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Introduction To Report Work

The project is based on the Green Drive which provides facilities of transportation to supermarkets and it funded jointly by the social services and two supermarkets. They provide different shopping trips to the market from Monday to Friday. They work according to the time table. The time table is made on a monthly basis according to which they allott different drivers for different vehicles. They have described the whole day journey and they have to maintain a time log of the bus and once the passenger have been picked then they have to be dropped back to home again. (Gomaa, 2011) They work in a systematic form to implement all their strategies and the planning of the services, their work is based on transporting people to their respective destinations safely and the satisfaction they provide to them is more important. Here their different models which can define their working process have been discussed. It is the detail of all the work which has to be done in the organization and they define it as initial input that is used to save all the detail of the system it has several parts.

Development lifecycle model

SDLC is a system development life cycle in which there are many life cycle. Here two life cycles have been described related to Green Drive Project.

Waterfall lifecycle model

In the Green Drive project they used this model for their working scenario. In this their work has been done through the entire process of waterfall model.

Water Fall Model is model in which they can describe the steps of different stage used in their entire working process of their project (Yildirim, 2006). They had different phasees that can decide the different stages of the working process of any company.

Requirement analysis

In this phase they need the raw material which can be used in the further process. In this the green drive project needs different vehicle for the transportation of the passengers to the supermarket. After that they get requirement of the drivers who should be perfect in driving. They take driving test and after that they decide the confirmation of driver’s job (Reichgelt and Duggan, 2006).


This phase can be described as the process in which the individual plan the whole structure of working. In this the process of all the raw material has been decided that can be used in the further implementation. In Green Drive process they can explain this process as they had different raw materials in the form of buses and drivers (Folorunso and Akinwale, 2009). So for them they have to plan the entire process of working for a month. Their all timing data has been stored there.


The large number of interrelated work which is in process to conduct this is called implementation. The information between user and the deliver about the ongoing process this phase is known as implementation. In Green Drive they provide the facilities of transportation to supermarket. They works in the systematic form to implement all their strategies and the planning of the services, their work is based on the transporting the people to their respective destination (Roth, Wixom and Dennis, 2008).


In this phase Green Drive check the work whether the work is going in a suitable and planned form or they are just conducting in a careless form. In the Green Drive they had regular checking of the buses at any time about the working of their employee they had a surprise inspection through which they get know the passengers need.


This phase of waterfall model where after completion of the entire process they create the maintenance process in which they take care of all the needs of their system in which they can decide the working capability of any person and how can they improve that this whole comes in to the maintenance process (McCabe, 2010).

Prototype model

The idea behind the use of prototype model is the different phases of performing any task in the entire process of prototype is used for the completing the different need of the particular process. A prototype is sample, model or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from. The Green Drive use this process for different reason as it give different beneficial tasks which help in improving the company’s model.

Customer evaluations

In this phase they receive the feedback from the customer who is travelling in their bus and they get feel the extra need in the development in the services this helps them in fulfilling the need of the customer (Yang, 2010).


This phase can be described as it is the process in which the individual planes the whole structure of working. In this the process of all the raw material has been decides that can be used in the further implementation. In Green Drive process they can explain this process as they had different raw material in the form of buses and drivers. So for them they have to plan the entire process of working for a month (Dorfman, 2003). Their all timing data has been stored there.

Review and Updation

After taking the feedback from the passenger they implement the process of completing the need of the customer. In this they have to take review of the work. Is the given feedback of the passenger is completed or not or it is just in pending form so in this they get review and the updating of the entire feedback of the customer.


After completing the passengers’ need they again get their vehicle into the market and get the customer satisfaction. These factors of prototype are beneficial for the Green Drive project and their development (Zhang, 2013).

The Importance of feasibility study

The feasibility is a study of object and rationally uncovered the strength and weakness of any company and the process that required to completing the project for that company. The importance of the feasibility study is to increase the process of identifying the problems and the required objective and several alternatives to get the solution of the problems. The following studies of feasibility are used in the process of Green Drive project.

Market viability

When anyone starts any business before thinking of profit they want to know the failure of that business in order to preserve the business form the failure (Maiden, and Alexander, 2005). The business owner organizes the market research about their product and this serve of market condition is called as market viability.

Technical viability

It is used for the development of different technology and new products. In addition to this, it facilitates the improvement and the updating of existing products. In this they also get the knowledge of the license and the validity of the project.

Business model viability

The business viability can be explain as different condition which are used in the growth of any business or that can be said as the company’s detail and their need according to the market need that is called as business model viability.

Management model viability

The management viability is the important factor of the feasibility study, that in this the different management issue and the planning on that issue are take place. This is the process to complete the demands of the customer. In this they manage on the actuality, capability and potentiality of different project (Olsen and, 2007). They have different research model in market from there they decide which type of theory should be planned to get over the management issue.

Economic and financial model viability

Economic and financial models are the process of explaining the economic and financial condition of any organization they are used to manage the different economic and financial programs that can be suitably implemented on the given project. The economical model is used to define the various properties and parameters of the model which is used to describe the economical condition of any company (Bomarius, 2009). On the other hand, the financial modeling is described as the behavior of any market which can be in the form of numerical prediction.

Effects of feasibility on the Green Drive system development

Market viability

In the Green Drive system they used the market viability because they knew that before launching any product into the market they should have to get the information of the market about the curiosity of that product, because due to lack of information they can get large scale loss in their business so to secure that amount they have to get full study of the market.

Technical viability

As the Green drive has different transport business in that many technologies are used know a days so they have to get upgrade in those technologies due to lack of technology they can get damages in their product as well as in their profit. Now a day technology has become major part of all the organization because with the help of technology many works has become easier than earlier, so the use of technology has become today’s need.(Bailey, Langham and Chandramohan, 2005)

Business model viability

There are many different conditions in which the work of different companies are going on in this the Green Drives maintain the information of their rivalries to get far ahead from them this all the aspect are the part of the feasibility. As the company has to get the different goals in the business for that they have to get all knowledge of different people.

Management model viability

The Green Drive project has different management that can used for different polices that can be use in the organization. Every organization has their own target form that they have different management system they used these systems to get overcome all the management issues in the organization (Fox and Waldt, 2008). So the management viability is essential in the entire organization. Green drives also has different management style in which they are able to get performed the different project in green Drive.

Economic and financial model viability

In this factor they have different economical and financial condition of the company they have to maintain the record of their expenditure in the company so that they can able to decide the profit or loss (Olsen and 2007). This model is used by many companies to take out the yearly conclusion over different financial and economical conditions of the company.

The system investigation for Green Drive system

The Green Drive project is providing transport services. This has been funded by the two supermarkets in that area. The system investigation to meet the business need they can explain the SDLC. This is a system development life cycle. In which there are many life cycle. Here above two life cycles has described in related to Green Drive Project. Now the system development life cycle is a composition of different phases which can be explain for the development of the organization’s development system. The system development life cycle ahs to main factor with the help of that SDLC can easily explain (Kelkar, 2004).


It has different factor that can be able to explain it easily, in this they are able to conduct the preliminary analysis, propose alternative and the cost and benefits of the system. To conduct the preliminary analysis they have to find out the need of their organization and the objective of the organization on which they are working. In the analysis of any system they need the project and the targets of the organization which can be followed by their employee. The use of analysis is to investigate the need and different issues of the entire system.


Design is the process to operate the detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams and other documentation of any company (Westfall, 2008). It is the detail of all the work which has to be done in the organization and they define it as initial input that is used to save all the detail of the system it has seve

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