Unit 2 Context Analysis Uber UK Level 5 HND Diploma Business


Context analysis is an approach to identify the histological, cultural, organisational and strategical changes occurred in an organisation. The present report is in context to Uber, UK, a leading app taxi company which is growing with a fast rate. This report will determine the business context or the organisation objectives of the company long with the stake-holder's analysis (Adar and,2016). The report will also identify various internal and external factors affecting business functioning, strategies and performance of the company. Furthermore, the report will also include situational and strategic analysis along with the recommendations for improving the performance of the company.

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TASK 1 : Context Analysis

A. Business context

Uber, UK is popular transportation network organization which was established in the year 2009 within San Francisco. California. It provides a taxi replacement technology platform that is connecting “driver partners” along with riders through an application based on location. The company is operated in more than 60 countries across the world. Uber, UK is known to be the first ride sharing business and people often use the name of the company to describe the service of cab or transportation. The company focuses on providing high quality service sat low prices to their customers in many countries all around the world. Uber, UK utilizes successful corporate administration strategies with a specific end goal to make maintainability in their activities. Be that as it may, top managerial staff chooses couple of proposals for improving the corporate administration hones in the firm (Amran Ooi and Devi, 2015). These suggestions cover fundamental course in the corporate administration, with the specific went for Uber, UK and its authority. Such sorts of proposals covers methods for improving the working environment decent variety and halting lewd behavior. Organization's principle change is to have a thought regarding the sharing the autos which at last has incredible effects for their support-ability. There are such huge numbers of instruments which are assembled by the Uber, UK to have the business destinations in a powerful way. Be that as it may, there is a need to make their business activity straightforward.

The suggestions cover differing way to have responsible by means of execution survey process and the pay. It covers measurements on assorted variety, responsiveness to representative grumblings, company's fulfillment and the remuneration.

B. Buyer and Stakeholder context

The Buyers or customers and the other stakeholders are getting affected by various services provided by Uber, UK in United Kingdom.

The Uber, UK's BOD have powerful freedom and authority, with the assistance of this, they are in charge of their remuneration through arrangement of measurements for meeting targets which can impact their incomes.

Corporate administration is a bunch of standards, practices, tenets and direction by which a venture may coordinated or controlled. Truth be told it helps an association in adjusting the interests of investors of Uber, UK by offering them exact profits. Significant intention corporate administration is to encourage suitable administration keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish long haul advancement of an affiliation (Anton, 2015). Consequently, it has been broke down that wide of executives are at risk for administration of their association. Uber, UK is focusing on their systems and hierarchical approaches for catching consideration of a great many customers by serving them administrations in characterized day and age. Along these lines, directors of alluded affiliation need to center around their administration for controlling or managing whole association.

The company utilities various techniques and methods in-order to sustain its position in the market and increase its productivity or profitability.

