Research Paper Critique

1. Discussing the research questions used in the study

PICO process is the technique which is usually used in evidence-based practice for answering the clinical or health-related questions. In this, PICO stands for patient, intervention, comparison, and outcomes. According to the PICO framework problem which has been identified by the scholar is to assess the extent to which skills and a perception level of professionals influence who attended the evidence-based practice or not. Further, such a framework also lays emphasis on identifying the extent to which professionals face difficulty in applying the real experience of others within the care unit. In this way, factors which create an intervention in real life has also been assessed by the scholar. In this regard, a comparison of the skills and perception level of attendants and non-attendants of EBP has also been made by the scholar. From all such questions, it has assessed by the scholar that significance difference takes place in the skills and activities of attendants and non-attendants.

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2.Stating the design used in the study

Given study states that descriptive research design has been used by the scholar to present the fair solution of the issue. Hence, in this study, the researcher has described the characteristics of the population in a well-defined manner. Moreover, the study is highly based on the assessment of the perception, skills, and activities of health care professionals. In this regard, it can be stated that the researcher presented the solution by evaluating the real-life experiences of the health care professionals by using descriptive statistics. Along with this, the researcher has fulfilled all the requirements of data collection according to the research design selected. The survey has been conducted by the scholar to gather data which directly addresses the research problem identified.

However, it is to be critically evaluated that design which is used by the researcher in the study have a high possibility in relation to the error and subjectivity. Moreover, in such kind of study, scholar records data which is highly favorable according to the study. Further, when descriptive statistics used by the researcher then it ignores data which does not confirm the hypothesis. In this way, a high level of objectivity has prevailed in the study when descriptive statistics have been used by the scholar. Thus, the researcher would become able to present the highly suitable outcome of the study by using the exploratory research design. It enables the scholar to provide a suitable solution by exploring each and every aspect of the research problem.

3. Evaluating the sampling methodology used in the study

Education series in relation to the evidence-based practice entails that stratified random sampling technique has been used by the scholar which is the part of non-probabilistic sampling. This aspect shows that the business unit has selected sample according to the research aims and objectives. Moreover, the study is based on the title that the extent to which skills, activities and perception level of the health care professionals are highly influenced by the evidence-based practice. Hence, in this regard, the non-probabilistic sampling technique is highly effectual which helps the researcher in conducting the investigation in an appropriate manner. Along with this, the sampling technique which has been used by the researcher is highly effectual because it accurately presents the population. According to such sampling technique, scholar primarily generated the names of target group from the list of 2 million potential people. Further, educators or administrators were eliminated by the researcher from the study. Hence, after such elimination by taking into account the random sampling five hundred four professionals have been selected by the health care professionals have been selected by the scholar. However, it is to critically evaluate that educators and administrators have also knowledge about the skills and activity aspect of health care professionals. In this regard, by including them in the survey researcher will be in condition to present a suitable solution by taking views from several professionals. Moreover, nurses also work with the care professionals and have a better idea regarding the skills and activities of them.

In stratified sampling technique, researcher divides the whole population into subgroups and thereby makes the selection of a suitable sample which possesses the characteristics of population. In this way, by conducting study on suitable phenomenon researcher becomes able to present the suitable solution of issue. However, on the critical note, such sampling process is highly time consuming and tedious. Further, researcher also faces difficulty in the selection of sample when subgroups are not clearly identified and assessable.

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4. Assessing the potential strengths and weaknesses of data analysis

The major strengths of the evidence based practice is that SPSS has been applied by the scholar to analyze and evaluate the data in a highly structured manner. In order to analyze the data gathered from survey chi-square test has been used by the scholar. It is the most effectual data analysis technique which provides deeper insight about the extent to which relationship takes place between two variables with or without cause. However, on the critical note it can be said that such test does not provide more information about the level to which significant relationship takes place in the population.

