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Cross culture management comprises the work team administration in several manner which consider the major culture, preference and practice differences of consumer in the international and global context. Business organisations have to learn in order to adapt ad modify their methods and approaches in regard of competing on a ground in the sector no bound loner through geography physical with some communication more business common and other consequences (Biggs, 2015). This report will generate over HG organisation who is developing their Dam Construction Project in Uganda. While operating its functions, organisation faced various issues which is discussed in this report.

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Podcast & Script

Cross culture management consist of impact of societal values and culture on management activities and manager along with the cultural orientation study of members of company as well as manager. While expanding and dealing within international market, this become more complicated for company to organise and communicate within different culture and regions. Hence, this project will examine various aspects of global environment, cultural management that can assist in accomplishing demands. Hydro Generation is US based company that is carrying out a dam construction project in Uganda. This is required fr company to coordinate and maintain the major conflict associated with the whole project in order to accomplish the major problems related to culture of nation, organisation or management activities which is mentioned in following report:

Problem 1: National Culture

Employer of HG and staff members of Uganda is experiencing generosity remuneration within the working environment. Vice President of UG, James Green work as per the ethics and culture of company following their home country (Busch, 2012). On the other hand, Charles Martin had been following the culture of host country. This has become dilemma for both individuals as some activities attempted by Charles Martin is not appropriate as UK culture but is suitable and no menace as per the culture of Uganda. Hence, organisation has been facing the issues of culture management of both countries. Hereby, the national culture is major issue identified for this report from which three issues has been identified here:

  1. Attribute of Uganda culture is distinct from the culture of host nation that can restraint the operations and activities of the project of dam construction.
  2. It can be analysed that relativism of cultural ethics is operated through Charles Martin where James Green desire to operate the culture of US and Christianity within the organisation (Chen, Lin and Sawangpattanakul, 2011).
  3. Culture of Uganda has more nepotism and corruption. On the other side, US culture doesn't these elements and provide more ethical and democratic environment. Hence, this can be issue for organisation to operate their project in another country.

Theory Identification

As per the recent case study, Greet Hofestede's theory of cultural dimension is more effective and universal method of management. This helps in interacting the politics, government, families, school and other associated science. It can be eliminated the culture structure in mentioned types:

  • Power Distance: Include inequality form among individual which nation's public understand likewise general.
  • Collectivism verse individualism: To people whom they feel cared for and by such as friends, families etc.
  • Femininity verse Masculinity: An culture extent such as assertiveness conduction, acquisition etc.
  • Uncertainty Avoidance: A type where nation's individuals like coordinated condition despite uncoordinated one (Chen, Cheung and Law, 2012).
  • Long term verse Short period orientation: Aim over long term values where short terms focus over past and present tradition etc.


In regard of resolving problems associated with company, through understanding the culture of Uganda, company can achieve their objectives of business through this theory. Through it, Martin can minimise their difference among both culture and carry out specific solution of such issues setting certain guidelines of it.

Problem 2: Leadership

As per the case study, this can affirm that various issues can be identified associated with the leadership style that need to be evaluate in order to achieve the certain outcome. As in the case, Martin perform their operations and activities as per the requirements and applied practices of organisation (Chhokar, Brodbeck and House, 2013). Where on the other side, James Green, vice president of HG stick to the US culture according which they are implying more autocratic practices in the company. James Green has been confused for terminating the Martin for approaches and methods optimised for achieving the project target. Here are mentioned some of the major issues identifies associated with the leadership activities which is mentioned as below:

  1. This can be recognised that HG has been facing the gap between the members of their staff. Cause of the dearth of communication skills in James Green as the company;s leader as he is unable to explains the major issue to Martin with his used approaches for specific purpose.
  2. Martin as project manager of Dam Construction doesn't comply the leadership grounds of country which refer to lack in proper leadership methods of HG.
  3. Different methods of leadership as Vice-president has been failing to implemented and accomplish requirement of project in absence of Martin.

Theory Identification

As per the requirement of case study, this has been recognised that the enterprise need to implement contingency theory as this can lead to better and effective style of working (Crisp and et. al., 2012). Founded by Fred Fiedler, this assignment method presents that the style of leadership of a good leader should change according to the requirement of situation. This empirically categorised in 3 dimension:

  • Degree of task structure.
  • Members and leader's relationship.
  • Leader's position power.


In regard to maintain the effective leadership method, HG can follow the contingency theory of leadership in order to manage each and every situation as per requirement. This is needed for James Green to understand the need of Charles Martin and his understanding with culture. Also, he can maintain some modified guidelines following both country's culture.

Problem 3: Motivation And Hrm

Case study has analysed the one another problem is lack of human resources and dearth of motivation and understanding among personnel as this is one of the major obstruction that can lead to more problems (French, 2015). Green has terminated Martin from the dam construction project but as the country has felt more issues while recruiting and hiring practices of bushiness. Martin is flexible who implement their practices and activities of hiring as per the demand of company. Here are mentioned some major problems discussed as below:

  1. Technique of providing monetary support to the workforce of project is suitable for enterprise for the project completion but it might create further issues.
  2. James Green should be more interactive and strict while creating the policies and terms of organisation linked with HRM as Martin has been terminated within the organisation.
  3. This is another issue and enigma for James Green as he is unsure whether company is able to complete their project after dismissing Martin from the project.

Theory Identification

Reinforcement theory can be considered as the demand of company's problem and requirements. This theory mainly aims over the motivation of personnel of company. This was proposed by BF Skinner. This affirms that behaviour of an individual is the major function of their consequences (Jumiarti and Syafei, 2016). This is associated with 'law of effects' that stress over repeatation of positive activities but not negative as this can lead to more downfall.


