Modelling Enterprise Architectures


In order to run a business successfully, it is very important for the marketers to study the Enterprise Architecture of that domain. Conducting regular enterprise analysis, efficient designing, effective planning and proper implementation play an essential role in any firm. In addition, the variation and up gradation in the technology in order to make the application more users friendly is also very important. The thesis statement of the study is to deliver a clear idea about the practices of Modelling of an Enterprise Architecture as per to the needs of the end users. Moreover, it explains how to make it more efficient and useful for them. It will state about the Enterprise Architecture Modelling of a leading Personal Introduction Agency, ‘Valentino’.

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1) Evolution, Motto and Business Benefits of Valentino

Since the origin of humanity, every individual has been experiencing the need of a partner at some point in his or her life. Some of them have been successful while many others did not have a favourable result in finding a match for them. Since the last few decades, the trend of matchmaking by a middle party has come into existence in various parts of the world including Britain. Valentino has been acting as a successful matchmaker as it follows some of the very efficient techniques to run its business. It focuses on major practices and analysis techniques like MOST, SWOT and PESTLE.

Valentinos’ Mission Statement:In 1976, a Personal Introduction Agency named ‘Valentino’ came into existence and has been performing the role of matchmaking successfully since then. As per to the latest reports, more than eight million men and women are single in the age group of 18 to 64. Valentino introduces them according to their requirements, personal preferences, locations and several other factors. Valentino offers a yearly membership of 150 Pounds and makes the clients interact with each other via, emails, telephones, posts or any other means preferred by the clients. In addition, Valentino claims to provide the best value for money and follows the privacy protocols of the clients very strictly.

MOST Analysis:It is a very efficient tool and a highly structured model that aims to deliver a clear vision about the targets to the workers. It eliminates the communication barriers among different level of an organisation and aims to make the employees work efficiently, using feasible and useful tactics to meet the goals set by the organisation As opined by (Ericson 2015, p.23). Every, big firm including Valentino follows this methodology in order to make the intended goal successful. Following are the MOST description details used by Valentino.

Fig 1: MOST Analysis

Source: (Berger, 2013, p.27)

  • Mission:It means that the actual purpose and objectives of the Organisation need to be discussed and every team member should have a clear idea about the Mission to be carried out in coordination with them (Berger, 2013, p.26). It also includes the review of mission during or even after the execution. The mission of Valentino is to establish a connection between single people. In addition, it also intends to deliver useful advice to the beginners about their first date and any other important things. For this purpose, Valentino has a very well experienced staff.

Fig 2: Mission and Objectives

Source: Source: (Berger, 2013, p.29)

  • Objectives:The Objectives are the sub-segments of Mission, which mean the set of individual goals that need to be met in order to succeed at the organisational level. This further includes the Planning and Decision making about the objectives. After planning of a road map, the measures need to be followed to implement them correctly. The SMART factors that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely factors are essential parameters for objectives recognition and implementation (McIvor, 2016, p.51). Valentino has set its objectives as per to the client's needs. It has a separate department for data collection, matchmaking, and communication with clients, reviews check, queries resolution and customer’s feedback.
  • Strategies:The Strategies segment consists of the analysis of all the possible methods and options available to achieve the objectives. The study of the pros and cons of those methods and choosing the right one forms the correct strategy (Grant, 2016, p.64). Valentino realised that majority of the people were looking for long-term relationship. In addition, it made maximum use of modern technology along with personal touch. With the increasing usage of Telephone and Internet, Valentino started operating multiple phone lines and E-mail registration services. In addition, after realising, the customer’s privacy concerns, it also implemented strict rules for Data Protection Act.
  • Tactics:Tactics are the methods required to follow to work on the strategies. This includes looking for the shortest and most efficient way to do a task without compromising the work quality (Fliesher and Benssousan, 2016, p.82). The Valentino assures the best value for the client’s money and has a very easy way for payment. It also does the verification of clients efficiently within a short period.

