Skills for academic study


For taking studies at graduate level some basis skills a person need to have good communication skills, high concentration level, quick adopting skills and many more. This would help them in completing there studies with good scores and in effective manner. Along with this by effective studying skills an individual able to get highly effective job according to there profile (Putwain, Sander and Larkin, 2013). This assignment is based on description and evaluation of skills which is required for academic study.

Topics coved by this assignment are resources through which individual facilitate there learning, how choice of lifestyle affect individual health and different ways of notes taking. Along with this it include description how lifestyle of a person affect their health and how it can be avoid. It also include rule of doing Harvard referencing in effective manner and it also contain time table which can be followed by a college students. Moreover it also include learner reflection.


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1. Explains the key resources available to facilitate own learning and study

To identify key resources which help me in facilitating my own learning and study, I conduct a test through The VARK Questionnaire. Whose result or outcome is given below:-

According to outcome I more aural learner because in it I got 8 points. Aural learning is refers to a style in which an individual learn things through hearing directions and speaking answer. There learner more prefer lectures instead of studying with notes. After this according to  test I learn more through visual technique and I score 7 points in this style. It is a techniques in which an individual learn things through graph, map, chat and digram. In respect of respective test I am not much comfortable in learning through reading, writing and kinesthetic, this can be interpretate through my score that is 3 points.  Kinesthetic refers to a style in which an individual learn things through physical activities rather than through lectures and watching videos.

2. How lifestyle choices can impact on an individual’s health

Health of an individual get affected through their lifestyle, what they are doing,  how they are doing, what they are eating and many more. This can be briefly defined through journal, e- book and article on websites which is given below:-

According to website:-

According to website of Warwickshire joint strategic Need Assessment, lifestyle factors affecting health and well-being of an individual. Health refers to a term which is  multi factorial and complex. It can be influenced by various things such as age, family illness history, education  level, condition of living and many more (Lifestyle Factors Affecting Health and Well-being, 2019). So it is necessary for an individual to adopt various good things which leads to healthy lifestyle in effective and regular manner.

According to Journal:-

According to journal on Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Total Diet Approach to Healthy Eating by Jeanne H. Freeland- Graves. The health of a person influence by a there pattern of eating and drinking which leads to appropriate health due to which they able to conduct their work in effective and appropriate manner (Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Total Diet Approach to Healthy Eating, 2019). By adopting health food and drink an individual able to leave its life in appropriate and effective manner. They also able to do there work in proper manner and also enjoy there life.

According to E- Book:-

According to e- book of Health behaviour Change whose author are Kristin A. Riekert, Judith K. Ockene and Lori Pbert. To improve health in effective and appropriate manner an individuals need to follow some activities such as regular exercise, walking or yoga, eating healthy foods and avoiding smoking and alcohol. By following these an individual able to make there life healthy and appropriate (The handbook of Health behaviour change, 2014). By this they also able to concentrate on there work as well as family in effective and efficient manner.

3. Make and evaluate notes using the following note taking techniques

Note taking technique is an essential part of taking notes for active study. This techniques is defined as a process in which an individual take notes at class room in order to study in effective and appropriate manner. There are mainly three methods of notes taking techniques which are mentioned below:-

a)Linear: It refers to the method of taking notes thorough writing down all necessary information in the manner an individual able to reads and study it in effective and efficient manner (Pienaar, Barhorst and Twisk, 2014). Liner notes are present on paper at a class room or any other educational room, paper is of two dimensions and it contain page numbers and date which help a learner in recalling in what date they study what.  

  1. b) Mind mapping for flowchart diagrams: It refers to a process which is use by an individual in order to present or note down notes in the form of flow chart that is according to mind mapping. In this each and every point is linked or interconnected with each other and it include various activities and factors such as brainstorming, planning, data presentation, information gathering and many other things.
  2. c) Graphical organisers: It is also know as knowledge map, concept map, story map and many others. It is a techniques of notes making which include various things such as express knowledge, concepts, thought, idea and so on and relationship with all (Wibrowski, Matthews and Kitsantas, 2017). The main purpose of developing or creating graphical organisers is to provide visual source of learning things to learner. That help learner in learn things in effective manner and retain it for long time duration in effective and appropriate manner.


1. Investigate how lifestyle choices can impact on an individual’s health. Extract pertinent information from each of the three sources

Health and well-being of a person get affected due to there lifestyle choice such as if an individual regularly drink alcohol and smoke they affect there life and health which leads to disease, illness and many more. In today's time everyone is busy in their work and busy lifestyle due to which they not able to concentrate on their health and willingness which leads to ill health, sickness, diseases and many other cause. That directly and indirectly affect their work and responsibilities of and individual. Along with this if an individual eat junk food on the regular basis it will directly and indirectly affect there health.

