Corporate Communication Strategies


Corporate communication can be defined as managing the communication aiming at both internal and external development of an organisation. The corporate communication determines the satisfaction level of the stakeholders and the shareholders of the organisation. The communication through the corporate organisation or a body to the audiences such as employees, media, channel partners, or other people related to the company or staying in the society with the company is settled is known as corporate communication. The assignment here discusses the importance of internal and external communication audit of APPLE. In addition to the above the assignment also deals with the relationship between corporate communication and corporate branding. It also describes the importance of corporate communication in Apple.

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1.1Explanation of the purpose of corporate communication

As supported by Argenti and Barnes (2009), the corporate communication is the prime effort provided from the corporate organisation or corporate company for clear and better communication with the stakeholders regarding profitability and effectiveness of the company. The corporate communication brings in clear relationship with the stakeholders like the employee, customers, suppliers and the community people. The corporate communication can be preferred as art over science since science have specific rules and regulation that are to be maintained and are very really to change. On the other hand the corporate communication is the whole new level of innovation and self judgement which is always different from one another.

As informed by Argenti, P. A., (2009), the corporate communication brings scene the prime objective of managing the internal and external communication. With the proper managing of corporate communication the purpose of corporate communication goes clear in making with Public Relationship as one of the prime objective.

Two-way symmetric- The two way symmetric communication is better acknowledged with the help of corporate communication. As supported by Cornelissen, (2008), the objective of Corporate communication is to provide of parity between the communication of management and the stakeholders of the company. The parity between the communication of management and stakeholders brings out the best of the organisational performance.

Public Information: Corporate communication maintains the better relationship between the customers and stakeholders. The information provided by the organization is better spreaded with the help of media, brochures, mail, internet and newsletter. The proper issue of the information gives rise to healthy communication of public information.

Agentry Press: One of the prime objectives of corporate governance is to gain publicity. Covering all the act of the company with the help of media is one of the ways to increase the coverage area for the showing of their presence in the market.

Two-way asymmetric: Another purpose of corporate communication deals with the spreading of the information to the stakeholders, mainly one sided or biased nature. The bias nature makes the organization share only the information they want to share and the rest is up to the research skill of the stakeholders of the organization.

1.2 Corporate communication linking with corporate objectives

As supported by Dolphin, (1998), the corporate communication and objective Arco related to each other for the overall growth of an organisation. It is important for every manager to notice the importance of corporate objective to be fulfilled. Thus, there seems to be greater importance of the corporate communication to be availed by the management. It is important to understand that corporate communication needs to be properly implemented in an organisation for fruitful development. Implementation of Corporate communication does not only mark the segment of the gold but also for proper evaluation of the performance of the company.

As mentioned by Van Riel and Fombrun, (2007), in terms of collaboration and coordination, There is an important need for every organisation to form team. Forming of teams and operating with a single objective leads an organisation to a successful goal achiever. Mostly in every organisation there is a team which is termed as the objective achieving team. However, every organisation is in dire need of forming team to work as a single person for a single objective with multiple skills in hand.

As supported by Riel, (1995), every organisation needs information about the market. Information about market gives extra boost to the development process of any company or organisation. The information can be gathered with the help of corporate communication in the corporate communication with public relation. Public relation for the help an organisation is to collect information about the society and business information from the market analysis.

A corporate communication provides an organisation with evidence of any communication with stakeholders, public, media and other source of sharing information. There clear evidence of every communication done through corporate communication as because the corporate communication keeps notes of every information flow whether to be inflow or outflow.

One of the most important objectives of corporate governance and corporate organisation is publicity. Corporate communication helps in the better publishing the information of the organization to the society. Information regarding the operation and governing of the company is better spread by the press release. The executive interview and other publishing nature are marked by the better operation of corporate communication.

Hence, the objective of corporate company is better managed by the proper implementation of the corporate communication.

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1.3 Relationship between corporate communication and corporate branding

The relationship between the branding and corporate communication is of prime importance in the society as the whole existence of company in the society is based on the better communication with the people of the society. The hard competition of the society regarding marketing of product needs to cope with proper implementation of communication with the people of the society. The communication of the company from the help of corporate communication helps in the better managing of the issues and the increasing of publicity of the company. The reputation of the comp the relationship between the branding and corporate communication is of prime importance in the society as the whole existence of company in the society is based on the better communication with the people of the society. The hard competition of the society regarding marketing of product needs to cope with proper implementation of communication with the people of the society. The communication of the company from the help of corporate communication helps in the better managing of the issues and the increasing of publicity of the company. The reputation of the company is better understood by the managing of the society’s satisfaction level. Thus, it is to be mentioned that the use of the society and the manging the brand of the company is directly related to that of the corporate communication. As mentioned by Maier, (2016), the corporate communication in the field of identical world with lots of substitute needs the backup of brand image of the company.