Fig 3: Tactics

Source: (Berger, 2013, p.31)

Business Benefits of Valentino:The Valentino has been benefiting a lot from this business and as a result, it soon expanded to cover the whole of UK. It provides six compatible members for an individual in nearby areas, which is considered a worthy outcome for 150 Pounds. Due to strict regulations for Data Protection and privacy, it has successfully gained the trust of its clients and over 70,000 clients join every year. Hence, Valentino manages to earn a good financial profit.

Balanced Business Scorecards:It is a strategy and planning tool used to monitor and track the progress and reports of a business. Many companies and their management teams to observe the status of goals and the required improvement in any segment use it (Hoque, 2014, p.95). I consist of four perspectives that are adequately followed by Valentino to make a note of the desired outcome and the actual progress.

Fig 4: Balanced Business Scorecards

Source: (Hoque, 2014, p.99)

  • Financial Perspective:This is regarding the revenue generated and the increase in company’s annual profit. This is measured mostly every quarter and Return on Equity or the ROE is calculated accordingly (Bhattacharya et al. 2014, p.116). The revenue earnings of Valentino easily go beyond 10 million Euros every year. As a result, the market share of Valentino is also increasing every year.
  • Customer Perspective:This refers to the customer’s assumptions about the company (Rothaermel, 2015, p.147). Here, Valentino has successfully won the trust of the users and the clients have been very satisfied with the services of Valentino. Because of careful observations and classifications of clients based on the choices and expectations, Valentino has received positive feedback from users.
  • Internal Business Perspective:This means how an Organisation enhances the methods of business for better outcomes (Cooper, Ezzamel and Qu, 2016, p.159). With time, Valentino has upgraded from letters to E-mails and SMS options. As a result, it is still surviving well despite having many competitors.
  • Innovation and Learning Perspective:This means induction of new ideas and implementation of the suggestions collected from the customers. Valentino has exercised many unique ideas to verify the client's’ whereabouts to avoid any fake profiling and inconvenience to genuine people.

SWOT Analysis:The Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats or the SWOT analysis is a very common way used by almost every organisation including Valentino to improve business (Bull et al. 2016, p.183).

Fig 5: SWOT Analysis

Source: (Bull et al. 2016, p.186)

  • Strength:These are the advantages that an Organisation has. Valentino has been running successfully since 1976 hence has the advantage of experience compared to other counterparts.
  • Weakness:These are the things a company should avoid or improve. The only weakness for Valentino that appears so far is the cost. Not every single individual can afford the prescribed cost. Hence, he has to think before registering.
  • Opportunities:These are the changes in social pattern and policies that can be useful. The fact, that there are many people without a partner is the sole opportunity for Valentino to expand its business.
  • Threats:These are the obstacles an Organisation faces consisting usually of competitor’s study. There are many competitors in the market with extremely good services. Hence, Valentino has to improve itself without increasing the cost.

PESTLE Analysis:PESTLE Analysis consists of a set of factors that altogether act as a tool to analyse the external environment that affects the performance of an organisation (Zalengera et al. 2014, p.173). It consists of the following factors that also influenced Valentino.

Fig 6: PESTLE Analysis

Source: (Zalengera et al. 2014, p.175)

  • Political:Government Stability and Global influences make the management of Valentino to work more towards making the business immune to constantly changing parameters.
  • Economic:The Economic growth has to be reasonable despite challenges. Increasing cost of resources restrict the customers to spend money for dating services. Hence, Valentino has to make it economic for clients keeping its profit margin.
  • Social/Cultural:The demographic influences and lifestyle factors of user’s matter a lot to decide the action plan of business roadmaps. After recognising the needs to people, Valentino has adjusted its outcome accordingly.
  • Technology:Technology has played a tremendous role to make Valentino accessible to many people. They are now reaching out here by Telephones and Emails.
  • Legal:The tax policies keep changing with the judicial system. Moreover, the Valentino has to deliver adequate employment figures with proper laws of health and safety.
  • Environment:The functioning of Valentino has to vary with the attitudes of customers, the basic rules of regulations and restrictions.

