Unit 2 Research Project Level 5 Regent College


In the present era, there is huge competition among the corporation as every one requires to gain effective success and profitability in the competitive business environment. For perform in well manner, firm adopt effective strategies and practices that support company in compete with rival. Digital technology is one of the impressive source that helps in increasing speed of business operation and quality of services (Silverman, 2016). digital technology consolidates all kind of electronic equipment and applications that use information in the firm of numeric code. In the modernized advancement, all electronic apparatus use the information in sort of numerical code. This information is generally in combined code. Code that can be addressed by string of only two numeric character. The present report provides the detail knowledge and understanding about the digital technology and its various method that used in the business enterprise. Researcher has main aim is to explore the use of customer relationship management software in Morrison. In order to address the mentioned aim researcher have developed various objectives regarding the customer relationship management software and its significance within business firm.

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Research Aim

'”To explore the use of customer relationship management software in Morrison”

Research Objective

  • To explore implication of customer relationship management software.
  • To analyses the relationship between customer relation and growth of Morrison.
  • To ascertain advantage and disadvantages of customer relationship management.

Research Questions

What is the meaning of digital technology ?

What are different customer relationship management software ?

What are different advantage and disadvantages of customer relationship management ?

Rationale of the study

At the season of determination of the exploration subject, a few parts have influenced the analyst. One of the central point is scientist enthusiasm for the said subject. As researcher needed to get the detail information and comprehension about the advanced innovation and its effect upon the deals inside retail division. By utilization of this examination subject, specialist can explore the few channels of the advanced innovation that is the reason this point has been chosen by researcher.

Significance of the study

Customer relationship management can be defined as revolving process in which companies try to interact more with consumers in order to identify their needs and requirements. It supports in providing satisfactory services to customers so that they feel satisfied.

Literature Review

According to the view of Yuksel, Yuksel and Bilim, (2010) CRM is an approach of the overseeing and keeping up the organization cooperation and association with potential clients. In this perspective, data has been accumulated from different correspondence stations like organization's site, email, phone, live visit, advertising material, online networking and so on client relationship administration is a framework under which association and client can create solid relationship.

According to the view of Yoshida and James, (2010) in the hospitality sector, there are various kinds of software an application are available that is used to improve customer relationship management. By help of developing customer relationship management, corporation can easily develop healthy relations with customer and identify their requirement regarding the product and services. Thus, it can be said that digital technology helps to business firm in large manner through which it can easily connect with customer and increase their business process, marketing, advertisement and promotion activities. In the opinion of Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, (2015) social media and its various channels are major sources in the digital technology that assists to corporation in developing effective customer relationship.

By drawing in with online networking, organization can without much of a stretch recognize real prerequisite of clients in regards to administrations and enhance its current execution of business. Online networking advertising serves to clients likewise in getting learning and data about administrations and things. On these stage, client can put input and audit and other client can undoubtedly read. Along these lines, one might say that at the season of obtaining ware and administrations, web-based social networking organizations in impacting administration clients buying choice. By help of web-based social networking organization put a few posts, pictures, video, joins and so on with respect to item and administrations through which client can get detail information and set their observation in regards to the same. By observing alluring pictures, pictures, recordings and so forth of item and administrations client's obtaining choice can impact. Consequently, one might say that with help of said channels purchasers choice of acquiring item and administration impact. Moreover, with help of these channels, client can get other administration clients surveys, criticism and feeling in regards to item and administrations. This causes them in taking the choice with respect to acquiring of item and administrations.

The customer relationship management software and applications is developed with help of digitalisation. Thus, it can be said that for develop healthy relationship with buyers, corporation have to use several applications of the CRM. Internet, WiFi, Social media, mobile, laptop etc are the technology which included in the digital technology that assists in connecting people with each other. By help of these technologies, company can get touch with customer and identity their requirement regarding product and services.

According to the view of Smith, (2015) there are various kinds of the customer relationship management software and systems available within the company. The operational kind of CRM system considers on using software applications which aid incorporate the various sets of information available on each customer into useful file. In addition to this, sales force automation system assist to employees in developing report, scheduling calls, mailing etc within the business enterprise. In the opinion of Ryu, Lee and Gon Kim, (2012) analytical and collaborative is another very important software and application of customer relationship management that assists in analyse customer information and develop strategies of marketing. The collaborative system of CRM is designed to improve the customer experience.

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Research Methodology

Research Methodology plays a very significant role in the entire research through which scholar can address the right outcome about entire study. It refers to the techniques through which information is collect, analyse and interpret in effective manner. By help of several methods associated with research methodology, scholar can obtain the solution of research problems. In the present study, for explore the use of customer relationship management software in Morrison, scholar will apply several methods of research methodology which are discussed below-

  • Research Philosophies- Research philosophies is considered as belief of the investigator related to the selection and analysing of the information. There are two types of philosophies that are interpretivism and positivism. For the present research interpretivism philosophy will be used by the scholar. It will help in collecting information which is specific to the topic and effective in order to reach the aims of the present research.
  • Research Approach- Research approach is known as the plan for which a systematic procedure is undertaken in order to carrying out the study. There are two types of approach inductive and deductive. The present research is based on exploring the use of customer relationship management software in Morrison therefore inductive approach will be used by the scholar. It focusses on collecting the specific information first then move toward the general one. It help in linking the general information with the specific information which assist in providing valid outcome.
  • Research Design- Research design is known as the strategy of collecting and presenting the information in an systematic manner. There are three different types of research design that are descriptive, exploratory and explanatory. For the present research descriptive research design will be used. In this all the population which is covered in the study will be covered in the topic. Reason for selecting this design is that it proven to be effective in respect to carry out research in an effective manner.
  • Data collection- Data collection is another one of the significant method in the research methodology that assists in collecting information about the subject. In the absence of data collection, it is impossible to carry out research. There are major two sorts of data collection method that is primary and secondary data collection. In the primary data collection, scholar can collect information from the survey, interview, observation etc. On the other hand in the secondary data collection, scholar can collect data from the books, journal, online blogs, articles etc. In the current thesis, with help of primary data collection, individual will address the aim of study. In this primary data collection, researcher will conduct survey of 10 managers of Morrison.
  • Sampling- It is also significant method in research methodology by which some group of people will select for data collection. Researcher will random sampling method under which 10 managers of Morrison will select for data collection.
  • Data analysis: After collecting the information it is important to analyse it in an effective manner. There are two techniques which can be considered for evaluating the information that are qualitative and quantitative. The present research is based on exploring the use of customer relationship management software in Morrison, therefore qualitative technique will be considered by the researcher. In qualitative all the information is presented in non-numerical form. It is effective at the time when large amount of information is not required to consider for the study.

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