Thus, it is to be mentioned that the use of the society and the meaning of the company is directly related to that of the corporate communication. As mentioned by Bartholmé and Melewar, (2016), the corporate communication in the field of identical world with lots of substitute needs the backup of brand image of the company. The objective of the society is better managed by the people of the organisation and hence, the people of the organisation are to be managed properly.

2.1 Reviewing the importance of corporate governance in success of APPLE

Corporate governance could be termed as the way any corporation is governed as a sovereign state, making understand the laws and policies to the employees from higher to lower levels and even for installing the customs. By the notions of González and García-Meca, (2014), the importance of corporate governance, in Apple lies in the building of intentions for increasing accountability of the company as well as for avoiding massive disasters to occur. Under corporate governance, the company is free to hold conferences, meetings with the internal members, shareholders as well as debt holders for addressing request and requirements of the harmed or affected parties. Corporate governance is duly important since it is considered as the system which instils roles and policies in order to maintain cohesiveness of the organisation. It is definitely meant for holding the company, Apple accountable along with helping an organisation with steer clearance of legal, ethical and political pitfalls.

A certain lack of the corporate governance in Apple might lead to loss of crucial profits, tarnished image and corruption. This particular form of the management is even designed for limiting the risk factors and mitigating corrosive elements present within the organisation along with haste. According to the words of Yoshikawa et al.(2014), corporate governance are even crucial to secure the ethical guidelines and might keep the organisation out of any legal trouble. Corporate governance is not just any structure, yet consists of distinct duties, rights and obligation which controls as well as directs any organisation. The basis of this kind of governance is for distribution properly the responsibilities, which are possessed by individuals such as stakeholders, managers, regulators, creditors and eventually board of directors.

2.2 Planning of internal corporate communication for APPLE

Corporate communication is all about the allocation and the importance of business that can be effectively transform into entities for different communication audit. The audit for the internal corporate communication helps in the understanding of the schedule and also in saving the organisation from any discrepancies. The internal audits for corporate communication are of four objectives which are to be maintained step by step for a better communication corporate audit.

The elementary objective corporate communication internal audit is to generate committee by creating messages from leaders.

Holiday card- The name of the company should be sent from the owners’ office to the card company all the employees are to be included in those 10th lift it can be only done with daily basis process.

Business Updates- The company status and other information for initiative and success are to be updated with the help of emails and other informative process through which the name of the President is most probably seen and the circulation of the information is proper and frequent

Appearances- The company name is to appear at the company why procedure such as events for a fun any company dinner from side of any company or any award ceremony.

The second objective marks we clear information requirement to the Employees about the operation of the company. The employees are to be informed about the financial status and other promoting activities that could help in better support of the operation in the organisation.

News and he is used to measure hairs which need to be properly for which purpose of Corporate Communication on a monthly basis. The company modern organisation needs to settle their information to the customers and the shareholders regarding their financial statement every quarterly. As supported by McCoy and Venter, (2016), the personal announcement like this stuff change on joining or female employees are to be made public to the customers as well as to the employees of the organisation. Update on product expansion and innovation is one of the prime objectives that is to be fulfilled by the operation of any organisation so that the customers and the stakeholders know what is actually the factor of this organisation

Third objective marks the combination of work with the shareholders and the customers of the organisation. This objective marks be supporting of the individual in award ceremony or helping them learn more about the organisation of the product they sell.

As mentioned by Feller and Schanz, (2016), finally fourth objective marks the rise in the communication to notify and to inform their employees about the cactus and the strategies that they are going to use for better market penetration and product extension.

All the above 4 objective are clearly and evidently followed by Apple for maintaining their corporate audit on internal communication of Corporate operation.

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2.3 Planning for external corporate communication for APPLE

As mentioned by Ganesan et al.(2017), planning of text come or marks the help of a survey techniques which can be used as random survey techniques. For planning of external server technique Apple will have to draw focus on surveys. Pineapple will need to have full faith on the auditor. The techniques of survey are mostly to be random in way and the answer will also not be fixed because the answers are to be taken with the help of other sampling such as random way. In terms of feedback a positive feedback can be marked as one of the famous and used technique for external corporate communication audit. The perfect for the position of direct feedback from the people associated with apple. As supported by Puschmann, (2016), Positive feedback helps in understanding the importance of Corporate communication and an external level for the Hike of knowledgeable, Prompt informative and accessibility/availability. The audit for external corporate communication can also be through with a feedback which would answer the friendliness or the listening ability of the organisation for the problems that the common people face.

