Digital Creativity and New Media Management


In recent years, digital creativity remained under the attention of a huge number of people because it is a very innovative way of using technology for the upliftment of the business. ASOS Eco Edit is a British fashion brand that started a new product, which is sustainable and will help to stop pollution. The new product of ASOS Eco Edit is making clothes from the left over plastic items that will be collected from the road.

Research Questions:

  • How digital creativity helps in bringing innovation in the products’ quality?
  • Will the products gain the attention of buyers by new media management?
  • What are the factors that helped to gain success in business with the help of digital creativity?

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Literature Review

Advantages and disadvantages of digital creativity:

According to Albarran (2016, p.559), digital creativity is considered as the great part of the research for business sectors because of the rapid growth of digital creativity in the present days. A good understanding of the digital creativity is done by making an analysis based on the literature content of digital creativity. Digital creativity is the mixture of graphics, various 3D objects and numerous animations that help the business organisations to bring innovation in their products. The most considerable advantage of digital creativity is the improvisation of the technology in the making of the products so that innovative products can be brought in the market. Auger (2013, p.15) argued that digital creativity is the part that requires huge advanced technology to be present in business otherwise digital creativity can never be implemented in the business firms. It is a work of great responsibility because the newly launched products should be manufactured in such a way that it brings good impact upon the buyers in the market. The clear idea about the digital creativity needs to be present in the business organisations so that proper strategy and planning is done before bringing creativeness in the new products (Sökmen and Çebi, 2017, p.65).

Creative Theory:

According to the creative theory, bringing digitalisation in business helps in changing the orthodox pattern of the products of the business. That is why; the organisations need to have the knowledge of understanding the visual language before bringing digital creativity into action. As per Benjamin (2016, p.30), Digital creativity can bring collaboration among all the levels of the organisation so that better performance is done by the respective firms in their business sectors. That is why it is essential that theory related to creativity have to be followed properly so that better evaluation can be done by the organisations. The creative theory also mentions that various tools of creativities like arts and crafts can be amalgamated to bring a hybridisation in the new digital technology. The organisations can try to incorporate the creative theory so that the business of the organisation can be seeing a growth margin in the following years (Hine, 2017, p.21).

Factors improving digital creativity:

Brassett (2016, p.165) mentioned that digital creativity is of huge importance that is why; improvements in the technology like hardware and software is required to be done for bringing innovation in the products. In the present days, the organisations use portable software that is helpful for business purpose but the configuration of that software are not developed as that required for digital creativity (Hoffmann and Suphan, 2017, p.552). The portable software has to be uprooted from the business firms so that new features can be undertaken by the organisations for bringing innovation in their products or services. The developments in the hardware of the systems of the organisation are required because the new hardware will help in creating a virtual environment that contributes to the development of the products of the firms. Byrge et al. (2017, p.550) stated that the virtual environment will help the professionals to show huge interest in the new areas of application. This can help in improving digital creativity so that the products can be reframed by the organisations and thus, can gain the customers’ attention.

Neoclassical Theory:

According to the neoclassical theory, change in the technology is required because new technology along with the existing technology can help in removing the problems of the business (Fleischmann et al. 2016, p.115). That is why; the organisations have to be opting for new technology to bring innovation in the products that will be supplied to the market. Moreover, the economic factors are also considered when the production of the organisation is renovated because the growth theory stated that rise in the productivity helps in the growth of the business more. With the use of neoclassical theory, virtualisation in the designs of the products can be done because new technology brings the numerous innovative ways that would help in making the products look far better than before. Goggin (2011, p.150) argued that it is required to understand the economic conditions of the organisations before implementing the neoclassical theory in their organisations. Although the theory can help in the technological growth yet there are numerous economic barriers that might obstruct the path of the creativeness of the products (Gromala, 2017, p.10). Moreover, software has to be updated so that individuals can show their skills that would help in bringing success for the organisations.

