be performed effectively. Along with this there are two types of products that combine together for forming a system and it includes operational products and enabling products. List of operational products includes end products and enabling products comprise development products, test products, training products, disposal product. Other than this, production product, development product and support product are included in the list of enabling product. It is vital that some specific objectives should be set by business so that system can meet with pre-defined objectives. Stakeholders of the company play a vital role in carrying out the required functional activities of the organization in successful manner.

Identify business owner and rationale for selection of the owner

Mining Tasmania is the business owner and plan is there to design a mobile medical health screening system. Owner is selected as it maintain ownership and control of all major mining sites in Tasmania. Mining industry is facing huge risk and challengers and there are extreme risk conditions that are faced by the people while working in mines. It gives negative impact on the environmental, climatic and industrial hazards. It is requisite that safe and conductive working environment should be provided to the workers that are working in this sector. Along with this workplace safety is much required so that safe and conductive working environmental should be provided to labors that are working in this sector (Abran and Moore, 2011). In mining industry work force has transitioned from conscripted labor to that of an individual high mechanized and technical workforce that is supported by a solid administrative and logic team.

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All candidate stakeholders

There are two different type of stakeholders of the organization and all of them play a vital role in carrying out the required functions that needs to be performed to operate in mining industry. Internal stakeholders for the business includes chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, business support executives and general managers, workers, executive general manager. Clients of the business that buy [products and services that are offered by Mining Tasmania are also included in the list of stakeholders that play a pivot role in performing the required functions successfully. Moreover, external stakeholders of the business are also accountable for ensuring that all the business activities should be performed successfully.

Local government authorities and national authorities also gives guidelines and make policies that are vital to be followed for all the organizations that are working in this sector. Regional government also play a key role in regulating the operational activities of mining sector of Tasmania. Politicians and other decision makers are also comprised in the list of external stakeholders that play a big role in performing business activities (Prentice Hall, 2011). Ministry of mines and other regional ministrations are also included in the list of key external stakeholders that affects the business activities that are performed in the organization. Emergency services and health and safety executives are also stakeholders. Other than this transport staff and mining staff are also prominent stakeholders that affects the business activities that are performed in mining sector of Tasmania. NGO and local community organization also gives impact on the diverse range of business activities that are performed in the nation. Local interest groups are also key people that affects the overall operational activities that are performed in mining sector of Tasmania.

Evaluation of candidate and selection of stakeholders. Rationale for inclusion of stakeholders

All the candidates and stakeholders that have been selected for completion of this project. These stakeholders have been selected as they play a vital role in performance of all the functional activities that are performed in the organization. These stakeholders have been selected as they play a key role in decision making activities. All the strategies and action plans are formed by considering these stakeholders. Internal and external stakeholders both gives influence and impact on all the activities that are performed in mining diligence (Fitchett and Haslam, 1988). All the activities that are performed in mining of Tasmania gets affected due to the these prominent people. It is vital that needs and preferences of stakeholders should be considered so that mobile based screening system can be developed effectively. It will support for offering better health services for individuals that are working in this sector (Freedman and Weinberg, 1990). Internal and external stakeholders both play important function in mining activities that are performed in Tasmania.

Roles, responsibility and interrelationship of all the stakeholders

All the key stakeholders including internal and external stakeholders need to perform specific roles and responsibilities so that mining activities of Tasmania can be performed in organized and constructive way. Internal stakeholders includes executive general manger who is responsible for developing stakeholder relations, managing corporate affairs and ensuring sustainable development of business (Jonasson, 2011).

Chief operating officer is accountable for ensuring that sales and marketing, technical services, operational excellence, mainland operations and Tasmanian operations should be performed effectively. Chief financial officer control activities that are related to commercial and finance, project delivery, business development and corporate governance. Executive general manager is responsible for ensuring health, safety of environment and community. They are also accountable for ensuring that human resource, legal, supply chain and information technology functions should be performed properly (Kamrani and M. Azimi, 2011).

Workers are responsible for completing their assigned task and business activities in effective way. Along with this they are responsible for ensuring that safety should be maintained. External stakeholders of the business are accountable for making it ensure that mining activities should be carried out in legal and lawful manner without creating harm to natural environment and to any human being. Ministry of mines is accountable for making the policies related to mining and government authorities including national, regional and local government are liable for making policies and rules for mining sector (Kasser, 2007). NGO and other charity organization are accountable for working towards people who are working in mining industries. Local interest group are responsible for working towards the welfare of individual that are working in the mining sector.

