HNHM301-The Contemporary Hospitality Industry of Rosewood hotel London

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Organization Selected : Rosewood hotel
Question :

Answer the following questions for completing the given assessment.

  • Explain the current structure, scope & size of hospitality sector.
  • Conduct the research on current and anticipated skills which are required in the hospitality industry.
  • Discuss the internal and external factors that can impact the hospitality industry and how they are relate to the current issues in the hospitality sector.
  • Define the current 7 potential trends & development which is affecting the hospitality sector.
Answer :


It is very important for the business to have a right structure and size as it keeps the business on right track. Present study is based on the Rosewood hotel London founded in the year 1979. Report will include current structure, scope and scope of hospitality industry and the current and anticipated skills that are required in this industry.

LO1 & LO2

Different types of businesses within hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest industries and contribute to the global economy. There are different types of businesses within hospitality industry and are as following:-

  • Accommodation:- It is a broad sector that includes different types of hotels and facilities. It provides accommodation facilities to the travelling people and also includes both luxury and budgeted hotels. Rosewood hotel is also one of the luxury hotel that provides accommodation facilities to its customers.
  • Food and beverage:- It is the largest sector in the hospitality industry and provides services from preparation of food to supplying and presenting it in front of the customers(Peters and Kallmuenzer, 2018).
  • Travel and tourism:- It includes the services to the people who want to travel from one place to another with the help of trains, airlines, tour operators etc. and is the fastest growing sector in UK.
  • Entertainment:- It is becoming part of the travelling and organisation is providing most popular choices of entertainment to its travellers.

The way Rosewood hotel can be structure and interrelationship of its different departments

Rosewood hotel is having a Hierarchical structure where the power is distributed at different organisational level and also to the working employees. This structure helps the Rosewood hotel to have a clear chain of command and path that employees can follow seriously and easily. As the business is operating in more than 27 hotels, this structure helps in managing diverse tasks that are ranging from human resource and accounting to marketing and purchasing of the services.

These different departments are having an interrelationship with each other as Human resource department depends on Finance department in order to get funds so that they can carry on their recruitment and selection process to fill the different position at Rosewood. In same way, Marketing and purchasing department also get dependent on each other as purchasing department collects different materials in need in order to make production and marketing department helps in making an effective relationship with the suppliers(Sucher and Cheung, 2015).

Direct and indirect impacts of hospitality industry on UK economy

Hospitality industry is having direct and indirect impact on UK economy as it is the biggest contributor to UK economy and creates a huge job opportunities. It is the fourth largest employer and is accounting of about 3.2 million direct jobs and also 2.8 million of indirect job opportunities(Hospitality industry contributes to UK economy, 2019). It also has grown double the rate of Labour productivity. It also generates revenue for the local economies as the travellers and tourist spends money on different types of businesses in hospitality industries in order to take service(Williams and Horodnic, 2017).

The way global growth, franchising and licensing developments have contributed to the economic work of hospitality industry

Global growth of the business, franchising and licensing development have contributed effectively to economic work of hospitality industry as Franchising stimulates economy, creates jobs and also helps Rosewood hotel to expand its business in national as well as in international market. With the global growth of the business, Rosewood contribute its economy as it brings economic stability of its nation and that further leads to increase in employment as well as increase in income and higher standard of people.

Different operational roles in Rosewood hotel

The different operational roles for which Rosewood hotel require right people and right resources within the departments and these roles are as following:-

  • Executives:- The role of executive is to oversee cleaning professionals and creating a particular schedule that other staff have to follow and they ensure cleaning is done on time.
  • Front desk services:- Their role is to interact with the guest and welcome them. They also answer the enquiries of the customers and take the reservation of customers with the help of emails and with telephonic mode. They also check in and out of the guest with the help of computerised systems.
  • Housekeeping:- They are responsible for cleanliness and maintenance so that guest can have desirable room at Rosewood. They also provide the basic needs and stock up the hotel carts with towels, fresh linens etc(Reid and Sanders, 2019).
  • Maintenance:- They ensure that the equipment used at Rosewood are maintained in an effective manner with smooth functioning in order to reduce risk of interruptions at the hotel.

Skills requirements for the different roles and current skills shortages in the market

The skills that the different operational role needs are as following:-

  • Customer service skills:- The basic skills is to give a satisfactory service to the customers and having an effective communication with them in order to make an effective experience for them.
  • Teamwork skills:- For the operational role, teamwork skills are essential in order to have an effective coordination so that satisfactory services can be given to them.
  • Problem solving skills:- There are different problems that arise while giving services to the customers. It is therefore, important for the employees to have creative problem solving skills so that they can handle the customers effectively.

