Competitive Strategy


The competitive edge of the business is created by focusing on its product range and attracting more buyers by offering them a good quality of products and services. The present report is based on the specific product as PS4 and XBOX which are offered by Sony and Microsoft respectively. The customer preferences towards each product have been compared with the help of detail discussion. However, the main aim and objectives of the study is explained as follows-

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Aim and objectives

The aim and objectives of the current study have been explained as follows which assists the researcher to carry out entire study in accordance with agreed format and draw the valid outcome in an effectual manner.


  • What influences customers to buy and choose the Sony ps4 over Xbox the one?


  • To understand the preferences of customers towards PS4 and XBOX
  • To identify factors affecting customers to buy the Sony ps4 over the Xbox one

Importance of the study

In the modern era, technological development has been come more important due to continuous innovation and creativity in the same sector. At the same time, expectations of a large number of people have also be increased which enable them to access the good quality of products and services by companies (Christ, 2014). However, currently, different companies are inventing mobile phones and video game etc in accordance with changing need of buyers. At this juncture, both consoles are almost similar on the ground of slim design, the addition of big games and new features. However, PS4 is unique its design due to double down user-friendly interface along with neat sharing features. However, both gadgets are almost similar but users get confused to purchase the one. Owing to this, the current study is being conducted to assess the effectiveness of one particular PS4 along with different factors influencing buyers to purchase the same.


The innovation in the technological world is important for businesses to create their competitive edge in the marketplace. A number of customers are using their varied kind of tools and technologies in order to grab the attention of buyers and make them able to access varied products and services. The investigation is being done on PS4 which has been designed by Sony Interactive Entertainment; a multinational video game developer. This corporation is handling venture of Sony into video game development for offering the unique experience to users. The organization also deals in production, sales as well as research and development (Coleman and, 2013). Furthermore, the product range of Sony Interactive Entertainment consists of PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable and Dual Analog Controller along with DualShock.

The competitors of Sony Interactive Entertainment competes with several corporations such as;

  • PlayStation Network
  • Sony Corporation
  • Plantronics
  • Bigben Interactive
  • Microsoft

These above-mentioned organizations create competition for the business by introducing several kinds of products and services in the marketplace. These firms are meeting expectations of buyers by discovering several kinds of gadgets in accordance with their requirements. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment updates its products at rapid speed in order to create the competitive edge in the marketplace. It can be critically evaluated according to the main research question of the study, “What influences customers to buy and choose the Sony ps4 over the Xbox one?” Microsoft is the main competitors (Finley, 2014).

There are several factors which make the nation more attractive and competitive in the marketplace. For example, Sony has built its brand in the nation and it was considered as the Asia's most valued brand in accordance with the survey conducted in 2011. Here, technological excellence and expertise of business enable to secure a strong position in the marketplace with the increased rate of return. Furthermore, Sony Interactive Entertainment has opportunities to expand in the marketplace into a particular segment such as movie and music. It would be effective to grab the attention of particular segment and retain them for longer time span. At this juncture, the firm can get a chance to expand its business into unique branch and aids to diversify entire risk. This risk diversification strategy proves to be effective for growth and development of business along with creating a competitive edge in the marketplace (Özerdem and Bowd, 2016).

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In addition to this, corporation shed light on technological innovation on the basis of feedback provided by customers. This is the main reason behind its consistent expansion and higher linking among a number of buyers. It can be understood with the help of PS4 V/S XBOX where the former one has more space along with minor CPU improvements. This makes a product much better than other and customers willing to purchase the same. In addition to this, online gaming services of business is being more popular because customers are getting rich experience. It can be critically evaluated that, Xbox One has modest upgrade in term of its predecessor. Not only this but comparatively memory space of PS4 has 8GB GDDR5+1GB data along with storage capacity of 1TB Hard Drive (Sony p4,2016). On the other hand, if hardware is taken as the major element for comparison then PS4 is considered as the most effective aspect due to its clear, slimmer as well as lighter design. Not only this but PS4 is more travel friendly and enable user to keep the entertainment center alive during their journey.

In this manner, selected corporation has introduced different innovation with changing span of time and accordingly support virtual reality in an effectual manner. This facilitates to support all related stakeholders and ensure competitive edge of the business in the marketplace. At the same time, corporation can easily address all issues which are being faced by users. However, at the same time, firm need to consider taking feedback of users on right time. Such kind different strategies make the PS4 more successful and preferred by buyers.

However, reviews of PS4 also depicts that its hit games makes it possible to play on a console in comparison to Xbox (Xbox, 2016). At the same time, it quite more feature-rich controller that provide good experience to all its users and enable them to purchase this particular product on frequent basis by serving as reference group.

