Unit 14 Business Report BTEC Level 5 HND


In respect to focus on the report, there are several functions and operations has been implemented that need to focus on the effective functioning (Liu, Huang and Chen, 2015). In this regard, present report consist case of British Airways, GE Aviation and Aerfin. They all are considered process to make effective functioning in the business for expansion of operations and functions.

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Safety procedure by Aerfin to deal with life engine Service Company

In the business, following steps must be taken:

  • In respect to deal with the procedure of Aerfin with Engine Service Company, they need to focus on the assets that purchasing, leasing and trading in major commercial aircraft and engines.
  • In respect to implement the process, they require technical and commercial experts to access capital.
  • They are also provided professional and efficient solution to consider strategy.
  • Along with this, the company also requires components which support to attain creative results at workplace.

Protection/equipments to keep safety in Aerfin

There are several protections and equipments has been implemented to keep safety in chosen business:

  • In order to maintain and keep safety at workplace of Aerfin, eye protection and machine guard need to provide to each candidate so that injuries could be diminish.
  • In addition to this, operations and functions could also implement smoothly so that general information could be kept safe with various hazards.
  • Along with this, for avoiding accident, it is important to look towards the machine that equipped with emergency shut off.

Health and safety act to deal with the dangerous material

Following acts are consider to deal with dangerous material in business:

  • There are several acts determines health and safety with dangerous material. In this aspect, first is Occupational health and safety Act 2004.
  • In respect to implement the above act, employers of Aerfin have duty to provide and maintain employee’s safety.
  • Furthermore, The Occupational health and Safety regulation also considered which helps to protect the employees from Hazards substances.
  • It parts assists to consider some details matter that how enterprise deal with the different activities (Liu, Huang and Chen, 2015).
  • In addition to this, welfare at work implemented that consider and understand legal duties towards employees at workplace. It helps to make sure that effectiveness will be develop to focus on the employees safety.

In order to consider COSHH regulations, it can be stated that law requires control substance which prevent hazards to health. In this way, manager of the company need to prevent and reduce workers exposure to hazards substances which help to decide to prevent harm to health.

Safety procedure adopted by GE Aviation

Safety procedure by GE Aviation

  • GE evolve their continuous safety procedure through they can attain desired results in their business.
  • In this consideration, team of the enterprise need to take safety in operating design and manufacturing to meet with the intent.
  • Therefore, they assure that it is drive to recognition policies and compliance to attain systematic results.
  • Furthermore, Aviation industry also implement quality standards as the serve model for accreditation and international recognition for safety programs (Liu, Huang and Chen, 2015).

Protection and equipments required to employers

Protection and equipments requirement for employees

  • All the employees of GE Aviation bound with Official Secret Act. Therefore, it considered generalisation in manufacturing units.
  • In this way, employers keep security to consider occupational nurse and implement circuit board.
  • GE is going with the well and beyond regulatory requirements so that care of staff exists due to accident and emergencies.
  • Furthermore, there are fifty-nine employees received basic aid of work in training so that it could be support to work in 13 building with almost 1800 employees.
  • In addition to this, the country also ensures high population building in different corner site so that it will help to estimate average age of workforce.

Health and safety acts which considered in working with engineering workshop

Health and safety regulations

  • In respect to maintain health and safety in the business environment, it is essential to look upon the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011.
  • In this way, GE Aviation can implement all hazards chemicals which need to classified and labelled with global harmonium system.
  • Therefore, it assists to maintain hazards system within the group of chemical In addition to this, towards the dangerous goods, it is important to look for the classified transport (Brauer, 2016).
  • As results, it will assist to implement DG classifications with effective marketing system which used in the transport setting.
  • In addition to this, health and safety policy also need to implement to focus on the some important rules and regulations to display copies.
  • Requirement also need to undertaken on the basis of first aid provision.

In GE Aviation, there are different aspects has been considered which assists to provide all aspects in term of environmental, health and safety program. Therefore, it will assist to consider following aspects:

  • Preparing OSHA voluntary protection program audits.
  • Reviewing, updating and posting different EHS programs with policies and training material.
  • Assisting management in accident investigation to determine root cause.
  • Environment project also helps to include and site the waste maps outline for different sampling plan.
  • Complete assigned EHS tasks and project develop with administrative duties.

In respect to implement regulation of Noise Work 2005, it can be stated that industry sector attain different consideration to focus on the protected from excessive noise at theor work place. It could be termed for hearing and suffer from the tinnitus. Furthermore, in the GE Aviation, employees requires proper protection in term of hearing. This act has been taken for new requirement which replace with 1989 to introduce different things at workplace. It tells about harm and noise cause at workplace.

Safety procedure of British Airways in plane

  • In respect to deal with the British Airways functions and operations, it is important to look towards the flight safety awareness.
  • It is developed for conscious of companies regarding health and safety which keep personnel safe when they are travel (Sousa, Almeida and Dias, 2014).
  • It is implemented to maintain and keep security to consider knowledge and awareness in safety procedure.
  • In this way, activities are design with the tea and coffee on arrival, course commencement and health and safety introduction, full exercise with keep safety advice, information and techniques.

Protection/equipment would be given by employees to keep safety

  • In respect to look towards the present case, it has been determines that assistance from aircraft is depend on the airport which either considered by electric burry or airport wheelchair.
  • In addition to this, assistance from the aircraft depending in the airport so that it help to implement stairs that are parked with terminal building.
  • In the cabin flight also develop to get seat and move towards the upper body strength (Bhola, 2015).
  • It is depend on the airport to select the wheelchair or other option which generally provided by the British Airways.
  • Hence, safety measurement considered with the implementation of the proper functioning.

Health and safety acts which considered at dangerous height

  • In respect to deal with the health and safety act, it is important to look towards the occupational legislation.
  • In this consideration, in the British Airways mainly Health and Safety at work Act 1974 determines which assists to look towards the primary piece in the great Britain.
  • In this aspect, the organisation needs to protect their enterprise with hazards to keep security and maintain effectiveness at workplace.
  • Therefore, they are able to implement proper functioning with considered most important rules and regulations (Speed, Westerhoff and Yang, 2015).
  • In addition to this, it includes general duties of employers regarding their employees to maintain and keep proper security as well.
  • Employer need to ensure that effectiveness in the enterprise increasing with the proper arrangements and keep security as well.
  • Along with this, Occupational health and Safety regulations 2007 also need to implemented which made under the act.
  • It considers specification duties which imposed and performed to support the act.

In respect to consider regulations in British Airways, following aspects will be consider:

  • Passenger with disability
  • Carrying animals
  • Restriction to use electronics device.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol on the board of aircraft
  • Forbidden items in baggage
  • Limits on measurement, size and weight of baggage

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From the above report, it can be summarised that in every enterprise security need to maintain with implement proper resources. In this aspect, it is important to look towards the provision and acts that determines by the government must follow to maintain effectiveness.

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