Sample on Cognition And Metacognition


Future of a student is depends on the right career guidance given by its teacher as they will make them understand better in order to face future complexities. Teaching stream has selected in order to create awareness among different students about cognition and meta cognition. This report focuses on the information processing tools that helps in addressing all the stages of teaching process. Cognitive theory has adopted in the current project report which helps in improving the existing behavior of all the students that facilitate a teacher in designing effective lecture for all its students.

Case background

In the present case scenario, a teacher specializes in finance stream delivers its lectures to all its students in order to refine its current knowledge. There are various sequence of step that help teacher in order to deliver their effective lecture in order to bind the interest of all the students in a class.

Learning goals and objective- In the first step the focus of a teacher lies on the final outcome generated out of effective lectures as their desired aim is to teach the true meaning of the subject that reflects in good marks of the students (Bjorklund and Causey, 2017). In the given case, basic motive of teacher behind delivering its lecture is to determine the overall scope of finance course undertaken by an individual as how a particular course help a person who have attended all the lectures best appropriately.

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Curriculum resources- A lecture will not get complete properly in absence pf appropriate resources used by a teacher in order to provide the latest knowledge (Chesin and, 2016). Curriculum or syllabus of a student gives right direction to a teacher in order to complete the syllabus which comes in the exam as getting knowledge is good but if that knowledge will not useful for a student in the exam then it spoils the career of a student. A teacher will design all its lecturers according to the length of syllabus and remaining time for the exam.

Declarative knowledge- A teacher will also test the common knowledge of a student about the subject before delivering its lectures which shows the interest of an individual regarding a particular subject which includes facts and figures, the latest ideas.

Procedural knowledge-In this stage, a teacher judge the ability of an individual that how a student as this will answer the common question 'What can student do?' (Beaudry, Green and Sand, 2016). In finance stream, solving costing problems requires procedure to resolve the problem that shows the fundamental knowledge of students who have used various procedures to complete a task that helps a teacher in order to teach the students in the best possible manner according to their knowledge capacity level that helps in generating higher outcomes in the near future.

Creating learning scale-Performance scales are crafted by teachers in order to better understand the skills and the capabilities of the students to take benefit from the lecture delivered by the teacher in order to satisfy all the needs of its students. Using this particular scale, a teacher will rank the actual performance of all the students with the standards prepared by them in order to analyze their existing performance in order to generate higher outcomes in the near future.

Plan activities- Classroom activities conducted by a teacher includes group discussion that increases the interaction skills of all the individuals in a class with each other. This activity also enhances the communication skills of a student as activities are conducted in order to taught core theoretical aspects in practical form (Beaudry, Green and Sand, 2016). Group assignments are given to better understand the coordination and discipline in a team.

Different stages of information processing

Adopting one of the important model of information processing is essential in order to teach all the students and make him understand the actual meaning of all the aspects. Importance of subject will be easily understandable by all the students as their desired aim is to achieve all the goals and the objectives within a given span of time (Chesin and, 2016). It is important for all the students to grasp the important information they gained with the help of teacher's lecturers which will results into desired final outcome. There are various stages of information processing will help a teacher in order to create awareness among all the students for enhancing their career by taking interest in all the lectures delivered by a teacher who is an expert in a particular category.

Attending-In the current stage of information processing a listener listens the information provided another which in current case students attend the lectures in order to enhance their existing knowledge as they grasp different knowledge on various aspects covered in their course streams.

Encoding- Every message in form of information delivered from one stage to another needs to be encode by the users who in order to avail all the benefits by understanding its meaning. A teacher delivers its lecturers in common language that is English in order to understand by all the students as without this their common aim will not get achieved. Using ambiguous languages will deflate the aim of different users which in current case is student who encodes the information by understanding it properly by paying attention on the words of their teacher.

Storing- After understanding the information provided by a teacher through its lecturer will be stored in the memory of a student which can be used later on in time of exam. Effective lecture will be helpful for all the students in order to get better knowledge.

