Unit 16 Marketing Communication Assignment-Samsung


Managing communication can be determined as systematic monitoring, planning, implementation of all the channels within the organization. In an organization, it is essential to have proper communication among employee and employer so that information reaches every worker without any confusion (Valeecha and Reza, 2013). Further, it includes interaction with employees customers. It is important that they have effective interaction so that sales can be raised. When a decision is taken, then it is important that there is proper flow of data so that the changes can be implemented effectively and efficiently. Present report is about Samsung which is provides their customers with electronic products. This report covers internal and external source of information and understanding. Further, it covers stakeholders who are involved in decision making. Lastly, it also includes ways through which communication can be improved .

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Task 1

1.1 Range of decision to be taken

There are different levels that are involved within organization. At all these level it is important to take proper decision. Below given are the levels in which decision needs to be taken:

Strategic level:There are the one who make all the decisions and following levels needs to follow them. All the information related with the employees, sales, etc. are discussed and they make decisions (Ots and Nyilasy, 2015).

Tactical level:All the decision that are taken by strategic level are passed on this level. This level make sure that all the issues that are faced by employees are satisfied. Decision are taken for providing better services to workers.

Operational level: This is a level in which decision are make to make sure that the products and services delivered are satisfying their needs and requirements. They are face of organization and decision are made to make sure that effective services are provided (Saenko, Sozinova and Pismennaya, 2016).

1.2 Information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taking

In order to made decision at Samsung, below given are the knowledge and information that is required:

Research:To gain information and decision making, it is important to conduct market research so that management will be able to identify opportunity that prevail in the market. Further, it enables to know customers perception towards the product and services.

Financial situation:In order to made decision, it is important to know about the financial condition. In order to grow the business, it is important to have finance so that business operations can be managed effectively and efficiently (Royle and Laing, 2014).

Competitors:It is important to analyse the strategies that are implemented by competitor of Samsung. It enables to make decision with the help of which competitive advantage can be achieved.

1.3 Assessing internal and external sources of information

There are many sources that are helpful to get information for both internal and external areas. Below given are the ways with the help of which internal information can be collected:

Sales figure:It enables to know the performance that has made by the firm for each month. This enables to know the areas in which improvement can be made and decision can be taken (Black, 2013).

Financial document:When the financial book shows increase in amount, then it can be stated that the firm is gaining profit. However, decision can be taken regarding internal areas.

Below given are external source for gaining information:

Researchers:There are various researches made on the issues that are faced by organizations. There are helpful to make decisions and implementing strategies (Goneos-Malka, Grobler and Strasheim, 2013).

Government websites:There are lot of information that are provided on the websites and these are helpful to make the decision as per the data present on it.

1.4 Recommendations for improvement to the Samsung UK management team

There are different recommendation that can be made with the help of which Samsung will be able to improve their management team:

Encouraging innovation:Changes in technology take place frequently. Implementation of creativity and innovation are highly beneficial to encourage workers.

Conducting market research:Survey and research are beneficial to know the drawbacks that are faced by customers and employees. Changes can be made accordingly (Kim and Ko, 2012).

Resolving conflicts:Efficiently of employees gets affected when there are conflicts among employees. However, resolving these issues will enable to improve the performance team of Samsung.

Healthy environment:Employees should be provided with healthy environment so that they will be able to worker effectively and efficiently (Schielke, 2015). This will raise interaction among workers and the coordination will get improved.

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Task 2

2.1 Stakeholders that you will invite

In order to organize the event, it is important to call on stakeholders who will witness the event. In this context, below given are the stakeholder who will be called:

Customers:There are on who will make use of the product. They need to be called on for the event so that they get to know about the product and they are also helpful for the management in knowing their perception towards the product (Yadav and Pavlou, 2014).

Employees:They are also important stakeholders and it is important to call them for the event. Calling them for the event will help to raise their moral and it will boost up their performance towards work.

Media:They are helpful enough to cover all the activities that occurred in the event. They will be able to display the event to the whole words. Media is very strong to provide popularity.

Investors:They are the one who provide financial support to the organization. In this context, they will get to know the implementation and use of finance (Kotler, Burton and Armstrong, 2015).

2.2 Cost effective channels

There are different sources through which cost effective channels information can be delivered. Few of the channels are as follows:

Telephone:This channel provide the opportunity to call customers and provide them valuable information regarding the product that is being introduced.

Email:As per this channel, management can know the perception of customers towards the product. Large number of audience can be attracted within small time period (Valeecha and Reza, 2013).