Data And Methods

Methodology part is very important in any file as it support researcher to explain all related methodologies effectively in order to produce valid outcome. The current study on factors affecting customers tobuy and choose the Sony ps4 over Xbox the one, both primary and secondary data will be collected. Here, varied methods can be used for collection of primary data such as interview, questionnaire and observation. However, selection of the suitable method is based on requirement of study. On the other hand, secondary data are collected from sources like market reports, journals articles and online data for developing deep understanding about the study (Zhang, 2013). This enable scholar to collect valid information and draw outcome accordingly. This shows that current report is completed with completion of both primary and secondary data in order to reach the aim and objectives of the study in an effectual manner. Moreover, questionnaire method will be applied for collection of primary data. It consists of close ended questions into the series of questionnaire where each question will be supported by options. The language of questionnaire will be kept simple and easily understood. The main reason behind selecting the questionnaire method is to save the time and implementing the cost effective data collection procedure for the study. In this manner, desired respondents will provide necessary information and similarly, factors influencing buyers to buy PS4 over Xbox One can be assessed or identified.

The selection of analytical method is also important through which researcher analyze all collected information in order to produce valid outcome. This approach proves to be effective to find the valid outcome or propose the suggestions for selected corporation to increase its sales turnover and meet expectations of all related buyers. Basically two types of analytical methods are applied by researchers such as qualitative and quantitative where the former one help in in-depth analysis. On the other hand, quantitative type of investigation effective to assess the impact of one factor on another with application of statistical tools like correlation, regression etc. This requires the use of SPSS under which at first coding is done and then collected data are analyzed in the light of research aim and objectives. However, current study needs descriptive data analysis, owing to this qualitative technique has been applied. At this juncture, thematic analysis has been applied wherein themes are constructed in accordance with questionnaire (Finley, 2014). This would be effective for readers to get detail knowledge about the study and accordingly accomplish aim and objectives effectively. In this manner, data are collected effectively and valid outcome is drawn for the purpose of suggesting Sony Interactive Entertainment. It facilitates to utilize limited resources effective and ensure successful operation as well as expansion of the business. Therefore, descriptive analysis method has been applied for in-depth analysis of the collected information and accordingly meet the framed research questions of objectives in an effectual manner.




1.) Which feature of Sony Ps4 influence you to buy over Xbox one?

·Capabilities 13

·Size 4

·Advanced features 3

2.)Which factor influence you to buy product of Sony Ps 4?

·Price 4

·Quality 10

·Employee behavior 6

3.) Which is main feature of Sony Ps 4 which influence your buying decision?

·The look of console 7

·The feel of controller 5

·Appeal of games list 8

4.) which is the biggest reason for buying play Sony ps4 play station?

·Better resolution 4

·graphics 6

·Microsoft 10

5.) Promotional activity of Sony Ps 4 influence your buying behavior?

·Yes 15

·No 5

6.) Sony Ps4 online free play game feature affect your buying decision over Xbox one?

·Yes 18

·no 2

7.) Are you satisfied with Sony ps 4 product?

·Highly satisfied



·highly dissatisfied


1.)Capabilities of Sony Ps4 influence to buy over Xbox one


From the above chart it can be interpreted that there are 13 responded who like to buy Sony Ps4 because of it capabilities. On the other hand there are 4 participant who given preference to Sony Ps 4 over Xbox one due to its size. While there are 3 customer who are ready to buy Sony Ps 4 because of its advances features. Hence it is clear that capability of storing game of Sony Ps 4 is high as compare to Xbox one. If product storage capability is high then customer can download more game for playing purpose.

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2.) Quality is factor which influence to customer to buy Sony Ps 4 product and services.


Aforementioned chart interpreted that there are 10 customers out of 20 who buy sony Ps 4 because of its quality. While, there are 4 respondents who prefer to buy product Sony Ps 4 due to its price. They think it its price is affordable as compare to Xbox One. On the other hand there are 6 participants who are ready to buy product Sony ps 4 because of employee buying behavior. Hence it shows that quality of Sony Sp 4 is best as compare to other product. Its quality grab the attention of customer and influence them to buy it over Xbox one. Quality is the biggest reason which attract more customer if price of product is high or not.

3.) Appeal of game list on Sony Ps4 influences the buying decision.

