"Nurses are the heart of healthcare."
Donna Wilk Cardillo

A Nursing Case Study on the Real Life Superheros of Health Care

The importance of the academic discipline in professional healthcare can be easily known by the quote. Moreover, you will be glad to know that it is the most employable degree in Australia, with 94% of the students getting employed within 6 months after finishing the course. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most interesting courses revolving around several clinical practices for the betterment of the patients. However, acquiring a degree in the same is tough, and that's why Nursing case study help service providers came into existence.

For instance, to receive the degree timely, a student has to present several case studies on nursing. And, this is where all the problem lies. Students do not have much expertise in writing, reading, proofreading, editing, and therefore, they fail to draft an impeccable piece of paper. And, let us not forget that the professor wants everything to be perfect. To bring an end to the student's problems, nursing case study help online services came forward. The team of professionals strive hard in delivering a well-formatted and well-structured case study.

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Nursing Case Study Helpers Give a Brief About the Subject in Detail!

Nursing is the branch of healthcare science which is centred around the techniques related to the care of patients for maintaining their health & quality of life. Nurses usually work with doctors and other professionals as a multi-disciplinary team. The main goal of the nursing graduate is to develop therapeutic pathways for patients during mental and physical health needs. The importance of a nursing graduate can also be known from the fact that the Australian government also offers financial support to the students who wish to pursue the course.
According to the nursing case study help online experts, the subject is further classified into 4 sub-disciplines, namely:

  • Adult Nursing
  • Children Nursing
  • Learning Disability Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing

Let us now have a brief about them one by one.

Adult Nursing: The young adults suffering from chronic and acute diseases are look after by the ones pursuing adult nursing. They are responsible for assessing, counselling, planning, implementing, and evaluating the caring methods for improving the health conditions of the adults. The writers providing nursing case study tells that if an individual has adequate experience and training, then he can easily hold positions at various levels at the NHS career framework.

Children Nursing: The branch of nursing focuses on the methods related to nursing a newly-born baby. Also, providing aid to the adolescent victim of road accident also fall in this area of study. One thing to note here is that the children nursing is not just applicable for taking care of a newborn, but also plays a vital role in determining that a child reaches the phase of adulthood safe and sound. Good communication skills are one of the most important factors required in this study. Well, the reason lies in the fact that newborn babies can't communicate well, and therefore, cannot share their pain.

Learning Disability Nursing: As per the nursing case study help online writers, this branch of the subject emphasizes on developing interpersonal skills to help people suffering from learning disability. The main aim of the professionals is to ensure that such people can live independently. Learning disability nurses are also responsible for developing skills in individuals to help them in finding work. Assessing & planning nursing requirements, preparing care plans, drafting reports and records, organizing social activities for the patients, etc., are some of the things taught in the subject.

Mental Health Nursing: As the name suggests, mental health nursing is the subject which aims to make students responsible for providing nursing support to the patients suffering from mental health issues. Helping people to deal with anxiety, depression, eating disorder, addiction, are some of the day-to-day tasks of a nursing professional. Has your professor asked you to submit nursing case study solutions on this topic? If yes, then our experts are ready to help you out.

Reading so far, you must have known the three sub-disciplines of the subject. By now, the subject-knowledge of the case study writers must also be known to you. Now, let us have an overview of the case study layout.

How to Write a Nursing Case Study? Let the Experts Help You!

A case study on nursing topics requires a student to present the theoretical and practical application of practices taught in the educational curriculum. The university professor demands the students to present authentic information along with recommendations. This indeed requires a lot of research, extensive writing skills, and at par proofreading & editing expertise. The majority of the student asking, "Can you write my case study on nursing topics?" are the ones who lack the knowledge of the layout. If you also fall in the same category of students, then here is something which you should not miss.

The nursing case study solution providers explain that the research paper consists of three main sections, which plays a vital role in seeking the attention of the professor. The three sections are:

  • Status of the patient
  • Assessment of patient's status by the nurse
  • The plans for treatments along with the recommendations

These sections are present in the main body. However, the other sections like Introduction, Conclusion, Literature Review, etc., are similar to the ones drafted for other subjects. For a better understanding of the elements, let us elaborate them one by one.

Status of the Patient: The nursing case study writing helpers illustrate that all the crucial information about the patient is included in this section. Pieces of information related to demographics, medical history of the patient, diagnosis, present condition of the patient, treatment procedure, etc., must be presented. Your solution to nursing case study research question should also explain why it is important to include the above-mentioned information. Talking about the requirement of medical care, along with the first symptoms shown will further add an extra charm in your document.

  • Assessment of Patient’s Status: Now the time has come to provide your assessment corresponding to the health condition of the patient. The online case study writers of Instant Assignment Help Australia elucidate the section with an example- For instance, if a patient is suffering from cancer, then one of the early symptoms are urination problem. What’s your responsibility is that you need to explain the issue along with the potential causes. And, let us not forget that explaining the purpose of the assessment is one important thing noticed by the professors, and thus, make sure that you must include the same.
  • Treatment Plan & Recommendations: The online nursing case study writers recommend students to include the treatment plan, and why choosing it was an appropriate decision. For example, in the case of cancer, chemotherapy is the best solution. The academic writers also suggest students to mention the changes in the health of an individual. Are you wondering, "Who can provide nursing case study solution in Australia?” If yes, then we are just a click away!

So, this was the case study structure which will help you grab the eye-balls of the professor. However, if you fail to draft a research-oriented case study on nursing topics, then without much ado, reach to us and ask, “Can you write my nursing case study online?” We guarantee that you will never hear a ‘No’ from our side. The team of experts are highly skilled in preparing numerous papers on many topics. Read the subsequent section to know more.