As mentioned by McCoy and Venter, (2016), notable issues also help in understanding the better manner of providing the external corporate communication. For conducting an external corporate audit, there needs to be an issue that is to be eliminated from the organisation. For understanding the factors of the issue are the factors causing the issues there needs to be an external communication order it through the base of the notable issues that are found in the organisation. The findings of the issues are helpful in terms of providing creative information to the shareholders,take stakeholders and Customers of the society. Sharing information about the notable issues found in an organisation help the organisation to get more suggestion from the stakeholders to mitigate the identified notable issue.

3.1 Strategic objective of corporate communication strategy of APPLE

Corporate communication serves for multiple purposes in organisations such as Apple. The purpose of the corporate communication lies in the publicity and tries to gain the coverage from mass media. It basically serves as the propaganda function spreads fifth of the company as much as possible. According to the words of Aziz et al.(2015), information which is relevant flows among the organisation as well as the stakeholders of the concerned organisation through facilitating of corporate communication. The development and the sustainability of Apple depend upon the alignment, integrity along with the focus by employees for upholding the business which is governed through corporate communication strategies. It typically influences and instructs communication framework to the organisations with every kind of key stakeholders for achieving the corporate objectives of the concerned business, Apple. Along with maintaining the sequence of planned messages within the company or involved process of organisation, corporate communication could motivate through offering of a logical reference structure.

Through corporate communication, promotional corporate customs, a skilled and suitable relationship and a sound identity with every communication channel is indicated along with accountable and swift ways of interacting in every situation. The corporate communication even has objectives for upholding the culture of the organisation, Apple. In words of Haque et al.(2016), a raw culture of the effective communication could diligently support the management with efficient knowledge as well as create impulsion for doing the respective service uniquely.

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3.2 Impact of corporate communication on audiences of APPLE

The corporate Communication strategy is to be formed keeping in mind please operation of the audience of Apple. As supported by Sinha and Bhatia, (2016), the audiences of Apple Company are as follows:

The employees: the corporate communication of Apple needs to be based on the employees of the organisation. The corporate communication will help in communicating information to the workers of the company. With better communicative advantages the employees would be sufficiently helped by the corporate communication strategies in making the objective of the organisation clear to each and every member of the company. The communication of all information for the societies and Associates of the organisation are spread in a healthy manner of corporate communication

The management group: as mentioned by Crane and Glozer, (2016), the management group needs to be effectively informed about the communication force that the audience of the corporate communication are the organisational workers themselves. Management groups are the part of the communication process that is understood as the most important entity of the organisation in terms of corporate communication. The management group are to be included in the strategies for developing for the better way of providing information to the audiences and the other factors and entities of the company.

The sales force of Apple: As mentioned by Kitchen, (2017), the sales force of Apple is termed as one of the most important part of corporate communication. Since, there information should be clearly and effectively provided to them as to make them clear about the objective of the organisation so that they can what according to those objectives. Thus, it is important for Apple to maintain the cordial relationship with these people of the company

The business partner: Business partners are one of the crucial elements of Apple. Internal Communications would be based on better providing on information to the business partners also. Business partner needs to be clearly made informative with the help of sharing the information about any rule change a procedural implementation. Corporate communication helps in bringing close the objective of the organisation through better support of free change in operation. The business partner had to be informed about all the changes in the organisation so as to clearly understand the situation of the organisation and to enjoy is relative amount of information that could help in the growth of the organisation.

The shareholders of the company: the shareholders of the company who are known as the stakeholders are important to be notified about the essential changes in the organisation. the stakeholder stakeholders and shareholder of the company power organisation. The whole organisation like apple depends upon the shareholders. The loyalties of the shareholders mark the better opportunity for Apple. Hence, there is proper need for making the shareholders clear of the information and changes in the organisation. The information and changes in the organisation can be made clear only with the help of them corporate communication


From the above assignment it can be clearly understood that the use of the corporate communication can be only made possible with the help of better procedures and better managing of the information. The stakeholders and the other elements of the organisation are to be managed properly for the smooth development of the organisation.


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