Self Managed Learning

Introduction to Self Managed Learning

Self managed learning can be termed as the way of learning in which a person learns and comprehends things from personal experience. The primary approach to self managed learning is related to the inner motivation and as per the approach, it is essential for an individual to have some intensive amount of actual motivation for changing himself up to a significant level (Lorriman, 2005). The present study has been stating different approaches to self managed learning and along with that, several ways are also discussed through which self managed and life-long learning can be encouraged. Researcher has identified own skills and abilities in the subsequent research report and on such basis, personal and professional plan has been determined. Furthermore, such development plan has been reviewed on the basis of feedback and areas of modifications. Lastly, in the report, several solutions to apparent work based problems have been discussed along with the different communication styles.

Evaluating approaches to self managing learning

Various scholars as well as researchers have identified several approaches to self managed learning which have even benefited me from varied grounds (Berry, 2011). Among them, a few are discussed in the below section:

Social networking sites: A few sources are there on social networking which helps people in augmenting the level of learning and development. I am actively present on social networking websites and there, I communicate with people so that I can promote the services of LSBF. This helps me to develop the communication ability and it also increases the contact with customers.

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Internet: One of the most apparent sources on which life of people is dependent is internet. With the help of internet, an individual can derive knowledge on several aspects and this also assists in managing the specific job roles in a proper manner (Brine and Feather, 2010). I have been using internet sources for a number of reasons where the chief one is to acquire knowledge for briefing the duties to others. This helps me to make the things more comprehensive. The use of internet is not only limited to entertainment but also people can manage their life schedule with internet sources.

Seminars and conferences: Attending different seminars and conferences accelerates the learning ability of an individual and this also aids in developing liasoning with experts and leaders. Being at a position of trainee at LSBF, I have to attend seminars; therefore, attending such events helps me to gain more confidence and it also boosts my communication skills (Cross, 2006). Listening people helps me to comprehend varied aspects and through that, I can compare my knowledge. Hence, this is the overall way of managing self learning.

These mentioned approaches are effective enough for me to learn different things related to diversified areas. I have been emphasizing on seminars and internet approaches as both helps me to augment my capability and efficiency level. I always listen actively so as to acquire knowledge on different grounds and that also aids me perform my duties in successful manner. I have been using social networking sites on higher extent and the use of such approaches aids me to collect knowledge. Most of the people have stated that self managed learning assists in transferring knowledge at workplace.

Strengths and weaknesses of self managed learning

Self managed learning is an essential aspect where by an individual could initiate for life long learning and along with that, the person can also adopt different learning styles for identifying a range of aspects towards the job roles. The process is also valuable in terms of determining clear goals and aims towards personal and professional aspects. According to the determined objectives, activities and processes can be adopted for self managed learning and this is also feasible in terms of acquiring more achievements. Through self managed learning, an individual can become independent and confident to present his views and advices. However, apart from the strengths, the process of self managed learning has several weaknesses likewise- it is a time consuming process and in case of any confusion, individual is not able to acquire attention from the experts.

  • Apart from these strengths, self managed learning helps the individual to become competent enough and this also differentiates the skills of individual with others.  
  • Self managed learning can be increased prominently with the help of its approaches and among the approaches, chief focus can be given towards internet amenity.  
  • Seminars and conferences increases listening skills of an individual and there by it also develops analytical ability.
  • However, apart from this, the techniques have basic weaknesses as well such as the source of internet sometimes showcases fake and irrelevant results.  
  • Most of the pages at internet are not trustworthy; therefore they can not be used for all the purposes.

Advantages of self managed learning

  • Self managed learning is vital for an individual and especially for the employees as that aids them to learn different things about diversified job roles.  
  • With the help of self managed learning, opportunities of recognition and appreciation can be acquired from the top management.  
  • Self managed learning is also vital in terms of developing different skills and abilities.  
  • It not only increases potential of employees but also it makes them more competent towards organizational job roles.  
  • Self managed teams work according to the desired standards and this ensures minimum wastage of resources.