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2) Developing project initiation product

  • a) plan suggestion:

The IS/IT projects is an information of system and information technology that help the company to deliver the products on time. In addition, it also helps to make the perfect use of the budget. The strategies are well implemented if there is a positive involvement of all the stakeholders. However, the project's requirements might differ from each other, still, the basic objectives are always the same. Mainly the project analysis process includes management of lifecycle of the service, allocating responsibility of each individual (Dabbagh and Lee, 2014, p.14). These all elements help Valentinoss to increase their cost benefits yearly.

  • b) Cost-benefit analysis:

The cost benefit analysis refers to the process of analysing the situation and taking appropriate steps as per necessary. Evaluating this, Valentinos's would be able to identify their profits and according to the profit, they would be able to allocate next year's budget.

Cost benefit analysis



Payment per head


Total Returns


Stakeholders cost


System cost


Maintenance cost


Other costs


Total revenue


3) Producing a requirement catalogue

Some major elements in a business are very necessary those assist the business to collapse at an early stage. Previously many examples are there, where many established organisations were doomed due to not maintaining the requirements. The amalgamation of the functional and non-functional requirement is two of them.

Figure 7:the functional and non-functional requirement

(Source: Khan et al.2016, p.12).

Functional requirements:

  • i) Business rules: It is one of the most important functional requirement in the scenario of Valentinos, where the organisation made a set of rules and regulation that helps them to stick to the basic policies to serve the clients.
  • ii) Transactional correction:It is a profitable organisation, thus, they concentrate on making the profit by the payment that their clients make, for the reason they make sure that all their transaction systems are going on correctly. In any organisation, if the transactional correction is not right then they do not progress (Khan et al.2016, p.11). The company takes 150 pounds from each of their clients for a month's subscription, the transaction are done in both online and offline, for the reason the transactional process needs to be hassle free for their clients and for any reason if any discrepancy happens then they need to correct it with the assistance of their executives.
  • iii) Adjustments and cancellations:In the flow of the business many changes needed to make for Valentinos, contract cancellation is one of them. In this scenario institution needed to make adjustments.
  • iv) Authentication:In this element, Valentinos focuses on maintaining a authenticate profile and they even try to go through a strict authentication process of their clients. Many case scenarios are there, where the users create fake profiles to find a proper date, for the reason the company always needs to authenticate the entire details of the customers (Rahman and Ripon, 2014, p.1496). This can be done effectively if the company does not accept any P.O box numbers or temporary address. The company always need to validate their real address with the original id proof.
  • v) Authorization level: In this department, Valentinos has different segments in the workplace, where they divided the authorised people according to the requirement.
  • vi) Audit tracking:In audit tracking, Valentinos needs to track their budget by calculating their investment and earnings.
  • vii) External interface:The external interface evaluates the factors outside Valentinos’s technological process, where they work in a private network, as most of their jobs are online.
  • viii) Certification requirements:In this segment, the organisation needs to judge the quality, characteristics of their clients and the service they are providing.
  • ix) Reporting requirement:the dating organisation in this section needs to instruct all their department to report online in time about all the daily processings that are going on.
  • x) Legal or regulatory requirements:In the scenario of Valentinos this element is very necessary, as they need to follow some major or minor legislation procedures internally or externally in the institution to run the business in an organised way.

Non-functional requirements:

  • i) Creating a framework that attracts the clients: Valentinos is a profitable organisation for the reason they need to create a framework or basic structure that would help the institution to bring more customers (Chen et al. 2014, p.561). The framework might be the offers they are giving to the people or the types of work policies they maintain to give a high-quality service.
  • ii) Cost controlling:the cost control system varies from controlling the institutional budget or determining the amount of price that their customers are going to pay to receive the service. In this scenario, Valentinos needs to allocate a yearly budget first to cope up with all the investments in every month.
  • iii) The relation between the requirement and objective:In this scenario, the dating website needs to figure out their objectives first, about where they need to go in business or what specific service they want to provide. Afterwards, the institution needs to analyse their requirements to fulfil the goals.
  • iv) Technologies: The entire job of the institution is depending on the upgraded technologies they use, as the more modern technology they would have the more effective service they would be able to produce in an accurate way (Khan et al.2016, p.66). Thus, the hardware and software they are using needs to be efficient enough to control high traffic in the workplace,
  • v) Security:In the job frame, the security is must for the institution, as while taking their client's information to find their match the organisation take many personal data from them. Thus, protecting those data means they need to maintain a high-security practice in the institution so that the information do not get leaked.

