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With 1000+ stores and 75,400+ employees operating worldwide (as of May 31, 2020), Nike is, without a doubt, one of the best sports apparel, accessories, and equipment manufacturer in the world. It is also one of the highly popular choices of a case study that is given as an assignment by professors. Your teacher can ask you to write a case study on Nike using SWOT and PESTLE analysis. If you are working on one such case study but are unable to understand where to start and how to end, then this might just be the place to be. We at Instant Assignment Help Australia are one of the top Nike case study writing services. With a team of highly-qualified academic writers, top-notch customer service, pocket-friendly prices, and a 100% client-retention rate, we are a true example of trust and reliability in the field of case study writing services.

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Everything You Need to About Nike: An Overview

Our Nike case study help has always been rich with the information required to complete a case study. Here is everything that you need to know about if you are going to work on their case study.

Founded in 1964, Nike was initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports, started by Phil Knight, an athlete from the University of Oregon, and his coach Bill Bowerman. The company later, in 1971, officially became Nike, inc. The name Nike was inspired by Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The growth rate of Nike has been phenomenal. With a net worth of $34.8+ billion, the industry giant booked a market capitalization of a whopping $143.6+ billion by February 2020. Nike has been a leader in sports and leisure apparel, shoes, sports equipment manufacturing for a long time now. The company has been able to capture the market pretty well by introducing a combination of comfort and fashion in the clothes and shoe industry. You have to be living under a rock if you are unaware of the tag line “Just Do It” and that trendy “Swoosh” logo.

Fact Sheet: Nike inc.

Founder: Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman

Founded: 25 January 1964 (56 years ago)

Headquarter: Beaverton, Oregon, United States.

Key People: Phil Knight ( co-founder and chairman ) , John Donahoe ( President and CEO ) , Mark Parker ( Executive Chairman ).

Area Served: Worldwide


Some of the top titles that Nike has on its name (as of November 2020)

  • World’s Largest Sports Brand
  • World’s Biggest ShoeManufacturer
  • Largest Sportswear Manufacturer in The World
  • The Biggest Sports Company As Per Revenue.

If you are struggling in finding Nike case study solutions on your own, then there is no need to panic. You can use this information which has been curated by the experts of our Nike case study writing services in your case study assignment to make it more precise.

What Is the Significance of a Nike Case study?

Opting for a NIKE case study help can help you in exploring all the aspects of how a company works, what are the challenges that it faces, and how an organization manages its survival. By now, you must have understood that Nike is one of the biggest and the best brand to learn from; writing a case study on it can help you to develop a lot of insights about the working of the company, and you can easily apply those concepts in future to your own venture. For a management student who is learning about businesses, writing a Nike case study can be a great way to understand the core concepts.

The journey of Nike has truly been nothing less than inspirational, starting with a revenue of  $8000 in a year, the company now holds a revenue of $37.4+ billion. The main aim of professors behind giving Nike case study assignment is to help students comprehend the basics of SWOT and PESTLE analysis, and what can be a better topic of study than the global leader in the sports and footwear industry.

If you want to understand the marketing campaigns, the competitors, the opportunities, and everything about case study analysis on Nike corporation, SWOT and PESTLE analysis are the practices to go for.

How to Complete Nike Case Study SWOT Analysis?

As per the definition given by the top Nike case study writing services providers, SWOT is a combination of 4 things, strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Analysis of SWOT serves as a tool that is helpful in strategic planning and decision making for any company.

To understand the process of the Nike case study SWOT analysis, let’s take a look at all 4 aspects of the company and try to analyze what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the king of the sports and leisurewear industry- Nike inc. are.

