Sample on Benefits Of Social Media Business

Enhancement Information Management From Social Media

Social media in modern context is one of the most effective systems and source from which information can be shared in much effective manner to large set of audiences and interested participants. From this real time communication can be entailed and also support can be obtained from receiver in a coherent manner. With this feature and benefit and general, majority of companies in present time is incorporating more of social media in their operations in order to convey their messages to set audiences in a proper and real sense. Dell being a multinational company possesses wide range of employees, customers, shareholders, investors and other key stakeholders throughout the globe and hence they have to communicate with all of them so that support can be gained from it (Pew, 2012). In this regard, social media certainly helped the company especially with context to employees and customer in enlightening them with new set of information in much better manner. With social media, whole information management of Dell got evolved and certainly boosted the level of efficiency of their communication.

They utilize it for communicating with their employees that exist throughout the globe and it essentially supports them in integrating them all in more advanced manner.Company with the help of social networking sites like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and several others able to develop a platform where employees of different region interacts with each other in order to share different set of information (Kelkar, 2004). This essentially supported company in gaining support from their side and also it enhances the level of innovations and creativity among organizations with the perspective, whole operations of Dell enhanced and dependency over technology increased from which they able to boost their efficiency and reduced different sort of operational and communication cost.

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Apart from this, they also able to meet out their organizational objectives by communicating every set of employees regarding target, business activities and goals to be achieved in short term. With this, they able to gain support from their employees and also able to develop strategies from which those can be attained in a considerable time frame. With this, internal communication of Dell certainly developed in a positive manner and hence also aids in making direct and personal communication to large set of employees at a same time. With this situation, employees also feel motivated and hence work with several others. Using social media tool for communicating with employees also aids in conducting activities like recognition, pride, fun, experiences of pride and other feeling for which an individual joins or associates themselves with any club or group. Hence, it acts as a platform from which Dell able to make their internal information management more efficient and effective (Walterbusch, Martens and Teuteberg, 2013). This essentially changed and enhanced this mechanism for Dell into more advanced system and also supports them in boosting their operational efficiency up to a significant level.

On the other hand, social media also plays a crucial role for Dell within the context of communication and information sharing with their target customer in particular region. This certainly emerged as one of the key marketing tool from which they able to boost their sale and market shear over a period of time. With this practice, they able to offer different sort of information to their customer regarding different products and feature so that they can able to gain attenuation from their side (Mohtasebi and Borazjani, 2010). Moreover, it also acts as a communication platform that involves relatively less cost than that of other practices like advertisement in television, magazines and through other related means. It also supported Dell in handling queries and grievances of their customer through social media which essentially boosted their efficiency level and also enhances their customer loyalty. In addition to it, social media for Dell also proved its effectiveness in the field of conducting market survey in order to gain ideas about the needs and wants of the customer with context to laptop and computers so that it can be developed in that manner.

This portion management assignment essentially supported company in gaining high amount of edge over their rivals and at the same time enhances their market share in a significant manner (Sosinsky, 2010). Moreover, from social media they able to communicate with their target audiences about their latest products that will be launching in market so that they can cater the attention of large set of individuals and hence able to enhance their sales volume in much effective manner. With this discussion it can be state that social media certainly change the overall prices of the information management and hence play a crucial role in this regard.

Impact Of Cloud Services On Orgajnizations

Apart from social media, cloud services are another set of innovation that changes the process of conducting business activity up to a certain extent. It can be understands as a practice in which large amount of computers are connected to a network of communication in order to share and transfers different set of information to interested participants. These computers are connected to internet in order to store and retrieve information from cloud from anywhere in the world so that work can be progress with its reference. In general, it is a network based services that act as a virtual hard drives in order to store data in it. This mechanism generally makes an impact over the operations of Dell and essentially supported them in conducting their business activity in much effective manner (Josyula, Orr and Page, 2012). Company utilized the concept of cloud services in their operations so that they can able to share and retrieve information from this server in order to progress with their work in much effective manner. From this activity, they essentially able to gain high amount of benefits in different field. However, it can be state that cloud serves make both positive as well as negative impact over the operations of Dell. In this regard, one of the main positive impacts that can be viewed in the operations of Dell is that they able to share different set of information to interested participants in order to conduct better communication among organizations (Bradley and, 2013). Moreover it also assisted in making sound and effective practice of decisions making by involving key employees of different region over cloud. With this, employee within the organizations were became more productive due to large access to data from which they abele to perform their job in much desired manner.

Additionally, every employee is offered with their own cloud folder in order to save their crucial information related to job over cloud so that it can be retrieved by them from anywhere. This offers them high amount of flexibility to work from anyplace. This also offers benefits to Dell in attaining an edge over their rivals by boosting the productivity of their employee in a significant manner. In addition to it, cloud services also supports in collaborating different set of activities and individuals from which better conducting of the job can be done. This leads to group decision making and hence supports in gaining high amount of support and commitment from different groups (Molen, 2010). This situation boosted the efficiency of Dell and hence caused positive impact over their operations. It aids in doing employee engagement and other non monetary motivational practices towards employee so that better working environment can be created and sound results can be attained in return (Sitaram and Manjunath, 2011). This makes employee to work with advanced system and also aids them in boosting their efficiency over a period of time. Also it supported in doing work in an integrated manner which were not possible in earlier phases.

