Personal And Professional Development


Personal and professional development is related to improvement of skills and knowledge that is acquired by an individual in order to enhance their position at workplace. This will help them in maintaining a good relation with other people in society (Blandford, 2012). It includes certain qualities like social competencies, behaviour of a person and also understanding of people. According to the case scenario, the person is a teacher in a renowned university. Report will focus on concept of professionalism and dual professionalism in education and training. Other than this, own professional values that influence own practice in an area of specialism. Social, economic and political factor that can influence education policy is included in this assignment. Along with this, analysis and its impact on current educational policies on curriculum and practice on own area of specialism. Role of stakeholders and external bodies in education and training is mentioned in this assignment. Lastly, identification of areas in which improvement is required by educational institutions are mentioned to have better understanding.

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Task 1

a) Concept of professionalism and dual professionalism in education and training

Teacher plays an important role in providing better instruction to students which they can use in achieving their future goals and objectives. Stimulator majorly focus on three vital elements that are skills, dispositions so that he/she can become one of the most effective instructor and demonstrating the knowledge. Therefore, it can be said that to become an effective trainer it is important to develop characteristics of professionalism on a regular basis.

Professionalism is defined as an individual who have ''professional like behaviour'', they have specific needs and knowledge about particular discipline. Therefore, the way they behave and amount of knowledge they portray shows their professionalism. It is further classified between three categories professional parameters, professional behaviour and professional responsibilities. Dual professionalism is same like professionalism but in this a person have deep knowledge about a particular subject and field in which they are working (Calderhead, Denicolo and Day, 2012).

Both the concept of professionalism and dual professionalism is important if educator wants to give appropriate knowledge to its students. It helps educate in developing its performance professionally. If education system inculcate teaching seminars by professionals than they can prepare students for future objectives. As this modern society is full of high expectations and people want that they have better education which will enable them in competing in this goal oriented world. For example: Big MNC's wants quality employees who are well trained in their field because it will give companies effective outcomes. So, all this can be started from providing better training by their companies (Calderon and Mathies, 2013) .

b) Own professional values influence own practice in an area of specialism

Professional values plays an important role in improving own core standards as a result it help them in shaping their personality in a professional way. To know the skills and knowledge it is essential that a person first evaluate himself/herself by asking frequent questions. For this, a person can use coaching wheel as it will assist them in thinking about the core values in a better manner. If an individual wants to grow in forward direction in terms of his career than he/she must know strengths and weaknesses. For example: if an individual want to increase core value that they can use questions in order to explore particular area in depth and also to know the knowledge they acquire (Harris, and et. al., 2012).

Core values can be determined with the help of professional relationship and practices they have with other individuals. Thus, it should be looked out on a regular basis so that an individual can make changes according to the requirements of career. For example: if a person is provided with better training programmes by their trainees than he/she can be very effective in performing their activities in an better manner like, proper way of expressing their views with the help of effective communication process. Along with this, adequate information about the field in which they are working is very necessary.

Task 2

a) Social, political and economic factors influence education policy

Education is considered as a process of facilitating learning so that an individual can acquire them for having proper knowledge. Thus, education is undertaken on a regular basis as per guided by educator. This have an great impact person's life and social, political and economic factors influence them the most. Social elements incorporates everything from family to community (Johnson, 2016). Therefore, with the change in the attitude of person like eliminating gender inequality in education can force and influence regulatory bodies in making some alterations in education policy. Like this, political and economic also affect and influence the education policy because change in the attitude of people towards authority can generate new pressure for education system. As if political system is not stable than it can have an impact on education authority in making policies as government may cancel all previous strategies that are formulated by former regulatory bodies. It is prime role of government to provide better education to individuals and for this economic factor plays an important role as if country is not having adequate amount of funds than they can will not be able to implement proper education policies according to the choices (Karkouti, 2014).

Therefore, in some or the other manner three of these factors plays a crucial role in making effective education policy.

b) Impact of education policy on curriculum and practice in own area of specialisation

Education policy plays a crucial role if these are as per the knowledge and discourses. According to the current market scenario, education policy includes relations that inculcate knowledge, power and presentation of various social and cultural identities. Further, these policies are formulated in order to manage entire system of school along with maintaining teacher identity. Therefore, it can be said that these policies are considered as a mechanism that needs to be changed on a regular basis according to current market trends. According to the case scenario, as a teacher education policy have a great impact both in a positive and a negative manner. In context with positive manner it will enable teachers and prepare themselves in fulfilling desired goals and objectives before deadline. For example: education policy of participating in debate competition by every individual is enabling me in communicating and interacting with students in an effective manner. It is helping them in expressing views and thoughts in a better way. Furthermore, providing Wi-Fi connection in schools and universities is helping me in exploring new things on internet in my spare time due to which I am being able to tell new things to my students (Moon, 2013).

Therefore, entire process of education policy that are regulated by government of a particular nation assist a teacher in using their knowledge effectively so that they can teach their students in a better manner.

