An Apple Case Study: to Trace The Source of the Company’s Path-Breaking Progress

Microsoft and Apple have been eyeing the position to become the world’s most valuable company. Apple first overtook the market shares of Microsoft in 2010 when its iPhones made a world premiere. Since the mid-2020’s Apple has been sitting comfortably on the throne. The fact is enough to presume that your next case study topic might be related to the SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the MNC. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, it is the world’s largest information technology company specialized in electronics, software, hardware, and online services.

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An Insight into the Multi-Billion Dollar Company

Founded on 1st April 1976, Apple Inc. is headquartered in California. The company is the largest in the world in terms of market capitalization with a revenue generation of US $265.595+ (approx.). The most iconic brand in today's world has revolutionized the smartphone industry with iPhones. As per the Apple case study helpers, there are more than 1.4 billion active Apple devices. Before dwelling into the business models, let us have a look at several facts and figures related to the company.

Factsheet of Apple Inc.

Type: Private

Founded: 1st April 1976 (43 years ago)

Founder: Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak

Headquarter: Cupertino, California, U.S

Key People: Arthur D. Levinson (Chairman), Tim Cook (CEO), Jeff Williams (COO)

Number of Locations: 500+

Owner: The Vanguard Group, BlackRock

Number of Employees: 132,000+


The third-largest manufacture of mobile phones after Samsung and Huawei was formerly known by the names Apple Computer Company (1976-77) and Apple Computer, Inc. (1977-07). The U.S. based company is valued more than $1 trillion. Surging such excellent profits wasn't an overnight success. Instead, it took 43 years for the company and numerous strategic models. Each time the company plans to launch a new product/services or wishes to expand its business, the business analysts examine the current position for developing strategic actions. Among several models, the Apple case study SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis are the most commonly used.

Moving on further, let us have an overview of the two business models. Scrolling over the subsequent sections, you will realize that our case study writers have in-depth knowledge, and therefore, writing an impeccable piece of paper is a cakewalk for them.

Apple Case Study Help: SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for S: Strengths, W: Weaknesses, O: Opportunities, and T: Threats. It is a strategic tool used by business analysts to overview the current position of a company before they implement any policy or launch a new product/service. Similarly, in the case of Apple, the factors related to strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats are examined before final implementation by SWOT Analysis. The experts responsible for providing Apple case study solutions elaborate it in detail.

S: Strengths

As the name suggests, strengths refer to the strong points, which helps a brand to surpass its competitors. For drafting a better strategic plan, it becomes crucial to know the qualities, internal sources like skilled employees, tangible assets, and resources. Below are some of the strengths of Apple that will be present in your Apple Case Study Help.

  • Strong Brand Presence
  • Innovative Products
  • Security
  • Innovative Technology
  • Trillion-Dollar Company

W: Weaknesses

According to the Apple case study SWOT analysis service providers, weaknesses are the negative factors of a company that acts as hurdles in the journey towards success. In your case study on Apple (SWOT analysis), all the things where a company lacks will be mentioned like,

  • Lack of promotion & marketing
  • High-priced products
  • Not compatible with other devices
  • Finite distribution network
  • Few ranges of products

O: Opportunity

Basically, opportunities are the ideas to overcome weaknesses and to build up strengths. These are the external factors in the operational environment of a brand that can help it to achieve high profit in the future. Your Apple case study Help solutions will have a detailed explanation of all the opportunities that can be enjoyed by Apple in the future. For instance,

  • Wearable technology
  • Implementation of AI
  • The high demand for Apple products in Asian countries
  • Execution of green technology
  • Electric Car

T: Threats

The final element of Apple case study SWOT analysis is a threat that refers to the list of attributes that posses a risk to the company. Though Apple Inc. is making huge profits, there are many threats that stand in front of the brand. Below are some of them listed by the best case study writers of Australia:

  • Tough competition from Samsung and OnePlus
  • Negative controversy
  • Market penetration
  • Imitation
  • The increasing cost of labor and raw materials

Reading so far, you must have known that our academic writers have in-depth knowledge of SWOT analysis, and therefore, they can easily prepare a top-notch paper for you within the deadline. However, in case you have been assigned to craft a document on the topic Apple case study PESTLE analysis, then we can also draft the same for you.