Identification a stakeholders representatives for each stakeholders group. Rationale for selection

It is vital that representatives should be selected so that they could speak for the rights and responsibilities of the stakeholder groups. Project manager will be working as representative for stakeholders that are working as an internal stakeholder. Project manager has been selected as proper information about roles and responsibilities played by the every stakeholders. Along with this an individual working in any local government authority is selected to work as a representative of government. The individual will be responsible for informing the management about norms and policies that are required to be followed while performing mining operations. Other than this manager of an NGO will be selected as a representative of local community people. That person will be accountable for informing the management about various environmental measures that needs to be taken while executing mining activities.

Prioritized stakeholders. Rationale for categorization

IT is critical that Prioritization of stakeholders should be done so that it becomes easier for evaluating their needs and preferences.

Major rationale for categorization is roles and responsibilities that are performed by each individual stakeholder. Influence given by individual stakeholder and stakeholder group gives impact on the criteria for selection of the group. For example in stakeholder group of government authorities national government is prime and policies and norms formed by them are mandatory to be followed. Similarly, executive general manager is also an important stakeholder that play a vital role in performing the mining activities in constructive manner.

Stakeholder management strategies that could be used for relating this to the stakeholders

Stakeholder management strategies are vital to be followed so that major objective for developing mobile based health service system for the workers who are working in mines of Tasmania. It is imperative that stakeholder strategies should be formed so that required objectives of the project should be achieved by involving positive support of the stakeholders. It is critical that these strategies should be enforced effectively so that objectives for making the strategies could be completed. Along with this, these strategies will support for keeping all the stakeholders satisfied. It will aid for mitigating the issues that can create problems and troubles that occur while executing the entire project. The tactics and strategies that could be followed includes the following one :-

1 A comprehensive list of all the stakeholders can be developed and all the individuals that can give impact on the performance of mining of Tasmania can be selected. It will aid for making effective action plans that could be used for managing the stakeholders of business in successful way.

2 Segmentation of stakeholders can be done on the basis of their capability for influencing the desired outcomes. It will aid for doing categorization of stakeholders and on the basis of that effective action plans can be formed so that required objectives could be achieved.

3 Specific timeline can be determined so that regular communication and interaction can be made with the stakeholders of the business. It will hasten for making the stakeholders aware different practices and procedure that are performed in the mining sector.

4 Stakeholder mapping is yet another proficient way for the management of organizational stakeholders in an effective manner. It is where this will conduct a thorough analysis of the stakeholders to find out their apt positioning in the business (Booth, 2015). This will be however in association with certain key factors that will include the vicinity of the project to refer to its demographics, etc. It is with a prime consideration of mapping out the internal stakeholders at the first so as to discover whether the company is having efficient resources for the projected work or not.

5 Influential key is to understand the parameters of influence in a plan where this is to assist the way in which the stakeholders will refer to interact with the team of projects and other organizational bodies. It is where the scope of possible influence is mostly wide in nature that involves optimistic opinions and assists to conflict other community members against once own project (Eden and Ackermann, 2013). This strategy involves a three step scale of ranking that includes high, medium and low where the high ranking scale is to indicate those stakeholders who are highly powered to take substantial business related decisions with applicable time-frames and outcomes. Another ranking scale namely medium refers a substantial interest of the stakeholders in the project with minimal or no interference in the decision making agenda. Lastly, there exists the low ranking scale that duly indicates the inability of stakeholders to bring any sort of change in the outcomes of a project.

6 Identification of triggers is with a special consent of avoiding any sort of preventable complains where this necessitates the companies to make a prime identification of certain mitigation measures. It is basically relating to a changed prospective of work that will apparently result into a changed reaction of a stakeholder (Eskerod and Vaagaasar, 2014). It hereby reflects a considerate need of correlating the list of organizational stakeholders with their potentiates that will be in turn reflect as triggers. Lastly, estimation of these impacts will be done where the above discovered reactions may impact upon the project and its undertaken strategies as a way of determining whether any communication or some sort of alternate solution is needed.

