When it comes to innovation, Samsung is one brand that can give its competitors a run for their money. Headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul; the revenue generation of the multinational conglomerate is US $208.5+ billion dollars. Founded by Lee Byung-chul, the company has several business subsidiaries with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. being the global giant. The subsidiary was ranked 6th in 2019 as per the brand value. As per the Samsung case study help service providers, this top-most brand has been recently in the news, and therefore, qualifies to be the best choice of professor on which he can ask the Australian students to write a case study.

The brand made its debut on 1st March 1938 (81 years ago), and is specialized in several products, like consumer electronics, telecommunications, home appliances, semiconductors, electronic components, etc. The company offer its services worldwide which clearly indicates that acquiring all the latest updates about the superbrand isn't an easy task. Moreover, at par writing, researching, editing, and proofreading expertise required further add an 'impossible' tag to the case study writing task. In such a scenario, students should seek help from professionals for Samsung case study solutions.

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Samsung Case Study Help: An Insight into the Global Tech-Giant

Samsung is a Korean brand which means ‘three stars’ in English. The electronic subsidiary of Samsung currently operates in more than 80 countries providing employment to 308,745+ people. The company also holds a record of becoming the world’s largest manufacturer by revenue in semi-conductors and consumer electronics. The enterprise made its debut in the electronic industry on 13th January 1969 and has never looked back. The experts providing help with Samsung case study PESTLE analysis and many other topics believe that the mobile phone range of the company proved to be the milestone in the successful journey. Moving on further, let us have an overview of the brand.

Factsheet: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founder: Lee Byung-chul

Founded: 13th January 1969 (51 years ago)

Headquarter: Suwon, South Korea

Key People: Lee Kun-hee (chairman), Lee Jae-yong (vice-chairman), Kwon Oh-hyun (vice-chairman and CEO), Young Sohn (president)

Area Served: Worldwide


Now comes the time to reveal the records that the company holds. Keep scrolling to know more.

  • World’s Largest Television Manufacturer
  • World’s Largest Mobile Phone Manufacturer
  • World’s Largest Manufacturer of Mobile Chips
  • World’s Largest Maker of Semiconductor Chips
  • Second Largest Technology Company as Per Revenue

So, these were some of the attributes that make the brand stand out from the competition. According to the case study writers providing Samsung case study help, the reason of the success lies in the fact that the business analysts perform several strategical methods before launching a product/service. Among different business models, the most widely used are SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis.

The case study writers of Instant Assignment Help Australia shed light on each of the two analysis method one by one. Reading the subsequent section will help you to know that our academic writers have in-depth knowledge about the business models, and therefore, qualify to be the best tutors who can provide help with Samsung c

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