Businesses Within Food and Beverage Industry


Hospitality industry has improved its position over a last few years due to increasing awareness and information among people (Berryman, 2014). The aim of this project is to show knowledge and understanding on research over management of food and beverages operations in hospitality and hotel sector, which is a broader than other industries and includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, resorts, cruise line and additional fields within tourism industry. Hospitality industry touches lives of almost every single person in some way or other. Apart from this, the project analyse significance and efficiency of operational as well as technological skills required within hospitality sector. In addition to this, project carries factors that affect customer's purchasing decision while selecting different service outlets. However this report also flashes knowledge that can be applied in developing career in hospitality as well as food and beverages management practices.

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P1 Types of businesses within food and beverage industry

In broad industries of food and beverages there are different sectors like hotels, fast-food, restaurants, theme parks etc. which have different specifications regarding its functions and their advantages and disadvantages for service providers as well as its customers.

S. No.





Example Employer



Hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging for short term basis.

Hotel provide nice location, clean and pleasant ambience, helpful personnels and other comforts.

Higher charges and inflexible time for check-in and check-out as well as its location also become problem sometime.

Hilton was founded by Conrad Hilton and it operates worldwide including UK, US, Australia, and many other countries. <>



Fast-food is

easily prepared processed food served as quick meal or takeaway in cafe or restaurants.

Fast-foods processes are times saving and convenient for employees as well as customers.

Fast-food is not always healthy. Customers are not always sure of healthy preparation of food.

McDonald's was founded by Richard and Maurice and currently having approx 37,240 restaurants globally. <>



A golf-club is large area of grassy land with a series of 9 to 18 holes, used to play golf.

Golf-clubs contributes in environment protection and it is a profitable business.

The green space provided is normally private and unavailable for non-users of course.

The Wisley Golf Club located in England. <>


Hospital catering services

These services help in providing good-quality, nutritious meals for patient's rehabilitation and recovery.

Cost-effective and flexible to provide good choice of meals and limit unnecessary use of supplements in patient's diet.

Knowledge and awareness of cook for the diet plan of patients become obstacle in providing proper services to patients.

Apetito, founded by Karl Duisterberg are providing their catering services since last 15 years that nourish and delight patients well-being in UK. <>


Theme parks

A theme park is like amusement place that features various attractions like rides, games and entertainment events.

Theme park offers good food, rides, recreation time for families and friends.

Crowd and long queue, loud and noisy ambience and very expensive entrance become disadvantageous to customers.

Drayton Manor Theme Park is located in Uk and own by Colin Bryan.




Restaurants prepare and serves food and beverages to customers in exchange of money.

Restaurants offers good ambiance and delicious food in different varieties.

Unhealthy food and preparation can be made by restaurant as well as eating out is expansive.

LARDO, DALSTON is situated in UK and owned by




Contract catering services

It is an agreement between caterer and client that carries details of catering services for a specific time duration or event.

By assigning a professional caterer clients can easily handle their work.

The cost benefits of contracted service depend on quality standards and commitment of catering staff to organisation.

Blue Apple Contract Catering Ltd. was formed by Ruston Toms and Brian Allanson in 1998 in located in UK. <>


P2 Rating systems used for food and beverage industry

In hotel industry, various rating and grading systems used which required knowing by school people that are described as follows:

Scores On The Doors: It displays food hygiene or food safety inspection of restaurants and premises and food businesses. These regulatory inspection results are published as compliance summary, grade of score or as an inspection (Davis, Alcott and Pantelidis, 2018). They inspect local restaurants, takeaway shops, bakeries, pub and cafes.

AA Rosettes: This scheme celebrates successful cooking skills at different levels across UK and its success or failure in getting Rosettes depends upon more than one visit by an AA inspector in a hotel.

Michelin Stars: These awards are 0-3 stars based on anonymous reviews about quality, techniques, expertise, personality and consistency of food. It does not consider interior decor, table setting or service quality in awarding stars.

Hotel Stars: These rating are used to classify hotels according to their quality so that they can inform traveller about facilities they must be expecting from the hotel.

The star rating system places its grading in simplest way and can be described as follows:

One Star Hotel: They provide simple accommodations and fulfil basic needs of clients that too in less budget. These hotels rarely have services like telephones and television in bedroom as well as room services are also limited.

Two Star Hotel: These hotels are value based and offers clean or hygienic accommodations as well as being comfortable and affordable services they fulfil basic needs of customers.