7 Looking for opportunities is yet another considerate tact for the management of stakeholders in an effective manner where it is basically from the perspective of risk management. It is with a fundamental consideration to concentrate upon those stakeholders who are most liable to cause any sort of interruption in the project (Gollenia, 2016). It is with an equivalent focus on those who may favorably view the project from a beneficial outlook where the identification of such type of stakeholders will provide a significant opportunity of getting benefited from their optimistic perception.

8 A proactive mitigation is in context to the above carried steps where by getting a strong understanding of the organizational stakeholders and their influential and triggered measures, developing a mitigation plan is the next best approach. It is where this stage will involve some step wise measures to point out the risks that are required to be accepted, share or obviate by together outlining the way in which there impact can be diminished (Grant, 2016). This however indicates another requirement of an early identification of all sort of negotiables and non negotiables where it may involve slight alterations to the aligned project. However, a collaborative work with the stakeholders by following this procedure is evident to enhance the credibility of the project with some owned mitigation measures.

Stakeholder management plan (SMP) need for maintaining and redefining the SMP overtime. Minimum requirement that needs to be included in the stakeholder plan

It is on the basis of above identified strategies for managing the stakeholders, there together exists a stakeholder management plan also termed as SMP where it is yet again a procedural way to create suitable managerial strategies (Verbeke and Tung, 2013). It is with fundamental concern of engaging the identified stakeholders in a project in an effective manner. It is therefore in context to the present situation, a two step SMP has been taken into consideration, as illustrated below-

1.Classification of stakeholders- It is a foremost approach in which, the organizational stakeholders will be categorized in accordance to their identified role into the project. It is where they will be hereby classified on the basis of their power to influence the project by together considering their level of interest and their desire to participate into it (Rothaermel, 2015). These influential measures in turn segregates this step into four leading categories that are power and interest, power and influence, influence and impact and power, urgency and legitimacy.

2.Stakeholder management strategy- It is yet another potent measure to plan a stakeholder management strategy where it can be best explained by referring to a power/ interest model as represented below-

Herein, the vertical line is reflecting the constituents associated with the interest of the stakeholders and horizontal line depicting the power components. Herein, the organizational stakeholders are basically divided into four leading categories namely high power with high interest, high power with less interest, low power with high interest and low power with low interest. It is therefore on the basis of these parametric levels of both power and interest depicted into the above formulated grid, below are some effective action plans by which the affiliated stakeholders of the organization can be managed in more effective way. These strategies are-

  • The stakeholders positioned in the level of high power along with a high level of interest are required to be negotiated with extreme care (Bridoux and Stoelhorst, 2014).
  • Another level of the stakeholders positioned in the grid of high power with low level of interest are required to be kept contented where they must be satisfied of the undertaken procedures needed to be carried out for a timely accomplishment of the project.
  • It is yet another subsequent level into which the stakeholders having low power with high interest are positioned who are needed to be kept in an informed state where they must be familiar of the measures undertaken to attain the project on time (Weiss, 2014).
  • Lastly, there exist a final categorization of those stakeholders who are low powered with a low level of interest in the project requirements demands the least attempt than the above classified stakeholders of the organization who are only required to be monitored on continual basis. This is basically to assure that they are on a right track while performing their own set of responsibilities with no deterrent approach that may hinder into the project work.

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Mining Tasmania is planning for designing Mobile based health care screening system. It is critical that strategic approaches should be used for designing this project so that requirement of the project can be fulfilled. It is vital that mission, goal and objectives should be set so that required objectives for making mobile based screening device can be made. System interest is defined as combine involvement of all the parts and resources towards leading and completing specific functions of the entity. It is critical that system must meet its objectives and defined purpose so that required objectives of the project can be met. System of interest is combined together and there are various elements that combine together for forming system.

External environment gives impact on the diverse range of activities that are performed in the system. Along with this interface that consist of input and output that are included in designing the system. Interconnection and interaction among different systems can be reduced so that required objectives from the system can be fulfilled. External environment comprise wider environment and operating environment that gives influence on the activities of system of interest. Closed and open system are two type of systems that are used while completing activities of a project. There is widfe difference between open system and closed system. Open system interacts with the operating environment and it accepts inputs from the internal environment. Along with this a closed system is isolated from the external environment and hence it is required that proper system should be used so that project can be completed in successf

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