Self Learning

Introduction To Self Learning

In today’s active and competitive world Self-Learning is an important tool for the individual to develop and grow in the market. This particular report which contains research results is made to analyse benefits and to understand the procedure or techniques of self-managed learning for an individual as well as for the organisation. Besides this, growth and development of any enterprise requires a few actions or skills which are to be developed in the individuals.

Various authors and professors have a perspective about importance of self managed learning for an individual's knowledge and capability to work. It is supposed by them that personal learning plays an important role for the development of people and organisation both. One choose among the number of tools and techniques as per their requirement. Any person can accomplish knowledge while connecting with several problems or situations which they faces in every part of their life (Gijselaers, 2013). Self-Managed learning helps an individual to gain a variety of knowledge and information as well as in obtaining appreciation from other members of the organisation. Hence one can set specific goals and aims for his life which will result in improved and growing ability to compete. All the approaches of self-managed learning are described here under:

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Internet: An individual with the use of internet can acquire knowledge on different parts as well as identify several measures to enhance knowledge level. I should get assistance from internet so that i can be more confident and competent.

Social networking: Today social networking sites are a wide platform for sharing knowledge and information and a large number of peoples including myself are using these sites, hence it is an effective tool of self-managed learning (Klein, 2005).

Seminar and conferences: Seminar and conferences provides long term knowledge to the work force and hence helpful in building capability.

It is very important to develop personal and professional efficiency within self while strengthening over the life learning which will benefit in getting assistance from higher level employees. Skills should be enhanced and improved at a regular interval to meet the organisational goals. It is necessary to encourage lifelong learning within the organisation and it can be done by following ways:

SWOT and self-analysis: One can learn better from his/her own strengths and weaknesses which will remain for lifetime within them. This analysis is a major tool for encouraging lifelong learning through which a person can analyse or identify the areas where he is lacking or where he needs improvement which can be developed through various developmental techniques.

Self-reflective learning: Self reflective learning refers to knowing self by analysing own level of teaching (Rose, 2008). When the individual is working or dealing with different professionals, he should be well aware about his competencies and skills and hence self reflective learning will be required at that time so that one can face challenges which come their way.

Training and coaching: Training and coaching given to the individual through various seminars and conferences can provide wide range of information to them which will open the way to their career and lead to growing success (Lopper, 2007).

Hence a person can achieve success and reach long term goals by satisfying all the present and future needs by following the ways of lifelong learning.

An organisation as well individual is well benefited by adapting the process of self learning. It is also beneficial for the employees working in various departments in the organisation.

Benefits to individuals

Enhances communication skills: Self improvement is a very necessary step in the development cycle of an individual in which all the skills of an individual are being developed and one of them is communication skills (Klein, 2005). An effective communication acts as a positive point in anyone’s personality and remains lifelong with him/her.

Promotes personal effectiveness: A person can develop his/her personality by managing himself while learning from self and hence can gain knowledge and improve intelligence. This is one of the best approaches to increase personal efficiency and define his/her capability.

Benefits in being competent in nature: An individual can get several opportunities after being competent for others and that competency can easily be achieved through self managed learning (Parry, 2004).

Benefits to the organisation

Assist in achieving goals: A person can learn to work efficiently and effectively through self managed learning (Gijselaers, 2013). It guides the individual to work in accordance with the required specifications and hence benefits the organisation in accomplishing goals easily.

Develop decision making process: A person who has gone through the approaches of self learning will work better and will try to reach his/her potential which will result an improvement in his/her decision making power and ultimately benefits the organisation.

Employee motivation: 'An employee will be highly motivated when he will be self motivated'. Motivation to employees is a crucial factor for any organisations productivity and success (Freese and Samaras, 2006). Hence through self managed learning individuals get motivated which leads to overall increase in productivity and success of an enterprise.

I can undertake different steps for implementing the development plan that are as mentioned below:

Initiate: This will help in identifying the goals and objectives for development to match the current skill proficiency and future needs.

Plan key activities and processes: This step requires planning and development of activities that can be undertaken for gaining efficiency in skills and other competencies. These plans are generally made to move forward from current to desired situation.

Identification of relevant actions to be taken: For moving further in an effective manner, it is very important to undertake a risk assessment which will help in identifying all the activities and their relevancy (Burke, 2002).

Budget planning: In order to fulfil and undertake all these tasks, it is very important to understand the requirements of different resources in terms of costs and budgets and then the plans should be developed accordingly. For instance, for conducting a simple training, there does exist the need of different resources that are worth investments (Vincent, 2001).

Defining and prioritizing responsibilities: In this step, different duties and responsibilities are assigned on priority basis and for the attainment of all the goals in PPD, it is quite important to plan different activities for each goal.

Defining time frame: There should also be a particular time scale need to be followed so as to gain effective results from PPD. This limitation of time will force on timely achievement of objectives.

Review and evaluation: Once the plan is ready for implementation, it should be evaluated and compared from expected outcomes to actual performances (Lee, 2001).

There are certain activities that I have planned to undertake that can be further detailed as follows:

Participating in different seminars: This will be undertaken for improving personal communication and confidence. Along with this, I will also be able to undertake public speaking through regular participation.

Attending training sessions: to gain better analytical skills for problem solving, I will be attending different training sessions that are designed to meet specific needs.

Self learning: This will be my personal initiative that I will be undertaking to manage my own improvement graphs that are basically required to work in an effective manner at managerial position.

Reading scholarly items: This will help in improving my theoretical knowledge which can be applied by me whenever the situations will come. This will again help me in becoming competent for the managerial post (Parry, 2004).

Engaging in team activities: It will support me in working in groups and coordinating with team mates. Through this, I will be able to learn building and maintaining employee relations.

Apprenticeship: By undergoing different internship sessions of the company, I will be able to develop a clear vision for undertaking different development activities.

From the evidences presented, it could be observed that all the needs of being a marketing manager at Sainsbury can be met with proper follow up with the development plans and activities. The strength of the PPD plan is that it will help me in understanding the skills that needs to be developed on priority basis. There are different skills that I have to attain for future benefits out of which communication is the most important one. For development of the same, I attended several training sessions. I did participate in conferences and interactive sessions whenever conducted in Sainsbury. This helped in gaining confidence and also made me presentable enough in front of other people. For developing team working abilities, I did take part in different group discussions and short teams which helped me in being able to work in coordination with other team mates thus leading to overall improvement in performance and personality development (Petroni, 2000).

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The inferences that can be drawn out from this research report includes importance of PPD for every individual who wants to grow in their personal as well as professional life and role of PPD in encouraging as well as strengthening their performance (Gijselaers, 2013). Various approaches of self managed learning have been illustrated in this study which has provided me the components to gain the position of marketing manager at Sainsbury.

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