According to website:-

According to website of Warwickshire joint strategic Need Assessment, lifestyle factors affecting health and well-being of an individual. Along with this an individual health majorly get affected through its lifestyle or habits related to health. Such as if a person do smoking, drinking alcohol, eat poor or junk food and so on in regular basis then their health get affected and leads to illness and unhealthy body . For this they can do exercise, walk and yoga on regular basis and they must also eat healthy foods which is full of nutritions and proteins. Along with this they also must take proper check of full body on regular or timely basis, so that any health issue will occur it will get cure in appropriate time (Lifestyle Factors Affecting Health and Well-being, 2019). By adopting good and healthy habit an individual able to enjoy and leave there life in effective and appropriate manner.

It is necessary for an individual who is studying at a college or any educational institution to adopt health eating and drinking habit. This is so because by this they able to study in effective manner and gain good marks in there semester by which they able get job. Along with this a person think health and able to work in effective and appropriate manner which reduce change of get things wrong.

According to Journal:-

According to journal on Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Total Diet Approach to Healthy Eating by Jeanne H. Freeland- Graves. Every individual should take proper diet and nutritions according to age and requirement of body. By this they able to gain appropriate energy and proteins for conducting work in effective as well as appropriate manner. When it come to any educational institution it is duty there management to provide fresh and nutrition food and drinks at there cafeteria, restaurants and mess. According to this they can offer fresh fruit drinks and shakes, fresh baked food instead of fry as well as junk foods. Along with this they can also organized fitness classes, yoga and meditation rooms classes (Kim and Shumaker, 2015).

It is also responsibilities of an institution or academy to aware there students how to improve there health and ignore disease.

Students must change there eating and drinking pattern if they want to develop and maintain effective health and body. For this they can change there food habit form junk foods to healthy and fresh vegetables, along with this they also adopt health as well as energy drink habit instead of smoking and alcohol drinks. By this they able to conduct there work in effective and appropriate manner. Along with this they able to live there life in more effective and enjoyable manner.  

According to Book:-

According to book of Health behaviour Change whose author are Kristin A. Riekert, Judith K. Ockene and Lori Pbert. In prospective of these authors there are various factors which influence health of an individual such as there eating and drinking habit, time of sleeping and many more. According to authors there are also some theories which is effective for improving health situation of an individual in proper manner. If a person adopt theory they able to become strong in both manner physical and mental. That will help an individual in conducting there work or task in effective and efficient manner (Paul, Baker and Cochran, 2012).

Unhealthy behaviour of a person affect working and life   in various ways such as they not able to take decision in effective manner, even they also not able to take decision in appropriate ways. So it is responsibilities of every person to take care and ensure about there health so that they enjoy there life and complete work in appropriate and efficient manner. When it comes to a person who is studying it is essential for them that they must adopt healthy  habits such as eat health and fresh food and at appropriate time. Along with this they must also do exercise, yoga and mediation which will help them in conduct task in effective manner and focus on there task.


1. Produce a fact sheet which explains what plagiarism is and how to avoid it by using correct referencing and Harvard referencing system citations, direct quotations and produce a reference list

Plagiarism refers to situation in which refers to copying text, words or documents and publish it through other's name. It is consider as academic dishonesty and this is occur on office project, school and university projects. Plagiarism is also know as copying text or words or documents of other. In another word it is consider as fraud act which include stealing of someone other's work and publish it on there name (Burns and Sinfield, 2012). According to law of United Kingdom an individual can copy some other person's work but they have to give them credit by doing referencing. This law is develop by government to protect words or documents of others from getting copied.

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It is necessary for a academic student to develop there report with out plagiarism so that they get appropriate marks in there projects. There are various method or techniques through which an individual avoid plagiarism at there project, some major of them are explain below:-

  • Start project early:-According to this an individual must start conducting there work early so that they have sufficient time for completing work in effective and appropriate manner. This is so because when a person conduct work in rush then there is huge chance they can copy and paste matter so that they accomplish project in effective and appropriate manner.  
  • Cite Correctly: It refers to techniques which can be adopted by an individual in order to avoid plagiarism from documents or project (Ardoy and, 2014). It include when an individual do correct cite of sources from which they are taking informations or data.
  • Proofread:It refers to technique in which an individual proofread there documents and rephrase words which is taken from internet. Along with this learners ensure that they have done correct cited every sources which they taken from internet. This tools si easy to conduct and it also provide effective result.
  • Use Quotes:It is a technique or tool which is use by an individual in order to avoid plagiarism form project or report (Jacobone and Moro, 2015).  In this learner or person who is preparing report will give credit to person whose information or text is taken by using quotations. This means learner directly quotation someone whose words are taken.