Disadvantages of Self Managed Learning

  • It is a dependent process as teams have to put mutual efforts and absence of such thing can influence the overall functioning of the business.  
  • Due to job rotation, organizations suffer from early inefficiencies.
  • Sometimes self-managed teams require extended time to complement plans and policies.
  • Due to better performance, self managed teams become reckless and show insubordination.

Proposing ways in which life-long learning can be encouraged

Owing to different crucial benefits of lifelong learning, there is a need of encouraging the adoption of this phenomenon in personal and professional context. In this context, different ways can also be utilized for the purpose of encouraging individuals to adopt lifelong learning measures. An individual can encourage life-long learning whereby he needs to identify the areas where improvement is required (Dalton, Thompson and Price, 2007). For instance, I can say that I have been increasing learning through Kolb's learning styles where I give much importance to increase the knowledge through experiencing things practically. With the help of self analysis, I realized that I should get knowledge by contacting experts and experienced people who could guide me methods to manage teams in a prominent manner. As per the theoretical aspects, there are two ways through which I am able to encourage life-long learning even if I am working in the business entity (Davies, 2005).

Active Experimentation: As per the method, learner applies knowledge to the world around them so as to see the results. This is yet another way of enhancing practical knowledge about different aspects. Similarly, this is also the most preferred method for me as I learn different things by putting the knowledge into practical aspects. This assists me to derive information about practical concepts and facets. In order to augment my learning ability, I try to find out different facets so that I can create new things while acquiring knowledge on specific grounds (Eisele and et. al., 2013).

Abstract Conceptualization: Apart from the first one, this is also another method through which life-long learning can be encouraged. As per the learning style, I grab the knowledge on different grounds when I see new things around me. This also aids me to generate new ideas and opinions at the time when I conclude different things.

Both the mentioned methods helps me to comprehend difficult and complex aspects. Concluding, results of active experimentation, I can say that I enhance my skills and abilities through doing practical problems as that also assists me to analyze the relationship of theoretical and practical facets.  Observation is considered as the best technique that ensures that individual is learning something and my views are also same for observation. Most of the time, I learn things through observing it directly and that also gives me brief idea to do things practically. Thus, concluding I can say that both the mentioned techniques increases strategy execution ability.

I have been using these two methods for the purpose of acquiring knowledge on different grounds. As per my experience, I could say that I have attained a range of benefits through abstract conceptualization as the techniques aids me to comprehend different things through adequate observation. I can reach towards valid conclusions through the technique and that eventually enhances my intellectual capability. I have been using the technique for so long and with the help of this approach, I am able to contribute more in developing creative facets.

Benefits of self managed learning to the individuals and organization

Self managed learning can be considered as one of the core measures for an individual to learn various things regarding personal and professional context. The overall benefits of self managed learning can be considered in both individual and organizational context. Self managed learning allows the individual to avoid all his weaknesses and further, it helps him to capitalize his own strengths (Field, 2003). For an individual, self learning approach can be proved as quite convenient and approachable option for enhancing his own capabilities and skills. The benefits of self managed learning to an individual are discussed as under:

  • Self managed learning is the process that augments an individual to learn different things and as a result, they get the opportunity to grow up in competitive world. This is yet another method which accelerates the motivation level and further, aids them to become productive element for the organization.  
  • Self managed learning aids an individual to perform all the duties and job roles in an effective manner which further also aids in deriving appreciation and recognition from the management. Apart from that, this also augments the probabilities of professional growth and achievement (Kerr, Von Glinow and Schriesheim, 2009).    
  • At the same time, this helps the individual to build challenging capability which is essential in terms of becoming productive member of the organization. Similarly, individual can become independent.  
  • As an individual, I feel that self managed learning is essential for me as I can undertake adequate decisions for my career and professional life. This also assists me to give my best performance so that the business entity could reach towards organizational goals.