Strengths - The core motive behind analyzing the strengths of the company is to develop clear insights into the concepts of Nike case study marketing strategy. When we talk about a company of Nike’s stature, there are multiple areas of the market that they need to capture in order to become an influential name in the industry. And the list of things that are in favor of Nike currently will tell you exactly why they are at the top of the market cliff. Highlighting strengths for Nike are -

  1. Meticulous Attention on Brand Awareness -Nike has always been careful about its brand awareness. Athletic endorsements, local and global branding and highly influential social campaigns have taken good care of the brand. Nike’s tag line “Just Do It” is one of the most catchy and effective phrases for any of the brands.
  2. Active Consumer Base -According to our Nike case study helpers, another thing that is always going great for Nike is its vast and active customer base. The biggest thing a company can expect from their consumers is the ability to accept new changes in the product line, and Nike has been lucky enough that there every new product has been not only accepted but highly appreciated by its users.
  3. In-House Designers and Professionals -Nike being a global brand, has now acquired all sorts of designers, marketers, and production managers so that they are not dependent on any other organization for applying new development in their products. This enables the company to keep the cost of idea generation, designing, and production minimal.
  4. Multiple Sub-brands - The vision of Nike has always been in the direction of expansion and exploration. With multiple sub-brands under the roof of Nike, the company has opened many different streams of income that help them to capture many other markets. Air Jordan, Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike+ are some of the most profitable side brands that they own.
  5. Reputed Name in the Area of Sustainability - Nike has always made sure that they follow all the environmental community guidelines and keep working for the betterment and resolution of environmental issues. This works like a charm for the company’s image and reputation.
  6. Trustworthy Relations in the Market -The incomparable partnership of Nike with the iconic Michael Jordan has been of great benefit for the brand. Nike keeps looking out for opportunities to build a professional relationship with people and brands that might help them to grow more. Our experienced Nike case study writers consider this a genius move!  

Weaknesses - Even the tallest trees are vulnerable at roots. It might be something indigestible for you but even the top contenders like Nike have weaknesses. Weaknesses are basically those aspects of an organization in which they need to pay attention and there is a scope to work.

Some of the weaknesses for Nike, as per our Nike case study writing services experts are-

  1. Financial Threats -Although the company displays a great net worth and revenue, the balance sheet of Nike seems to tell a different story. By August 2020, the total long-term debt for the company amounted to a total of $9.54 billion.
  2. Lack of Reach to Core Customers -More than 65% of products of Nike are sold to wholesalers and retailers, resulting in less profit as there is a substantial difference between the cost of a product sold to retailers and consumers.
  3. Unsuitable Working Conditions -Many issues of child labor, forced labor, and low wages have been reported in the past 20 years. This is one of the biggest weaknesses as for any organization, the labor and employees are the core.
  4. Majorly Focused on US Markets - Even after creating a global presence, 41% of Nike’s sales come from the United States. Despite the image of global dominance, Nike has been unable to capture all the markets as effectively as the US.

Opportunities - NIKE case study SWOT analysis is incomplete without discussing the opportunities that the brand has in front of it. A lot of markets are still untouched by Nike that leaves a lot of unexplored opportunities for the organization. These are covered by our NIKE case study help experts. Opportunities are defined as the factors that are going in favor of the company. Some of the major factors that can be considered as opportunities for Nike -

  1. Innovation Sector - With the emerging need for innovation in the field of sports, Nike has a great chance to start working with wearable technologies that can very well be their first step towards a more advanced gadget industry. With the increasing demand for fitness bands and smartwatches in the market, this is surely a great opportunity.
  2. Improving the Supply Chain -Nike can definitely do even more wonders if they can sort their supply chain, cut ties with some bigger retailers who are taking away a big chunk of their pockets, or they can simply open up their own manufacturing units to set a more effective supply chain.
  3. Going Straight to Customer -Now that digitization is at its peak, Nike has a great opportunity to convert their physical stores into online stores that can really help them in targeting their customers directly. In the fiscal year 2020, 35% of the revenue came from the online stores of Nike.
  4. Targeting Emerging Markets -Even though it is a global brand, Nike can always spread their business in new emerging markets. With huge markets such as India, China, and brazil opening up as an opportunity for business it is clearly a great sign for the brand.

Threats - This is one of the external factors that can affect a company’s working or growth. And understandably, the bigger you are, the bigger are your threats.