Task 3

a) Role of stakeholders and external bodies in education and training

Both internal and external stakeholders plays a crucial role in education and training and they work in different levels and how they engage themselves within the school sector. Stakeholders is a person who are interested in providing all kinds of facilities to institutions, schools, colleges etc., Further it can be classified into two categories internal and external stakeholders (Nicholls, 2014).

Internal Stakeholders: They are consider as individual or group of people who are directly linked with consuming product these are students. This can be from school circle, peer group etc.,

External Stakeholders: This includes elements like Health, cluster manager who doesn't produce or consume it. They basically provides with the facilities which is required for operating entire activities in a better manner. Further it involves people who are statutory authorities, local and national governmental bodies.

Therefore, role of stakeholders is important as they are responsible for purchasing learning materials which students can use for continue their studies. Furthers designing of appropriate structure is essential for conduction of entire process.

b) Impact stakeholders and external bodies on organisation in education and training

For running an institutions it is essential that institution have ample amount of money which they can use for providing all kinds of facilities to its students. Internal stakeholders are those who provide funds, resourcing and publication. Whereas external stakeholders are contributes in the form of giving their views and experiences for addressing all kinds of problems. Thus, stakeholders can have an impact on organisation in terms of policy, strategies and in maintaining a better relationship between organisation and other issues that are to be taken into consideration (Roeser and et. al., 2012). Therefore, further importance and influence of external and internal stakeholders are explained below:

Influence: Stakeholders' influence can be determine by the directions and how powerful a person is accomplishing the project and outcomes. Stakeholders can have direct impact like command over the control of budgets, possession of accurate knowledge which others acquires and indirect impact like social, economic or political status, how stakeholders assess their importance by resolving issues that are present.

Importance: Stakeholders' prime role is to resolve entire issues in prior basis so, they are considered as an important element. Thus, stakeholders are not given importance than project and objectives cannot be deemed a success (Rosenfeld, Shiffman and Robertson, 2013) .

c) Importance of working in partnership with employers and stakeholders in education and training

Most of the times working in partnership always provides maximum benefits to education and training as it shaping organisation at different levels and further it can be classified into two categories revenue and strategic partnership. Former one is used for saving and raising funds for an organisation. For this, they use pooling resources which assist education and training institutions in stretching limited resources that are available to them. For example: increasing staff members, expanding space or making budget and enhancing opportunities.

Most of the educational institutions majorly focus on strategic partnership as it helps organisation in providing dual membership. Stakeholders who comes under this, basically help these educational institutions in making strategies and plan of action which they can follow for better outcomes (Thomas, Bertram and Allen, 2012).

Therefore, in terms of education and training, working in partnership with employers and stakeholders will give students with an opportunities of providing better services and facilities. It help these organisation in exposing their brand so that maximum number of people can enjoy services and facilities. Employers can provide training to students so that educate can become future ready and firms can get eligible candidates who are excellent in performing job activities. Thus, both stakeholder and employees plays a crucial role in providing job opportunities to different kinds of people who are studying in an institutions.

d) Impact of being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies on curriculum design and delivery assessment

Few people can disagree to the fact that accountability is a good thing because individual thinks that standards of school must be raised. Education can be termed in a metaphorical way that it depends upon choices, where parents are being determined as consumers whose perception is very important in terms of sending children to schools (Trede, Macklin and Bridges, 2012) . Further if a teacher is designing a curriculum than stakeholders and external bodies have a great impact so, while making this a trainer must consider all these. If school wants to know about various kinds of duties and rights that are related to education than institutions must work with closely so that a constituted environment can be provided to school environment. Stakeholders assist these institutions in making different kinds of policies, strategy for conducting entire process in a better manner.

Other than this, there are many accountability sources, and one of them is ministry or government. So, for balancing opportunities, central government of a nation must discussed about the purpose of different accountability by taking risk into consideration. Therefore, for designing curriculum it is crucial that a proper meeting is conducted between accountees so that strengths and weaknesses can be understood and appropriate actions can be taken (Van Driel and Berry, 2012).

Task 4

a) Key aspects of policies, codes of practice and guidance of an organisation

Codes of practice is very important to be followed if an individual wants to set himself/herself into specific areas. In context with teachers they must always follow and protect all code of conduct for maintaining decorum in schools and institutions. The Norwegian School in London, has recruited new employees and they are conducting an induction ceremony in which school will give information about policies and code of practice that are to be followed by fresh teachers. Institution follows The Equality Act, 2010 under which they treat every individual as same. Teachers who are hired must not discriminate with students and for better outcomes trainer must make responsible adjustments so that a healthy environment is maintained. Teacher must have proper interaction between both parents and students so that Educator can know issues and problems students are facing in their life.

While teaching, teacher must use positive and plain language that can be understood by students which will enable students in dealing with different circumstances (Varela, 2012) (Zepeda, 2013).

b) Analysing the impact of organisational requirements and expectations on curriculum and practice

Curriculum is what that are to be followed by teachers so that it can be delivered to its students and this includes teaching methods, syllabus that is to be taught etc., institutions must make proper planning so that clear mapping and monitoring can be done. As a result it will help teachers in executing their objectives in a better manner. For example: As I am good in communication skills and it will help organisation in communicate with others like stakeholders, external factors and many more. Further it is fulfilling all the commodities that are required by organisation in order to make curriculum. Thus, better interaction with students which will help educate in having a better relationship with teachers as a result scholar will be able to ask questions without any hesitation (Blandford, 2012). Other than this, it will help me out in communicating with stakeholders in providing better facilities to organisation with effective results. Therefore, it helps in doing proper negotiation with external bodies as they assist institutions in providing excellent facilities.