Fast Growing Sub-field in Nursing Profession to Know About

Long gone are the days when there used to be only one type of nurse for all the health care demands. Today the health care industry has developed many folds and with it has the field of nursing. This evolution leads to the birth of various subfields for nursing. Even though the world is moving forward in terms of medical discoveries, the demand for nurses is still increasing. 

If you are seeking to write a nursing case study, you must know about the top nursing subfields. Here is the list:

1. Registered Nurse

2. Licensed Practical Nurse

3. Travelling Nurse

4. ICU Nurse

5. Medical-Surgical Nurses

6. ER Nurse

7. Perioperative Nurse

8. Home Nurses

9. Clinical Nurse Specialist

10. Neonatal Care Nurse

11. Psychiatric or Mental Health Nurses

11 Best Nursing Career Sub Fields on the Rise

Now let us get a deeper look at each one of these trending and diverse nursing subfields. 

Registered Nurse

Everyone knows about this category because it is so popular. A registered nurse provides care to the patients and communicates with the doctors as well as the family members of the patient. They are specialised in various nursing settings and therefore work in close coordination with a team of physicians. 

Licensed Practical Nurse

These nurses are involved in the daily and basic medication administration of the patients. They are the ones who have just finished their nursing degrees and are beginning their careers. They administer activities like; injecting patients, giving them medicines, checking their vitals(heart rate, blood pressure, sugar levels, etc.), maintaining report status, etc.

Travelling Nurse

These nurses are similar in role to registered nurses. The primary difference between the two is that travel nurses have to go on outdoor trips as a part of their job description. They even travel cross country to fulfil the staffing needs in hospitals. Their travel could last for days, weeks, and months depending on the requirement of the patients.

ICU Nurse

This a special category of nurses who administer the daily activity and routine checkups of patients in the Intensive Care Unit. As patients in the ICS are struggling with serious illnesses, the ICU nurses are required to be very skilled and specialised. For someone to become an ICU nurse, they need to have a lot of experience.

Medical-Surgical Nurses

This is a versatile subfield of nursing. Med-Surg nurses are the ones who provide care to both the patients in and out of surgery. That is why they are very busy and need to have excellent coordination and time management. Their duties are twice that of a registered nurse. So is their work schedule, which is super hectic and a lot under pressure.

ER Nurse

As the name suggests, these nurses work in the emergency room. They tend to patients coming in and out of an emergency room. That means they have long shifts and are supposed to be quick thinkers. They need to make instant decisions depending upon the condition of the patients. Usually, the patients coming to the Emergency room are under trauma, have acute-onset symptoms, or have a severe injury. And ER nurses have to be ready to battle that.

Perioperative Nurse

A perioperative nurse is a registered nurse who works in the operating theatre. They are also known as surgical nurses or operating room nurses. As the name made it evident, these nurses work with patients who are about to undergo surgery or have come out of one. They help fill in the paperwork, administer the pre-surgery test, prepare patients for the surgery, and take care of patients after surgery.

Home Nurses

They are the nurses who provide medical care and general support to patients suffering from severe illnesses in their own homes. This patient care includes a holistic approach. Home nurses tend to the daily needs of the patients apart from the medications. Their patients usually have issues with mobility or any physical movement. 

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical nurse specialists are registered nurses with advanced qualifications. They are usually Master's or Doctorate in nursing. Alongside their speciality, clinical nurse specialists are trained in physiology, pharmacology and physical assessment. These nurses are the ones who provide training and guidance to new nurses.

Neonatal Care Nurse

Neonatal care nurses are specialised in providing health care and assistance to newborns and infants up to four weeks old. They cater to the needs of children born with some problems as well as healthy children. These problems include rare diseases, prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems. They are required to have certification in handling newborns.

Psychiatric or Mental Health Nurses

Psychiatric or mental health nurses are the ones who work with patients suffering from mental health issues. Such patients have very unpredictable behaviour and require constant attention. Mental health nurses have to be well versed in identifying the symptoms of each patient and their behavioural patterns so that they can calm them down. They observe little changes in the patients when a new drug is introduced or taken down. 

What Are Some Good Nursing Case Study Topics? The Answer Is Right Here!

Instant Assignment Help Australia, the No.1 case study service providers, stepped in the academic world with a motive to offer academic assistance to the students. And, with the passage of time, the brand proved its worth. We offer online help in 150+ degree courses with specialization in nursing. The case study experts cover a wide variety of latest nursing topics for case study writing. Below are some of them which they have recently covered:

15+ Current Nursing Case Study Topics to Impress Your College Professor!

1. A research-oriented case study on the role of the Australian government in hiring healthcare professionals
2. A critical analysis of Alzheimer’s disease and its prevention. Support with arguments
3. A qualitative study on improving the emotional health of the nurses
4. Should the government allow the nurses to prescribe drugs? A brief study of the same
5. Elucidate on the importance of leadership skills in the nursing field
6. 5 types of cancer commonly found among Australian women
7. An overview of the effective nursing treatments for handling a schizophrenic patient
8. A comparative analysis of complementary and alternative therapy
9. A nursing case study on controlling blood pressure while working in a corporate world
10. Coronavirus: Here’s how to deal with the outbreak
11. Elaboration of preventive measures of coronavirus (with reference to nurses)
12. An in-depth research on the reasons behind child mortality in Australia
13. How to deal with a patient having a high level of stress?
14. Spiritual Care: Is it the future of the healthcare sector?
15. A nursing case study on the home remedies for preventing obesity
16. How to tackle patients in jail? Support with strong arguments
17. Music is the best therapy for healing pain. Comment your views

These were some of the latest topics on which we have provided nursing case study help online to the Australian students. Are you tired of searching, "Where to seek help for nursing case study solutions?" If the answer is a 'Yes' from your side, then we are all geared up to help you big times. button.

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