Besides this, researcher has supported all the findings in an appropriate manner according to the data gathered from secondary sources. Moreover, effectiveness of the data analysis section is highly influenced by the manner in which researcher presents the findings according to the thesis prepared from literature review section. However, it is to be critically evaluated that author failed to gather enough amount of secondary data related to the current year. Literature review section of evidence based practice present that secondary data of 10 years from 1998 to 2008 has been collected by the scholar. Hence, absence of the latest secondary data limits the effectiveness of analysis and discussion section.

5. Discussing the ethical considerations which are related to the study

In the present study, ethical considerations has been followed by the scholar with the aim to raise the effectiveness of the outcome or study. Hence, by taking into consideration such aspects' researcher assured all the respondents about the confidentiality aspect of the information provided by them in survey (Shah and, 2014). Moreover, it the responsibility of the researcher to do not disclose information of survey in front of other people without the prior permission of respondents. In addition to this,according to NHMRC researcher is required to take permission from the respondents before sending the questionnaire to them.

Along with this, scholar is also accountable for developing awareness among the respondents about the research issue and purpose. In accordance with this aspect, it is clearly mentioned in the study that e-mails were sent the scholar to the potential respondents for inviting them to participate in the survey. Hence, this aspect shows that by taking prior consent from health care professionals researcher followed the ethical aspects to the large extent. Further, scholar proper citation has been made in the research work. Moreover, according to the National health and medical research council researcher needs to cite the source of data from where it is taken. Hence, in literature review as well as discussion and analysis section ethical consideration has been followed by the scholar by doing proper citations. Thus, by taking into account all the above mentioned aspects it can be stated that business unit has employed all the ethical aspects to the large extent.

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6. Evaluating the significance of present study

Evidence based practice furnishes information regarding the real life experience of the health professionals. This in turn provides deeper insight to nurses and care personnel about the manner in which they need to treat the patient and offer high quality services to them. Hence, evidence based practice is the integration of clinical expertise, patient values and research aspects which in turn helps care professionals in making suitable decisions. Further, it also provide guidance to the care personnel about the manner in which they need to offer better and quality care services to the patients.

Along with this, such education series also contain information about the preferences, values and expectation level of the service user. In this way, by taking into account the evidence based practices care organization and professionals can employ sound strategies and thereby become able to deliver high quality services. Hence, assessment, acquire, appraise, application and self evaluation are the main elements of evidence based practice. On the basis of such elements care professional primarily make focus on assessing the problem which they face in relation to care aspect of the patient (Bartelt MS and, 2016). Thereafter, professional select appropriate source and conduct research on it. In this way, by identifying the proper solution professional applies it on patient. In the last stage, professional makes evaluation of his own performance by assessing the extent to which improvement takes place in health aspect of the patient.

By making review of the present study, it has been assessed that such article has provided information about the practice to the large extent. Several questions which were asked to scholar from health care professionals provided deeper insight about the perception, skills and activities of the personnel. In survey, two general questions were asked by scholar from nurses and medical experts about their primary role and position. Further, questions regarding the participation as well as personal and organizational barriers in relation to the integration aspect of EBP were also asked by the researcher from care professionals.

Thus, by applying chi-square technique on all such gathered data researcher addressed significant information about the practice to the large extent. From this study, scholar found that 99% respondents said that they are aware with the term of evidence based practice. Along with this, 82% claimed that policies and procedures are also used by care unit in accordance with the evidence based practice. Hence, it has been identified from the study that skills and activities of attendants and non- attendants of evidence based practice highly differs from each other. In this way, researcher has addressed all the issues by taking into by conducting survey on nurses and health professionals.


Books and Journals

  • Bartelt MS, T. C. and, 2016. Evidence-Based Practice: Perceptions, Skills, and Activitiesof Pediatric Health Care Professionals. pp.115-121.
  • Shah, P. and, 2014. Ethical Consideration in Wound Treatment of the Elderly Patient. Journal of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists. 6(3). pp.46-52.
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