Benefits of self managed learning to organization

  • Self managed learning enhances the capabilities of existing employees which avoids the need to recruit new employees; hence as a result, it assists in decreasing the cost employed on training and development (Lopper, 2007).  
  • With the help of self managed learning, organization (LSBF) is able to acquire competitive positioning through employee’s efforts and contribution. Furthermore, the business is no longer required to invest on training and coaching aspects due to efficient use of employee efficiency.
  • Self managed learning also promotes team learning which reduces cost factor. As per the technique, organization need not to emphasize on individual training and development. I have seen many changes in team management at LSBF afterwards the adoption of self managed learning. The company is not required to invest on training aspects because skilled employees are able to guide others as well.
  • This also assists the top executives and leaders to delegate duties and responsibilities in feasible manner and as a result, right job can be delegated to right person at right time. The transfer of learning to the workplace is a significant issue for traditional training, an issue that is not always recognized or addressed. Managers and leaders at LSBF are able to delegate duties and responsibilities to all the employees in essential manner which enhances the value of work process. Moreover, this also reduces confusion state.
  • Therefore, with the help of self managed learning, employee can undertake different activities which can enhance productivity of the organization. I have seen that employees of LSBF have been contributing more in long term sustainability through grabbing information on diversified aspects from self managed learning. 

Evaluating own skills and competencies

I have been working with LSBF from the past 2 years and working with such a largest entity has helped me to derive knowledge on several grounds. Currently, I am working there and I came to realize that I have learned a lot of things related to personal and professional aspects. I am able to contribute in organizational efficiency as I have the competency to accelerate organization's performance standards. Comparing previous and current experience, I can say that I am now capable to handle a team sufficiently (Lorriman, 2005). I have been managing different job roles in the business entity regardless of my qualifications; thus, it denotes that I have developed multiple skills yet which represents my competency level. I used to learn things through internet, seminars and through expert advice; however, I am switched to various other sources. Besides those sources, I am chiefly emphasized towards self managed learning as that also motivates me to become productive element for the subsequent business entity.

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Analyzing my own abilities and competencies, I can say that I am a self motivated person, so I can encourage others as well in optimistic manner. As far as technology is concerned, I can develop technical products due to extensive knowledge on specific area. I can solve technical and complex problems which assists me to do the things effectually and competently at LSBF. This is one of the areas where I should emphasize even if I have sufficient knowledge. I have team management skills; therefore I am able to retain staff members for longer time period which is yet another positive aspect for an efficient employee.

After evaluating own skills and abilities, I can say that I have acquired my professional goals as per the determined standards. When I was into studies, I wanted to become Human Resource Manager in hospitality industry; thus after completing the studies, I used all my skills and capabilities in different areas. From most of the colleagues, I have got appreciation that I am quite hard working towards my job roles. Presently, I am working as a trainee manager at LSBF and there I am performing all my roles and responsibilities in prominent manner. I have the ability to manage complex and challenging work processes as my qualifications which further reflects that I am my skills matches the job profile. However, apart from this, it is vital for me to develop other necessary skills as well likewise time management and resource management skills so that overall productivity of the company can be encouraged. It has been evaluated that I should emphasize on continuous learning so as to acquire knowledge on different grounds.

I have been emphasizing chiefly on team management skills and for that I ensure the below mentioned things to happen all the time while working with the team:

  • I try to maintain direct communication with the team
  • I always make sure that employees are creating adequate bonding so that coordination level can be enhanced
  • I delegate duties and responsibilities among team members in suitable manner  
  • I consider view point of each and every member in similar manner
  • As per my job profile, I give equal importance to all the team mates so as to improve their motivation level
  • I try to sort out things mutually so that conflicts and different issues can be avoided.