Apple Case Study Help: PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE is an analytical tool that is used for long-term strategic planning to outshine the external factors which are hampering the growth of a company. PESTLE is an acronym which stands for-

P: Political, E: Economical, S: Social, T: Technological, L: Legal, and E: Environmental factors. The main motive of this strategic tool is to achieve higher growth prospects in the long run. The Apple case study helpers further explain each of these factors in detail:

P: Political

The political factors of a region impact heavily on the growth of an organization, and the same goes for Apple Inc. as well. The business environment of the firm depends on tax policies, trade restrictions, foreign trade policies, labor laws, etc. For instance, the government may impose certain taxes or duties which can influence the revenue generation of Apple Inc. in a particular region. One thing to note here is that your Apple case study PESTLE analysis will include all the important political factors like,

  • Dependence on China for low-cost manufacturing
  • Poor trade relation of the US and other countries
  • More number of sales from countries other than the US

E: Economical

The economic performance of a country directly changes the dynamics of profit generation. For instance, a fluctuation in the economical rate would compel an organization to change the pricing structure of its products. There are many economic factors in reference to Apple as well, such as exchange rates, economic growth, inflation, taxation policy, to name a few. For a better understanding, the Apple case study help solutions will include macro as well as microeconomic factors. Few examples are:

  • Growing labor cost in China
  • Fall in the Pound decreased sales in the European market
  • The increased cost of Apple products

S: Social

The characteristics pertaining to society contributes to the sales increase/decrease to a large extent. Few common factors are- population expansion, demographics, change in the attitude of customers, cultural trends, etc. We assure you that all the elements gathered for your Apple case study will be acquired after hours of research. Moreover, our academic writers have provided assistance on many case study topics like, Coca Cola case study, Microsoft case study, McDonald’s case study, Zara case study, Vodafone case study, IKEA Case Study, NIKE Case Study to name a few. Thus, writing a case study on Apple will be a child’s play for them. However, the proficiency of the researchers can be known by the below-mentioned points:

  • Apple products are considered as status symbols
  • Expansion of the international market
  • The purchasing power of people has increased

T: Technological

Undoubtedly, the advancement in technology has opened the door towards innovation. The companies are using new technologies for promoting, distributing, and communicating their products/services. Embed of new technology, automation, progress in research and development, etc., are certain technological factors which are to be considered during PESTLE analysis. As per the professionals responsible for providing Apple case study help, there are many external technological factors related to the company such as,

  • Frequent number of upgrades in Iphones
  • More security to tackle cyber crimes
  • The same technology is available at a low price

L: Legal

As suggested by the name, legal factors are a set of rules/regulations that a company should keep in mind for smooth working. Let us understand it this way- If Apple wants to expand its business in a country, then it must have at par knowledge of the laws related to consumer rights, product safety, advertising standards, etc., related to that particular country. Are you wondering, “Who can write my case study of Apple in Australia?” If yes, then you are scrolling the right page for your Apple case study help solutions. Here are a few legal factors related to the brand:

  • Debut in the financial sector through Apple Pay
  • Numerous patent cases filed by Samsung, HTC, and others
  • Many lawsuits filed since the operation

E: Environmental

The scarcity of raw materials, an alarming rate of population, carbon footprint targets, etc., are the environmental factors that are significant in determining the profits and losses. Also, Apple Inc. is emphasizing largely on the use of sustainable technology to meet customer demands. The Apple case study SWOT analysis will have a list of all the environmental elements along with the explanation. The professional case study writers are well-updated with the latest environmental issues and laws. Due to this, they can incorporate authentic factors into your document. Scrolling below will introduce you to the environmental factors currently faced by Apple Inc.

  • Disposal of devices
  • Environmental concerns in China
  • Supply chain affected by global warming

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