Three Star Hotel: Hotels with high services, additional amenities and also provide quality, comfort and personalised services to customers are comes under three star ratings (Dopson and Hayes, 2015). These hotels target on mid-scale customers who prefer both convenience as well as comfort.

Four Star Hotel: Hotels under this section contains superior property and variety of amenities. These amenities are of high quality and target up-scale or deluxe customers who ask for comfort as well as quality in services.

Five Star Hotel: These are finest hotels that provide flawless guest services and luxury settings to their customers. These services are superlative services with highest comfort standards and lavishing quality of facilities. These hotels are well equipped and state the art of facilities of first class services.


P3 Current and future trends affecting food and beverage businesses

After understanding hotel rating and grading system, it is necessary for school pupils to know about current trends of industry. There are various current and future trends which directly impact food and beverage businesses such as following:

Street food: It is a current trend that strikes customer's mind especially teenagers who prefer more spicy and junk food in sufficient quality and less amount (Grekova, 2014). This trend directly affects large hotel foods businesses like such as Hilton. Street food is attractive business model and successful in targetting more people by their reasonable rate food. Most of street sellers are from local market only and before establishing they review market thoroughly, so that they can locate their business in area where large number of people spend their day. This is done to earn more money and affects large food and beverages businesses.

Fusion cooking: The combination of various items of culture and mix in well mannered comes under fusion cooking. There are very few number of hotel who offer fusion food to their customers due to less skilled or experienced staff due to which affects other hotel which do not serve fusion foods. This include cuisine that are originated from innovation made in dishes and they are not classified by their styles. This innovation in food is liked by many customers and hotels need skilled and qualified staff to serve fusion cooking due to which many big hotels suffer loss in profitability.

Touch screen technology: In current scenario a large number of people prefer to order their food online just on one touch and save their time without going outside for food (Mader and et. al., 2015). Although being linked with online services hotels are not directly connected to their customers and vice-versa which impact their customer relationship. This technology help people to order anytime, anywhere from any restaurant.


P4 Professional food and beverage management skills within a food and beverage organisation

Various professional food and beverages skills of management that are required to run successful food and beverages business are as following: 

Customer service: Managers at food and beverages always have their mind-set to provide customer oriented services for which it is necessary for them to understand their customer's choice and preferences and try to satisfying them (Mattos, 2014). It is beneficial for hotel manager to have problem solving skill which helps in handling all internal conflicts that may arise in business. The main motive of food manager is to fulfil all needs and requirement of their customers to make them happy and satisfied.

Leadership skills: Managers at food and beverage department need to show their perfect leadership ability which help in organising and maintaining peaceful ambiance. Managers have to be pleasant to attract and motivate their team members to follow their instructions and serve their best. Managers can also motivate their staff by providing them appropriate methods and resources as well as guidance so that they can perform their work beneficially. As managers play as a mediator between customers and chef or food department, their personality and communication must be helpful to assist them in maintaining their customer's needs and satisfaction.

Organizational ability: To maintain hospitality and business operations, management must carries some specific abilities and skills, which requires a manager to know ways to hire skilled and knowledgable staff members to manage food items and well-mannered to treat their customers. This will help food and beverages sector to gain attention of more guests towards their food services. Managers should understand need of products that are profitable for operations and examine quality as well as safety of every food item in proper manner.

P5 Legal requirements and regulatory standards for food and beverage service outlets

According to the scenario, after describing the impact of food safety and health to school pupils, they need to undergo different types of legal requirements and regulatory standards which food and beverage services have to implement in their businesses that are mentioned as following:

Food safety regulations: This law is applied to regulate production, handling of food and trade which covers law of food control, and has to follow by every business of food which includes handling, sale, safety and packaging of food items. Those businesses which operates solely in primary production and not regulated or sold directly to common people (Mattos and et. al., 2015). For every hotel it is important to focus and follow food safety regulations in which there are various issues and problem while labelling food and tempering issues.

Health & safety: It is important part of legislation which covers health and safety act in the United Kingdom. For health and safety, the local authority of country is liable for enforcing the Act which create good environment by developing quality based food for people. This Act has to be followed by all hospitality industries to provide their customers good and healthy environment.

Food safety and standards authority: It is self-governing body which is established under the government of United Kingdom. It is statutory obligated to treat food intended to human consumption in managed and controlled manner. The major requirement of this Act is that food should be follow with food safety requirements and need which must be quality, substances and nature as well as must carries accurate labelled description.