Strengths of own skills and competencies

  • Since, I have the capability to communicate directly with the team members; therefore this is one of the strength in me that assists me to avoid state of confusion.  
  • I delegate duties as per the skills of employees; thus it aids the entire team to contribute in goal accomplishment process.  
  • I am a motivated person and I use my skills for encouraging others also. Thus, up to some extent, this reduces the issues of employee turnover in the organization.  
  • Having the ability of managing complex aspects helps me to reduce technological constraints in adequate manner. This further, also assists me to minimize issues of failure.

Weaknesses of own skills and competencies

  • There are several areas where my strengths become weaknesses for me- for example I am able to handle complex projects in the organization which in turn sometimes leads burden on me. All the time, I am only approached for resolving complex issues.
  • Further, being punctual in nature pressurizes me to complete my work always on time. This becomes issue in the case of time consuming projects.  
  • Being a democratic leader, I am able to manage people in adequate manner but on the other hand, when I have to take immediate decision, I am unable to undertake appropriate decision.

Identifying development opportunities to meet the current and future needs

Every individual should emphasize on development activities so that opportunities can be enhanced and this is also vital for meeting the future and current needs. Therefore, it is imperative for me to focus on continuous improvement so that I could handle challenging job roles in the business. I need to develop the ability of having patience because hasty decisions sometimes affect the entire job roles (Morgan, 2011). In order to become productive element of business, I need to manage multiple tasks at a time. This could also assist me to contribute in reaching towards organizational aim and objectives. With the help of self analysis, it has been found out that I am competent enough to upgrade my skills; therefore, it could assist me to meet the current and future development needs.

I want to augment personal and professional efficiency; thus I prefer self managed learning so that I can become independent. It is my desire to contribute in organizational productivity and competitive advantage; hence for that I always try to learn new things. I should utilize organizational resources in feasible manner with minimum or zero wastage. This would help me to meet future needs of the firm in essential manner. Similarly, I could also contribute in long term sustainability if I would deliver prominent and standardized services to the customers. While suggesting anything to the organization, I should think twice so that uncertainties could be avoided.

Currently, I am working at LBBF where I am liable to manage team members in appropriate manner; however instead of that, I should emphasize on learning new skills and competencies. In order to meet future needs and demands, it is essential for me to emphasize on different coaching and training so that I can learn many things as according to my job roles. I have been enhancing skills and capabilities through acquiring expert advice and apart from that, I am also switched directly to web sources. I have made schedule through which I have determined all the duties and tasks and according to that, I conduct my job roles. This further helps me to learn different concepts at LSBF.

Discussing the processes and activities that are required to implement the development plan

I have been working as a trainee manager at LSBF and yet I have acquired experience on different things related to personal and professional aspects. However, apart from that, I still need to get experience on varied aspects so as to grow in the present competitive world. I want to become CEO of company in the next coming five years; therefore, for such purpose, I need to attend several conferences and seminars (Mumford, 2001). All such events could assist me to enhance my skills and capabilities and this will also assist me to communicate appropriately with all the colleagues. I can achieve the organizational goals through my abilities and competencies which would help me to develop prominently in my career. The development plan has defined different skills which I need to develop for myself so that I can enhance the competitive edge of business. I am planning to grow and develop my career in tourism industry; therefore, for such purpose, I need to update my skills and abilities accordingly which could also assist me to reach towards the strategic goals and aspects.

Moreover, I should have to acquire more knowledge on education grounds so that I can put my best efforts in meeting the needs of organization. Currently, I am working as a trainee manager in the organization; hence, I need to develop career management plan so that I could become multi talented in professional terms (O’Grady, 2013). I want to reach towards my dreams, thus, for such reason; I should start communicating with the people for grabbing their interest. This would also aid me to inform the customers about available service provisions. I will also train my team members to develop personal and direct contact with the clients as this is beneficial for the organization. Hence, my future plan will help me to improve myself and I could also acquire appropriate experience regarding the same.

