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When a task is being performed by individuals, then the time taken will be more when compared to same take performed by a group. There are different type of benefits that individuals gets when they work as a team for common goal. Present report is about self-reflective that is made on the experience gained through group presentation. Further, it includes various type of strategies that are being implemented in order to make development in the areas.

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Gibbs Reflective Cycle

It is a type of model that enables to explore situation by themselves. In order to words, it is helpful enough to coach other so that they will be able to perform their roles and responsibilities (Gibb’s reflective cycle,2014). Below given are the five steps that are involved in this cycle:

  • Description:This stage enables to identify the situation to understand the issues or problems that are being faced within the group (Beam, O'brien and Neal, 2010). As per the observation made and the experience that I have within team, I identified that there are confusion in performing activities. This type of conditions raised due to lack of communication. Further, individuals did not understand the type of kills and capabilities that each one possess.
  • Feelings:As per my feelings, it can be stated that each and every member within the team should know the skills and capabilities that other possess. For this purpose, to reduce the rate of confusion, there should be proper communication. This is an effective way with the help of which aim and objectives can be achieved.
  • Evaluation:In accordance with the evaluation make by me, the rate of conflicts among member was high and all the members are able to understand this situation. This was it can be stated that all members within the team were able understand the condition that are faced by me (Wei, 2014). In order to overcome this condition, all members provided suggestions so that I will be able to reduce the rate of issue.
  • Conclusion:As per the issues identified by me, it can be determined that it negatively affects my performance. So as to raise interaction level, groups activities were planned and informal meetings were conducted (Park and Son, 2011). This way people got to know each other and the fear that I have to communicated with others reduced.
  • Actions:In order to improve communication with other, different steps were taken in which main focus was made on raising involvement with each member. This was possible with the help of outings and groups activities. I was able to interact and understand others.

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Greenaway’s Reflective Cycle

This is a type of model that enables to take proper steps in solving the issues that individuals have (Experiential Learning Cycles,2014). In this context, there are about 3 steps included in this and they are given below:

  • Do:As per this first step, it conveys the type of situation that is being faced by me within the group. In accordance with the experience I got to identify that my communication skills are not effective. Further, there are different set of skills ans capabilities that individuals have. However, when there is not proper interaction, then one do not get to learn from each other (Brownhill, 2014). This way the development that I need to have was not their. Thus, it was important to have proper communication skill that I lacked.
  • Review:Within a group, the roles and responsibilities are divided. However, due to lack of communication skills, it was not able t understand the part of roles has to be played by me. The rate of confusions and conflicts were high due to ineffective communication (Cotton, Field and Dorsey, 2013). Further, the tasks which were planned was not completed on time and the quality was also getting affected negatively.
  • Plan:There are many online test available and these type of test are helpful enough to know where I stand in communication. As per the areas identified, I will take help from by seniors and they will provide ways with the help of which interaction will be raised. In addition to this, informal meetings will be conducted to know the perception that other team members have for me.


There are different type of skills and capabilities that are required for personal as well as for working in a team. The basic skill that is important for all the aspect is communication. This allows one to understand the others and to develop strong relationship. One of the effective way to improve this skill is by talking to other members individually and this will help to make them know more closely.

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