Word of mouth:This is a type of channel that occurs when the product satisfied all needs and requirements. Automatically, people who have used the product will convey about the goods to others.

Social media:There are many social sites like available like Facebook, Twitter, etc. in which information can be displayed and it is highly cost effective.

2.3 Developing interest throughout the event

In order to make use the interest of stakeholders in the event, below given are few of the ways that will be used:

Sharing benefits:All the benefits that people will get by making use of this product will be discussed and this will be helpful to develop interest of stakeholders (Ots and Nyilasy, 2015).

Taking feedback:Over all feedback can be taken from stakeholders regarding the product. This will be beneficial for the organization to understand the issues.

Getting opinion:Opinion can be taken from stakeholders so that they perception about the product can be determined. This way the interest can be developed and maintained during the event.

2.4 Strategy that will make the event more interesting and memorable

There are different set of strategies that can be implemented with the help of which event can be made more interesting and memorable (Saenko, Sozinova and Pismennaya, 2016). Among which few of the strategies are as follows:

Promotional activities:There are various promotional strategies that are used by the firm among which one of the strategy it by providing discount offers on the products for which event is presented. Further, lucky draw offer can also be conducted in which lucky person can be given with the product for free.

Gift items:Stakeholders can be provided with free gist with the main product. This will enable to develop the willingness and interest for the product. Further, by following this strategy the event can be made memorable one (Royle and Laing, 2014).

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Task 3

3.1 Existing communication structure and system in Samsung UK

In order to make communication with the system and structure of Samsung UK, below given are the different sources that are available:

Email:This is a type of source that enables to interact with more than tow of more employees at same time. Most of the issues are also solved by this means.

Telephonic:This is used when the issues can not be discussed on email. In order to have effective interaction this source is more effective than email (Black, 2013).

Informal meeting:In this type of meeting workers are called on for parties or outing. This is helpful to develop strong relationship with workers.

Formal meeting:Employee to whom information needs to be conveyed are called and discussion take place over the issues or for the strategies that has to be implemented. It enables to know the opinion for employees towards the topic of discussion.

3.2 Appropriate method for improvement business results

In order to make effective communication every business can use different methods which help to achieve objectives in systematic manner (Goneos-Malka, Grobler and Strasheim, 2013). In respect to this, Samsung can design following ways of communication in their company:

  • Vertical network communication:It is a communication way which is generally uses among superior and subordinate of Samsung company. It is also known as two way communication because only two party take place in this method.
  • Circuit network communication:According to this type of communication take place in circular movement so that it is known as circuit network. It not takes advantages of communicating among superior or subordinate of Samsung. Although it can be take, any two members of the company (Kim and Ko, 2012).
  • Chain Network communication:According to this communication, various members can take place in chain system. One manager of Samsung make command on their subordinate and give them instruction for working within the company.

3.3 Plan to make better communication system

In order to make effective system of communication among various members, manager of Samsung have to meet with customers services. In respect to this, they have to considered regular meetings with their customers through local media and effective communication system. In addition to this, manager of the firm have to considered roles and responsibilities of all employees in effective system so that they will able to achieve business targets easily (Schielke, 2015). They can use chain communication at the workplace in which the firm will give command chain to their employees in systematic manner. Hence, they will demonstrate objectives of the firm to developing business outcomes. Further, their roles and responsibilities can be determine as effective transaction in which they will easily develop their positive results at the workplace.

3.4 Personal plan

For improving my communication skills, I will consider following SWOT analysis for me:

  • Strength: In order to make effective communication, I have found that I am good listener. Thus, I will enhance it for cited firm development.
  • Weaknesses:For conveying effective message, I have no knowledge to use non verbal signal such as body gestures, tone and many more things. Thus, I need to improve it for enhance communication in Samsung.
  • Opportunities: In respect to enhance my communication skills, I have opportunities to conduct events and presentation in the market regarding cited firm products. It will assist me to develop my communication power in front of many people.
  • Threats:Toovercome threats in communicating, I need to make specific and brief criteria for overcome hesitation at the time of talking with other members.


Information and knowledge play vital role in order to make decision. Among all the sources one of the best tool that can be implemented is market research and survey. It enables to cover all most of the areas in which information is required. It is essential that organization develop strong interaction with their employees so that they feel free to share their issue and problems. Accordingly, decision can be taken to satisfy workers needs and requirements. Further, employees have direct interaction with customers and so they should be provided with training. Will enable them to develop their skills and to improve their performance level.


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