Retrieving-Knowledge gained by students from the lecture of a teacher enhances awareness all the students that can be used later on by a student (Bjorklund and Causey, 2017). Proper retrieval of information is totally depends on a student who grabs all the information delivered by its teacher in conscious mode as this will help them in achieving all its aims and the targets in the best possible manner. Better understanding of a student is totally depends on a teacher who applies different tools and techniques in order to generate higher outcomes in return in order to enhance the overall quality of information delivered from one end to another.

Stage model of Memory will be used by an individual in order to understand the flow of information from one end to another facilitates all the needs and expectations of various users as the desired aim of teacher is to enhance the memory power of all the students in understanding and retaining all the information gained by the during the lecture.

The current model emphasizes on three types of memory of an individual such as sensory memory, short term and long term memory. The memory type of individual differs from one person to another that depends of capacity of a person ad its efforts in storing old information in the memory.

Sensory memory-It can be regarded as the initial stage memory which is associated with the senses of all individuals (Seamster and Redding, 2017). It is related with the stimuli perception of a person which marked impression on the memory of an individual due to some events occurred with a person.

Short term memory- This is regarded as only storing of information as information stored in this memory will remain for few days and got vanished after some time. Less impact information will be stored in this memory section that doesn't recall back by an individual after long time. Theoretical lectures will not create larger impact on the memory of students and they get stored in this particular section and easily got vanished after some time. A teacher is required transforming boring theoretical lectures in the visual in order to create better understanding among all the students who have attended the lectures in improving their memory power.

Long term memory-Information received by a student will be stored in the long term memory which can be used for many time by an individual as the impact of the received information is higher than compared to another information gained by an individual by listening other people.

Explain how teacher enhance student's meta cognitive activity

Meta cognition is an important terminology that describes the understanding of one's own thought process that helps an individual in order to understand its skills and the capabilities that facilitates them in achieving all the desired goals and the objectives within a given span of time. A teacher will help all the students in order to better understand their core competencies by eliminating all its weaknesses in enhancing the existing knowledge of the students (Zheng, Chen, Li and Huang, 2016). Several ways adopted by a teacher in order to teach importance of meta cognition in their life with the help of different activities conducted in the classroom itself.

Surprise tests- Test taken by a teacher in order to know the knowledge level of student that helps in knowing better about its students that who are learning or just attending the lectures. Surprise tests conducted by a teacher in class enhances the knowledge level of an individual. A teacher will better understand the nature of all the students in order to design all their lecturers accordingly. This approach helps a teacher in understanding the existing knowledge of a person which helps in giving the latest information about the current source using variety of sources from the external business market.

Doubt resolving sessions- Extra classes will be taken by a teacher after giving its basic lecture top ficus only on all the doubts of the students which helps in resolving all their queries in better understanding the nature of the subjects taught by a lecturer to all its students. Effectiveness of particular lecturers proved right when there are fewer queries faced by a student in a class as they are more attentive in the class (Faghihi and Goodarzi, 2017). Meta cognitive state will be increases in the current activity which helps an individual to emphasize on their own though process by analyzing all their thinking. Analysis of the thought process will result into better understanding of the concept in order to generate good outcomes.

One of the learning theory applied by a teacher in better understanding the nature of the students is Gestalt theory in which focus of the psychologists lies on the human perception in different situations. It can be compared with a mirage which is like refraction that creates reflection of something but there is nothing. This theory is used in knowing the behavior of a person in which its behavior shows its normality but no one can see its inner aggression or panicness towards a particular subject as a student hesitate in a class to speak about its doubt. This hesitation will be resolved easily with the help of this particular theory in which polite nature of teacher is used as key component of this theory (Huang, 2016). Under this theory, a teacher will interact one to one session with all the students in order to know all their doubts as their primary aim is to improve the grade of students to get good marks in the exam. A teacher play a significant role in improving are spoiling the future of a person as the wiring teachings of a teacher will deflate the aim of a student who will not understand the existing subjects.

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Application of the above theory will help in generating higher outcomes in a total duration of course enrolled by a student. Perception of a student will get improved with the theory to speak out all their doubts whether it can be small or large or even silly doubts.


It can be concluded from the above assessment that clear focus of the report lies on two aspects such as cognitive and meta cognitive. Teaching lessons of a teacher get improved with the adoption of Gestalt theory that focuses on improving the behavior of all the students. Awareness will be created among students suing various class activities.

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