As compared to other teachers I am very good in practical knowledge which is helping me teaching students in a better manner. According to a study it is being evaluated practical knowledge always keeps a good impression in the minds of students.

Task 5

a) Analysing quality improvement and quality assurance arrangements of own organisation

Governmental body is highly accountable to its students in providing better education facilities to its scholars. So, regulatory bodies must have adequate amount of information so that they can monitor the performance of and implement strategies accordingly. Government must make sure that schools have adopted appropriate strategies so as to meet its required targets and raise standards at the same time. The Norwegian School in London, conducts inspection on a regular basis which is assisting schools in making a frame work and improving its focus on teaching, learning and assessment. It is helping institutions in knowing the strengths and weaknesses in which modifications can be done in order to gain better position at market area.

According to the current scenario, many new technologies have evolved which school can implement in their campus for providing effective learning process. Schools can take feedbacks of external funding agencies as they will guide institutions in knowing the area where they are lack behind as a result it will improve the performance standards to some extent. Along with this, schools can get to know about the area in which organisation is lacking behind. This will enable schools in eliminating factors that is decreasing performance of institutions (Calderhead, Denicolo and Day, 2012).

In terms of The Norwegian School in London, they are understanding entire needs of students and working on providing excellent services and facilities. They are presenting their proposal in front of regulatory bodies so that government can work on the same.

b) Function of self-assessment and self-evaluation and the quality cycle

Self assessment is an important element that gives a proper insight to organisation and an individual as well. Thus, nature of self assessment can vary from a person to person as different people can have different perception about circumstances and situations. Therefore, in terms of students self-assessment is an integral part of school life as it help educate in developing their quality framework. Self evaluation and self assessment is a process that goes throughout life time as learning is an on going process that end while a person die.

Self evaluation can be done by using appropriate tools and technologies as a result it will help an individual in knowing their standards. In many fields I am lacking behind as a result by doing self-assessment and self-evaluation I can improve my quality of cycle. For example: if I am lacking behind in leadership quality than through this process it can be improved (Calderon and Mathies, 2013).

Henceforth, to have better self assessment and self-evaluation it is necessary that an individual evaluate strengths and weaknesses along with its achievements. Thus, in order to improve quality cycle The Norwegian School in London, is setting up benchmarking which is a continuous measurement process that help school in analysing strategies and plan of action for having better outcomes. Through self assessment and self evaluation teacher must make out creative ways by which they can teach students as a result it will assist them in grabbing new things in an appropriate manner.

c) Learning programmes taking account of the quality maintenance of own organisation

For providing effective training programmes teacher and organisation plays an important role. It is essential that an individual knows the value of learning so that development can be done for carrying out roles and responsibilities. In schools giving correct knowledge is a biggest concern so it is mandatory that proper training is provided for coming out with flying colours. Firstly, for increasing quality maintenance opportunity of content is need to be delivered in an appropriate way as a result it will ensure that entire needs are met adequately. Secondly, organisation by recognising value can provide effective learning and development programmes to its students (Harris, and et. al., 2012).

In context with The Norwegian School in London, they have incorporated latest tools and technologies for teaching its students. Institutions have smart class that is used by teachers for educating and providing appropriate knowledge. Educator are very much focussing on giving information with the help of practical knowledge that are acquired by teachers.

For maintaining a healthy environment it is crucial that students are given with proper cognition that are related to health and safety. School is teaching all the habits of cleanliness which is helping educate in inculcating it on a regular basis. Further, teachers can use different activities while teaching its students effectively.

d) Identification of areas for improvement learning programmes for better outcomes

Teacher must use different kinds of methods for providing better education and knowledge to its students. If educator are well motivated than they can deliver message with full enthusiasm. For this, it is crucial that teachers have appropriate knowledge in order to do their job properly. Thus, if teachers have good mutual understanding amongst educators than it will assist them in facing different kinds of pressure and issues. The Norwegian School in London, needs to evaluate the sections in which they are lacking behind. Faculty of institutions can take feedbacks from teachers as well as students so as to improve their teaching methods and style. It can be evaluated by ways and choices of activity teacher is using (Johnson, 2016).

School can majorly focus on psychological learning, as it will enable student in knowing nature and behaviour of others as well. Further school management can make some modifications in the syllabus and this must be according to the current scenario, so that school can make students in capable of handling every situation in a better manner in future.

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From the above report it has been concluded that, teacher plays a prominent role in the life of an individual from the beginning till the end. Thus, teachers must have content knowledge so that they can give accurate information to its students and learners which can be applied by them in different life situations. An ideal educator always prepares programmes and indicators so that they can give knowledge according to that. In terms of different educational institutions it is essential that they imply courses that are according to the trends which is going on in nature or society.


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