Unit 5 Life Cycle Development Level 4


Life cycle development is considered as the whole process of development of an individual. There are different phases through which a person goes through (Kelcourse, 2015). Every single person have to go through a few ups and downs but that what makes the person capable enough to deal with different types of situations. The report is about discussing different stages of life cycle development and factors influencing the family members. It involves a case study in which the father of two children are struggling to cope. One child is 15 years old and has recently delivered a baby and the other, 9 year old boy studying in a primary school. Because of some complications, the father has been doing a part-time job and the 15 year old girl is also suffering from postnatal depression. So, influence of life cycle theories on the family members have also been included.

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Task 1

Stages of life cycle development

Life cycle is considered as a combination of various changes in the life of an individual. Through a series of activities, the life of an individual goes through. Also, during the stages, the person has to face enormous number of factors, some throwing a positive impact and some with a negative one. Each factor helps in making and understanding the life better. There are various stages of the life cycle development and all these are discussed as under :

Stage 1 : Infancy, Adolescence

Birth or infancy is considered as the first stage of a person. From a single cell, the life of a person starts (McGoldrick, Preto and Carter, 2015). It is obvious that in this phase, the child is completely dependent on the parents and family. The brain starts developing and the child gets the sensory abilities along with the motor skills. The phase starts as a toddler. Various skills are to be taught at this stage only such as walking, talking etc. After a few times, the child gets to understand the difference between various factors, bad and good etc. Then, the child goes into adolescence in which their level of thinking and understanding the factors better. It can also be considered as a stage of learning. All the ethics, basic activities etc. are being taught to the child in this phase only.

Stage 2 : Self discovery, Adulthood

In this stage, all the skills learned by the child are being applied to the different chores of the routine. Exploring and discovering different things etc. is one of the common tasks being done by a child in adulthood phase. It is because at this time, the child feels to test and check whatever they see. They act so creative here that they want to try the challenging things etc. This is also considered as the longest phase and also, in this stage only, all the body transformations happen. Also, the stage is quite challenging as well because children at this stage tries to please everyone and for that, they might come under complications such as peer pressure etc. So, analysing and understanding the things in a positive and efficient way can help the child to stay on the correct path.

Stage 3 : Dedication, Benevolence

It is considered as that phase in which the person starts getting a set of responsibilities on them. There can be various risks and challenges as well in this stage because along with the fun etc., responsibilities start getting over the person. This stage also throws an impact of the life of the person. The focus of the child from funny activities replaces to be on a better development of the career so that the life can stay balanced and maintained appropriately. A sort of dedication can be observed in the individuals who are in this phase. Also, there has been observed various ups and downs in this stage, so dealing all of them with patience is very important. In this phase, usually the person tries to do the fullest to enjoy the life. So, there can be various situations taking part in the same. Also, the person gets aware of the basic vision of understanding the life.

Stage 4 : Retirement, Death

After all the three stages, the person comes at the stage of retirement when the person feels wisdom because till that time, the person has experienced much amount of ups and downs. The last stage of a person include the area when the time of the person has been over (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2018). Usually, elderly people get to advise the younger ones better because they have experienced much in their lifetime. Because of various changes, ups and downs in the life, the person gets experience and on the basis of that experience, they became so good in providing advice to people. This stage is associated with the mortality. In this stage, the person cherishes the best moments they have spent in their lives and learns from those factors that have not been gone well enough.

As the child 1 has been diagnosed with postnatal depression, there can be various reasons behind that. As her baby was born premature, so because of that she must be having some stress. Also, she is just 15 years old, so marriage and pregnancy at this age seems to be a hard decision because at this stage of life, a girl must not be mature and responsible enough to take care of these things. Early pregnancy may also be the reason for the premature birth of the child. Also, because of that she was not able to attend the school properly from a few times. As she is just 15, it is her age of education, but as she was married and pregnant, because of that she was not even able to attend the school properly. Although the mother of the girl has been died but the father works part-time. Some factors that can bring some changes in their life is if a proper education is being provided to them, whether it is about the child 1 or child 2, they can get proper education and also follow the same to their kids in the future. It will help them to understand the difference between right and wrong, so that they can be able enough to make the lives better. So, the factors that might act responsible for influencing the development of the family members includes proper education, an efficient living etc.

Task 2

Analysing the needs of the family members

The two members of the family on which analysis can be made includes the child 1, who is 15 years old and the father. Although the lives have been changed because of various reasons but some factors would have been managed if controlled to an extent. The needs of these family members at this point of the life cycle are discussed as below. Also, there are various potential developmental factors which if had been managed, it would not lead to the complications the family members are facing now. Discussing the potential developmental needs and issues as below :

In case of child 1, who is just 15 years old but is married. Although the fact is clear that the mother of the girl has been died two years ago, but the father should have acted quite responsible that she is small to carry on the pregnancy of the child. So, early pregnancy may be a reason for pre mature birth. Also, because of this, she is not able to attend the school properly and because of that, her grades are dropping as well. IT is obvious that she has a pre mature child, so going school and attending classes along with managing the child is quite tough if been together. So, it is affecting her life to a huge extent. The need of the girl at this stage of life is that she should be educated enough. She can attend the school daily after a few times, as till the time, the child goes 2 or 3 years older. It is because completing education is very necessary. Along with that, she now should have to take care of her health as well as of the child. It is because the baby has been born premature. So, there must be chances that the child is less immune. Therefore, at this time, managing the health and safety of herself along with that of the child is very important in order to avoid any complications. Also, she had a dream of attending college after she finishes with schooling because she wants to be a teacher. But because of the delivery of the child, she is not able to attend the school properly, which is reflecting on her grades as well. So, the present need at this point of the life cycle is that she should take care of her and the child but after a few times, she should again join the school so that she can complete her education. Also, then she will be able to go to college as well so that further she can also pursue for her dream to be a teacher. The potential development issues that were not met was that the father should not have appreciated the fact of her daughter getting married at such a small age, so this can be considered as a major issue. It cannot get undo but can get resolved to an extent (Chhipi- Shrestha, Hewage and Sadiq, 2015). Therefore, the father should also encourage her to continue the study so that she can become capable and independent as well.

