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As it is already mentioned in the executive summary of the report that these organizations are very helpful in the society for creating new plans and jobs. If we look upon the services provided by these companies we would be able to understanding the core of these organizations. These organizations use their clients as their representatives and by doing so they create new plans. They make some teams and provide them good services like offices and good commissions for continuing this exercise. The example of any network marking company can be taken for doing it clearly. In these organization people go to the offices of companies and purchase their required things. Companies arrange many sessions for providing them better educations about their plans and new proposal to the world. Some basic services provided by these organizations are good products, knowledge about the products, and their plans of making new clients, Offices without any fee at easy places and many types of commissions for doing it better. It is very important that these organization save many advertisements budget as they do not adopt this method for public. It is very easy and helpful for this type of situation of the economies of the world and less opportunities of jobs. It can be clearly said it has the most powerful idea for the world to create new plans and new proposals as well. Some basic standards are mentioned the next sections. In this whole scenario the importance of the clients cannot be denied. These organizations also named as Developments organization. They boost up the abilities of many people for doing their own work and invoke them for new plans of life as well. We can clearly see that the types of client and many things are very important in the whole scenario because this system is totally based upon the clients. Collection of feedback is also an important work of this whole work. Without collecting the feedbacks we cannot improve any system. At the end we have many things which are mention in the body of reports.

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Body of The Report

Clients services standard:

It can be said that what are services standard because it is all about the needs of the humans and needs change thorough the time. If we define some common standards for the clients’ organization so there are many services provided by client’s organization to their clients for improving the efficiency of the organization. Some are mentioned below.

What are Service Standards:

Service standards outline the specific delivery targets established by an organization, and are made up of a set of commitments that an organization promises to honour when delivering a service. They also describe what a client or user can expect to receive from the service, and the manner in which the service will be delivered.

How are Service Standards Created

Service standards are an integral part of any service improvement initiative and consequently deserve a considerable amount of attention. Creating meaningful, appropriate and measurable standards requires preparation. One must keep in mind that the delivery of services can be influenced by many different factors such as the number of clients as well as the nature and complexity of their requests. Furthermore, client expectations are not necessarily homogeneous, and the interpretation of what constitutes a quality service may vary greatly amongst the group.

Creating quality service standards often involves the following:

  • Consultation with clients and workers to better understand each set of priorities
  • Industry best practices used by organizations of a similar size and nature are studied
  • Creation of a mission statement to provide the organization with clarity when developing major objectives
  • Evaluation of the organization before and after the implementation of any new standards takes place in order to best assess performance
  • Training for employees that enables them to meet or exceed new and evolving standards is provided to ensure that employees have the resources necessary to meet established targets
  • Ensuring that when service standards are finalized, they’re in compliance with the policies and procedures that dictate the organization’s behavior.

For example, when the Government of Ontario defined its performance targets and developed the Quality Service Strategy, they began with a working group. The group studied internationally recognized models of service excellence such as the National Quality Institute’s Excellence Criteria and the European Excellence Model. The Ontario Public service then developed a model consisting of key elements or cornerstones containing the evaluative criteria used to measure performance. Roundtable discussions, made up of both public and private sector representatives were held, and opinions and information on the topic of Service Standards were collected. The Citizens First Report, a major national survey of Canadians produced by the Institute for Citizen-Centered Service was then used to ensure that the Government of Ontario was on the right track. The survey asked Canadians to rate their expectations of government services and the Ontario Government then used the results of this survey to identify areas of strength as well as key improvement opportunities. Each ministry developed a quality plan tailored to its own specific needs, and during the implementation of these service standards, employees attended presentations, received information packages, and had their questions answered. Information was shared between departments and employees were given the tools necessary to be successful in their new roles. In order to ensure that the standards set by the Ontario Public Service remained in compliance with the policies and procedures of the organization, reviews became standard practice, performance was measured, and best practices were shared throughout the various departments. This process remains in use today.

Examples of Service Standards

There are two very predominant methods for setting and measuring service standards. The first approach to setting and measuring service standards focuses on the operational aspects of service delivery. This is the approach used by the Government of Ontario where standards exist for everything from the maximum number of times a telephone should ring before a call is answered to the length of time a client should wait in line at a service counter. The Government of Ontario found that in the year 2000, 96% of calls were being answered within 3 rings, up 5% from the year before, and that 93% of calls were answered within 2 contacts, a 3% improvement on the previous year. This method uses the public‘s service expectations as measured in Citizen’s First to both establish and meet performance targets.

The second method uses the measure of client satisfaction to determine how successful the organization is at meeting the needs of its clients. The Service Alberta model for example, sets service standards for each of the main drivers of service satisfaction, namely timeliness, courtesy, knowledge, fairness and outcome. From here, the percentage of citizens who express satisfaction with each of these drivers is measured, and the overall level of success is calculated. A recent survey of 2600 residents who used Service Alberta call centers revealed that workers were meeting expectations when it came to courtesy, knowledge and service over 90% of the time, but viewed accessibility and timeliness less favorably with scores of 81% and 76% respectively. Residents identified hard to find phone numbers as the main barrier, and using this method, they have provided the government with new insights on how to improve on their initial overall satisfaction score of 88%.

These are some common Clients’ services standard provide by these organizations. It is also the basic factor behind the success of these organizations that they work on human development through this method of working. It is very helpful in the developing the whole world through this methods.

Need of services and preferred services

Good Services at offices: Offices is the most important place for any organization and it has a central value in the business. Client’s organization provides people good offices to work there with full freedom. It is very common service provided by these organizations.

Free environment to work: the environment is very common entity for the work. Without good environment we cannot survive. It is also provided by these organizations.

Good Knowledge of their products: knowledge is a complete skill now. It is very important for working on field and this type of organizations provides knowledge by arranging different seminars and sessions. In these seminars instructors teach people about the products and planning new ideas in this system.

These are some common services provide by these organizations.

Opportunities for new businesses

It is also important here to tell that through this way they make many opportunities for new clients and new people by proposing them the plans of businesses with them. It is very helpful in today’s scenario where conditions of economy are very bad in the whole world.

Feedback of the Clients:

It is the most important thing in this whole system because it is totally based upon the clients. Collection of feedback is also a challenge for some people. It is also true that due to this system of feedback it can be improved day basis.

Executive Summary

The second name of these organizations is networking organization. This idea has changed the whole center of the world and influenced the world by giving new ways of Businesses. In this review we will look upon the culture and values of the whole organization and their basis ideas. It is very common to know that these organizations work on the rule of good behavior and good ethics. It is very important for creating new businesses in the whole world. Your attitude defines your reputation in the business. I have also defined these things by reviewing many reports and by asking many questions to the would be clearly seen in this report that how these things are defined in the reports. These organizations provide many good services to the people like creating new chance for the new people and creating a business opportunity for every man in the society. It is very clear that they make people aware of new challenges and new ideas. Many people get advantage of this work and they get many experiences for making a successful life. It is very clear that they propose many things for the new clients and many. Now here it is very important to mention that these organizations present their plans for the new people through their clients and save the marking budget regarding this. It is important that they teach their clients to do this all by arranging different sessions in which their clients are invited to learn their earning their own expenses. It is totally new technique that is been used in many countries. Many names of different companies are enlisted in this list. The basic purpose of these organizations is to create work for every member of the society. It is very clear from their working that how they create new plans for the every members of society. These organizations play vital role in eradicating the poverty from the society.

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It can be seen clearly that how these things matter for the whole system. Clients are basic entity of this system. Major standards are also very important. Feedback of clients is also an important thing in it.

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