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Scopes of digital creativity:

As stated by Hales (2016, p.135), the digital creativity can bring magical results for the organisations by bringing new creativity in the products of the organisations. The organisations can use the theories so that the business can be easily benefited and see a rise in the business. Digital creativity can be explored more so that better outcomes can be assured of the products of the business. The customer’s attention can be gained if the new products that are launched in the global market have new technologies installed in them. Various modelling and creativity will help the organisations to become specialised in the new services started by them (Mangold and Faulds, 2009, p.358). The information about the technologies can be understood if digital creativity is implemented in the business of the particular organisations. The issues like customer dissatisfaction, less market share and loss in business can be resolved with the help of digital creativity. Moreover, the new media management will be helpful for the organisations to market their new launched products in the global market. As per Hoffmann et al. (2016, p.152), Digital creativity will help to make proper business plans so that the organisations can make a good profit margin at the end of the business.


The creative theory states that there is the requirement of creativity in every sector so that people can get attracted more along with making a good image of the business firm in the organisation (Holdgaard and Klastrup, 2014, p.192). The creative theory is used by almost every organisation in the business so that a good competition can be provided by the organisations to their peers. It is the duty of the business firms to understand the situations of the business before undertaking creativity in the products. For example, a Chinese beverage industry started a new process using digital creativity that the taste of the beverages will be enhanced if the pitch of the music becomes high. This is really a very innovative thinking and incorporating this technique in business requires huge creativity within the owners of the organisations. Similarly, ASOS Eco Edit has prepared a ‘green room’ where the new products will be manufactured from the left over of the plastics. The green room has been prepared by using various tools of digital creativity so that the organisation can earn huge profit from the market after the inauguration of the products. Hugill and Smith (2013, p.191) commented that the organisations followed the creative theory so that creative plans can be taken by them for the business growth. Moreover, creative theories state that the individuals need to be very creative so that they can make proper creative plans for their business. Creative theory helps in motivating the professionals of the organisations by bringing new framework practice in the business. For example, Burger King uses the technology, which helped in the starting of the new process of billing where the customers need to scan their foods so that bill can be generated on their own. Lambert (2012, p.10) opined that creativity in the workplace is the necessity for bringing growth in the present business scenario.

Neoclassical theory is one of the most popular theories that are used by the organisations to understand the economic situations of the business. The neoclassical theory states that the anticipation about the utility of the products of the organisations directly affects the supply-demand process of the organisations (Lee, 2016, p.60). This theory is helpful because the organisations can get the better understanding about the conditions that prevails in the market. The technology needs to be used in such a way that the organisations can bring out the abilities of the workers, which would help in bringing success in business. ASOS Eco Edit has started the campaign for sustainable products and that is why; the organisations are launching the new products that would not hamper the environment.

The organisation can be benefited more if they undertake the neoclassical theory because the firm can understand properly about the demand of the customers and then bring innovation in their products. The symmetry in the economic conditions needs to be maintained so that the organisations can bring digital creativity under those economic situations (Lee et al. 2015, p.300). For example, the UK fashion retailers have started to launch products that would be very sober and will be very trendy. The demand of the customers are understood by the organisations properly and thus, the UK fashions retail collectively started to use the digital creativity techniques to bring out sober patterns and designs in their products. After the preparation of the products, the marketing of those products needs to be done in the social media so that huge number of people can encounter with such products. That is why; neoclassical theory can help ASOS Eco Edit to make proper plans for their new products according to the requirement of the customers.

According to Neill and Moody (2015, p.115), growth theory states that if the population increases at a rapid rate, the growth will decrease thus, affecting the economy of the country. Moreover, the resources have to be properly supplied so that the organisations can maintain their growth in the business. This theory helps the organisations to understand the progress of the business under the present business conditions. ASOS Eco Edit will become gainer if they implement this theory in their business because the organisation is launching new products and the organisation need to have a better idea of the resources that are present along with the economy of the country. For example, Wall Mart has made a huge profit in business because the retailer has understood the economic condition of the country and made sure that the resources are easily available to them. This made the business of Wall Mart to make an increasing sale in the local market and supermarkets too. Phillips et al. (2016, p.90) demonstrated that growth theory helped in better understanding the growth of the business by looking to the growth pattern of the organisations.