P6 Comparing different operational and marketing technology

Operational technology is type of hardware and software which help in managing and supervising different devices in appropriate manner. Many hotels uses operational technology which helps them in maintaining their all data and information related to customers. It assist in primarily industry control system for manufacturing, transporting and utilizing information technology (Nicod, Rudy and Nestec, 2013). However it also help in monitoring and making adjustment to physical equipments. On the other hand, marketing technology is significant being leading type of device which attracts large number of customers towards organization, for which they require technically expert person who can handle as well as control all functions of marketing in hospitality in better way. This assist marketers to conduct effective campaign and customer experience which properly investigate data and software. In current scenario, large number of hotels using this technology for promoting their latest services, products and facilities to pull national as well as international customers.

Comparison between operational and marketing technology:

Operational technology

Marketing technology

  • Monitoring equipments: This help hotels to monitor and maintain their devices in proper manner, which help them in keeping all data and details saved regarding their preferences and experience of their customers in system.
  • Payment technology: Operational technology help in maintaining payment system where only touch provide actual bill along with all taxes and extra charge that has to be paid by customers, which helps to prepare and provide bill quickly to customers.
  • Personal records: Operational technology help in keeping personal records and data of hotel staff members, managers, customers and others, which help in maintaining customer data and information safely in hotel systems.
  • Social media: Marketing technology help organisations to use social media where they can promote their products and services among large number of people attractively. However this also help in communicating with customers and take their reviews and feedback to serve them efficiently.
  • Websites: Every business organizations uses online advertising and promotional techniques and provide information about their products on websites to gain attention of their customers. This helps hospitality sector to market their services and facilities.


P7 Factors influencing consumer's decision

Consumer's decision making process is a method used by marketers to identify as well as track decision making process of a customer from need identification to post-purchase behaviour (Pillai and Shayanfar, 2014). In case of hospitality sector consumer's decision making depends on many aspects like food quality, services, infrastructure, processes and so on. In following table, different aspects of services depending on different outlets.


Food quality


Infrastructure and availability


They offer high quality of food and provide extra services which gain attention of customers in their cafe.

Starbucks provides attractive services such as Wi-Fi, relaxing and pleasing ambience to their customers and satisfy them with their quick and good quality of services.

Pleasant and availability of all resources which are required by guests (Wood, 2018).


Costa provides good quality of coffee with reasonable cost.

They give best facilities and services like discounts, packaging of food in proper manner.

Costa cafe are simple and attractive place to visit.

Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero offers best quality based food and drinks which attract its customers.

They provide counter services where people can get their food by own.

Infrastructure at Caffe Nero is comfortable and attractive.

P8 Analysing strategies used in a range of food and beverage outlets

Hospitality sector can use effective marketing strategy which will help them in promoting different services and products to a large number of customers at a single time by posting online advertisements of their services (Pizzuti and et. al., 2014). Hotels serve unique and tasty food which attracts more attention of guests. As food and beverages are primary contributor in adding value to customer's experience hospitality sectors like hotels and restaurants can offer their customers good quality food which will help in developing customers loyalty among them (Taoukis and Tsironi, 2016). This will help the sector in building good relations with their guests and satisfying their needs appropriately. This strategy also assist in developing huge customer base by offering and serving them their choice food item at reasonable price. In food and beverage business, it is required for manager is to prepare those food which are unique and attract more customers, to create good reputation and positioning in market. These strategies may include customer-relationship management, website designing, social media advertising, seasonal marketing etc. which will help in bringing customers closer to the organisation as well as directly influence customer's behaviour which further contribute in positive word of mouth. In service industry WOM marketing plays very important role to attract more customers and building relationships with end purpose to boost profitability of organisation (Valta, 2015).

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In the above report, it is concluded that food and beverages is one largest segment lies under hospitality industries and serves various offers to people. It is identified that food and beverage services acts as a primary contributor of value to customer’s lodging experience. This sector appeal many people who are keen in hospitality field as well as promote many current and future trends which directly affects food and beverages business such as street food, app-based foods etc. It is also analysed that food and beverages manager need to show their perfect leadership skills which contribute in managing all services. However the report also flashes necessary food and health safety measures or legislations that has to followed by all hospitality industries regarding labelling, packaging and quality of food. This report also focuses on efficiency of operational and marketing technologies in maintaining information of their customer's preferences and service experience which further help in attracting more customers and serve them properly. This report also identifies the need of marketing strategies in current scenario to pull more customers in hospitality sector. 

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