According to our experts of Nike Case Study Writing Services, Some of the threats for Nike are -

  1. Economic Uncertainty -It doesn’t matter what your field is; the recession is always a factor that will affect you. With the ups and downs in the market, even Nike has shown that its sales have been down by a margin of 38% in the second quarter of 2020 and might drawn more of the recession hits as hard as predicted by the experts.
  2. Product Counterfeiting and Sales -With a brand comes the responsibility of providing best in class goods to the consumers. There are a lot of markets where replicas of Nike shoes and other products are being sold under the name of Nike, and that can totally mess things ups for them. With low quality, these fake products can set the wrong perspective and image in front of a customer about the original brand.
  3. Market Competition -There are a lot of brands such as Puma and Adidas that are really giving Nike a tough time in the market. Also, with an unpredictable market, you can never be 100% sure about your brand stay on top.
  4. Patent Lawsuits -When you are working in a designing or creative industry, you are ought to face patent lawsuits. Recently Nike and Adidas have been engaged in patent disputes over Flyknit and Primknit shoes.
  5. Trade Relations - Being a US-based company, the trade tensions between the US and other markets plays a very crucial role in Nike’s business. If tensions between the US and their market country escalates, they might face drastic ups and downs in their stocks and trade.

The above points of SWOT can help you better understand all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, which can serve as vital information in answering all the important questions in your case study. If you have any uncertainty about the quality of the SWOT analysis that we have done while providing you with the NIKE case study help, you can always turn to experts at Instant Assignment Help Australia for professional guidance. Our case study writing experts have been working with Nike case study SWOT analysis for a while now and have all the necessary knowledge to provide you with case study help.

What Points to Include in Nike Case Study PESTLE Analysis?

Nike case study analysis is considered to be incomplete without carrying out a thorough PESTLE analysis. To analyze all the threats and how to overcome them, PESTLE analysis is the most preferred strategic tool. PESTLE analysis is basically helpful in learning about Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors that affect an organization.

Nike’s PESTLE analysis is as follows -

  1. Political - Nike, being a US-based brand, has a slight upper-hand on political policies. With the USA’s low-interest rates and well-arranged international tax agreements, they always possess an advantage. However, the political conflicts that are uncertain to dissolve can create problems in the custom processes, and sometimes, it may even prevent the import and export of goods.
  2. Economical - The earnings and revenue make Nike one of the strongest players in the economy, but if the market crashes or the paying capacity of consumers lowers down, then it may result in a huge loss to the company. The biggest economic advantage that Nike has is the low cost of labor, which is definitely going to change soon. Thanks to a great reserve of the wealth of Nike, they can invest in small emerging markets and capture them.
  3. Social -Social causes have always been in favor of Nike’s brand value. With growing awareness of a healthy and fit lifestyle, Nike is really happy as it is helping them to sell more and more goods to consumers. Nike case study helpers believe that the social aspect of Nike has been one of a kind. With their excellent social campaigns, they are already a brand that has everyone’s attention.
  4. Technological - With technological advancements across the globe, Nike is really cashing in on the newly-connected digital audience. With their social media presence, they are making a great statement for the company’s name and image. Also, with ease of access to metrics and information of their customers (with the help of their apps), they are working on targeted optimization of their products for consumers, which is a win-win situation for both.
  5. Legal -Nike, one of the biggest giants in the markets, does not have any legal factors which might affect them. However, their taxes have been in question for a while now. By finding some loopholes in the policies, Nike has been saving a substantial amount of tax money for a while now. Another thing that accounts for in this section is the number of lawsuits for shady discounts and patents.
  6. Environmental -The impact of Nike factories on the environment is not a hidden fact anymore. They are releasing plenty of aerial pollution as well as they are polluting rivers directly. The company claims that they are working on a model that will help them in becoming an eco-friendly organization.

This brings the end to the PESTLE analysis of Nike, which can really help in analyzing the factors which are important for a company. Carrying out such analysis can really help you understand your case study even better. Nike case study PESTLE analysis is always an important aspect to work on while completing a case study on Nike. If you are having trouble with your PESTLE analysis, you can always ask our experts for help. Your Nike case study summary can now be prepared easily with all the facts that you have gathered by the end of your SWOT and PESTLE analysis.

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