  • Phone Application: Uber, UK has obtained a noticeable position in advertise by giving quality transportation administrations to customers who might like to movement by booking a trek through Uber, UK. Giving doorstep get benefit has been valuable amid state of awful atmosphere. The vast majority of the urban communities have demonstrated a pattern to appreciate night life as well, wherein individuals feel safe to movement by booking an outing with Uber, UK. It has empowered customers of corporate world to spare a considerable measure of time with profiting the quickest voyaging offices gave by Uber, UK. It has thought about different perspectives to pull most extreme number of customers. Presenting recently composed administration office in a market requires thought of innovative factors as need. Uber, UK has misused different advantages of cutting edge innovation including expanding use of changed programming and projects including utilization of PDAs to book a taxi with exactly at a solitary tap. Uber, UK has given a larger amount of solace and wellbeing, particularly for female voyagers particularly amid night hours.
  • Extreme adaptability: Uber, UK has been enlisting even non enrolled drivers who won't have authorized specialist as expert taxi drivers. It has given wide extent of drivers to procure additional by giving extra wellspring of salary. Authorized or non-authorized faculty can even work amid sit still working hours. Uber, UK has been going about as a mediator between cab drivers and travelers submitting solicitations to book taxi trips on the web. Likewise, Uber, UK gave a wide extent of chance for those individuals who have an energy for auto driving. They could thus proceed with their interest and also gain pay for the same. Besides, if these drivers don't get any reserving for particular time, they are repaid by Uber, UK that gives pay to working hours that may have passed sit still.
  • Early online innovation adopters: Uber, UK had put heaps of endeavors to obtain such an expansive piece of the overall industry. It has been feasible for Uber, UK to accomplish this by genuinely making endeavors since long back it began up with giving administrations in San Francisco. Individuals were profoundly eager and innovation sweethearts who valued the new web based booking office for booking a taxi trip by simply making a solitary tap (Bahadir, Bharadwaj and Srivastava, 2015). Utilizing the method of chilly calling as one of the methods for correspondence, different independently employed faculty and in addition experts were enlisted by Uber, UK to working with them. At first, Uber, UK embraced conventional methods for promoting, for example, FM, daily papers, and so forth to pull in potential customers. Uber, UK has considered characterizing the potential market estimate which may be focused on. Earnest endeavors have been made for discovering the territories that ought to be engaged for giving recently propelled benefits by entering or extending exercises in the market.
  • Informal promoting: Each customer whosoever had an affair of booking a taxicab ride and along these lines, increasing more elevated amount of fulfillment imparts the same by overhearing people's conversations publicizing. It has been watched that customers get affected by the positive experience picked up by their companions, relatives, and so forth and consequently, like to encounter the same (Bull and, 2016). Informal exchange perceives customers as publicizing specialists who contribute in advancing Uber, UK's general execution in this manner diminishing expenses on promoting.
  • Accommodation: Price that must be paid by customers rely upon number of drivers accessible at the season of demand submitted alongside number of individuals sending demand in the meantime. Contingent on situational request and additionally supply of drivers, customers are cited to pay the required sum. Higher charges are required to be paid on uncommon and intermittent days. It has a patent on surge evaluating innovation in US. customers are required to pay as per particular value run set for every mile secured relying on the quantity of customers, drivers and in addition general surge amid exceptional happy days. However, it has likewise considered imperatively to give earlier data to different customers with regard to additional toll charged for same office that may be profited before.

C. Internal Context

Swot Analysis

Internal factors influencing the marketing communication strategy in Uber, UK

  • Strengths
  1. Easy and effective platform with low operating cost
  2. Timely services and reasonable fares with different payment modes
  3. Vast fleet of vehicle with wide range of services
  4. Drivers are not employed they are based on contract.
  5. Effective advertisement with impressive brand image.
  • Weaknesses
  1. Lack of connection in relation between Uber, UK and Its drivers
  2. Top level management issues or problems
  3. Bad or poor image on working ethics
  4. The company is still behind many competitors
  5. Highly dependent of technology
  • Opportunities
  1. Potential in expanding markets
  2. Increased number of smart phone users and Enhancing internet demand
  3. Electric car usage. Car sharing and other eco friendly ways
  4. Unconventional and Innovative services
  • Threats
  1. Varied regulations and government rules due to wide area of operation and various legal cases with other companies
  2. Taxi drivers and Local players protest
  3. Autonomous and self drive cars are entering in to market in near future

D. Environmental context

The various factors in context to the external environment with regards to Uber, UK can be determined by using pestle analysis tool.