ASOS Eco Edit can understand their growth rate too after the launching of the new products if the firm uses the growth theory in their business. The capital required for the marketing of the products with the help of new social media is also understood so that the anticipation can be done about the entire cost of manufacturing the new products (Picard, 2014, p.250). The sustainable products of ASOS Eco Edit can be easily launched in the market and the profit can also be understood properly by the firm. Growth theory will help to recognise the knowledge capital of the firm along with the human capital too so that it becomes easier to bring innovations in the new product of the organisation. The risk assessment is also understood under the growth theory for better performance of the organisation in the present business scenarios (Mierzejewska, 2011, p.15).

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Critical Reflection

I think that digital creativity is of great importance in the business and the organisations need to become more creative so that they can survive in the present business conditions. The case of Chinese organisation that has implemented the technology of making the beverages tastier with the increase of the pitch of the music is a very innovative presentation of the digital creativity in the market according to me. Neill and Moody (2015, p.115) stated that the organisation can try to bring more innovation in the beverage quality so that the digital creativity technique becomes successful for the Chinese firm. It is recommended that Burger King can try to make their billing technique more innovative by implementing the modern billing techniques in the organisation. That is why; the financial condition of the firms has to be very strong so that they can easily implement the new technologies in the business. The theories that are discussed above are very efficient in maintaining the business growth of the organisations. I feel that in order to enhance the business, the theories guide the business organisations on the right track so that good outcomes can be enumerated in the firms. I think that the case study of Wall Mart is performing much better in the retail sector of UK because of its innovative business procedures. However, Wall Mart can try to incorporate new software in their business so that people can order products online and get faster delivery of those products. This can help the organisation to reach number of customers all over the world and thus, the organisation can maintain their business reputation properly.

I feel that digital creativity can be followed by marketing the products on the social media so that people get the description of the products. ASOS Eco Edit has taken a great step towards sustainable products but the success entirely depends on the purchasing behaviour of the customers. That is why; I think that the organisation needs to follow these theories properly for better results in the future. Digital creativity can be considered as one of the most novel processes of bringing creativity in the products or services that we get from the firms. In the case of UK’s fashion retail, it is seen that the all the organisations together started to produce sustainable products. I think that the organisations of UK can prepare different styles of clothes that will be sustainable so that customers can come across the huge variety of clothes. I think this might bring more success to the UK’s fashion retail sector both in the local and global markets.

I think digital creativity brings innovation but it makes the professionals inactive in showing creativity or skills in their working techniques. Moreover, the procedure of implementing digital creativity is very expensive and not every organisation can afford it. That is why; I feel that digital creativity along with the manual creativity is required in the business. This will help the organisations to maintain the proper balance between the supply and demand of the products. In this study, the organisation is using digital creativity for manufacturing the sustainable products. I think the organisation can face the obstacle while implementing software in their business. This software is rarely found that is why; the cost is more for each of this software. Lee (2016, p.60) commented that the organisation can try to manufacture products for the local market initially.
This will help ASOS Eco Edit to understand about the profit or loss that can be gained from the local market. If the organisation gains profit, then it can manufacture number of products for the supermarket customers to increase their profit margin in the business. This will help the organisation to tackle with the future risks that might encounter the path of success. Moreover, I feel the organisation can think of alternative solutions if the loss occurs with the launching of the new products. The step towards sustainability is one of the most required things for every business and I think this organisation have taken a big leap of recycling the plastic to manufacture sustainable clothes. It is recommended that the organisation can try to gather more funds before manufacturing the products as recycling of plastic items are very expensive. That is why; digital creativity can become a boon for ASOS Eco Edit in the business of fashion. I feel that organisation can start marketing of these products in the social media from the very starting so that buyer’s eagerness towards the new sustainable product can be calculated for anticipating of the organisation regarding the success in the business of the organisation.


The study about the digital creativity helped in better understanding of the technology and its innovative ways of development in business. The product quality is maintained at a high rate with the help of this technology because new patterns and designs are incorporated in the products that are far better than the existing ones. Moreover, getting the attraction of the customers is also an obvious answer and thus, digital creativity is of huge importance for the business. The factors are described that helped to improve the digital creativity technique so that good results can be assured in the business.

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