With the changing technology, skill shortage is increasing in the market and there is requirement of an effective training and development sessions for the employees working at Rosewood, so that they can enhance these skills.

Contemporary factors driving skills shortages and high labour turnover in UK hospitality industry

Skill shortage generally damage economy and it is very important for the hospitality industries to work effectively in order to meet the skills of the employees that are essential for their business as it leads to economic success. With the rise in technologies, Organisations are facing skill shortage and that results in many vacant positions. If excess demand in macro economy is there, it generates skill shortage and that also leads to high turnover in UK hospitality industry(McGinley, Hanks and Line, 2017).

Impact of skills gaps on hospitality businesses in UK and solutions to address the skills gaps

There is a great impact of skills gaps on hospitality businesses in UK as it leads to high turnover rates of the employees. It is becoming a biggest challenge for Rosewood hotel also as it impact there growth plan and is loosing talent all across the business. These gaps have impacted directly and indirectly to millions of jobs in hospitality sector. This also drops the morale of the business and the customers may judge the whole organisation for these gaps.

In order to overcome the same, Rosewood and other businesses are required to address the team cultural issues and have to analysed the reasons of undesirable reputation in market. Businesses are required to prioritize these areas and work on them. This helps in attracting potential and skilled employees who can retain for long period in the firm.


From the above study it is been concluded that Rosewood is having Hierarchical structure and this helps the business to have an effective operational activities. Report also concluded the working employees at Rosewood are required to have effective skills in order to make the customers satisfied.

LO3 & LO4 

Impact of external factors on Rosewood hotel London

The different external factors that impacts Rosewood London are as following:-

  • Political factors: - As Rosewood hotel is operating in international market, business may face issues with respect to government policies of different countries and also their different tax policies.
  • Economic factors: - Factors like interest rate and exchange rates may affect Rosewood as it operates in international market.
  • Social factors: - As customers are becoming health conscious and they are switching towards the sustainability, this may impact the Rosewood as hotel is required to provide the same.
  • Technological factors:- With the changing trends, change in technologies are also increasing and impacting the business. Rosewood hotel is required to provide digital technology to the customers and have to make their experience more effective with respect to the use of different technologies like electronic keys to open rooms, different entertainment sources etc.
  • Legal factors: - There are different legal factors like health and safety of employees as well as customers, consumer rights etc. that impact Rosewood. Business is require providing hygienic food and providing proper equipment’s to the employees for their safety at work.
  • Environmental factors: - There are different environmental factors like carbon foot print, sustainability etc. Business is required to have recycling methods and use of equipment’s that are eco-friendly in nature. 

SWOT analysis of Rosewood Hotel London


  • Rosewood is having global reputation is market
  • Having premium pricing strategies
  • Loyal customers


  • Due to high price middle class customers are not able to afford the same
  • Brand positioning limits the markets (Phadermrod, Crowder and Wills, 2019)


  • Brand name is saturated in minds of the customers and can help in attracting the customers if effective strategies are implemented


  • Losing customers base after corporate branding changes 

Factors impacting supply and demand of products and services

There are different factors that are impacting the supply and demand of products and services. These factors are as following:-

  • Price frustration: - It impacts the supply and demand as it rises the price of the product and the adverse customers no longer feels to purchase the same. This leads in cuts in production. If the price is lowered, it increases the demand of the customers and leads to great value of product (Williams and Horodnic, 2017).
  • Income and credit: - As the income level changes, it impacts the supply and demand. If the income is high, it raises the demand and if the prices are low, it makes the demand lower in market.
  • Availability of alternatives: - With the rise in competition, availability of the competitors rises and impacts the buying behaviour of the customers. This also leads to price war and that leads to lower price of products. It further leads to decrease in demand due to cut in supply.
  • Trends:- The rise and fall of the demand also is based on the trends in market. Hotels offering digital or some advance technology will be given more preference than the one not going with resent trends.

Critical evaluation of implications of current and potential trends that affects Rosewood hotel:-

There are different trends that affects Rosewood hotel and few of them are as following:-

  • Healthy and organic food and drinks:- Rosewood hotel is required to provide healthy food options to the customers that includes dairy free, low fat, vegetarian food options. However, it is tough for the business to analyse the taste of each customers and provide the food service(Williams and Horodnic, 2017).
  • Sustainability:- Rosewood hotel is required to adopt sustainability at the workplace by reducing the wastage and promoting eco-friendly activities at the business.
  • Smart Hotels:- Rosewood is required to make use of internet-enabled devices and other artificial intelligence in order to make the hotel smart and attractive for the customers. However, it raises the cost of the business.

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