Pestle analysis

  • Political factors - Uber, UK has gone up against conflict. In its hidden change, Uber, UK didn't have clear controls. It was difficult to pinpoint assurance lie in — if there is an accident, is the Uber, UK driver to fault, or the association itself? They have stood up to additional examination around the globe; France recorded charges in light of advancing, the Netherlands ruled against Uber, UK for their drivers not having Taxi licenses, limiting requests from Portland, with additional blacklist considerations in Asian countries. In addition, there were political discusses the most reduced pay allowed by law laws in the taxi business, and whether Uber, UK was keeping up these standards. The governing body requires business licenses likewise, requiring Uber, UK to give that documentation.
  • Money related factors: The business that Uber, UK works in is the sharing economy. It suggests that this economy relies upon sharing physical or academic resources. For this circumstance, Uber, UK secures drivers to respond to customer and drive them to a region (Doeksen and Symes, 2015). It's routinely regarded more affordable than taxis and less requesting to design a game plan. Uber, UK has grown exponentially since its hidden dispatch. In any case, countries have denied or restricted its organizations as a result of Uber, UK having a preposterous contention against general taxis. Diverse associations in this industry stand up to discuss, yet Uber, UK's fast change has driven them to be the fixation point. People are analyzing whether this sort of economy brings new calling openings or expels them from existing positions (Uber, UK versus standard taxi driving). Or on the other hand securing new openings yet to bring down pay. One thing is certain, Uber, UK has created at an exasperating rate — showing up there is money related potential in this market. However, as Uber, UK winds up greater, diverse stages like Lyft must fight to stay relevant (Houdet, Trommetter and Weber, 2012).
  • Social factors: Easy openness Customers of Uber, UK take advantage of its easy to get the chance to organize. Picking a course of action and get time is basic using the application on PDAs. It requires no correspondence rather than a few presses of a catch. The more affordable cost is appealing to many, which has incited the impact of Uber, UK's advancement all completed North America. As customers taking advantage of their rides, they posted about their experience through electronic system's administration media regions. Casual spread care quickly. Regardless, with the pervasiveness increase, costs in huge urban groups moved as well. Valuable for Uber, UK, yet not welcome by riders. Everything considered, by virtue of the comfort, customers pick Uber, UK as regularly as could reasonably be expected. The more prominent transparency Uber, UK gives, the a bigger number of people will use its organizations rather than cabs or even open transportation.
  • Technological factors: Uber, UK spread like savage burst through internet organizing. People clearing up their riding experiences online spread and offer stories. It asked new customers to do in like manner. Buyers are searching for more affordable transportation decisions and Uber, UK fulfilled this need. Customers make courses of action through the application. A measure for the ride cost can appear in the application — it depends upon various components like drop off zone, action and atmosphere. They can pay for the ride ahead of time through the application as well. Additionally, drivers who are on commitment respond and get the explorers to take them to their objective. The application is incredibly basic to Uber, UK. It can't work if the application goes down or persists challenges. The association must ensure everything is working, reliable and arranged to go. Various drivers use 4G frameworks to connect with the application — it's respected essential to do their occupations.
  • Legal factors: Banning : Honest to goodness components were tended to under the political factor some part of this examination (Grünig and Kühn, 2015). Uber, UK faces much criticism, bans and attempted bans in zones the world over. The association must take after particular utilize laws, copyright laws, work and specialist security law.

Task 2 : Marketing Communicating Strategy And Recommendation

In order to promote and market their services Uber, UK uses various kinds of marketing strategy that helps in communicating information about the services to their customers in the market. The Push communication refers to broadcasting a message that a sender sent to the receiver. The sender controls and determine who receives the communication or message, on the other hand Pull communication refers to any message or information which is accessible by a receiver according to his needs and wants. Pull communication is not time sensitive and typically informational. In order to get the best outcomes it is important for Uber, UK to use a mixture of both the method (Gonzalez-Padron, Hult and Ferrell, 2016). The combination of push, pull, and instinctive correspondences is a thought we hear an extensive measure about in exhibiting and that is by all accounts substantial for HR. It's basic to associate with customers today with a solid mix of these three correspondence makes. Ideally, you keep best of mind by pushing entrancing or time-delicate information to your prospects constantly, keep up their energy after some time by offering beneficial access to the information they need to choose, and attract and beguile them with astute dialog when the need develops. In case we think about agents customers (and we should!), we help to influence a better laborer than experience by every now and again pushing noteworthy, material, and time-fragile information to them that will help them to be more taught and productive at the workplace, by outfitting them with easy to-use, strong self-advantage devices for getting to information on their terms, and by giving continuous, natural enable when they require it. Uber, UK needs to use various marketing tools such as email broadcasting, online marketing, television ads etc to convey information related to their services among the people.

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The above assignment report concluded that Uber, UK needs to develop their marketing communication strategy in order to promote and market their services effectively. The combination of oth Pull and Push communication is identified to be the best for promoting the services in the market and get the best outcomes. The report identifies various internal and external factors and elements that affect the marketing strategy of th

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