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4) Using case model of the required system

In the scenario of Valentinos, they need to use a modern technological system to make their service happen in an organised way and to make it possible the use of unified modelling language very necessary. It is an independent platform, where with the help of graphical developing software system the institution would be able to provide clients with their matching profiles (Ameller et al.2016, p.65). The entire process is a predictive planning development that needs to be created at the inception of the project and followed at the whole time of conducting the business. In addition, every executive in the workplace, whether they are associated with accumulating clients specific interest on the partners or the financial department, all needed to involve in this system. This is basically the predictive planning process.

On the other hand, in the scenario of Valentinos, it is a matchmaker or personal introduction agency, where different clients always come up and their requirements also become different. In this scenario, the agency needs to use the adaptive planning model under UML process, where the institution is assisted in making changes in the entire procedure. In this matter, they need to list the changes that are necessary and plan accordingly (Sharda et al.2013, p.7).

In the case scenario of Valentinos they need to go through five major formats in the use case diagram:

Figure 8:Use case model

(Source: Jaggia et al. 2016, p.13).


  • i) Requirement:In this phase, the organisation validates the requirement of the consumers about what types of people or payment procedure they prefer.
  • ii) Design:In this stage, Valentinos needs to make a design about the technical roadmap to perfect execution or coding system on the server. It includes the user surface that their clients use.
  • iii) Build:In this build phase the coding system needed to be done by the experts and engineers.
  • iv) Testing:The testing sometimes prefers to the accessing level testing by the customers or the internal testing by the experts to make the online programme more effective (Jaggia et al. 2016, p.11). Besides, no programmes are launched without testing them internally in the workplace.
  • v) Deliver:In the delivery phase Valentinos successfully provide the service to their customers that might vary from giving them their exact match or sending them any important information about their public profile.
  • vi) Maintenance:With the perfect delivery system the institution needs to maintain their entire use case diagram, as without maintaining it can not work properly.

Valentinos generally uses the Use cases in the requirement phase to collect different requirement of not only their clients, however, also to their employees. Afterwards, the Use cases are transferred into the design phase to evaluate the technical roadmap. Thus they are used mainly in the requirement document to focus on the clarity regarding the system. Mainly three crucial factors are there in the Use case of Valentinos.

The actor: the actor defined as the end user or who of the system. In this scenario the client needs to login to the system to find whether any matches of him or her were found or not and to make this possible they need to the user needs to log in into the system (Reiser et al. 2016, p.18). Thus, the user is the actor and login are the Use case and the entire programme is a scenario.

Primary actors and secondary actors are there, the primary actors are the active participants those initiate the use case. For example the accountant of the organisation prints the invoice of the service they use, the contact medium by which the invoice is delivered to the customers (Leeet al.2014, p.3). In this segment, the primary actor is the accountants as they printed the invoice and the other actors only followed it. Thus depending on the Use case, the primary and secondary actors varies. As in any case, if the contact medium got the main job then the particular medium become the primary actor. Thus, the actor who is the primary actor in a Use case can become the secondary actor in other Use case. Thus, the actors play an important role in all Use cases.

User presentation: The use case of Valentinos has two views of presentation, among them one shows a higher level of view and other one shows detail with integrity (Lee et al.2014, p.4625). Where there is a simple user's, those could add simple customer and the admin user those could ass discounted customer and in both cases, they need to send emails.

Use case name



In this section, the account holders of Valentinos go through the entire process to avail the service


User type service application on the main website of Valentinos


In this section, no security system would be present for the service

Main scenario

·User logins to the website of Valentinos to get the service

·In the main page, the client completes the authentication process

·After completing the authentication process the users would able to see whether any match for them came up or not.

Success scenario

In this last process, the organisation evaluates the list of successful matchmaking cases they had.