Undertaking and documenting the development activities as planned

As per the mentioned development plan, it is vital for me to comprehend the importance of different skills and capabilities and for such aspect; I will be attending different seminars and conferences. I will emphasize chiefly on communication skills so that I would become an efficient team leader of LSBF. It is also vital for me to focus on time management so that I could achieve the deadlines of all projects (Simons, 2013). Development activities are required to be undertaken so that the level of competency can be augmented for the future growth and prosperity. I should chiefly focus on different activities and practices so that current and future needs can be fulfilled.

Afterwards, evaluating my personal and professional skills, I came to realize that I still need to improve a lot so that I can bring more opportunities to my career. Emphasizing on the PDP made me realize that I should develop interacting skills so that I can get the chance to know more people. Thus, for such purpose, I tried a lot to interact with people where in I meet different people frequently. Hence, doing such things helped me to derive knowledge on several grounds and up to some extent, this has also encouraged professional domains. After focusing on complexity management skills, I am now able to manage challenging activities in the firm which aids me to derive appreciation and recognition from the management.

However, after realizing the value of personal and professional development plan, I realize that I should learn resource management skills so that organizational resources can be managed in feasible manner. I desire to get opportunity to manage organizational resources and for that I should get assistance from the leaders and expertise. There are several skills which I must posses so that I can manage all aspects in adequate manner. Though, I am able to manage direct communication with others, then also I need to coordinate with them in effectual and proper manner for proper sharing of information. To develop leadership skills, I have acquired assistance from the experts as documented in the action plan and this has helped me a lot in leading people.

Reflecting critically on own learning against original aim and objectives that are set in the plan

As per my learning ability, I can say that there are various areas where I should emphasize for managing my own career and professional standards. I am able to acquire goals and objectives of organization as I have the potential to manage things in a proper way. I have maintained prominent level of coordination with my teammates which assist me to share things appropriately (Simonsen, 2006). I have also observed that I should emphasize directly on preparing team building exercises so that team engagement can be encouraged. I can learn new things very quickly. If I think that anything in particular is going to beneficial to me or my business then I will put extra efforts to learn it so that I can achieve success.

Personal as well as professional learning both should be encouraged by an individual and for a range of sources needs to be accessed. Though, I have the ability to contribute in organizational goals; however still I should emphasize on continuous and long term development for enhancing my challenging capabilities. The chief objective of the organization is towards the employees where in focus has been given towards employee capability and efficiency development. Thus, according to organizational aspects, I have determined my own goals and objectives which could also assist me to perform adequately while working in diversified areas.

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Updating the development plan based on feedback and evaluation

The above mentioned plan needs to be updated from several grounds as per my areas of improvements. These can be as follows:

  • After evaluating my development plan, I can say that I should develop resource handling skills so that I can utilize organizational resources in an optimum manner.    
  • Further, it is also required for me to develop direct communication with the team members so that all sorts of misconception can be avoided.
  • At the same time, I should emphasize on proper conflict management system so that employee related issues and problems could be resolved in a proper manner (Assraf, 2014).
  • In terms of development, it is vital for me to emphasize on suitable leadership skills so that I can properly handle my team. This would also assist me to delegate proper duties and responsibilities among my team members.  
  • It is also essential for me to get training on different areas of concern so that my skills could be augmented.
  • On the basis of mentioned development plan, it is vital for me to review the development plan frequently so that I can identify the areas where I need to update my skills and abilities. On the basis of above discussion, I can say that I need to develop management skills by learning through experts as that could assist me to manage each and every aspect under proper management.
  • Further, I should learn creative skills so that I can contribute in facilitating innovation and creativity at the workplace. This would also assist me to get appreciation and recognition from the top management.


Summing up the entire case, it can be said that I have come up with different aspects that are essential for an individual to recognize while developing professional standards. I have seen a lot of changes in my performance after acquiring assistance from self managed learning. The present study has helped me to explore the diversified resources that build professionalism in an individual. Owing to the subsequent study, it can be concluded that time management is the most crucial aspect that builds growth opportunities for an individual. 


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