There are also different type of referencing style which an individual can adopt who is developing report or project, explanation of  guidelines of Harvard referencing system citations are given below:-

  • Referencing of a document is done at the end of report or document.
  • Citation of  Harvard referencing is done by following ways- last name, first name, title, year, edition, city published and page number. Such asPatterson, J. (2005). Maximum ride. New York: Little, Brown.
  • If citation source is of four or more authors then it contain first surname of author and then it is followed by “et. Al”. Such as Michel and, 2019.
  • If author name is missing or not given then a person must use responsible organization for the post and it will be indicate with italic style (Harvard Format Citation Guide, 2018).
  • If there are two or three authors are given then learner have to take surname of all such as Mitchell, Smith and Thomas, 2019.

By following all these instruction an individual able to develop and done Harvard referencing in effective and appropriate manner. That will also help them in giving citations and quotes when they copy someone matters from internet.


1. Produce a timetable for study on your programme which applies time management for assessment writing and studying for this module

Below given time table is followed an individual in there free study time after college. The duration of which learn spend on studying after a college is 4 hours in which they do certain things:-

Time / Days






20:00 - 21:30

Working assignment of college

Vocational Studies

Tutorial Classes

Working assignment of college

Vocational Studies

21:30 - 22:00


22:10 - 23:00

Tutorial Classes

Tutorial Classes

Vocational Studies

Tutorial Classes

Tutorial Classes

23:00 - 24:00

Vocational Studies

Working assignment of college

Working assignment of college

Vocational Studies

Working assignment of college

By adopting above given time table learner able to complete there wok in effective and appropriate manner by covering all areas of task such as they able to take tutorial classes, done there vocational course studies and also done there assignments which is given at college (Currie and, 2012).

2. Critical reflection on learning on this module and the development of study skills which on learning style analysis, application of time management, facilitation of learning and study

By conducting this report I learn many this which help me in conducting work in effective manner and at proper time. Along with this I also develop many skill which is required for academic studies in effective and appropriate manner. Such as time management, communication skills, understanding skills, adopting new things easily and timely and many more. By developing time management skill I able to done by my work in effective time with appropriate quality and also I able to priorities my work according to deadline of submissions. Along with this I also able to analysis and identify appropriate style of working which leads to accomplishion of work in effective and appropriate manner which help me in gaining good grade. Accordingly I also develop my time table that help me in studying in effective manner in order and cover my all the subjects in effective way. By enhancing my time management skills I able to complete my whole works which are from college, vocation courses and tutorial courses in appropriate way and this all will get completed within 4 hours.

Time management skills help me a lot in completing my work at timely manner with appropriate quality. Now I can conduct and complete my work in proper manner and with time, this will happen because now I am able to  select process or style of conducting work in effective manner.


From the above discussed point it can be conclude and evaluate that there are various skills which is required by a person at academic time in order to gain more or good marks. That will help person in getting good grade and job according to there skills and knowledge. When  a person study at college they must take care of there health because health of an individual get affected due to their lifestyle and eating as well as drinking behaviour. It can  be control or avoid by ensuring health behaviour of food and drinking as well as regular exercise, yoga and mediation. Along with this when an individual conduct report they must avoid plagiarism by using various steps and they must also do proper referencing of it. An individual can also develop time table for develop proper studying duration.


  • Putwain, D., Sander, P. and Larkin, D., 2013. Academic selfefficacy in studyrelated skills and behaviours: Relations with learningrelated emotions and academic success. British Journal of Educational Psychology. 83(4). pp.633-650.
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  • Wibrowski, C.R., Matthews, W.K. and Kitsantas, A., 2017. The role of a skills learning support program on first-generation college students’ self-regulation, motivation, and academic achievement: A longitudinal study. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice. 19(3). pp.317-332.
  • Kim, S.U. and Shumaker, D., 2015. Student, librarian, and instructor perceptions of information literacy instruction and skills in a first year experience program: A case study. The Journal of Academic Librarianship. 41(4). pp.449-456.
  • Paul, J.A., Baker, H.M. and Cochran, J.D., 2012. Effect of online social networking on student academic performance. Computers in Human Behavior. 28(6). pp.2117-2127.
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