Through implementing this theory, they can partially resolve their issue. This is the duty of manager that they does not stimulate each and every worker simultaneously. They should understand the elements how one can meet the positive reinforcement system.

Reflective Report

Through analyse this assignment, it can be suggested or affirm that there are various learning that can be met in order to achieve business objectives and aims in efficient manner. I have been assigned project of podcast along with other four team members of my class. The collective activities and efforts of entire groups lead to the final outcome of assigned project in more successful way. Through carrying out this assignment, there are various learnings and outcomes that have achieved by me and my team members. We have learned various theoretical along with practical learnings which has assisted me and my fellow members in their professional and personal learnings (Moja and Kwag, 2015). Various practices and procedure were undertaken through the help of this project which have strengthen our skills and aid us lifelong learnings that can take the whole team far in the career levels.

While developing the project, this has taught me various aspects and effectiveness of contingency theory of leadership that can help HG in carrying out the main structure of organisation in effective manner. There are various leadership theories which can be optimised through any organisation or individual i.e. trait theory, great man theory, democratic theory, leadership theory etc. In order to manage our team work practices and accomplish the assignment, democratic method was optimised in order to provide the opportunities to each and every team members to presents their opinion, views and ideas over the issue.

After analysing the various scholars and authors report, individual as identified various team theories for managing team in order to reach to the final outcome in more efficient manner hindering the issues and menace. However, the team did optimise the democratic working and leading methods in order to represents each and every member or team in more fundamental and interactive manner (Phillips, 2017). Through the assistance of this, members of staff and company can easily negotiate the terms along with manage good communication level among the entire team. Hence, the whole procedure have proven positive as it does not only helped us in creating great understanding but also aid us in achieving business objectives and target in more fundamental or creative manner. Thus, it was the required part that was needed to execute in the workplace in effective manner.

There are various aspects which were needed to resolve and focused over while building a podcast report. One need to optimise different techniques, methods and tools which building a report over the podcast. Hence, me and my team members undertaken the procedure and entire phases while developing a proper podcast script. Initially the process of planning activities of pre-production was accumulated and documented on which basis entire activities were determined. We have undertaken the procedure of production and post production in which shooting and editing of entire script and podcast report has made. There were certain drawback which are fundamental to implement while improving a proper report over podcast i.e. setting duration of time. Henceforth, we have made certain the time duration of entire report for carry out more appealing, interesting project despite of making it more dozing for examine.

Podcast report creation in sensitive, effective and more complicated procedure that can assist in achieving objectives of whole plans in signifiant style (Ray, 2014). After producing and designing the entire report or script of podcast, team members are successful to optimise proper techniques and means of media through which the podcast report will be broadcast. Hence, this has led us to learning and developing a proper podcast report, analysis a proper study and presentation of acquired data and information in the specific place and style in order to maximise the creativity and productivity of entire prepared work. This is required to assess relevant and authentic information and data for this report which has helped them in achieving business report in more significant manner. Through attempting the respected major points, the team has developed more effective and better podcast report that is presented in the recent assignment.

Despite the entire theoretical learning, the assignment have assisted whole team in preparing and developing authentic report or podcast script in significant manner. I have been performing entire procedure with the assistance of team members that can aid them in meeting required outcome. Authors and scholars research and data analysis consumes more time along with data (Thanh, 2014). Though it was complex and hectic procedure to undertake, this has rend erred more information and learnings to the individuals of my team which is useful for the lifetime Through understanding the learning parts at academic level, a student learn wide range of knowledge, information and involve oneself into something productive which will not be useful for presents but will develop their future goals, targets and achievement in significant manner. Through this projects report, we had experience this realisation.

While developing the entire script report for developing podcast, I have analysed various issues on personal and professional level which should be keep in mind for each members in regard of meeting the determined outcome. The major issues identified was communication barrier as this was complex to understand and undertake the activities for which each group members are satisfied to undertake. Hence, this can affirm from analysing the entire notion that each of use should enhance out communication skills and emphasise focus over its development for creating more professional and effective report in upcoming time. Thus, it can claim that communication skill has major role while working in group project.

On the other side, the other drawback that team experienced while working in the podcast script and development in order to prepare a proper report of podcast. For filling the requirements and space, team has evaluated different scholars and authors report for preparing an effective and better report. Also, it is needed to develop team working skill in more suitable and effective manner (Tran and et. al., 2013). Through, the help of this, one can achieve their business objectives and carrier goals.

Hence, I need to aim over some considerations that can be undertaken for future report, development and evolution of each individual of team as well as for development of script for achieving the individual targets. This can be analysed that me and my team members need to develop their communication and interaction skills in regard of developing continuously. Also this can be examined that through developing skills such as leadership skills, management abilities, team working skills etc. in order to perform for large team for future project purpose. Also this is required for us to formulate and prepare the whole plan's blue-script before creating the final project in regard of managing the entire project in effective manner (Zhang, Liang and Sun, 2013). Hence, through accommodating these suggestion, each members of team can evaluate and analyse the major activities that can helps in achieving business objectives for accomplishing future goals of carrier.

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The above mentioned report affirms that internationalisation of business require certain investigation and accurate research of several aspects of their business environment and culture. It can be fundamental for the host nation to maintain or coordinate accurate standards of accommodation for managing their expatriate. Operating environment of country can alter after the certain time period along with operating different sites. The assignment can also state that podcast is being planned. There are several components which should be proceed while preparing proper report of Podcast which one should follow for creating it more appealing. These components consist of concise, accurate, coherent, contradictions usage etc.

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