In case of father of the girl, he left his previous job because of the extreme stress levels. Also, the wife of the man has been died two years ago. So, after such situations, the father of child 1 and child 2 has been in stress from a long time. Because of the stress, he even left his job as of the manager of the supermarket and now is working as a delivery driver. The job of delivery driver is part-time. There are two children of them, one is the child 1 and the other is the child 2. Child 1 is a 15 year old girl, who has recently delivered a pre mature child and is not able to attend the school from a few times. On the other hand, child 2 is a 9 year old boy who studies in a local primary school. So, the father of the children are working as a delivery driver and that too as a part-time job. Although the financial status has not been satisfied with the same and the father wants to work as full-time, but the only fact he is waiting for that the 9 year old boy when join secondary school, then he will join the full-time job. So, the fact that is to be ensured here is that the father should have though the same at the time of marrying the girl at such an early stage. Because of early marriage and pregnancy, the girl is not even able to attend the school and her grades are dropping as well. Therefore, if the father would have not left the job in stress, may be the conditions would be better now. Also, the decision of marrying the 15 year old girl was an in efficient one.

Task 3

Analysis of Life cycle theory

Life cycle theories are considered as an effective way that helps in the change engagement. It focuses on the saving and spending habits of the individuals throughout the life span of their life. In the whole process of change management, life cycle theories play a very important role. It helps in analysing the organic factors that are to be used in the development of the changes that have been added to the person's life. The life of a person is divided into various stages. Also, it includes a variety of aspects as well that are associated with it. All the life cycle theories helps in the development of the new operations and services and also ensures all this to be done in a prescribed manner. Also, the multi disciplinary team would have used the life cycle theories in order to analyse the family members in a better way. Discussing one of the most efficient theories that can help the multi disciplinary team to analyse the family members and other people of the family better. The aspects of the theory are discussed as under :

Life cycle approach to child development

Life cycle approach to child development is considered as a philosophy which makes involvement of various ways and techniques that can promote to a better motherhood, safe pregnancy and delivery etc. If it would have been understood by the multi disciplinary team before and the father, the situation might have been different. As child 1 is just 15 years old and she has recently delivered a pre mature baby, it is somewhere affecting her education as well. From a few times, she is not able to attend the school properly and also, her grades are dropping as well. As she is just 15 years old, so it might have been difficult for her to cope with the pregnancy and studies. Her dream is to go college after her schooling so that she can pursue for her dram as a teacher. The theory involves each factor that is essential for a healthy living being. It also makes involvement of various parenting practices that can help the parents in understanding the essential factors that are required because various factors actually throw a very negative impact on the mental status of the child. So, it should be dealt with extra care and extra support. If these factors had been understood before only, then it would not have been so complicated. Pre marriage and pregnancy and that too in the age of 15 can lead to various complications.

As child 1 is dealing with post natal stress. It could be due to the changes in the hormones as her baby has also been born pre mature. So, it might have affected on the health of the child as well. Pre mature birth is also termed as preterm birth. It means that child 1 has delivered the baby before 37 weeks (Baltes, Featherman and Lerner, 2014). Also, the babies who born pre mature are at a higher risk of various complications such as hearing issues, eyesight problems, some sort of delay in the development of the body etc. So, these complications can actually throw a very negative impact on the health of the child. It cannot be easily analysed why some children born pre mature but there are various risk factors associated with the same. In case of child 1, as she is just 15 years old, so it might be because of that. Some common reasons that might be termed as a reason for this includes blood pressure, pregnant with two babies, smoking etc. It is because while the child is in the womb, life style habits also play a major role. As some common examples includes smoking, drinking etc., as these activities actually throw a very negative impact on the health of the child in the womb, so such factors might lead to pre mature pregnancy.

Although the government has made various advancements in providing support and care to the people who do not have knowledge regarding providing proper care to the children, educating them etc. Also, it has been observed that a huge number of changes have been analysed as well. But still, there are some areas where it is being observed that the girls get married without even completing their education etc. It somewhere throws an impact on their career and also on their physical, mental health. It is because as in case of the 15 year old girl, who is married and has recently delivered a baby, she is suffering from post natal depression. Also, she is not able to attend the school because of which, there has been observed a decrement in her grades as well.

Monitoring the child is another essential feature that has been considered as an important part of this theory (Andrews, 2017). It is because checking whether the child is on right path or not is the responsibility of the parent and along with that, parents also should ensure that they should try to understand the situations and then can take the decision. There are some ways that child 1 can include in order to make the baby safe from any further complications and it includes that the mother should breastfeed the child on a regular basis at regular intervals. Also, make sure to keep the baby in contact with the own skin. It is very important to maintain these factors because any sort of delay can lead to further complications such as improper development of child etc. and the complication may also lead to death. So, these can be considered as some factors that needs to be taken in account while the management of the child and other family members.

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It can be concluded from the report that the life of an individual goes through a variety of phases but managing the downs and ups can help the person to lead to a happier and healthier life. There are various life cycle theories as well that can help in understanding the family members in a more efficient way. Also, there are some factors that throws an impact on the development of the people has also been included in the report.


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