5) Producing class model of the required system

In the scenario of Valentinos, the class diagram assists them to conduct their entire online process in an effective way so that all their registered customers would find their perfect match. The organisation uses a two-way process to view it one is a dynamic architecture of the project and another one is the static architecture of the project (Panetto and Cecil, 2013, p.15). The dynamic architecture project defines on the final product or the main objective that the institution needs to follow to shape their pre-evaluate strategies. However, Valentinos gives stress on the static architecture or diagram in this matter. The entire static diagram assesses the static view of the project.

The static diagram not only visualises or describe the document. However, it also stresses on the execution of the diagram. This diagram represents the basic attributes that needed to be imposed on the service. It helps the company to link the UML diagram directly with the object-oriented process (Roosen, 2014, p.16). The diagram consists of different associations, collaboration and other constraints. It's basically a prototype that assists Valentinos in creating objects. In the UML diagram, the clients are divided into three main parts. They are class name it denoted the class they belong, attribute name it determines the property of the system and methods name, where the section carries all the methods to act.

Figure 9:Use class model

(Source: Hastings, 2015, p.25).

i) The purpose of the class model in Valentinoss:the class diagram gives a static view of the application, as it has the ability to give a flow sequentially to make the objective of the company successful (Hastings, 2015, p.22). Thus to fulfil the purpose at first the class diagram evaluates and measures the static view of the service, it distributes the responsibility of each group members. The component and deployment diagrams can be assessed as the base of this process. The entities like the properties or methods are exposed in external world with the assistance of this diagram.

ii) The structure of class diagram in Valentinoss:

  • the structure of the class diagram in Valentinos starts with a proper name
  • A link is created between each of the department of class diagram
  • The work procedure of each section is identified
  • In every class there need to be a set of important and minimum properties, as many properties together make the task complicated.
  • Using valuable notes to understand each segment of the diagram, so that the developer could assess it individually
  • Finally, before coming to the final conclusion the class model needed to be reviewed properly.

iii) The useof class diagram in Valentinoss: Computer languages like C++ or Java are used to practically use the diagram

  • It assess the static view of the service
  • It evaluates the relationship between the factors of static view
  • Showing the functionalities of the service
  • Building the software application using computer language

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6. Human stakeholder aspect of dating agency with respect to the case study of Valentinos

New entrepreneur take advantages of the advent of social media and engagement of people through online platforms such as web pages, twitter, snap chat, face book and other, they established dating agency which arranges meeting between people especially who want to share long-term relationships. This updated business type capture vast area in market and encourages stakeholders to invest in such types of business that offer huge profit and create employment opportunities also. Dating agency’s aim is to match people who have same interest to make their life beautiful (Roscoe and Chillas, 2014, p.817). According to the case study of Valentinos, it is a reputed organisation and serving for past thirty years in UK at very minimum subscription charges. The company has also won the trust of many people but now is becoming outdated because of new technology and innovative methods implemented by other competitors in this type of business.

  • Possible change stakeholder of Valentino may consider: However, due to lack of investment, the senior management is worried about the current situation of the company because they are using working strategy that were made 10 years ago. In order to change their working strategy to maintain their market share and profitability valentino have to implement new business procedure and innovative technique for retaining their customers.
  • Acceptance of customers: Clients of Valentinos have to go through several process of application before becoming member of agency for which clients are attracted towards other dating agency. Thus the stakeholders of company or agency can implement new technologies in their current working process and can change their 10 years old working strategy to create better chances of meeting right people through their agency. The stakeholders can invest in buying new computers and other equipments which are necessary to make service as flexible as possible. They should acquire new employees who are familiar with the advance technology thus can support clients to find their partners. The information of clients can be control by other clients who are interested in their profile by surfing through the web pages developed by Valentinos which will save time of people. Valentinos have to update their existing employees to cooperate with the trends of work flowing in market of dating agency. With respect to the case the stakeholder of Valentinos are trying to provide various facilities to the clients such as easy change of location, secure payment method, controlling information of interested clients, providing free matches at initial stages, altering data, including pictures of other member to create trust and others.
  • Business benefits: Providing such facilities to client they are maintaining their market position and making their service available to large number of people. The personal recommendation by customers of company to other people for using the service has played important role in establishing the fame of dating company (Schmitz, 2014, p.15). In order to maintain the requirements of old clients the stakeholders before implementing new ideas and strategy can obtained opinions of them, it will benefit the business of company and will also retain the customers. The new technology will make the activities of agency more efficient.