Interpretation; From the above chart it can be stated that there are 8 respondents who attract toward the game list of Sony Ps 4 while there are 5 participant who are agree with that feel of controller of Sony Ps 4 is good as compare to Xbox one product. On the other hand it can be stated that there are 7 responded out of 20 who's attention is toward the controller. Hence it can be suggested that list of game on Sony ps 4 is more as compare to Xbox one. Due to this reason people prefer to buy Sony Ps 4. as customer get bore with game every time they want new game so if there are more game list then customer will prefer to buy SonyPs 4 product as compare to Xbox one product because there is less list of game

4. Reasons behind greater productivity of Sony ps4 play station

Interpretation: By conducting survey, comparison between Sony ps4 and Xbox is determined. Thus, it is resulted that video games of Sony play station has greater quantity than Xbox. As per deep analyses, various causes are obtained behind its larger number of production. In addition to this, different factors are recognized for its greater quantity. For instance; out of 20 respondents, 10 views that its quality regarding Microsoft is more effective than Xbox. It is identified that customers get attracted towards games quality because of this feature. Including this, 6 responded that Sony p4 graphics fascinate them a lot therefore large number of demand is obtained for purchasing play station and increases its production at large scale. Apart from this, remaining 4 out of 20 respondents consider that Sony p4 has great resolution quality that attract them for buying this play station. Thus, it is comprised that Sony p4 is more effective than Xbox through different factors' recognition as well attracts consumer at high level for purchasing video game and increasing its efficiency at large scale to maintain its good reputation in market for long term sustainability. Hence, different innovative ideas and opinions are generated to make products more effective for developing strategies in further business activities.

5.) Attracting features and techniques that influences buyers at high level

Interpretation: Under this analyses, influences of advertising technologies are obtained. In this regard, various promotional activities are presented by Sony p4 including TV, radio, social media, newspaper, magazine etc. As per analyses of information collected from market, it is obtained that 15 respondents out of 20 are highly satisfied with promotional activities of Sony p4. Mostly respondents are highly attracted to its advertisement techniques such as graphical representation, online marketing including email, using social media sites and presentation of products in market. However, on behalf of these tools and positive factors, large number of buyers get attracted as well demand for Sony p4 play station at high level. Moreover, these are factors that influences effective market position of video games. Therefore, its product value remains sustainable in competitive market. However, even surviving in cut throat competition, Sony p4 uses different methodologies to develop product value in market effectively. Hence, by conducting research and determining gathered data it can be determined that Sony uses unique methods to maintain attraction of customers towards video games and its quality features. It impacts on productivity and profitability of organization in wide range.

6.)Attraction towards online free play game features that affect buying decision

Interpretation: Sony p4 provides facility regarding taking taste for online free play games. In this process, million people take sample taste of gaming and get attracted. In this regard, analyst determines reasons for effective attraction of consumers related to video games quality features. Hence, in comparison to Xbox, it is determined that Sony p4 play station quality is far better. It is key component of online advertising that impact on production and distribution system of games. Including this, it also presents product value in market that in how much quantity demand for games can be obtained. In addition to this, as per research analysis, it is recognized that by taking trial through online free play game increases its efficiency for effective buying decision. In this regard, it can be identified that customers demand for products at high level. It is also considers as key factor to improve quality services and effectiveness of Sony p4 in wide range. Along with it influences buyer decisions over Xbox games quality features. However, various features and efficiencies are added in making services more effective. 18 respondents out of 20 favors for online free play games features over competitive entity. Moreover, it increases demand and effective market position of Sony is determined in market. It increases strength of Sony to face competition that affects launching, advertising and sustaining its market value for long term period. However, effective support and demand for effective video games quality features impact on effectiveness of Sony p4. Thus, according to recent market position, it can be foretasted that there will be maximum level of demand for Sony products including effective market position would be presented. This factor interrelates with profit earning capacity of organization. Hence, it can be analyzed that increasing in productivity influences strength to earn more. However, varieties of latest technologies can be adopted to make goods and services more attractive. It considers as tool to sustain valuable goodwill in competitive market.

7) There are many responded who are highly satisfied with Sony Ps 4 product

Interpretation : From the above chart it can be interpreted that there are more 9 respondents who are highly satisfied with the Sony Ps4 product while there are 4 respondent who are only satisfied with product. On the other hand, there are 1 out of 20 who is neither satisfied or dissatisfied. Apart from this there are 3 respondent out of 20 who are highly satisfied with the product sony Ps 4. while there are 2 who are only dissatisfied. Hence it can be stated that, there are more customer who are highly satisfied, they think are satisfied with quality, price and feature of product. Its innovative feature grab the attention of large customer and product graphic is of high quality.


From the above report it can be concluded that there are different type of product which include the buying behavior of customer. The quality of product help in increasing the demand of product. There are many customer who prefer to buy product of Sony ps 4 are compare to other prodcut such as Xbox one.

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