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Moreover, data mining is another set of practices that supported Dell in gaining benefits from cloud service and also supported them in enhancing their efficiency in a manner. With this, they able to accumulate large amount of data over their servers from which they can make develop strategic decisions in order to gain further advancements from the business environment they are operating in (Kim and et al., 2011). In addition to it, company also able to developed and host different set of applications from which they able to safeguard their capital up to a great extent and hence certainly increased their profit margin in a global context. However, negative impact of more usage of cloud services is associated to data thieving and leakage from which company’s privacy reclined towards various sort of risk factors. These risks can results in to economical harm or loss of market share of Dell. Clouds are highly on the verge of being attack from various external participants and hence this can cause serious threats to company’s authentic information and strategic activities (Ahmed, McKnight and Oppenheim, 2009). This is one of the highly threatening impacts of cloud serves over the operations of Dell and hence it has to manage by different security systems so that these sorts of attacks can be reduced and neglected. Moreover, hacking to internal server is another impact from which overall operations of Dell can be hampered for a particular time span and hence differences can be witnessed in their efficiency and productivity. Apart from this, cost is another factors that make an impact over the usage of cloud services in Dell as it essentially involve different types of maintenance and development cost (Huy and Shipilov, 2012). From regular incurring of these costs, profitability of firm got hampered and hence they have to take corrective actions in this regard in order to get rid of it. Threats to privacy of customer and their information is another set of problems that have to be managed by Dell in order to continue gaining fruitful results out of it. Also, it makes an impact over the consumer due to threat to their information and this situation may leads to lose of their confidential information in the hand that can cause destruction. With this issue, customer loyalty for Dell may get decline and also situation low market share can arise.

Hence, with the help of this discussion it can be synthesized that cloud services have both positive as well as negative impact over the operations of Dell (Anthonysamy and et. at., 2012). However, they have to entail different set of steps in this regard so that they able to enhance positive side of it and can also get rid of it and boost overall proficiency of the firm.

Value Of Security In Information Management

In addition to it, security plays a crucial role in information management and support organizations in safeguarding the interest of different individual in better manner. Due to more of involvement of technology in business operations and information sharing, it is required to incorporate certain set of security mechanism in order to gain sound and fruitful results out of it (Hanuliak and Hanuliak, 2006). With this, companies able to restrict the access of their information by unwanted and unauthorized parties so that firm can able to conduct their activities in best manner. Also, security supports in reducing the level of attacks from hackers and other individuals so that better and sound business activity can be perform in organization. Also it aids in storing crucial data in much protective folders that can be accessed by official only. With this overall efficiency of the firm got increased. Further, it also aids in safeguarding the server from malicious attacks that can hampered the overall activity of different companies or other related organizations (Halpert, 2011). Data breach is another concern that can be managed with the help of security system. This is done by involving different set of password such as digit password, thumb impressions, retina scan, voice recognitions and various other sorts.

Apart from this, its aids in preventing and reducing the impact of various security incidents from which all performance and productivity of the firm can be hampered. Further, it supports in managing the information related to customers in better manner. Importance of security also lies in retaining authenticity of data that are being saved over clouds and other server so that same can be used for future references for the purpose of making healthier business activity. It also aids in taking corrective actions as and when required so that whole operations of company operates in a desirable manner and can also attain their goals in a proper way (Willcocks, Venters and Whitley, 2011). Also, security over information management also supports in preventing crucial data and ultimately assists in gaining fruitful results out of it. Risks and cost associated to loss of important data of business in also got managed with the help of this mechanism. Risk assessment is another set of practice that can be performed through it and favorable results can be attained from which better progressing with business activity can be attained. Company with the help of security system over their information management able to develop an environment which is much more protected from externals attacks. Also they able to gain high amount of customer loyalty by safeguarding the data of their customer in best manner (Tan and et al., 2011). In addition to it, company also secure themselves from various economical losses that can happen to them in case of data loss or hacking.

In addition to it, security mechanism also aids in gaining trust from the customer, employees and other key stakeholders by managing and storing their information under security. With this practice in general, organizations essentially able to gain high amount of supports from their side and also it acts as a factor from which they able to attain their business objectives in a desirable manner and can reduce the incidents of turkey issue from using social media tools. Also sound and protective decision making is being entailed with the help of security over information management from which it can be shared with concerned participants only and hence cannot be leaked to general audiences (Crutchfield, 2014). This set of practice is utilized by different set of companies like Nike, Apple and other related in order to perform their business activity in much effective manner throughout the globe. This element of security certainly supports them in gaining an edge over their rivals and also supports them in involving more of innovation and development within their product set and strategies. Furthermore, chances of server breakdown and virus attack can also be minimized with the help of security o information management and essentially aids in conducting business activity in appropriate manner. Also, it helps organization in sharing and transmitting information in better manner and it also ensures that data must be remitted and retried in real sense without any chances of miscommunication or barriers in it. This essentially supports in doing sound communication practice and also aids in gaining sound results out of it (Velte, 2009). Timely delivery of messages and information is another aspect of society in information management. Hence, in this regard, security possess high mount of advancements on information management and also support organizations in doing their activities in best manner along with sound attainment of the business objectives.

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With this discussion, this can be very well state that companies certainly able to gain different set of benefits from social media in the practice of communication internally. It essentially offers them a platform from which a strategic communication can be entailed and also it aids in boosting the motivational level among employees. For proper knowledge of business we need learn from diiferent online assignment help. Apart from this, cloud services essentially offered benefits to organizations such as better integration of team, effective sharing and retrieving of information, data mining and several others from which overall efficiency of the firm got developed. Also it certainly evolved the scenarios in which organizations were performing their task earlier. In addition to it, security to information management certainly supported organizations like Dell, Nike, Apple, etc. to get rid of data thieving and hacking and also it aids in making business activity much more protected from spam and attacks (Hanna, Rohm and Crittenden, 2011). With this better safeguarding to information got attained and hence ultimately leads to attaining of edge from rivals. Hence, social media, cloud services and security certainly evolved the mechanism of information management and hence supported organizations in gaining high amount of benefits out of it.


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