7) a) The benefits of Zachman framework

It is generally a traditional approach that follows a series of process to cover some essential parameters in the organisation. It is an organised way to view the overall objective of the enterprise (Nogueira et al.2013, p.111). The design, documentation, construction of the service comes under the policies of Zachman's framework, for the reason Valentinoss adapted in to deliver their service. It consisted of a life cycle that develops the system or service that the organisation wants to create. As this framework suggests after completion of the each framework it needs to be transferred to the next framework that makes a continuous flow in the institution.

The Zachman framework consists of seven major parts, they are evaluated below:

i) Strategy:It assist Valentinoss to plan setting up the entire system in the company

ii) Analysis:It instigates a detail definition of the things that is required in the business.

iii) Design: the design is the specific surface, where the service is conducted.

iv) Construction: the basic framework of the system

v) Documentation: the rules and regulation or the manuals that needed to be provided in the course of the business

vi) Transition: This segment generally represents the application of the system so that it would be part of the company’s infrastructure.

vii) Production:It is the last segment of Zachman framework.where a monitoring system is conducted to know the needs of the company.

Many major and minor advantages are there to use this framework in the institution.

  • The system improves communication with all the stakeholders in the organisation
  • The framework understand the risks and take steps according to the need of the company
  • It helps to spread a wide variety of tools that has relation from one to another
  • The new methodologies and and tools are invented to gauge the application of the development process.

b) Drawing a Zachman’s framework with Valentinos

The Zachman framework thus gives calculative ways of approach that assist the organisations like Valentinos to make an effective information system. The simplicity in the work process is its main advantage, where there are approximately thirty-six cells to evaluate the desired output. However, it is necessary for all the participants those are giving and availing the service to give full support in every step.

Thus, to imply all the attributes of the frameworks Valentinoss needs to add up more advanced strategies to find the perfect match for their clients, in this matter to develop a new strategy the organisation might introduce new offers to the customers (Cameron and McMillan, 2013, p.670. Afterwards, the company needs to analyse the entire scenario their advantages and disadvantages at the time of applying the framework. In addition, they need to look after the design of their system and service, as it has a great role in making the brand value increase and attracting new customers with their user-friendly interface (Kohn et al.2013, p.111). Then the construction process consists of the addition of the new policies and framework in the system. On the other hand, the documentation needed to be done in a way so that they would maintain all the governmental and institutional legislation from maintaining the security of the clients or giving them a quality service and at last with the production work all the elements are reviewed and improved as per necessary.




Function (How)

Network (Where)

People (Who)

Time (When)

Motivation (Why)

Objectives / Scope

List of things crucial to the business

List of procedures that the service perform

List of locations, where the business is spread.

List of institution important in the business

List of cycles crucial to the business

Business entire goals and strategies


Semantic models

Business process models

Business logistic system

Workflow model

Master schedule

Business plan

Model of the Information System

Logical data models

Application architecture

Distributed system architecture

Human interface architecture

Processing structure

Business rule model

Technology Model

Physical data model

System design

Technology architecture

Presentation architecture

Control structure

Rule design

Detailed Representations

Data definition

Software programmes

Network architecture

Security architecture

Timing definition

Rule speculation


(Working systems)

Functioning Enterprise








In conclusion, it can be said that Valentinoss is an institution that deals with numerous customers and dealing with this the MOST and SWOT analysis would give them a different dimension including maintaining the social and legal issues would boost their architectural framework in an institution. In addition, the case and class model would assist them to make a strong base of the organisation internally. Still, they need to upgrade their framework on a timely basis to remain in the competition and making a sustainable business.

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